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Spring Cleaning: Chanyeol Scenario

A/N: Happy hump day!! This was a request for Chanyeol smut. I hope you enjoy!!

“Baby can you hand me that towel? I requested. Today was the day we were doing some much needed spring cleaning, and I was up to my elbows in soapy dish water.

Chanyeol walked over and held the towel out for me, helping me dry my arms and hands. I then took the towel from him and wiped the sweat from my brow.

It was unfavorably hot today, and normally I would have just pushed cleaning back to a different day, but today was his last day off for a while and we desperately needed to get things done.

“Let’s take a quick break. I need to change out of these wet clothes anyhow” I sighed. Chanyeol nodded and grabbed a drink of water while I quickly changed into shorts and a tank top.

Ten minutes had passed and I was cool and ready to work again. We cleaned most of the house and all that was left was the kitchen/dining room area and the living room. I continued working on the kitchen while he started on the living room.

I leaned over to clean the dining room table when I heard Chanyeol clear his throat from behind me.

He was sitting on the couch absentmindedly cleaning the coffee table in the living room, but when I looked back he was staring at me, mouth opened slightly. It took me a split second to realize what he was doing, and it made my cheeks flush pink.

He was staring straight at my ass, which I now realized was more visible in these shorts than I had originally thought, and when I bent over they rode up a bit, revealing my black lace underwear.

I looked back at him with a smirk and bent down just a bit more, giving him a much better view. Giggling, I wiggled my hips in his direction as I watched his ears turn red. Once he realized what I was doing he shook his head and finally responded.

“You need to stop doing that so we can get this finished” He ordered.

I probably would’ve stopped, but seeing him react to me like this turned me on.

The way he was dressed didn’t help matters either. He looked so hot in his thin black tank top, muscles glistening with a thin layer of sweat. I imagined biting the collarbones that protruded underneath the thin fabric of his shirt while he moaned my name.

“Oh yeah, what if I don’t?” I quip, making direct eye contact and leaning my ass towards him a bit more.

“If you don’t stop, I’m going to come over there and fuck you so hard you’re not going to be able to walk for the rest of the day.” His voice a low growl.

I didn’t say another word. Instead, I sauntered over to the opposite side of the table, giving Chanyeol a better view. I leaned down, reaching across the table and giving him full view down my shirt.

I heard his breath hitch in his throat and I couldn’t help but smirk. I raised my head to look at him and gasped, grabbing my shirt as if I wasn’t trying to tease him on purpose.

He quickly stood up and made his way over to me, stopping directly behind me and grabbing my hips harshly.

“What did I just fucking say to you a minute ago? He groaned as he pushed his hips into me.

“Hm, something about… actually you know what, I don’t remember. Care to refresh my memory?” I asked innocently.

I tried turning around but Chanyeol had me pinned hard against the table. He thrusted his hips into me once more as a moan escaped my lips.

“I told you, if you kept fucking teasing me, I was going to fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk for the rest of the day.” He answered, winding a hand in my hair and pulling my head back lightly to meet him. His teeth grazed the side of my neck before he bit down, leaving a mark.

“Do you remember now?” He asked, his mouth moving from my neck to ghost against my ear. I tried to respond, but all that escaped my mouth was a soft whimper.

“That’s what I thought”, he smirked.

Before I could say another word, he released his grip on my hair and spun me around, pushing me back against the table. He cupped my face and kissed me hard, leaving me breathless.

He quickly lifted me up onto the dining room table and discarded of my tank and bra. His mouth found the soft spot on my neck and he began kissing his way down my body.

My breath hitched in my throat and I let out a low moan as he took one of my nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He repeated the process with the other nipple, gently biting it before moving down the rest of my torso.

Slowly, he licked along my waist band before unbuttoning my shorts and pushing them off my body, along with my underwear. His mouth hovered over my center, teasing me before he inserted a long thick finger into me.

“You’re so wet for me already baby. You see what happens when you don’t listen?” He breathes, his hot breath fanning over my core.

Before I could answer, he sucked my clit into his mouth before inserting a second finger into me. He began pumping at a rapid pace, bringing me closer to my high. My hands reached for his hair and tugged gently causing him to moan into me.

His moan was all it took to push me over the edge, my orgasm rippling through me as Chanyeol continues pumping into me. Moments later he stood and removed his fingers from me, licking them clean.

“God you taste so fucking good baby.” He growled. He quickly stripped and picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me to the living room.

He sat on the couch, pulling me on top of him and lining himself up with my center. He grabbed my hips and pushed me down onto him. He quickly started thrusting up into me, giving me no time to adjust.

“Fuck Chanyeol!” I exclaim as he continues fucking up into me.

My hands found his hair once again and I moaned into his ear before biting his ear lobe. He groaned loudly and his grip on my hips tightened. I knew that there would be bruises tomorrow, but at this point I didn’t care.

He pulled me down roughly as he quickened his pace, my second orgasm rapidly building. I kissed him hard, sucking and biting his bottom lip. His thrusts started to slow and I knew he was close.

I broke the kiss and tugged on his hair, gently drawing his head back so I could access his neck. I nibbled and sucked on the spot just below his ear and he sucked in a breath before letting out one of the most beautiful moans I’ve ever heard escape his lips.

His hips snapped up into me a few more times before we both reached our highs. We stayed in that position for a few minutes, just touching and enjoying each other’s company.

Detention w/ Jungkook ~

4.54 am and I just finished. Give me shit for this I dare you. I’m running on a week of no sleep and I promise you I’m crankier than usual.

So many warnings guys please just. Drug mention, highschool!au, public sex, oral, cursing. All of that.

“You must’ve misheard-”

A muscular arm blocks your way and a body crowds you against the lockers.

“No,” Jungkook, better known as Kook, persists. “He definitely said your name. Y/n y/l/n. Said you sell what I’m looking for.”

“I don’t sell drugs,” you repeat to him, annoyance level boiling over by now.

“Come on,” he pleads.

“I’m late,” you murmur, trying to duck beneath his arm but getting your wrist caught in his grip. “Kook let me go.”

“Not until I get what I want. The bell only rang ten minutes ago, give me what I need and you can go.”

You look up at him in irritation, a heavy sigh leaving your lips as you swing your bag around. Kook excitedly bites his lip and rubs his hands together in anticipation, watching you tug at your backpacks zipper. You pull a bag out.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes!” He reaches for it but you yank it back and raise your eyebrow.

“Give me fifty.”

“Fifty?!” He exclaims. “Why so much?”

“Because you’re fucking annoying,” you grumble and he whines but pulls out his wallet. As he’s thumbing through his cash, you peek around him to look down the hall behind him.

“Wait stop.”


“Can’t you hear that?”

He shakes his head and you shrug, leaning up against the lockers to wait. Jungkook stops and turns around, much like you had and your eyebrows droop when he quickly shoves his wallet down the front of his jeans with a whispered shitshitshit.

“The fucking principal’s coming.”

“Hey! You two!”

He takes the bag from your hand and drops it down the front of your shirt, ignoring the way you gasp as he hooks his finger into your belt loop and yanks you closer, other hand gently cradling your jaw to tilt up so your lips can meet his. Your eyes widen comically and you push him back, forcing him to pull away but not move an inch back.

“What the hell?!” You curse quietly, listening to the footsteps get closer.

“Unless you’ve got a fucking better idea, we will both be expelled if he finds out I’m buying drugs from-”

You curl a fist into his uniform shirt and yank him back down, swallowing the rest of his sentence with your mouth against his. His large hands grip at your sides and bring you closer until your chests are colliding, his wet tongue prying your lips open and making you squeak in surprise.

“Hey! Why aren’t you in cla-” the principal stops himself short with a huff and you call almost picture him staring at you with his hands on his hips. “I swear, couples these days. Can’t keep their hands off of each other. Alright come on you two, down to my office. Stop that!”

Jungkook pulls away and wipes his mouth, sends you a smug smirk before spinning around to follow Mr. Assfuck down the hall. You stare after him with wide eyes, lips still tingling and heart still racing. It takes one more shout from the boss for you to manage enough energy to run after them.

“I can’t believe we got fucking detention.”

“You’re lucky that’s all we fucking got,” Jungkook growls from behind the teachers desk, eyes scanning the classroom you were supposed to be cleaning. You were dropped off and locked in with an idiot by an office assistant, who said you had four hours to make wood and metal shine.

“This is your fault!” You accusingly yell. “If you wouldn’t have begged me for a hookup we wouldn’t be here!”

“Oh so it’s my fault now?”

“That’s what I just said asshole.”

“Watch your mouth,” he warns you, shooting you a scary look.

“Fucking make me,” you snap back.

You didn’t expect him to stomp his way towards you so you stand up to meet him, wanting to look unafraid and confident. Truth was you didn’t know what he would do and you were slightly scared. You knew he could read the fear all over your face when he stepped up to you and smirked. He raised his hand and you flinch.

“You thought I was going to hurt you..” He murmurs, grin still decorating his face. “Awh sweetheart no.”

A short scream tumbles from your lips when he’s suddenly hoisting you up into the air, so easily like you weighed nothing, your ass finding a place on top of a desk. His face buries into your neck and he takes a deep whiff of you.

“I’m just going to fuck the shit out of you.”

“Hell no-”

“Shh,” his finger pushes to your lips and he pulls back to smile at you, leaning forward and making your heart jump when he kisses the back of his digit. He does it a second time and you grab his wrist, gently pulling his hand away. He smiles again and bends down to press his soft lips against your own.

You didn’t know what you were doing but you knew Jungkook was melting your brain and flipping your stomach with the way he smoothly curled his tongue into your mouth to prod at the tip of your own. He’s biting down onto your bottom lip and pulling away all too soon, hands slipping up the sides of your thighs to get underneath your skirt as he distracts you by kissing down your neck.

“No no no,” you stop his hands from going any further and he pulls back to look at you, lips spit-slick and shiny.

“What’s wrong?” He asks. His eyes flick over every feature of your face with worry held in the coffee iris’.

“Just kiss me for a little longer,” you say quietly and he looks confused, but doesn’t protest when you grab onto his tie and bring him closer. He pats your knees apart and steps up between them, mouth capturing yours for the fourth time in a sensual kiss.

Jungkook smiles when your tongue swipes over his own, hands urgently untucking your shirt from your skirt to slip beneath and feel your skin, grip your sides and yank you closer so he can kiss you harder.

“Your blazer covers your chest all day but I know,” he sighs, tilting his head. “You don’t like bras is it? You never have one on..”

Shocked, you attempt to pull away but he doesn’t let you, sinking his teeth into your lip to keep you from separating.

“Uh uh baby, come back here.”

