protruding collarbones

A Lover like Mine

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky likes to finger fuck you… and his tongue can write sonnets on your pussy

Word Count: 1811

Warnings: nsfw, oral sex (female receiving) 

Author’s Note: old fic

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To say that Bucky has always been a gentle lover would be an understatement if you never admitted it yourself.

The man showers you with all his affection, praises and pleases you like you’re the last woman standing on this Earth. He worships the land you walk on. Takes notice of every little detail of you, your mood, your body. And oh dear lord, do you love it when he takes care of you.

So, right now when he gazes at you, it’s so hard to not stare back at him. You tried to, but you were also tired of pretending to be asleep when he was practically burning holes onto your side.

“How long before you wake up and notice me, doll?” Bucky’s cockiness makes an upward tilt to appear on your lips, eyes still close but the husky tone in his voice betrayed your body language.

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“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with the goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man or woman.” -Arthur Schopenhauer


Todoroki Shouto was intimidating.

He wasn’t scary, by all means—he didn’t have a permanent scowl on his face, like Kacchan, nor did he sneer or leer like Izuku’s old classmates whenever Izuku, or anyone really, noticeably screwed up something. No cruel words exited from Todoroki’s mouth, especially not to Izuku (though Izuku supposed it was because he never stood out much in the first place), and everything Todoroki said was swift but polite.

So, scary—never.

Todoroki was intimidating in the sense that he was unreachable.



He was like the sun, and Izuku was Icarus—the fool who had tried to touch it, to get close to the heavens, and ended up getting burnt.

But Izuku couldn’t help but look.

It only took a peek to see that Todoroki was—is—beautiful.

Izuku was not deaf to the excited whispers of the girls in his class—and of the words from several other girls (and guys) in the other classes—nor was he blind. Izuku had sharper eyes than most, and had always been praised for his keen attention to detail by his mother, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out the near unfair beauty of, currently, the strongest kid in Class 1-A.

Izuku could write an entire essay about Todoroki’s soft-looking red-and-white hair, his high cheek bones, cutting jawline, and his insanely thick lashes which served as frames for the art pieces that were his eyes. His hands were pretty too—Izuku had managed to get close enough once, when Aizawa had asked him to hand out a few papers. Todoroki had received his handout with an outstretched arm, with impossibly elegant fingers and nails trimmed short and kept well.

Izuku didn’t want to get started on Todoroki’s physique, because he’d end up writing hundreds of words about the way Todoroki’s collarbones protruded so neatly underneath pale skin, the way the veins peeked from the bottom of Todoroki’s forearms as if begging to be noticed, and the way Todoroki’s thighs—

Todoroki’s thighs.

Izuku could wax poetry on them alone.

While undeniable beauty could rattle anyone—Izuku included, he was fifteen and growing leave him alone—Todoroki Shouto wasn’t just a pretty face.

He was unfairly intelligent and powerful as well.

While, in academics, he fell a bit short in comparison to Izuku, his natural wits and shrewdness in combat was an entire other story. He clearly had more experience than anyone else in their class, which made sense since he had entered U.A. under recommendations, and it showed—in the way he moved, the way he took charge of tough situations (even if he wasn’t the best at teamwork, he still tried) and the way his ice bent and melded so compliantly at his command; Izuku has yet to see the flames.

Todoroki Shouto was everything Izuku was not, and everything Izuku had once wished to be, many moons ago.

But, now, Izuku didn’t think he wanted to be Todoroki Shouto.

The more Izuku observed, the more he risked peeks, the more he could see how Todoroki Shouto looked sad.

His confident strides covered up the shakiness of each footstep, as though he wasn’t sure how to right himself on the ground—far used to the air and lounging in the heavens—and his lips were set in a line not because he was indifferent, but because he wasn’t sure how to react.

As if he didn’t know how to express his emotions with his actions.

As if, for all his experience in combat and basic formality, he didn’t know how to interact with others; how to talk or laugh or smile without repercussions.

