protruding tongue

       “I’m not sure we have any… Christmas-themed vibrators…” Tongue protruding out from between Lani’s chap-sticked lips, her un-manicured fingernails skimming along one shelf after another, she paused in front of a huge display case, peering into it again just to double check that–– “Nope, I’m sorry.” Her slightly accented voice broke right as she coughed into her shoulder. Fantastic; now that she was coming down with a cold, she’d be making chicken soup all day every day leading up to Christmas. “We have some green ones I can try and tie some tinsel around, though? –– Yeah? Okay, okay perfect. I’ll send it out this afternoon, thanks. Have a good day.” 

With that matter resolved, she swiveled around to find someone walking in through the door. With the heel of her palm rubbing against her nose, she greeted them with a watery smile, “Welcome to The Love Potion. How can I help you?” 

here, kitty ( jihoon drabble )


“Jihoon, stop.”

nuzzle, nuzzle

You bit back your laugh, tossing your hair back teasingly, letting it hit your shoulders as you opened your mouth in surprise.

“Ow!” You groaned, suddenly feeling light claws sink into your back as Jihoon wagged his tail behind him, tongue protruding out as his cheeks warmed.

You turned to face him, feeling his claws retract as he looked around sheepishly.

“What the hell?” You mumbled, bringing your hair back around as his eyes followed it against his will, lightly stimulated.

“Sorry.” He purred, his ears moving down in apology as you watched him with curious eyes.

“It’s okay, why were you nuzzling against my back earlier?” Humming, you brought your hand up, his eyes following it with bright irises that expanded as you brought your hand down softly, your fingers moving back and forth as you scratched against his ear, Jihoon’s purring beginning to resonate even louder as you smirked.

“Was it for kisses?” You teased, watching as his tail swayed behind him and his eyes widened playfully, his nose wet as he twitched it.

“Maybe.” His voice strained, slight intercepts of high pitched whines playing against it.

Smiling softly again, you leaned in, his yellow irises moving with you as you puckered up your mouth, going to nuzzle into his cheek, before you felt soft paws connect with your mouth, and you opened your eyes again, watching as Jihoon smiled warmly at you.

“Why?” You mumbled behind his paws, before feeling him remove them and softly stand on his knees next to you on your bed, his tail curving in slight swishes as his ears twitched with interest.

I’m the predator, you’re the prey.” He teased, moving up towards you as you rolled your eyes softly.

“You’re a kitten Jihoon, not a lion.” You watched him pout, before winking his eye at you softly as you gulped lightly, his tail moving in excitement as he watched you.

“Stop ruining the fun.” He laughed, before you fell on the bed again, in a fit of giggles as he pounced on you lightly, his mouth connecting with yours as his body purred up against you, your little, tiny warm catboy, tail tickling your skin as his hands held onto you like you really were his prey, and you were, at least for the night.

Bakechochin is from Japanese folklore and is a ghost lantern carried by ghosts, or obake. Bakechochin means ‘haunted lantern’. The lantern has eyes and a long tongue protruding from its mouth. It serves as a home for the ghost of people who died with hate still in their hearts and are thus earthbound. If a person mistakenly lights one of these haunted lanterns, the hateful ghost inside will jump out and attack.

An inlaid wood netsuke of a man

By Kokeisai Sansho, late 19th/early 20th century, Japan.
Standing and wearing a floppy hat and belted robe, inlaid with medallions, leaning forward and holding open his mouth with both hands to reveal his protruding tongue

Hostform TEMP virtual reality programming, Hostform log

Hostform [unassigned] sensory recording

The earbuds pumped the mantra out without interruption, it had to have been an hour already. Zachary stroked frantically, his every muscle in his face was slack. His jaw hung with his tongue nearly protruding his mouth in a dumbfounded expression of sensory ecstacy. Clearly, he was unaware of his physical appearance. Suddenly he stopped playing with himself. In that instant, his body contorted itself, the movements out of his own control. His back arched tensely, his toes curled, nearly turning white. He continued to thrust his hips back and forth onto the dildo, both of his hands completely occupied. His dominant hand stroking his cock once more while he shoved another, much longer, dildo down his throat, gagging roughly.

His body’s aching need to release through orgasm subsided after some moments of denial, and he eagerly grabbed his cock and began stroking it once more. He reached around blindly, remembering the world around him and grabbed ahold of the pipe and lighter. He lit it and inhaled deeply, holding the smoke in for as long as his lungs would allow, exhaling and coughing nearly as hard as the gagging had made him. He blindly put the pipe down and forgot it, drawn in by the hypnotic images once more. He began mouthing the words out loud whilst playing with his cock again. He grabbed the dildo and began to shove it down his throat again, wanting to please his faceless master with a report of skilled deepthroating. He felt the large double-sided dildo slide down his esophagus as he relaxed his throat. his lips touched his hand.

“That has to be 10 inches! Master will be so pleased!” he thought excitedly. The thought faded away nearly as quickly as it’d come, giving way to the emptiness the programming was instilling. He continued training his cock, throat, and asshole for almost an hour before his body finally gave in. His blank mind had lost control of his hands, and his purpose fled his muscles, they filled only with an aching to cum, and by the time he’d realized what was happening, his hand refused to stop moving. He coughed and forced the dildo out of his mouth, then panted quickly, his entire body tensing up and his face twisted in agony. He sucked in a gasp of air and stopped breathing, letting out a staccato of moans as his cock sprayed semen all over his stomach and face. His mouth opened and he stuck his tongue out, tasting droplets of salty goo. He smiled as it happened, and happily swallowed the bit he’d managed to taste.

Zachary’s chest rose and fell softly as the last wisps of the ejaculation faded away.

He bathed ecstatically in the rush of blood pumping frantically through his veins. His temples, inner ear, sphincter, cock, and chest all thudded softly, creating a sensory haze, sharpening the visual input of flashing images of statuesque women performing various sex acts many would find degrading. His body was lying nearly completely flaccid, with an obvious exception. He continued to gaze at the images before him, taking note of the rapidly flashing text on the screen. He couldn’t read them, but he could guess as to the content. He brought his limp arm to his face and removed the goggles and the earbuds fell out with the motion. He stopped the playback.

His breaths were still fast and he could still hear the mantra playing in his mind. All he could think about was training for the Master. Spreading the propaganda.