He sweetly pecks your mouth once before pressing hard kisses against your lips, distracting you from his fingers working together to undo the buttons of your blouse. You don’t notice until your skin is wafted with the cold air of the empty classroom, Jungkook’s tongue swirling about in your mouth as he pushes the shirt and blazer from your shoulders in one movement.

“Jungkook,” you whisper.

“Shh,” he kisses your cheek, then your jaw and makes his way down your neck, the icy pad of his finger tracing over your protruding collarbone. “I have you..”

Your fingers comb through his Raven hair after shaking your tops off as he softly caresses your exposed shoulder with his lips, large hands carefully kneading at your breasts.

You breathe out shakily when he moves further down, getting dangerously close to your hardened buds. A sharp inhale has him grasping you tighter to keep you from squirming away from his wet tongue dragging over your nipples. You’re biting into your lip to keep quiet when his lips close around you and he suckles on your peaked nub. He moans against you and you tighten your hold on his hair, subconsciously bringing him closer until his nose is pressing into the space just beneath your clavicle.

Before you can stop him he’s lifting up and kissing you deep, hand curling around the back of your neck to bring you as close as possible so he can hotly lick into your mouth. Your knee accidentally brushes over his tented slacks and guilt washes over you when he groans, your hand reaching down but being halted not even half way there.

“Not yet,” he tells you. “Wanna taste you first.”

You couldn’t deny how his raspy voice made your stomach clench but he kisses you for a few more seconds before he lowers himself to his knees in front of the desk between your legs. He motions you closer and you scoot to the very edge, not questioning him when he pushes one of your legs to prop up next to you and pulls the other to lay over his shoulder. He presses a kiss to the inside of your knee before leaning closer and moaning.

“I can smell you y/n,” he informs you darkly, taking one more sniff. His hands slide the hem of your skirt up, bunching it up around your waist enough so he could see. He smirks and licks his lips, looking up at you and raising an eyebrow. “Sweetheart come on, those can’t be considered panties.”

Instead of having you lift your hips up so he can pull your lack of underwear down, he pinches the string to the side and kisses the hood of your shining clit, his eyes trained on your face to watch it scrunch up in pleasure. You whimper when he takes his first hesitant licks over your sensitive bundle of nerves, short quick strokes causing you to hit the table when your leg slips. You hike it back over his shoulder, hand braiding into his dark locks to keep him in place when he tries pulling away.

You push up slightly and breathe hard, making him smirk that stupid cocky smirk against your lips. He finally stops with the teasing and parts your folds with his tongue, flicks just the tip over your fluttering entrance before flattening the wet muscle. His hands squeeze at your hips, encouraging you to tighten your grip in his hair and shove him closer until you can grind up against his face, whines tripping from your mouth and nails tearing at his scalp.

When he slyly wiggles a finger inside of you and pokes around at your walls, you try pushing him away with the overwhelming pleasure but his arm around your lower back has you stuck rubbing your clit against his firm tongue and circling your hips on his finger.

Finally he stills you so he can lick at his own pace, sneakily prodding a second finger into you and pushing them both deep.

“Jungkook please,” you wail, tugging on his hair to speed up the process and bringing a groan out of him. He sharply nips at your clit in response, your body jolting in shock.

“Patience,” he whispers. “Wanna taste more of you.”

He laps over your wetness in long strokes, collecting most of the sweet juice and swallowing it down with a moan.

“So tasty,” he murmurs, teasingly kitten licking over your clit. He sucks it into his mouth just as his fingers twist inside of you and has your leg curling around the back of his neck at the sensation shot through you.

“J-Jungkook,” you gasp in warning, “stop.”

“Mmm,” he moans, pressing his fingers harder and sucking harsher. “Could eat you all fucking day.”

Your hands desperately push against his head when the white heat starts its build up in your stomach but Jungkook was stronger and greedily continued to suck at your wet core and thrust his long digits inside until you were unraveling. You almost scream when the fire snaps and pleasure is sent to every corner of your body, your thigh trembling over his shoulder and hands bringing him closer to taste all of you as you threw your head back and choked out a desperate plea of his name. He didn’t pull away until you were finished, drank every last drop of your release until you were shaking in oversensitivity.

Jungkook stands up and immediately ravishes your mouth, weak mewl passing your lips at his fingers still pumping and scissoring you open.

“Ready?” He whispers and you nod despite the shocks still bursting through you.

He leans back and slips his hand from between your legs all at once, whimper scratching at your throat at the feeling. You help him loosen his tie and get it off, working on the many buttons of his shirt next. You’re relieved when you can pull it from his broad shoulders and reveal his pale skin, Jungkook quickly undoing his belt and flicking his button and zipper open before impatiently crawling onto the desk with you when you move back to make room. You slide back until you can’t anymore, Jungkook’s lips slamming onto yours as your legs spread to give him space.

“Can’t wait to fuck you,” he gasps, biting his way down your neck with a deep groan at your palming hand. He grinds down for a few seconds before sitting up and shucking his slacks and boxers down to his knees as far as they’d go quickly so he could get back to hovering over you and kissing your swollen lips.

He holds himself up on one forearm while the other reaches down between your bodies to guide his hard cock to your entrance. You both moan at the feeling of the touch, his tip stretching your rim around. An inch buried into you, he moves his arm back up, both bent by your ears with his fingers brushing at your forehead. He ducks down and sucks your bottom lip into his mouth, catching your whine as he slowly begins to sink himself fully inside.

Once he’s completely enveloped in your heat, he moves to your neck and grunts. He starts with shallow hip rolls that drive your eyes to the back of your head but then he’s pulling out and pushing back in with desperate need. Your head was tossed back and his was still hidden but you could hear, feel, him panting louder with his increasing pace. He was breathing out strangled moans until he slipped a hand under your neck and arched you into his mouth, easily sucking a bruise into the skin of your throat before his hot breath is fanning over your ear.

“Fuck,” he chokes. “Keep squeezing around me like that.”

He whines and delivers a particularly hard thrust that forces a squeak from your mouth.

“Just like that,” he whispers. “Almost there sweetie, do it again.”

You didn’t understand what he was talking about, mind too fuzzy and ears too focused on his noises traveling right into the channel of your hearing but you oblige anyway, clenching yourself around him and sinking your nails into his flexed shoulder muscles to encourage him.

“Faster,” you breathe and he listens immediately, waiting until he can have his lips on yours to speed up his hips. The desks were squeaking across the floor as they moved with each of his powerful thrusts into you, spongy walls molding into the shape of him as he slams in and out of you in search of his release. You moan his name and he transfers his whimper to you with his slick tongue.

“Fuck y/n, little more. Only a little bit more just-”

He slows down to a deep grind, your channel tightening when he keeps himself inside the hug of heat long enough to have his head spinning with all the blood. He lasts barely ten seconds before switching back to pounding into you, your thighs making an obscenely loud noise with his fast moves.

Suddenly Jungkook’s ripping away from you and returning to your neck to bite your shoulder, his hips moving impossibly faster until he’s twitching inside of you with a drawled out groan. He breathlessly whimpers and moans into your skin while he rides out the after shocks of his high, your own breath gone as you feel your walls being splashed with his white release. His entire body shudders and you would’ve laughed if you weren’t so tired, his hips lazily circling before stopping and slipping out.

4.48 AM and instead of going to sleep, I’m going to wake my house up by making ramen noodles. Goodmornin and goodnight my loves xx.

Friends [Part 2]; Optional Bias

author’s note: the positive feedback on the previous part was absolutely overwhelming! i’m so glad that you all enjoyed it! feel free to send me any feedback or constructive criticism that you have (especially for the smut, because i know i need to improve)! i hope you all enjoy this part! also i’ve given the wife/fiancee a name, Hana, in case you all are confused to who Hana is.

**warning for shitty smut below the cut.

1 | 

“And this is the dress that I like the most,” Hana tells you, scrolling through the many pictures of wedding dresses on her phone. She stops on a gorgeous dress. The dress is long-sleeved, but the sleeves are only lace instead of the smooth satin like the rest of the dress. The back of the dress dips down to the model’s lower back, and your eyes widen at the price written in the bottom corner. 

“It’s beautiful.” You tell her, faking a smile as she nods her head vigorously and continues scrolling through photos of dresses and wedding cakes and every other thing that she had to be excited about. You feel awkward and upset, especially giving her advice to marry the man you’re in love with. 

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Hana rests her wine glass on her knee after finally showing you each of the dresses she had narrowed her choices down to. “Of course,” You nod, smiling brightly at her.

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“I just love looking at you.”

Pairing: Luke and You

Word Count: 1000+

Warning: sfw

Just a fluffy lil blurb bc the idea of boyfriend!luke keeps me up at night.

Masterlist | Feedback

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The Ellen Show: Chapter 5

A/N: Wishing you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Hope you enjoy. :D

The Ellen Show Master List

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“I think that one looks lovely.”

I looked up to Charlie, phone in hand as it rested under her chin.

“You think?” I said pulling up the slinky silvery gown. I glanced into the mirror again turning to the side letting the dress drop and brushing my hand along my body. “I don’t know.” I cringed slightly.

We had been trying on dresses for the premieres of the movie that began in London in two days.

London was a long low cut and very fitted emerald dress. Japan a short white frilly dress with strong shoulders. But L.A the most important of the premiers was falling short of something to wear.

Turning in the mirror again I looked at the dress, as I did I noticed one of the stylists in the back of the room moving a rack of dresses.

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||❥ locker room dates (m)

s e o k m i n ! s c e n a r i o

b a s k e t b a l l  p l a y e r ! a u

Originally posted by j1nwoo

word count: 2,677  

genre: smut mixed with minor fluff? 

request: seokmin being a basketball star on the college team and one day he (meaning teammate hoshi) accidentally hits the reader and friendship/fwb starts idk

✎ finally completed this seokmin request :^) i already have another planned for him and it’s a combination of two requests so thank u to the anons who suggested!!

When Kwon Soonyoung had angled his elbow and placed a concentrated palm atop mahogany leather, he certainly didn’t expect the three point shot to bounce right off the rim of the net. It was simply a practice, a mere exercise before the tournament rumbled like a stampede of bulls around the corner. His coffee flecked irises feathered after the basketball’s jump off the net, sharp enamel piercing a soft lower lip as he watched it land directly where it shouldn’t have.

Your head.

Now Soonyoung didn’t mean to imbue the deathly fizzle in your glare, how you grasped the basketball and pulled back a swift leg before booting it toward his chest. It was by all means an accident, his feet lightly shuffling over a polished gymnasium floor as he barely stopped the leather from plastering his flesh poppy red. But what sunk everything even further into murky waters was the basketball team’s star player, Lee Seokmin, sauntering over to check of your state. Soonyoung studied the situation with pupils a thin line, eyelids nothing but tiny slits. You and him were somewhat friends after all, at least enough for Soonyoung to be aware of your heart’s content for Seokmin.