It was just as endearing as it was depressing.

Izuku couldn’t really do anything about it—because Todoroki was unreachable.



He was the centrepiece of an art show, surrounded by blood red security ropes and bulky bodyguards. He was watched and admired, but no one would dare to touch out of fear and awe.

Izuku was fearful.

Izuku was awed.

But Izuku wanted to touch—to get to know the enigma that was Todoroki Shouto.

He may be unreachable.

He may be untouchable.

He may be unreal.

But some of the things Todoroki did brought him down from the heavens and back to earth, proving that Icarus’ wings were futile, because all Icarus really needed were his legs.

Two legs at a minimum.

It was a coincidence, seeing Todoroki just days before the sports festival.

Izuku is running, trekking through the park, his water bottle in one hand and a stress ball in the other. His earphones are blaring some popular, upbeat western song, distracting Izuku from his wild heartbeat and the sweat slipping down his temple. His eyes are on the paved trail, and he looks up every few seconds to make sure no one is in his path.

He sees Todoroki in the corner of his eye, during one of the moments where he lifts his head, mouth agape as he desperately exhales and deeply inhales.

His running slows, but he doesn’t stop.

One step.

Todoroki is sitting on the park bench.

Two steps.

Todoroki is sitting on the park bench, bending forward, his elbows on his knees.

Three steps.

Todoroki is sitting on the park bench, bending forward, his elbows on his knees and his arm outstretched.

He is petting a kitten.

Four steps.

Todoroki was barely just slipping out of his vision when he sees it—a tiny tug of his soft-looking lips.

Five steps.

There is no park bench.

There is no Todoroki Shouto.

There is no kitten.

But the smile.

The smile is still there, at the front of Izuku’s brain.

Izuku wasn’t one to pry.


He wasn’t.

But if Todoroki gave any sign that he was crying for help—if Izuku had the chance to make Todoroki smile like he did that day—then Izuku would respond.

Because Izuku had a minimum of two legs—no wings—and it should be enough to drag Todoroki back to earth and away from the untouchable skies.

Detention w/ Jungkook ~

4.54 am and I just finished. Give me shit for this I dare you. I’m running on a week of no sleep and I promise you I’m crankier than usual.

So many warnings guys please just. Drug mention, highschool!au, public sex, oral, cursing. All of that.

“You must’ve misheard-”

A muscular arm blocks your way and a body crowds you against the lockers.

“No,” Jungkook, better known as Kook, persists. “He definitely said your name. Y/n y/l/n. Said you sell what I’m looking for.”

“I don’t sell drugs,” you repeat to him, annoyance level boiling over by now.

“Come on,” he pleads.

“I’m late,” you murmur, trying to duck beneath his arm but getting your wrist caught in his grip. “Kook let me go.”

“Not until I get what I want. The bell only rang ten minutes ago, give me what I need and you can go.”

You look up at him in irritation, a heavy sigh leaving your lips as you swing your bag around. Kook excitedly bites his lip and rubs his hands together in anticipation, watching you tug at your backpacks zipper. You pull a bag out.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes!” He reaches for it but you yank it back and raise your eyebrow.

“Give me fifty.”

“Fifty?!” He exclaims. “Why so much?”

“Because you’re fucking annoying,” you grumble and he whines but pulls out his wallet. As he’s thumbing through his cash, you peek around him to look down the hall behind him.

“Wait stop.”


“Can’t you hear that?”

He shakes his head and you shrug, leaning up against the lockers to wait. Jungkook stops and turns around, much like you had and your eyebrows droop when he quickly shoves his wallet down the front of his jeans with a whispered shitshitshit.

“The fucking principal’s coming.”

“Hey! You two!”

He takes the bag from your hand and drops it down the front of your shirt, ignoring the way you gasp as he hooks his finger into your belt loop and yanks you closer, other hand gently cradling your jaw to tilt up so your lips can meet his. Your eyes widen comically and you push him back, forcing him to pull away but not move an inch back.

