Finland 99 💙 🇫🇮  🤗🍾🤘🏽

Yes indeed, today we turn the big 99! Woop woop!

To celebrate and keep the Christmas Spirit alive even after Berlin, here´s a little sample of Helsinki X-mas Market action from last night!

Yes, I found curry wurst! No, it was nowhere near as good as in Berlin! 😜

FYI that white blob you see there on the church steps is our “huge mega star” of the moment, over actor and drama queen extraordinaire Saara Aalto who is totes gonna win X-Factor UK next weekend. (Like hell she will…🙄)

She was in town yesterday to film some sort of “homecoming clips” for the broadcast and belt out a few songs (”Let it gooooooo, let it gooooooo…”), and of course I had to go snoop around - if you see my mug on your TVs next weekend, please turn away immediately. I apologize in advance for any trauma. 😞