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Imagine: The team is sure that you are the unsub but have no proof. Spencer is determined to crack you, but you surprise him.

Outsmarted//mature content
Morgan practically stomps out of the interrogation room, fed up with your arrogant attitude and lack of willingness to provide useful information.The team only has one more hour to get you to break.

“Let me try talking to her.” Spence insists, studying Morgan’s gestures of frustration carefully. 

“Be my guest, kid. She’s impossible.” Morgan sighs, moving aside for Reid to pass by, “We only have an hour until she’s free.”

He grips the door knob to the interrogation room, pulling it open to reveal a profile view of you. Your eyes remain transfixed on the blank wall in front of you, not making so much as a move to face the determined profiler. Instead you smirk, listening carefully to his light footsteps as they ascend on you,  

“By the sound of your light, carefully paced footsteps, you must be the smart one of the group, the genius if you will?” you state, still staring into space. Spencer is taken back by your intelligence, and his perception has changed completely, not sure what to expect from you anymore. Finally, he takes a seat in front of you, your eyes meeting his own. You silently evaluate his appearance, taking note of his every feature. His short brown hair shapes his face perfectly, showcasing a pair of innocent chocolate brown eyes and soft voluptuous pink lips. He can’t be much older than you are “Young and cute too.You must be the youngest one on the team, but I guarantee you are the most intelligent.” You pause for a brief second to smile. If my calculations are correct, your time is almost up.“ 

"The only person that you are hurting here is yourself.” Spencer tries directly. His mind is racing a million miles per minute as he studies you. desperately trying to ignore your obvious beauty.

“I seem to be at a disadvantage here.” you state, tilting your head to the side in curiosity, “You know my name, but I don’t know yours." 

"Dr. Spencer Reid.” he replies. 

“Doctor huh?” you scoff, “You must have quite a few degrees to have earned that fancy title.”

“Why did you do all of this?” the handsome profiler asks.  

“What makes you so sure it was me?” you challenge right back. 

“Do you know what I see when I look at you?” he squints his eyes, folding his hands neatly on the table and gathering his thoughts, “I see an intelligent young woman, full of potential. But I also see a scared little girl, with a hatred towards men, stemming from problems with your father as a child.”

“You know nothing about me.” you snap, your voice still somehow calm and articulate.

“I know that your father used to beat and rape your mother, and that one day he was going to hurt you so your mother confronted him and he murdered her. I know that to rebel, you became the very thing that your father hated. a call girl.  Why would you throw your life away so easily?" 

"And what about you, doctor? What traumatic event as a child led you to join the FBI? A handsome guy like you, smart too, still not married at this age? You’re obviously successful. Have you ever even been with a woman before, Spencer?” The shockingly personal nature of the question causes the profiler to break eye contact for a quick moment. “You know, despite what you may think, any woman would be happy to be with you." 

"It’s in your best interest to cooperate with us.” he states bluntly, ignoring your previous comment. The tips of your mouth curve upwards into a coy smile. Then, in one smooth action, you delicately tilt your head to the side as your eyes continue to study his, your hair naturally collecting on the right side of your body. The simple movement emphasizes the dangerously low cut shirt you are wearing, as well as your now protruding collarbone along with the soft flesh on your neck. Expertly, you reach across the table, covering his large hand with one of your own. 

“We all have our demons.” you whisper, so faint he can just barely hear you, “But what you’re insisting is that I must be punished for my so-called crimes. Will you punish me, doctor?” Spencer nearly jumps out of his chair, his breath beginning to quicken as he licks his lips. Still, he makes no effort to rip his hand from yours. The truth is, he is intrigued by you, oddly attracted to your nature and compelled by your body movements. “Seems like you haven’t felt loved in a long time, Spencer. Will you let me make you feel good?” When he doesn’t respond, you continue teasing him, “My body, hot and sweaty against yours as we kiss like two newly weds and make love in the mere glow of the moonlight, illuminating our bodies. You’re a soft lover, I can feel it. I don’t get many of those, you know.” For a moment, you remain quiet, watching the handsome profiler. 

“My demons don’t drive me completely psychotic to the point of murder.” he sneers, finally tearing his hand away. 

“The look in your eyes tells me that you want me, right here and now. But you’re a professional. You gave up on playing into my fantasy when you realized what you really want, me.” you pause, acknowledging your surroundings, “And with that, it looks like your time’s up, Spencer." 

Just then, Hotch opens the door, addressing the fact that they have no proof, and you are free to leave. Spencer stands as you do, disappointed that for once in his life, someone has outsmarted him. As you strut out of the room, swaying your hips from side to side, you stop beside him, bringing your lips dangerously close to his ear and breathing, "May we meet again, doctor." 

Your hot breath tickles his ear, sending shivers up his spine. As you exit the small enclosed space, Spencer remains standing, left with the all too vivid memories of your intense words and seductive stare. 


(Just to avoid any confusion, this takes place before “The 1975” and “The City”. Enjoy! xx)

Caitie’s POV

The room was sweaty and loud. I pushed through the crowd making my way to the  swarming bar. After ordering a gin and tonic, I turned to lean against the slab of marble. It was a mildly popular club on the outskirts of Cheshire. There was a shitty band playing in the corner and a flock of slutty dressed bimbos grinding on dirty, old pervs with wondering eyes.

Honestly, I’m no better.

Once I had my fill of people watching, I trekked towards the line of open doors guarded by intimidating bouncers while continuously nudging down my tight ass dress. I was in dire need of a fag. I find a clear space in the alleyway next to the packed line of  club goers and leaned on the dingy brick wall.

I was only half way through with my cigarette when I heard a slurred yell followed by a grunt of annoyance. Thinking it was a comical drunk trying to get a pass, I rounded the corner.

“Oi! Take it somewhere else! No druggies allowed,” the guard ordered with a roll of his eyes. The tall, lanky boy currently swaying in front of him snorted.

“Don’t ac’ like there’s not a buncha blokes doin’ lines in the loo.”


This oddly attractive male had the voice of God. I nearly creamed my knickers right there.

The guard let out a sarcastic sound. “Get out of here junky.”

Here’s where I come in.

“Frankie, it’s alright. He’s with me.” I walk up to the clearly intoxicated lad with the sex-like voice and loop my arm through his. He looks at me with a bewildered expression but plays it cool.

“Yeah,” he weakly replies and Frankie just huffs good-naturedly and let’s us in.

We don’t utter a single sound until we make our way to the back of the room where there’s a wall of secluded booths. Sliding in the seat he let’s out a breath of relief.

“Matty,” he let’s out.

“Caitie,” I say with an amused smile.

“What?” he says worriedly.

“You are so obviously baked but it’s kinda charming.”

He lazily grins at me with a disbelieving gleam in his eye. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh yeah, sure,” I let out a laugh that makes him smile wider.

“I guess I should say cheers then, yeah?”

“No worries,” I smile back and stir my straw with my tongue.  He glances down at my mouth and swallows visibly.

“So, Caitie, do you have a–”

I cut him off quickly, “Nah.”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a spliff.

“May I?” he asks sweetly.

I lean forward after he lights it and brush his leg.

“Only if you share,” I whisper hotly and he turns his body more my way.

We’re stumbling down the sidewalk a mess of  giggles, sweat, and alcohol. I pull him closer as I wipe away the blood on his chin. “Can’t believe he cut you with a fucking bottle,” I laugh as he winces in amused pain. He tilts his head back to stop the blood spilling from his nose.

“Was a right asshole,” Matty states while swinging an arm around my waist.

All at once the air shifts to one of lust and need. We make eye contact and let the silence unravel.

“Um, d-do you have a place?” I question him while trying to portray my intentions.

“Don’t laugh but I’m actually sleeping in my car at the moment.”

Oh. I think. Car sex.

“That’s fine. Do you mind if I come?”

His answer is a smile and a squeeze of his hand on my hip as we continue down the dark lonely road.

When we make it to his blacked out Range Rover I nearly faint.

“Wasn’t expecting this,” I mumble with wide eyes.

Matty laughs and opens the back door.

“I’m kind of in a band. We do well.”

“Oh,” is my lame response.

We both climb in and get comfortable.

“So this band…” I try to make easy conversation so I don’t look like a sex-crazed feign.

“We’re called The 1975,” he replies.

“Nice,” I pause, “You play?”

“A little guitar but mostly vocals,” he says while lighting up another joint and taking a hit.

I hum an acknowledgement and he hands it to me. After taking a puff  I glance at Matty attempting to express my need.

I’d been staring ahead for awhile when I felt his eyes burning into my skin. When I turn my head toward him I’m met with the softness of his lips and the taste of smoke and mint. I let out a sound of surprise and try to fight back a smile.

When he pulls back the tiniest bit, I breathe out a “finally”.

He smirks back and eyes my lips again.

I lunge forward to straddle his hips in the spacious backseat of his extravagant vehicle while kissing him deep and hard. His hands grip my waist with the need I’ve been feeling since I first saw him.

I don’t even try to stop my hips from grinding down on to his own. It’s like a natural instinct to try and please him. His animalistic growl shows me I’m succeeding.

As quickly as possible, my leather jacket is peeled off along with his hipster floral button down. The sight of his chest and hip tattoo sends my hips into another fit of dips and swirls that leave us both breathless.

When he pushes up the bottom hem of my dress I can’t even process the sounds leaving my mouth. I lift up onto my knees, quick to get back to his  warmth, and unbutton his tight black jeans. While I’m up he gets my dress the rest of the way off. I sigh into his mouth when I push back down. I can feel my arousal dripping down my inner thighs and know that just one touch from Matty will leave me moaning incoherently.

His tongue parts from mine only to trace down my jaw and throat to my protruding collarbones. While he sucks a welcomed mark on my skin I force his jeans and pants down wasting no time.

When I glance down to his hardened member I can’t help but let out a incredulous  chuckle.

“Of course you have a beautiful cock,” I say while grasping it in my hand and squeezing.

His heads nice and pink, glistening with want. His impressive size isn’t what takes my breath away, it’s the perfect pulsing vein that wraps around the base ending below his picturesque tip. My mouth waters involuntarily.

He has no time to respond before I scoot back, drop to my knees in the foot space, and take his needy head into my waiting mouth.

If I could replay the sound that left his mouth in my mind all day; everyday, I would never again know unhappiness.

I suck like my life depends on it while pumping and twisting my other hands fast and hard. I take and take until my nose is brushing the dark hair at the base of his manhood. I moan when his taste fills my senses and know he enjoys the vibrations it causes when his hand come up to grip my hair and he pushes his hips down into the seat.