“What the hell?!” You curse quietly, listening to the footsteps get closer.

“Unless you’ve got a fucking better idea, we will both be expelled if he finds out I’m buying drugs from-”

You curl a fist into his uniform shirt and yank him back down, swallowing the rest of his sentence with your mouth against his. His large hands grip at your sides and bring you closer until your chests are colliding, his wet tongue prying your lips open and making you squeak in surprise.

“Hey! Why aren’t you in cla-” the principal stops himself short with a huff and you call almost picture him staring at you with his hands on his hips. “I swear, couples these days. Can’t keep their hands off of each other. Alright come on you two, down to my office. Stop that!”

Jungkook pulls away and wipes his mouth, sends you a smug smirk before spinning around to follow Mr. Assfuck down the hall. You stare after him with wide eyes, lips still tingling and heart still racing. It takes one more shout from the boss for you to manage enough energy to run after them.

“I can’t believe we got fucking detention.”

“You’re lucky that’s all we fucking got,” Jungkook growls from behind the teachers desk, eyes scanning the classroom you were supposed to be cleaning. You were dropped off and locked in with an idiot by an office assistant, who said you had four hours to make wood and metal shine.

“This is your fault!” You accusingly yell. “If you wouldn’t have begged me for a hookup we wouldn’t be here!”

“Oh so it’s my fault now?”

“That’s what I just said asshole.”

“Watch your mouth,” he warns you, shooting you a scary look.

“Fucking make me,” you snap back.

You didn’t expect him to stomp his way towards you so you stand up to meet him, wanting to look unafraid and confident. Truth was you didn’t know what he would do and you were slightly scared. You knew he could read the fear all over your face when he stepped up to you and smirked. He raised his hand and you flinch.

“You thought I was going to hurt you..” He murmurs, grin still decorating his face. “Awh sweetheart no.”

A short scream tumbles from your lips when he’s suddenly hoisting you up into the air, so easily like you weighed nothing, your ass finding a place on top of a desk. His face buries into your neck and he takes a deep whiff of you.

“I’m just going to fuck the shit out of you.”

“Hell no-”

“Shh,” his finger pushes to your lips and he pulls back to smile at you, leaning forward and making your heart jump when he kisses the back of his digit. He does it a second time and you grab his wrist, gently pulling his hand away. He smiles again and bends down to press his soft lips against your own.

You didn’t know what you were doing but you knew Jungkook was melting your brain and flipping your stomach with the way he smoothly curled his tongue into your mouth to prod at the tip of your own. He’s biting down onto your bottom lip and pulling away all too soon, hands slipping up the sides of your thighs to get underneath your skirt as he distracts you by kissing down your neck.

“No no no,” you stop his hands from going any further and he pulls back to look at you, lips spit-slick and shiny.

“What’s wrong?” He asks. His eyes flick over every feature of your face with worry held in the coffee iris’.

“Just kiss me for a little longer,” you say quietly and he looks confused, but doesn’t protest when you grab onto his tie and bring him closer. He pats your knees apart and steps up between them, mouth capturing yours for the fourth time in a sensual kiss.

Jungkook smiles when your tongue swipes over his own, hands urgently untucking your shirt from your skirt to slip beneath and feel your skin, grip your sides and yank you closer so he can kiss you harder.

“Your blazer covers your chest all day but I know,” he sighs, tilting his head. “You don’t like bras is it? You never have one on..”

Shocked, you attempt to pull away but he doesn’t let you, sinking his teeth into your lip to keep you from separating.

“Uh uh baby, come back here.”

He sweetly pecks your mouth once before pressing hard kisses against your lips, distracting you from his fingers working together to undo the buttons of your blouse. You don’t notice until your skin is wafted with the cold air of the empty classroom, Jungkook’s tongue swirling about in your mouth as he pushes the shirt and blazer from your shoulders in one movement.

