I got into a really shitty Isle of Conquest on my monk and kept dying in the roads and it was pretty obvious that the Alliance was going to just farm us for HKs so I hopped on the Airship and landed on top of their base.

So then it was just me and a goblin warlock chillin’ up there. I set up my statue and everything, healed him while he was RP walking around the edge and trying to snipe Alliance. He managed to get like 2 or 3 from up there, and I”m preeettty sure they were pissed because we kept hanging out up there but we weren’t in LOS to grip down. I figure we weren’t, because some DK kept targetting me so I emoted /kiss at him a few times.

Hey, if I had to lose that BG to a re-enforcements battle, then I was more than happy to chill up there, not dying, and hanging out with my BG buddy. Godspeed Protto, we made kids mad.