“Fuck,” he breathes out heavily while thrusting up to hit the back of my throat. I’ve never enjoyed giving head so much in my whole life.

When I feel him start to tense, I release him with a loud pop and wipe my mouth.

“Okay,” he says more to himself while laying me down on the seat and I let out a little giggle.

It’s cut short when he immediately buries his face between my legs and inhales.

“Oh God…” we exhale at the same time and when I look down questioningly, he says, “You smell fucking amazing.”

I blush and laugh in the same breath while he slips my panties off and dives back in.

When his teeth nip at my clit I buck my hips and grab his hair in a vice. He moans at the feel of my hand tugging on his locks and looks up at me. while burying his tongue as deep as it can go.

“Shit,” I drag out as my first climax of the night crashes down on me. I shake my head fast and pull him up to me. “Can’t, can’t please.”

He hums while gripping himself and nudging my entrance. He runs his tip up and down from my clit to my opening and I shudder while releasing an embarrassing squeak.

Matty just smiles sweetly at me like he’s not about to fuck my brains out.

Then he’s pushing forward at a pace that has me arching and gripping his shoulder blades like I’ll float away if I don’t. When he’s to the hilt he settles for a moment and a ravish in the weight on him. He pulls out almost  all the way only to thrust back a tad faster.

With my ankles crossed around his ass, I dig my heel into his supple bum. He chuckles and grinds down faster so his pubic bone brushes my clit with every plunge.

God, Caitie, wha- fuck,” he breathes out when I clench on instinct. I’m sweating and cursing and then I’m cupping the back of his neck to bring his heavenly mouth back to mine.

The balloon growing and filling deep in my lower stomach is shaking with it’s need to release and I don’t even see it coming when i quite literally drench him in my release.

All is still for a moment as I try catching my breath and my eyes are closed tightly until I hear a groan from above me that has me clenching unwillingly. I peel open my eyes to find Matty staring down where we’re still joined with a look of…adoration?

“Holy. Shit.”

“I’m so sorr-” he cuts me off with a hard kiss that presses my head into the- now drenched in sweat- car seat.

“That was so fuckin’ hot, I might come twice,” Matty speaks into my mouth.

 I don’t think my face could get any redder. I try and hide my smile by harshly biting my lip but all that does is dilate his eyes even more to where they look almost completely black. He growls as he starts thrusting wildly but in a rhythm that makes my heart beat faster. I lose my voice as a silent scream rips through my chest and up my throat. When his hips become frenzied and lose their tempo I grind upwards in a desperate attempt to make this the best orgasm he’s ever had.

He looks down at me, eyes wild and brewing a fire that only I can seem to put out. I bring his earlobe into my mouth, tracing it with my tongue, as he grunts and groans into mine. I can feel him pulsing and throbbing while I lose it one more.

He leaves a trail of his arousal from my clit to just below my belly button while we both regulate our breathing.

I turn my head towards the front of the car and see the time reads 2:04am. Just as I go to say something to Matty, he lurches for the door handle, retching violently. I hurry to sooth his hair back and comfort him while trying to hold down my own vomit from the smell.

After his stomach is empty he shuts the door and breathes out a groan.

“Well then…” he rasps out.

I try to conceal my giggle but it escapes anyway.

He smiles back and lets out his own amused laugh. 

Matty’s POV

The dash lights up with the time 4:36am and I’m staring at her.

She’s telling me a story about when she was 13 and her brother came running in with his head split open and she thought it was the funniest thing.

“To this day he calls me the Devil child,” she laughs out.

I can’t help but get lost in her grayish blue eyes that make me feel like I’m worth something. I’ve known this girl for, what? 6 hours? How can I feel like I’ve known her my whole life?

In the middle of her sentence I kiss her lips softly. She freezes for a moment then melts into me.

“‘M tired but don’t wanna sleep,” I say once I’ve pulled away enough to speak but not enough that I can’t still feel her breath on my face.


“Wanna talk with you,” I mumble only a little bit embarrassed.

“You can’t talk with me in the morning?” she questions.

“Will you be here?”

She pauses a moment to watch for my sincerity.

“I’ll always be here.”

this is so angsty o h my g o d

AU in which you and 10k drift apart after Cassandras death, you get kidnapped, and he thinks its his fault (AKA a doc and 10k moment, you almost dying, and the aftermath)

requested by my fav @stawmay12



You tried to keep track of the days, but eventually lost count. All there is is the bars of the cage around you, the bread that gets tossed in randomly. There is the knife that is slipped through the bars, cutting into your skin. Your left eye is swollen shut, a prize from a beating you got for trying to dig out under the bars. Your ribs are cracked, more than a few of them. You had no choice but to rip your thin tank up and wrap it around your torso.

You want to believe they’re coming for you.

You want to believe you’ll survive this.

You’ve made it up to this point. Through everything.

It’s your fault you’re here. You were the one who got distracted. You were the one who went back after dark to check it out. You were the one who got stuck in the trap. You were the one who woke up here.

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You and Carlisle on His Days Off; Drabble #3

Scenario: You and Carlisle settled on the couch, his feet perched on the table, book in hand, arm around your shoulder; you tucked into his side, arms around his waist, enjoying the comfortable silence and the feel of his firm body in your arms (WC: 441 words)

Based off this post. Also read: drabble #1, drabble #2

Warnings: Literally pointless fluff

You had your cheek pressed against his chest, the fabric of his blue cardigan tickling the sensitive skin on your face. Your arms were tightly wound around his waist, your legs thrown over his that were perched up on the table in front of the couch, his feet crossed at the ankles on the tabletop. You watched as Carlisle’s arm that was wrapped around your shoulder reached forward to turn the page of the book he was reading, his long pale fingers flipping the flimsy sheet of paper. Those same fingers occasionally rubbed against your neck as Carlisle’s golden eyes scanned over the text in front of him, mindlessly stroking your soft skin as he read.

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S   T   R   A   Y

[ An ongoing ‘Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’ story by Span and QyGuex ]

[ Master Post Located Here ]

C H A P T E R  T W O |

London, 1869, moments later |

Evie stared in disbelief as her brother stood before her.
Her own brother whom had been missing for three months… he was here.

”Jacob… is it really you?

He attacked her. He nearly killed her. He tried to kill her!

“… killed-”, she muttered to herself, “-wait-! Jacob! Have you been the one slaughtering innocents?! You’ve been breaking our Creed?!-”

What was she saying? How was that the first thing that came to her mind? The Creed?! This was her brother… her twin brother; who had been missing for three months up until this very moment. How could she have been so blind? She stayed firm to her orders instead of searching for her own brother.

Jacob… I’m-”

Jacob turned fully to her and roared from deep within his chest. With his mouth parted, it glowed as if fire inhabited him. Steam, mimicking smoke, bellowed from his very bowels. It made Evie recoil slightly and shiver from head to toe. She brought her arm up to brace for what she expected would be an attack.

Yet, nothing had happened.

There was just silence. Evie Frye lowered her arm slightly and saw that Jacob had up and vanished. She didn’t even hear him leave. Did she imagine it all?

”How did he-”

Henry and a group of weathered Rooks came running into the alleyway; their breath precipitated in the cool, London air.

“Are you alright? Why, you’re pale as a ghost!” Henry said, putting his hand to her face to feel how clammy it was from her sweating. “The Rooks told me about your fight on the rooftops…” Henry looked down to see that her arm was bracing her side; blood glistened against the dark fabric of her cloak.

She was injured.

“You’re hurt. We need to get you to hospital.” He put his hand to her shoulder, trying to walk her out of the alleyway - but she gently brushed it off.

No,” Evie spoke shortly, turning to look back to where Jacob was, then her vision trailed to the roof tops. “The creature I fought… it’s the one responsible for all of the murders… Henry, it’s-”

Mr. Green! Miss. Evie!”, another Rook shouted, leaning around the corner of the alleyway. “The beast! It’s done it e‘gain! E’nother one dead! Just a’tta round-about on St. Ive’s Street!”

“We’ll go ascertain it… Miss. Evie,” Henry spoke quickly, his heated breath clouding in the cool air, “-you go with Caleb, he will-”

No, Henry! You don’t- … . . I have to see what it did.” Her eyes were adamant. Strong. She was hiding something, Henry could tell; but with that ‘Frye determination’ radiating off of her, he couldn’t say no.

“Alright, Miss. Frye. Let’s go.”

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you are breaking your neck to look back
is it easier to ignore
how your spine is turning itself
into something not human
you are part collarbone protruding
bad shoulder out of place..

I don’t think there is anything back there 
inside a day that is not today 
inside a body younger than your current self
walking farther away from your future
 that can heal this kind of deformity
touch you like it did the first time
and the first time and the first time

it will never be the first time again…

—  T.L.R
No longer || Taehyung ||

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

A/N: Surprise! Here’s a oneshot I’ve been working on for a while. I sort of gave up on it a few times, but I finally found the will to finish it. I kind of wanted to slap myself though, because I made it way sadder than I intended to. I hope it makes you feel things, and please please please let me know what you think of it. <3


Summary: You never thought it could happen to you. 

Word Count: 1665

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Terminal illness, character death

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Jun- You're My Everything (Smut, M+)

External image

You have to admit, Jun looks extremely attractive with his white dress shirt unbuttoned dangerously low, stopping right below his protruding collarbone. 

You repeatedly, yet mentally, slap yourself for thinking such dirty thoughts…After all, he is your best friend.

 Here he is, you two sitting amongst his bathroom floor (yes, really, out of all places), venting out his stress. No matter how depressing or stressful his words are, they always seem to roll off his tongue in the most perfect charming melody. 

Most of the time you did actually focus upon him and offer some encouraging words back, yet today your attention span is somewhere off in lala land. 

His hair brushes perfectly above his eyebrows, while his eyes pierce straight ahead, as he continues to mutter his problems to you, yet of course you aren’t even paying attention to what he is saying. 

Suddenly he turns his head, looking directly into your eyes. “God…I can’t even handle myself with us just being friends ____-ah.” he says as he chews the inside of his lip, “I’ve held in the truth for far to long.”

“Wh-what?” you stammer, suddenly becoming confused on the topic; coming back to reality.
“Have you even been listening?” he nearly growls, his look becoming ever more intense, yet still so delicate.

You swallow the lump forming in your throat and bite your lip; this time you’ve been really stupid. Has he been speaking about his feelings towards you this whole time and you didn’t even noticed?

 "_____, you drive me insane… you cause my stress, my depression, and my happiness all at once,“ he speaks again, still somehow managing to keep the deep gaze into your eyes.

Speechless, you sit there keeping the intensity locked between you two’s eyes. "You’re my everything,” Jun whispers, reaching out and grasping your hand, shifting his body to face yours.