“Jungkook,” you whisper.

“Shh,” he kisses your cheek, then your jaw and makes his way down your neck, the icy pad of his finger tracing over your protruding collarbone. “I have you..”

Your fingers comb through his Raven hair after shaking your tops off as he softly caresses your exposed shoulder with his lips, large hands carefully kneading at your breasts.

You breathe out shakily when he moves further down, getting dangerously close to your hardened buds. A sharp inhale has him grasping you tighter to keep you from squirming away from his wet tongue dragging over your nipples. You’re biting into your lip to keep quiet when his lips close around you and he suckles on your peaked nub. He moans against you and you tighten your hold on his hair, subconsciously bringing him closer until his nose is pressing into the space just beneath your clavicle.

Before you can stop him he’s lifting up and kissing you deep, hand curling around the back of your neck to bring you as close as possible so he can hotly lick into your mouth. Your knee accidentally brushes over his tented slacks and guilt washes over you when he groans, your hand reaching down but being halted not even half way there.

“Not yet,” he tells you. “Wanna taste you first.”

You couldn’t deny how his raspy voice made your stomach clench but he kisses you for a few more seconds before he lowers himself to his knees in front of the desk between your legs. He motions you closer and you scoot to the very edge, not questioning him when he pushes one of your legs to prop up next to you and pulls the other to lay over his shoulder. He presses a kiss to the inside of your knee before leaning closer and moaning.

“I can smell you y/n,” he informs you darkly, taking one more sniff. His hands slide the hem of your skirt up, bunching it up around your waist enough so he could see. He smirks and licks his lips, looking up at you and raising an eyebrow. “Sweetheart come on, those can’t be considered panties.”

Instead of having you lift your hips up so he can pull your lack of underwear down, he pinches the string to the side and kisses the hood of your shining clit, his eyes trained on your face to watch it scrunch up in pleasure. You whimper when he takes his first hesitant licks over your sensitive bundle of nerves, short quick strokes causing you to hit the table when your leg slips. You hike it back over his shoulder, hand braiding into his dark locks to keep him in place when he tries pulling away.

You push up slightly and breathe hard, making him smirk that stupid cocky smirk against your lips. He finally stops with the teasing and parts your folds with his tongue, flicks just the tip over your fluttering entrance before flattening the wet muscle. His hands squeeze at your hips, encouraging you to tighten your grip in his hair and shove him closer until you can grind up against his face, whines tripping from your mouth and nails tearing at his scalp.

When he slyly wiggles a finger inside of you and pokes around at your walls, you try pushing him away with the overwhelming pleasure but his arm around your lower back has you stuck rubbing your clit against his firm tongue and circling your hips on his finger.

Finally he stills you so he can lick at his own pace, sneakily prodding a second finger into you and pushing them both deep.

“Jungkook please,” you wail, tugging on his hair to speed up the process and bringing a groan out of him. He sharply nips at your clit in response, your body jolting in shock.

“Patience,” he whispers. “Wanna taste more of you.”

He laps over your wetness in long strokes, collecting most of the sweet juice and swallowing it down with a moan.

“So tasty,” he murmurs, teasingly kitten licking over your clit. He sucks it into his mouth just as his fingers twist inside of you and has your leg curling around the back of his neck at the sensation shot through you.

“J-Jungkook,” you gasp in warning, “stop.”

“Mmm,” he moans, pressing his fingers harder and sucking harsher. “Could eat you all fucking day.”

Your hands desperately push against his head when the white heat starts its build up in your stomach but Jungkook was stronger and greedily continued to suck at your wet core and thrust his long digits inside until you were unraveling. You almost scream when the fire snaps and pleasure is sent to every corner of your body, your thigh trembling over his shoulder and hands bringing him closer to taste all of you as you threw your head back and choked out a desperate plea of his name. He didn’t pull away until you were finished, drank every last drop of your release until you were shaking in oversensitivity.