You intertwine your fingers with his, a light smile spreading across your face. “You are my everything too…”

He bites his lip, quickly pulls you against his body, and presses his lips against yours.

You expect this wonderful interaction between you two to end within a few seconds, but you and him, together, cause a spark that engulfs the room in lustrous fire.

His lips move against yours in the greatest rhythm, just as you do in return.
Surprisingly, he slips his hands to your thighs, slowly slipping them under, and lifts you up, placing you on top of his lap. His kiss progressively escalates into more roughness, one big turn on being when he began to tug at your bottom lip with his teeth. 

You whine quietly as he unexpectedly breaks away and looks your body up and down, sighing in what seems like sadness. “We can’t go any further…” he sighs, again.

That’s when you realize the bulge growing below you. “Why..?” you still question.
He swallows and chuckles lightly, “If you want to…you know…”

You can’t help but smile a little bit. Who knew your energetic Junie could be so cute and awkward, around you? “I want to,” you link your arms around his neck, smirking slightly.

“Thank god,” he growls, suddenly pinning you down to the floor while climbing on top of you.
You let out a small moan as he attacks the side of your neck with his teeth. You swear that this is merely only a dream; your crush, doing this?

Jun’s hands find their way to the hem of your shirt, tugging it up lightly. Your shirt is pulled off within a mere few seconds and Jun’s lips lower further and further down until he purrs against your collarbone. “You’re so breathtaking,” He nips softly at your skin as his hands now drift slowly down your stomach.

He was driving you insane. You needed him. Now. 

In an instant you nearly tear off his shirt, your monstrous side beginning to show through just as Jun’s is. His hands were now pulling down your pants along with your panties, his desperateness definitely being aware in his his dark chocolate brown eyes. 
Although it looked that all his fierceness was showing through, you knew that he was holding back ever so slightly. 

He is afraid. Afraid that this friendship you two have held onto for so long could disappear if you try to take a step further. You know for a fact that you love him, and would be willing to take that dangerous risk in order for you two to become one. All he needs is a push of encouragement. “Don’t hold back. I love you.” You whisper into his ear, lightly tracing the shell with your tongue. 

Just as you thought, that is all it takes for Jun to snap. He lets out the smallest grunt, quickly finding his hands at your back, and unclasps your bra. You reach for his pants when you suddenly find his perfectly defined abs. His abs tense as you place your hand on them, your finger slowly tracing down until you reach his belt. You get rid of his pants, Jun gladly proceeding to help you and get his boxers off himself.

His lips return to yours, softly brushing against them as he positions himself at your entrance.  You bite down on his lip, tugging as a signal to show you’re ready.

In return he pushes himself into you, cautious of the fact he might be possibly hurt you. 

The sensation of Jun filling you up is so incredibly pleasurable, yet so unfamiliar. You bite down on your lip, pulling away from his kiss, desperately trying to keep any embarrassing noises from slipping from your mouth. 
His hands gently grip your hips as he pulls in and out slowly, allowing you to adjust.

“Fa-faster…” you whimper as you tangle your fingers into his silky black hair.

Following your commands, his speed increases, his breathe becoming heavier and hastier. 

You are losing all sanity at this point. Ha, you thought Jun looks hot with his shirt barely unbuttoned? Fuck that. Here he is, his hair clinging to his sweaty forehead, his defined abs tensing repeatedly, the lustrous look in his eyes, and so much more.

It doesn’t take long for that certain feeling to claw at your stomach, and you find yourself practically screaming out Jun’s name as if you were an insane person.

Just as you are about to be sent flying over the cliff of euphoria, Jun releases, a loud groan escaping his thick lips, giving you an overwhelmingly perfect orgasm. Giving a few more thrusts, Jun allows you two to finish out your climaxes, the pleasure running throughout both your bodies.

Yours and Jun’s heavy breathes synchronize as he withdrawals from your heat, placing a light kiss on your cheek.

Pulling you up, you sit on his lap, your sweaty bodies melting against each others. Jun brushes a hand through your hair, the other holding the small of your back, putting you in a sweet serenity.

“_____,” Jun whispers breathlessly, “I love you. Be my everything forever.”

“Forever.” You smile, burying your face deeper into his neck.


Oh my goodness I finally finished! XD hope you guys like it!
I was determined to make this perfect since it is both my first smut scenario and Jun scenario. So please, PLEASE, give feedback!
Love you all so much~

Invisible Part 1


Could you please do a o/s where Daryl x Reader are in the middle of a massive fight. Things are said that shouldn’t be. Reader thinks it’s the end for them so she takes off. Daryl comes to her the following day and tells her he’s not going to give up on them. Extra fluff! (can be set pre apocalypse or mid apocalypse

A/N: I’m making this a two part story as its way too long to be one. The other should be out tonight.

Song: Serpents(Basement) by Sharon Van Etton

I really suggest listening to the song while reading.


A ray of light slipped into yours and Daryl’s tent, awakening you from a somewhat peaceful sleep. Your eyelids fluttered open and you turned on your back to stretch out your limbs that had been confined in such a small space.

Daryl was no where to be found, but that didn’t surprise you one bit. Ever since Sophia went missing, he spent less and less time around you. You understood his intentions clearly and knew how bad he wanted, needed to find her so you never complained about that. You suspected something else was going on though, for not only are you continuously waking up alone, but also sleeping on your respective sides of the tent, a contrast to how you use to cuddle up to each other.

It upset you that he wasn’t engaging with you anymore. You always marked it up to stress until you noticed how he still interacts with the rest of the group, even Shane. To you, he says a few words and a quick “I love you” before he’s off again until dark.


You weren’t the only one that noticed the change. Lori asked you about it after you and your group finished eating outside.

You were quietly washing the dishes in the Greene’s house, making sure you did your part in staying there. Beside you, Lori was packaging food up to preserve it for the colder months. Your mind wandered to that night at dinner where Daryl was beside you but didn’t even glance at you let alone talk to you. Tears pricked at your eyes the whole time you ate so you avoided speaking in general in order to control that tightening feeling in your throat. He left as soon as he was done, put his plate in the bucket you would later take inside, and walked to the fields of wheat, not even sparing you a single look.

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certain half-deserted streets // the x-files // msr // angst // cancer arc // for @kateyes224


LET us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table.

She is dying.

Dying, died, dead. Sterben, gestorben…

She can’t remember the word for dead.

Conjugation was never her strong suit.

She doesn’t want to admit it to herself but the truth is staring her in the face in the form of an X-ray, a mass, a cancer.

Her instinct is to call him. Before anyone else, it’s to call him.

She doesn’t think about what that means for both of them. What it will mean if she dies. What it will mean for him.

The look on his face when she tells him, the godawful certainty he has that they can fix this, is almost too much to bear.

She’s never been one to indulge in his quite frankly childish fantasies, but she indulges him in this one.

She knows she can’t break his heart just yet.

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Nightclub Romance (Jaebum Smut)

You and your friends are always down for clubbing and one night stands. But, what happens when you meet a guy who’s more than just a one night stand?

Genre: Smut (Reader x Jaebum)

Word Count: 5922

Clubs weren’t for everybody, but for you and your friends, it was like a second home. The club was where you and your group of friends could always be caught at on Friday and Saturday nights. Series of different events always went down on club nights and it wasn’t rare for you to seperate with your friends and wake up the next morning next to someone you had just met the previous night. One night stands were popular, sometimes even expected. And since you were someone who was at the a local club frequently, you were known. People knew who you were, people wanted to hook up with you. The same went with your friends. The same also went with another group of boys that you never bothered to touch. It was a system. Your friends and those group of boys never really got along much. They looked at you guys as competition; it was immature, but you let it be the way it was. You ignored them.

So, here you were, waiting in a short line to get into the club with four of your close friends. You looked good tonight, not that you were concieted. You wore a strapless black dress that clung to your body, showing off your shape, a bit of cleavage, and your protruding collarbones. The dress stopped at mid thigh, showing off your legs nicely. Your choice of shoes were tall, black heels that had a lacey strap to wrap around your ankle. The heels were very tall, but nothing you weren’t use to. You didn’t wear much jewelry other than a black, velvet choker that topped off your outfit perfectly. You felt confident, you felt good.

As you were checking your makeup in a small, compact mirror, the guy at the entrance asked for some ID. It was a new bouncer, any of the usual bouncers would have let you in without questions. You and your friends took out your ID’s for him and without a problem, he let you all in. You walked in first, the four following beind you. As you walked in, the scent of hard liquor and a mix of different colognes and perfumes hit you like a bus. It was a bit much, but it was too familiar to you to make you gag. Blaring electronic music filled your ears instantly. People were either on the floor dancing, at the bar drinking and talking, or against the walls making out with a stranger. Flashes of colorfuls lights accented the atmosphere, lasers sprawling across the dance floor.

“Who are you gonna hook up with tonight, Y/N?” One of your taller friends nudged your arm.

“Hm, good question. Nobody’s catching my eye yet, so i’m not sure.” You huffed, scanning the club, observing everyone.

“Let’s go get some drinks.” One of your other friends who was a bit shorter than all of you suggested. She was the smallest one, but she wasn’t a lightweight. She was ready to drink at all times and she held herself together well. She led the way, weaving through people to get to the bar where plenty of open chairs were waiting for you five. You all sat down, the shorter friend sitting to your right, and ordered some drinks. You started off light, no shots yet. You weren’t ready to get too wasted at such an early hour of the night.

“He’s kinda cute.” Your friend said to you as she nodded towards a fairly tall guy who was talking to another guy. Both plain looking in your opinion.

“Go talk to him.” You encouraged her.

“Maybe later i will.” She nodded and the bartender came back with your drinks. You took a sip of yours, not knowing what to expect because you decided to order something new. It tasted fruity, but strong. Not bad. You sure as hell weren’t a lightweight either, so you liked the strong, harsh taste it had to it. Just as you were about to talk to your friend, the group of boys you had mentioned earlier, walked pass you guys. They all, of course, gave you looks.

“Well, look who it is. Almost didn’t expect to see you guys here tonight.” One of them spat. His name was Mark, he was the oldest of all of them, but you could never tell by the way he acted. He was attractive, you had to admit, but he annoyed you majority of the time, no matter how much you secretly liked the way he had his dark hair pushed back tonight.

“I was just about to say the same to you.” You sarcastically said back as you took another sip of your pink drink. Unfortunately, Mark decided to take the seat right next to you, his friends filling in the rest. As they did so, you looked pass him at someone. A new face. A face you swore you had never seen before and he sat right next to Mark. He looked different and it had you interested. He had  dark hair that you couldn’t tell whether it was dark brown or pitch black. Whichever color it was, it was pretty. It was pushed back, showing off his soft looking forehead and his perfectly shaped eyebrows. It looked like he had an undercut, but you couldn’t tell with the dim lighting of the club. His plush, pink lips were parted as he observed people. He was attractive. Very attractive. He was wearing tight, black jeans, some shirt that you didn’t bother looking at for long, and a black leather jacket that certainly added to his look for the best. If you judged him immediately you would say he looked like a “bad boy” but from the way he was acting, that label didn’t fit him. He was quiet, not talking to anyone, just observing. His eyes looked kind and delicate. He didn’t ask for any drinks even when the bartender offered. And when you couldn’t tear your eyes off of him, he looked up at you, which made you take in a sharp gasp that was only audible to you. He gave you a friendly smile, but you looked away, trying to ignore what had just happened. You hadn’t checked out someone like that in such a long time. Maybe even since your last boyfriend, months ago. Maybe even a year ago by now.

“May i say, you look good tonight. I’m liking the…edgy look.” Mark turned to you, hooking his index finger onto your choker. You pushed his hand away and rolled your eyes.

“Thanks, wish i could say the same about you.” You clearly joked because he did look good. You just didn’t wanna admit it to him, he would never shut up about it.

“Wow, offensive.” He gave you a fake pout, but you just laughed and turned to your friend who was poking your arm.

“Hey, who’s that guy that’s beside that other new guy.” She asked you. You turned around to look at who she might’ve been talking about. That’s when you realized there was another new guy beside the one you had been checking out.

“I don’t know, he’s proba-”

“His name’s Youngjae and the guy next to me is Jaebum. They never came here before, so i decided to bring them along. Maybe they can find a date for the night.” Mark butted in, listening to your conversations.

“Thanks, but stop listening to our conversations.” You snapped and turned your back to him, sipping your drink.

“I’m just helping you guys out. You look like somebody Youngjae would like, maybe you should talk to him.” He nodded at your friend.

“Woah, woah. Since when do we cross with your friends? I thought you guys all saw us as some childish competition.” You interrupted.

“Hey, we’re trying to be more open and let that die out. What else are we suppose to do when you and your friends are the most attractive people that come here?” He explained, but you only scoffed and rolled your eyes. “Which, speaking of, how about you let me treat you to stay at my place tonight, yeah?”

“Mark, i’m not hooking up with you.” You awkwardly laughed, raising an eyebrow. It’s not that he wouldn’t be a good night, you just didn’t have any attraction to him like that. You knew him too well and he bugged you on so many levels. You didn’t have any desire to sleep with him.

“Fine, fine.” He finally gave in and turned to talk to his friends beside him.

“Let’s go dance.” One of your friends a few chairs down suggested and you all agreed. You walked onto the dance floor to a spot where you all could squeeze into and not get seperated. The music was loud and giving you a lively adrenaline rush. You and your friends danced and jumped around for awhile with each other. The feeling was great and you felt more alive than you had ever felt before.

After about 10 minutes had passed, you were startled by a hand tugging you by your arm, pulling you away from your friends and into another part in the crowd. You tried to pull away, but the person didn’t let go. Instead, they caught ahold of your other arm and pulled you close to their body. They weren’t being aggressive, they seemed like they were simply trying to get your attention, so instead of trying to resist, you looked up at who it was. Your legs felt weak and shaky when your eyes met the curious pair that was looking down on you. It was that guy. The guy you had checked out earlier. You thought Mark said his name was… what again? Jaebum?

“Sorry, i didn’t mean to startle you like that, i just didn’t know how else to get your attention. It’s pretty loud in here.” He shouted over the music with an awkward grin. He was tall, really tall compared to you even with your heels on. He had broad shoulders and biceps that made his jacket grow tight whenever he moved his arms a certain way. His jawline was sharper than any other you had ever seen. He was more than attractive. He was stunning. He was giving you a feeling you hadn’t felt about anyone in awhile. He made you less bold, more shy, but kinda in a good way. Usually you flirted with people easily, but he was different. You didn’t see yourself easily coming onto him like you usually would to anybody else.

“Oh, yeah, it’s fine, sorry.” You shook yourself out of your deep trance when you realized you forgot to answer him. “What’s your name?”

“Jaebum. Yours?” He asked. His voice was deep and had this sharp tone to it that you liked a little too much.

“Y/N.  I notice you were new here.” You attempted to break the ice between you two.

“Yeah, my friend, Mark, told me about this place, so i figured i’d come. I don’t regret it, it’s a cool place.” He smiled at you, which made your face heat up and your eyes drop to your feet. Before you could respond, a familiar tune came on that you loved.

“Oh my god, i love this song.” You shouted and started dancing to the beat.

“Me too.” He shouted back and started dancing in sync with you. You started singing along. You two danced and sung along for awhile, not stopping even after the third song had came on. You were exhausted and you could tell he was too, but that wasn’t stopping you two. This moment was thrilling, even better than the other moments you had here. It felt meaningful, at least to you. Usually, you would just come and hook up with someone just for fun, you never really bonded with anyone like this. But, you didn’t let your mind treat this like it was anything special. You didn’t know what Jaebum was thinking. You didn’t if he felt that this was special or irrelevant. Without putting more thought into it, you continued to dance with him and sing along.

About three more songs had passed and that’s when he stopped dancing and jumping.

“Hey, stay still for a second.” He laughed, placing his big hands on both of your shoulders to hold you still.

“Why?” You tilted your head, but all of your questions were answered when he pulled you into him and crashed his lips against yours. Kissing him was different than the majority of the guys you had ever kissed before. This felt real, it felt legit regardless whether you two had just met. You kissed him back and that was when you knew that this was happening, this was real. You felt young again like how you had felt when you had your first kiss. His lips tasted fresh, like peppermint gum. His hands moved from your shoulders to cup your cheeks and pull you closer to him, close enough to feel the warmth of his body. His touch was so delicate. The room suddenly felt silent and it felt as if you two were the only ones there, but in reality you two were just a tiny fraction of the crowd. A few drunk young adults kept bumping into you two, but it was just an excuse to move closer. Your arms wrapped around his torso as you completely melted into his hands and his soft lips. He pulled away from your lips and looked you right in the eyes as if he was even unsure of what had just happened. 

“We should get out of here.” He leaned over to say into your ear and you nodded. When you gave him your approval, his hand found yours, intertwining perfectly with yours as he was the last piece of a puzzle, and pulled you behind him. He maneuvered through the thick crowd and finally found an exit door. He pushed it open and you followed him out to where you assumed was the back of the club. The cool summer air hit you and you had to admit, it was refreshing compared to the air that was tainted with alcohol and perfumes. When Jaebum didn’t let go of your hand, you realized how comforting his hands felt. They were smooth, but very firm. You also noticed the way he smelled. You couldn’t place what cologne it was, but it wasn’t too strong, quite subtle. The scent of the cologne was also dressed in that scent of peppermint you had tasted on his lips earlier. He smelled wonderful and that only added to his appeal.

Still holding his hand, you trailed behind him as he led you to the front of the club. He spotted a taxi and ran to it, waving his hand in the air to get the driver’s attention. The taxi stopped and allowed you two to get in. Out of courtesy, Jaebum opened the door for you to get in then walked to the other side to hop in beside you. The minute he got in the cab, he aggressively wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you next to him. You crossed your legs across his lap and he pressed his lips against neck. You gasped at his new, aggressive persona but you were pleased in every way.

“So, you guys gonna tell me where you headed to or are you guys gonna use my car as a bedroom?” The driver spoke up and immediately you were embarassed. Jaebum’s touch made you forget that you were still in public, but he surely wasn’t embarassed at all. You could tell by the way he ignored the driver and continued to intensify his kisses along your sensitive neck.

“S-Sorry, nearest hotel in the area.” You stuttered, but the driver nodded and pulled off. Jaebum pulled away from your neck momentarily to ghost his lips over your ear.

“You’re sober right?” He whispered so only you could hear.

“Of course, why?” You whispered back.

“Good, i just wanted to make sure.” He answered and returned his lips back to your neck. He was polite and you admired that he actually cared about you, at least that’s how it seemed.

His innocent kisses against your neck turned into harsh kisses as he attempted to form small, dark marks on your neck. The way his wet lips felt around your neck made you clench your thighs together. He was creating this dreadful, burning sensation between your legs and you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself together much longer. You knew soon you’d be begging for more than just his lips against your neck, but you tried to keep yourself together especially while you weren’t in complete private yet. But he wasn’t making this easy for you, and the fact that he didn’t give a single care that you were around someone else turned you on even more. It made him come across as determined and bold.

Before he could affect you anymore, the cab pulled up to a hotel. It looked like a nice hotel, probably pricy. You knew it was gonna cost you, but you didn’t care at this point.

“Alright, we’re here.” The driver said. Before you could open your small purse for money, Jaebum pulled out cash and paid the driver. He then opened the cab door and helped you onto your feet. His hand found yours once again and he led you into the hotel. It was a really pretty hotel, very high end looking. You hooked your arm around his arm and followed him to the front desk. He briefly gaved the young lady minor info and requested a room. You couldn’t hear what he was booking, but the price the lady told him made your jaw drop.

“You don’t have to pay for all of it.” You said, pulling your credit card out of your purse.

“No, no, keep it. Don’t worry about it, beautiful.” He debated and kissed your forehead. The little name he had given you made you feel flattered. With that, Jaebum paid for the room and the lady handed him a keycard. He politely thanked her and led you to the elevator. You didn’t know much, well anything, about Jaebum, but one thing you did know was that he was polite and you liked that about him. It made you like him in a perspective that was more than a sexual sense.

The elevator seemed to take days just to go to the sixth floor. When it reached the floor, Jaebum eagerly pulled you along out of the elevator and down the hall. He scanned the different room numbers when he stopped at one that matched the number on the keycard.

“Finally.” He murmured and slid the card into the slot. He put the card in his pocket and opened the door. He pulled you inside and shut the door behind you. He didn’t bother to turn on any lights, one dim lamp was already on on the nightstand by the bed and that was good enough. He pushed you up against the door and returned his lips to yours just as he had done in the club. The only difference was that he didn’t hold back. He kissed you hungrily, siwping his tongue against your bottom lip, practically begging for entrance that you happily granted. His tongue slipped pass your lips and wrestled with yours. The feeling felt new even though you had done this with plenty of other people before. Something about this was different and you didn’t know how to explain or handle it. You let him take lead as his tongue dominated yours and his hands gripped your hips, pushing you harder against the door, trapping you between the cold door and his steamy body. Your hands felt up and down his clothed chest and stopped at his neck. You wrapped you arms around his neck and without a problem, he lifted you up with his hands under your thighs as you wrapped your legs around his body.

He walked you over to the freshly made bed and gently laid you against it as if you were a fragile piece of porcelain that he didn’t want to damage. He climbed on top of you, propping himself up with his elbows and left a trail of kisses down your jawline. It didn’t take very long before he was kissing your lips again. To hint that you wanted more, you took his plump bottom lip between your teeth and tugged on it, not hard enough to hurt him. He let out a low, dark chuckle.

“Didn’t peg you as the freaky type, but i like it.” He glanced down on you.

“Surprises are the best.” You flashed him a smirk and pulled on the sleeve of his leather jacket. He took your hint and lifted up to take the jacket off and toss it to the floor. You stared in shock when you saw how strong his arms looked. His biceps looked even bigger depending on how he moved and sometimes you could see a small vein bulge out.

He sat himself up and pulled you into his lap so you could straddle him. He kissed you deeply as his hands wondered behind you, his fingers finding the zipper of your dress. He unzipped your dress and pulled it down to your waist to expose your bare chest.

“You’re gorgeous.” He murmured against your skin as he pecked your neck down to where your cleavage began. He tightened his arms around your waist to bring you in closer. He dragged his lips down your breast while gripping the other one with his hand. The new feeling of his lips and hands in different places only made the arousal between your legs build up more. And the minute he took your nipple between his plush, wet lips, you couldn’t hold back your moans any longer. You let out quiet moans as he swirled his tongue around your hardened nipple and rubbed your other one with the pad of his thumb. You dipped your head back and arched your back, encouraging him to continue. Your mind was getting cloudy, a type of cloudy that was usually due to alcohol, but not this time. The cloudiness in your mind was fully due to pure sensation that he was giving you. It was a better sensation that you had ever felt before from any other guy or girl. He made you feel new to this all over again. He made you feel innocent and submissive to him. It was an incredible feeling.

“Jaebum…” You whined, close to begging him for more than he was giving you. To your advantage, he pulled away from your breasts and laid you back against the bed, your head against the cool pillows. He sat up on his knees and worked the rest of your dress off of you. He then unbuckled your heels and placed them somewhere on the floor, neatly so he wouldn’t damage them. And there you were, fully naked in front of him and he couldn’t take his hungry eyes off of you. His eyes were filled with a dark, lustful determination and you were thrilled to see what else he had to offer.

He placed his hands on your knees and spreaded your legs apart for a better view. In attempt to tease him, you pressed your thighs back together and smiled at him, batting your eyelashes and placing your finger against your swollen lips. Showing his darker side of him, he gave your thigh a brief spank.

“Don’t be a bad girl, sweetie. It’s greedy to not share and keep this all to yourself.” He growled, once again spreading your legs apart and lying between them. His lips were dangerously close to where you needed him most. So close, you could feel his hot breaths hit your dripping core.

“Being bad is better.” You debated.

“But, only good girls get treats, now don’t they? You don’t want me to keep teasing you, do you?” He asked as he ran his index and middle finger between your damp fold, making you let out a moan of relief.

“I asked a question.” He hissed, stopping his movements. He was demanding an answer.

“No, i don’t want you to keep teasing me. I want more, i want you, Jaebum.” You begged, falling head first into his game. You lost all your will to be dominant towards him and you felt completely submissive to him. At this point, you wanted him to be dominant over you.

“That’s what i thought, princess.” He smirked and kitten licked the lips between your legs. He licked in long motions between your folds. You let out soft whimpers and watched his every move between your legs. When he felt that you were ready, he pushed his index finger into you. You let out a sharp gasp and gripped the sheets beside you. After only seconds, he inserted a second finger into you. Working his fingers inside of you, he continued to massage your bundle of nerves with his tongue in slow, even motions. As he quickened his pace with his fingers, he kept his slow pace with his tongue. And the moment he found the spot that made you almost scream, he didn’t lose it. He curled his fingers so he hit that same spot everytime without fail. The combination of his fingers and his mouth was all too much for you. You couldn’t control your moans or the way your body was squirming from his touch. You were loud and you knew it, but you didn’t care.

“Save your pretty voice for later, you’ll need it.” He hummed against you, sending electrifying vibrations through your body. With his free hand, he reached upward and found your lips and pressed his thumb against your bottom lip. To soothe yourself, you took his thumb into your mouth and sucked on it. But, that only helped so much. As he hit your spot a few more times, more aggressive than before, you felt yourself clench around him and release onto his fingers. Your thighs were shaking as you came down from your first orgasm of the night, and you had to admit, that might have been the best orgasm you ever felt in your life.

He pulled his fingers out of you and you released his thumb from your mouth. He replaced his thumb with his glistening fingers that were covered in your juices to which you kindly took in, sucking them clean.

“That’s my good girl.” He praised you, smoothing down your hair with his other hand. You released his clean fingers and he stood up to pull his shirt off of him. You stared at his chest. He had a nice figure and this was the first time you got to look at it. He was thin, but had a toned chest and a trail of tiny hair that led from his belly button to where the tint in his jeans started. He reached into his pocket to grab a shiny, silver packet. He then unbuckled his belt, and pulled his jeans down, his boxers following. He kicked them both off to the side. His hard on slapped against his stomach as he did so. He was bigger than you expected, but that only made you bite down on your bottom lip in excitement.

“Flip over, princess.” He commanded and you did so, flipping over and propping yourself up on all fours. He pulled you to the side of the bed, keeping you in position as he stood tall behind you. You looked over your shoulder to see him tear open the silver packet with his teeth and pull out a condom that he rolled onto himself. His arousal showed vividly when he grunted at the feeling of his own hand against himself.

“Face forward.” He demanded as he grabbed you by your hair, pulling your hair into a temporary ponytail so that he had full control of you. His assertive dominance was attractive, he wasn’t too rough, he was perfect.

The feeling of not being able to see and only being able to feel what was going on was exhilarating. You felt him rub himself against your entrance, prepping you and making sure you were still wet enough for him. He slowly pushed into you, tugging at your hair so you sank down even deeper onto him. You let out a muffled moan as he filled you up. He was thicker than anyone you had ever had before, but you weren’t complaining.

“You tell me if i hurt you, okay?” He rubbed his spare hand down your back, stopping at your hips. The fact that he was so demanding yet caring at the same time was something you could appreciate.

You nodded at his question and he took that as a signal to move as well. He gripped onto your hip, hard enough to leave a possible mark. His thrusts started off slow and smooth, but when he felt that you were comfortably adjusted to him, they turned into rough, but passionate thrusts. You could feel him curve perfectly inside of you, hitting your sweet spot with every thrust. The feeling sent shocks of pleasure throughout your body and you weren’t sure how long you would last, but you tried keeping yourself together. You sank down onto your forearms as he pounded into you, but Jaebum pulled you back onto your hands. He sensed that you were getting close, so he slowed his thrusts down until he stopped completely. He pulled out of you as he wiped away beads of sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Jaebum, keep going.” You whimpered as he took a seat on the bed, leaning against the headboard. He pulled your panting body back on top of him so you straddled him.

“I’m sorry, beautiful, i just want to be able to see your face when you cum.” He looked you in the eyes and pressed his sweaty forehead against yours as he lined himself up with your entrance. He pulled you down onto him by your hips. You cried out at the feeling of the new position. His hands gripped back onto your hips and you grinded down onto him. His head dipped back out of pleasure and you took the opportunity to kiss his neck. He moaned and let out deep, throaty groans as you rolled your hips onto him. You placed your hands on his shoulders, accidentally letting your nails dig into his skin, but he didn’t seem to mind. You continued to bounce on him, feeling yourself get closer to your second orgasm.

“Fuck, i’m close.” You whined and you slowed down your movements out of exhaustion.

“I am too, princess.” He kissed your lips to quiet you down. He wrapped his arms firmly around your waist to keep you in place. Even though you were on top, he took full control of your body. He bucked his hips into you, hitting spots that had never been touched by anybody else. Your bodies moved in sync like this wasn’t your first time having sex with each other. It felt right. Both of your bare bodies were covered in a thin film of sweat that made your chests stick together. His increased his pace, pounding into you faster. The sweet sounds of skin slapping against skin and loud moans filled the warm air.

He thrusted into you a few more times harder and deeper than he had before and that’s when you felt the tight knot in your stomach unravel as you hit the edge. You both moaned a line of profanities into each other’s mouths as you felt him twitch inside of you, hitting his high as well. You both were breathing heavily as if you two had just ran a few miles. He slowed himself down to a stop and for a second you two stayed in that position to catch your breaths. Your body was still tingling all over and your head was fuzzy and clouded over with the feeling of pure euphoria.

After he slowed his breathing down to normal, even breaths, he lifted you up, pulled out of you and gently placed you against the blankets. He got off of the bed and rolled the condom off of him, discarding it into a nearby trashbin. He then pulled the blankets out from under you and covered you with them to keep you warm. He climbed back into bed and pulled you into his arms, your head resting against his chest.

“Are you warm enough?” He asked and you nodded. He wrapped his arm around your body, as you rolled onto your side. For awhile it was silent, not because you didn’t want to talk to him, but mainly because you were exhausted and still trying to let your body calm down from your orgasm. His fingers traced a variety of small shapes against your back.

“I feel bad for whoever’s in the room next to us, they probably haven’t slept at all since we checked in.” You giggled, embarassed at how loud you were.

“I’m sure they enjoyed it, at least i did.” He responded, both of you giggling.

“You know…” he began, “if it’s okay with you, i don’t plan on leaving in the morning.”

“Good. I didn’t want you to leave me.” You buried your face further into his chest, tossing an arm over his torso. This didn’t feel like just a hookup, or just a one night stand. You had plenty of those, but this wasn’t how those felt. This felt real. And as ridiculous as it sounded, this felt like love.

“I don’t want this to be just a one night stand. It didn’t feel like one to begin with.” You stated, your face heating up as you realized the soft side of your heart was exposed to someone you had just met hours ago.

“I don’t want it to be either. I want to get to know you more, Y/N. How about we go out for breakfast in the morning?” He lifted your chin up and gazed into your eyes. His eyes looked sleepy, but still happy.

“Sure, i’d like that a lot. Where do you wanna go?” You smiled.

“Anywhere. It’s your choice, beautiful.” He kissed your forehead.

“Okay.” You smiled against his chest.

“Also, i don’t think i want to go back to that club again.” He laughed, running his other hand through his damp hair.

“Mark told me it’d be a great place to hookup with people and party and find a girl to date, but i think i already found her.” He rubbed his thumb against your hip and leaned down to kiss your lips tenderly.

“You know,” you returned the kiss and  smiled, saying, “I don’t think i’ll be back there either, Jaebum.”

Your words made him smile and he held you closer to him, giving you many soft kisses against your forehead. You may not have known much about each other, but you both knew enough to know that you were interested in each other. You both felt a connection that was more emotional than physical. You both knew it was something that was indescribable, but it was something that felt like love.

I am still not used to how skinny I am now. I look in the mirror and I can see my ribcage and my collarbones protrude and when bend down you can see all the bones in my back. My hipbones pop out so much. I have a thigh gap without even trying. It’s so fucking strange and foreign to me. When people hug me they say I have such a “small frame.” PEOPLE CALL ME SMALL NOW. My whole life people said I was big boned. I was always called “curvy.” No one ever called me small. It’s just mind boggling to me. All I wanted was this but now that I have it I think I’ve gotten too skinny and I have started picking out things I never noticed before. It just really goes to show that no matter how much weight you lose, it’s not about changing your body– it’s about changing your mindset.

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Part two please please please to the school project one where Phil's a punk and dan's pastel omg I loved it 😍😍

//Could you do a continuation of the prompt where punk phil swears he’s not gay and dan gives him the greatest bj he’s ever gotten, but phil still says he’s straight ??

Warning: Smut; Dan’s in a dress and see through lace tights, hickeys, biting, rough sex(if you squint), all the bants.

~Dan smiles at Phil, leaning against his chest as they worked on the project. He looked up at Phil, seeing him concentrate deeply on his reading for the project. “So do we have the material down?” Dan asks, biting his lip gently as he watches Phil.

~Phil sets the book down, rubbing Dan’s side reassuringly. “Not quite. Lucky us this project isn’t due till the end of term.” He laughed. He and Dann had been dating a few weeks, but he was still straight as far as he was concerned. He just had a soft spot for Dan.

~Phil kisses his hair, the brown curls brushing against his nose as he pulled back. He looks at Dan’s outfit, loving how pretty his boyfriend always looked. Today Dan was wearing a floral dress, black and blue and white flowers up the side and the main color of it being black. He was also wearing lacey, white tights and black converse, which he had discarded the minute he got in his house. He claims shoes aren’t meant for the indoors. Phil found it cute.

~Dan noticed Phil looking at his outfit, chuckling softly and kissing his cheek. “Do you like my dress? Mum says it’s not really me but I quite like it, I think it’s soft, and expressive.” He says, seeing as Phil’s eyes wandered over his legs and towards his thighs. “The tights are a good touch right? They’re obviously white with just a slight hint of see through. I like them.” Dan continued.

~Phil nodded, smiling at him and moving his hand down to his thigh, an innocent touch seemingly. “Oh yeah. You always look so cute, baby.” He said affectionately, his lips pulled up into a smile. “Even when you look like an actual guy, you’re cute.”

~Dan laughs, his eyes rolling softly. “That’s how I know you’re not dating me just because I look like a girl. Because even when I look like a dude you wanna fuck the shit out of me.” He chuckles, feeling Phil squeeze his thigh lightly. “You really like my legs in these tights don’t you?”

~Phil blushes, nodding shyly at Dan’s accusing tone. “I just…they make your legs look nice. Like, they’re always nice but damn.” He smiled a little. “Sorry. I just, it still baffles me how my boyfriend is so cute.”

~Dan laughs at the compliment but smiles none the less. “Could you be any more cheesy?” he asks playfully, kissing him sweetly for a second and nuzzling their noses. “And you say you’re straight.”

~Phil laughs in mock offense, putting a hand to his chest to sell the act of faux insult. “I am straight! You’re the only guy I’ve ever wanted to fuck or date.” He says, the statement clearly a lie but Dan doesn’t remark on it.

~Dan instead jumps onto Phil and sits in his lap properly, facing him and humming a tune of his own creation softly. “Okay then Straighty McHet.” He teased, saluting him to really get under his skin.

~Phil laughs at him, his head shaking fondly. “You’re strange. In the best possible way.” He tells him, his tone soft. He started to inch is hand up his thigh, going under his dress and between his legs, rubbing his inner thighs comfortingly. He squeezed his thigh gently, rubbing the skin through the thin fabric.

~Dan smiles at the touch, pecking Phil’s lips a few times before pulling away, moving his arms around his neck. He felt his dress hitch up slowly, more of his thighs being exposed. “Why do you like my cellulite covered thighs so much?” He asked, his voice genuine, his insecurities showing as they do from time to time.
~Phil shakes his head, squeezing again, his other hand disappearing under his dress as well, squeezing both his thighs, kissing him firmly for a minute. “Cellulite? Nope. Your thighs make me fucking drool. I want to bite them.” He chuckles, looking into his eyes. “You’re beautiful.”

~Dan shakes his head, silently disagreeing but smiling widely. “Thank you..” He flushed pink, his cheeks rosier than usual. “Hey hey hey. Did you notice my makeup.” He asked and pecked hi cheek. “I used a new blush.”

~Phil laughs, his hands traveling further back toward Dan’s ass, upping it gently underneath the dress. “How would I notice that?” He asks.

~Dan pretends to be offended, a playful thing they did with each other quite often. “Hey I changed from pink petal to soft coral this is a big change!” he giggled, sitting up on his knees a bit and relishing in the feeling of Phil’s hands on him.

~Phil faked a gasp and squeezed his butt again. “Wow such a difference forgive my dear a I neglected to notice.” He chuckled and looked up at him, pressing his lips to his gently. He slowly started kissing him, his hands going up his dress to his lower back, rubbing circles in his hips with his thumb pads.

~Dan kissed back slowly for a moment, keeping the kiss chaste before wiping his tongue over Phil’s bottom lip, gliding his tongue along Phil’s once he parted his lips. He made a quiet noise, kissing him slowly and deeply, starting to quicker the kisses and tilting his head sideways.

~Dan started to tug at Phil’s shirt after a moment, already wanting to go further than just kissing. He watched Phil tug off his shirt and grinned, scratching down his chest gently. “I swear your body never stops impressing me each time I see it.” He shakes his head, biting his bottom lip inn anticipation, looking up at him and pushing his hair past his ear.

~Phil smirked, pushing Dan on his back and moving between his legs. He squeezed his thighs, leaning forward and kissing him deeply and quickly. He pressed his hips into Dan through the dress, his arms going behind Dan and to the back of his dress, slowly undoing the zipper, watching the fabric start sliding off Dan’s shoulders.

~Phil watched the dress slide down his shoulders, the soft fabric going down and exposing Dan’s pale skin, slowly slipping off. Phil moved back, letting Dan tug the dress off and toss it aside with Phil’s shirt. He ran his finger tips over his collarbones, leaning down and biting them, sucking a mark.

~Dan’s hand moves to the back of Phil’s head, his fingers lacing through the dyed black locks, pulling softly as Phil’s teeth lightly sunk into the skin, sucking multiple purple and blue bruises along his protruding collarbones. He pulled his hair, his back arching slightly as Phil marked along his chest.

~Phil hummed and pulled away, his eyes tracing along Dan’s skin to admire his work. His hands ran down his thighs, tilting his head and looking into Dan’s eyes. He moved to tug down Dan’s tights, along with his underwear, discarding it with the rest of Dan’s clothes.

~Dan blushed brightly, looking at Phil. “This isn’t fair I’m the only one naked.” He said, looking away, his cheeks light pink.

~Phil smirked, his eyes wandering up and down Dan’s body and his mouth starting to kiss down Dan’s chest, nipping at the skin and going down lower, licking over the dip of his hips, nipping the sensitive skin there as well. “You look so pretty..” He murmurs. “Are you at all stretched?” he asked and Dan shakes his head.

~Dan shook his head, looking down at him and biting his lip. “What are you gonna do?” he asks him, seeing Phil grab lube from the bed side table.

~Phil shrugs, smirking up at him. “I’m going to stretch you.” He smiled, lubing up three fingers and pressing them to Dan’s entrance softly, looking up at him. “I still can’t get over how beautiful you are..” He whispered as he pressed the first digit in.

~Dan makes a small noise, watching him with his teeth over his bottom lip, chewing it as he feels Phil’s fingers start to move in and out of him. He moans softly, feeling the stretch of a second finger pushing in.

~Phil’s fingers brush over Dan’s prostate, making him let out a shrill moan, his lip quivering slightly. He was always a bit loud in bed, more so then most people. Phil slowly added a third one, stretching them apart to make sure Dan would be properly prepared. He eventually pulled his fingers out and undid his jeans; the button popping loudly and making Dan moan with anticipation. He slowly pulled out his length, uncapping the lube and pouring a generous amount into his hand, slowly stroking himself and coating his length with the sticky liquid.

~He moved to Dan’s entrance, positioning his tip to his hole and pushing in slowly making sure not to go to fast and not to hurt Dan. He moaned at the friction, the tightness of Dan’s hole enveloping him and causing him to moan.

`~Phil pushed in all the way, waiting a moment for Dan to adjust before pulling out and pushing back in, his hips snapping forward and backward, slowly building up pace. Soon he had a rhythm, thrusting into him, angling into his spot and fucking into him quickly.

~Dan’s head lolled back, his moans loud and filling the echo-y walls. His back arched off the bed, pushing Phil deeper and rubbing right into his prostate, the head of Phil’s cock pressing hard into it and making him get louder, his voice starting to crack.

~Phil grunted softly, the thrusting tiring him. He moaned quietly, leaning down and licking over the marks he had made on Dan’s skin, starting to kiss the side of his neck as he moved into him faster. He grunted softly and looked at Dan, lifting his head and pressing his lips to his for a rough, heated kiss.

~Dan moaned loudly, a small squeal coming from his lips when Phil kissed him. He kissed back messily, unable to properly kiss, interrupted by loud moans and obscenities of pleasure. He stopped kissing him, unable to do it while Phil was going into him so hard, making him moan.

~Phil moved between them, stroking Dan quickly with no regard for his thrusts, listening to Dan’s voice go high from the extra touch. “You look really good, Danny..” Phil grunted out as he thrusted, not having been talking due to the labor involved in thrusting this hard.

~Dan finally arched his back up of the bed, moaning loudly as he came, his voice high pitched, cracking at the end into a broke noise as he came down from his high, making whimpers as Phil pounded hard into his over sensitive prostate.

~Phil came a few minutes after, moaning loudly and biting down hard on Dan’s shoulder, leaving yet another mark as he fucked into him through his orgasm.

~Once they calmed down, Phil sighed softly and pulled Dan to his chest, cuddling hi tightly and kissing his head. “Okay. Fine. I’ll admit it. I’m not straight.” He laughed breathlessly, hearing Dan’s heavy breathing.

~Dan snorted at him, his eyes closing tiredly. “Fucking finally..” he mumbled as he drifted off.

A/N: I wrote this on my moms laptop, and she told me ‘don’t break my laptop with your gay shit like you did to yours!’ And I just-