Jungkook stands up and immediately ravishes your mouth, weak mewl passing your lips at his fingers still pumping and scissoring you open.

“Ready?” He whispers and you nod despite the shocks still bursting through you.

He leans back and slips his hand from between your legs all at once, whimper scratching at your throat at the feeling. You help him loosen his tie and get it off, working on the many buttons of his shirt next. You’re relieved when you can pull it from his broad shoulders and reveal his pale skin, Jungkook quickly undoing his belt and flicking his button and zipper open before impatiently crawling onto the desk with you when you move back to make room. You slide back until you can’t anymore, Jungkook’s lips slamming onto yours as your legs spread to give him space.

“Can’t wait to fuck you,” he gasps, biting his way down your neck with a deep groan at your palming hand. He grinds down for a few seconds before sitting up and shucking his slacks and boxers down to his knees as far as they’d go quickly so he could get back to hovering over you and kissing your swollen lips.

He holds himself up on one forearm while the other reaches down between your bodies to guide his hard cock to your entrance. You both moan at the feeling of the touch, his tip stretching your rim around. An inch buried into you, he moves his arm back up, both bent by your ears with his fingers brushing at your forehead. He ducks down and sucks your bottom lip into his mouth, catching your whine as he slowly begins to sink himself fully inside.

Once he’s completely enveloped in your heat, he moves to your neck and grunts. He starts with shallow hip rolls that drive your eyes to the back of your head but then he’s pulling out and pushing back in with desperate need. Your head was tossed back and his was still hidden but you could hear, feel, him panting louder with his increasing pace. He was breathing out strangled moans until he slipped a hand under your neck and arched you into his mouth, easily sucking a bruise into the skin of your throat before his hot breath is fanning over your ear.

“Fuck,” he chokes. “Keep squeezing around me like that.”

He whines and delivers a particularly hard thrust that forces a squeak from your mouth.

“Just like that,” he whispers. “Almost there sweetie, do it again.”

You didn’t understand what he was talking about, mind too fuzzy and ears too focused on his noises traveling right into the channel of your hearing but you oblige anyway, clenching yourself around him and sinking your nails into his flexed shoulder muscles to encourage him.

“Faster,” you breathe and he listens immediately, waiting until he can have his lips on yours to speed up his hips. The desks were squeaking across the floor as they moved with each of his powerful thrusts into you, spongy walls molding into the shape of him as he slams in and out of you in search of his release. You moan his name and he transfers his whimper to you with his slick tongue.

“Fuck y/n, little more. Only a little bit more just-”

He slows down to a deep grind, your channel tightening when he keeps himself inside the hug of heat long enough to have his head spinning with all the blood. He lasts barely ten seconds before switching back to pounding into you, your thighs making an obscenely loud noise with his fast moves.

Suddenly Jungkook’s ripping away from you and returning to your neck to bite your shoulder, his hips moving impossibly faster until he’s twitching inside of you with a drawled out groan. He breathlessly whimpers and moans into your skin while he rides out the after shocks of his high, your own breath gone as you feel your walls being splashed with his white release. His entire body shudders and you would’ve laughed if you weren’t so tired, his hips lazily circling before stopping and slipping out.

4.48 AM and instead of going to sleep, I’m going to wake my house up by making ramen noodles. Goodmornin and goodnight my loves xx.

packing peanuts - ed

a/n: okay yeah maybe this is inspired by one of e’s recent snapchats. i’m still trying to get back into writing so be patient w me.

word count: 1, 293


Remnants of packing material left little mystery as to where your elusive boyfriend could be. Even without the turquoise packing peanuts strewn throughout the living room, the sad wave of ripped cardboard dangling from some packing tape on the dining table, and the leaflets of instructions sprinkled just out the bedroom door, you could easily pinpoint his location by the trill of his laughter.  You stood in the doorway just so that the width of your body fit within the crack of the door. You caught your shoulder on the frame, folding your arms to your chest as your eyes trailed over the boy splayed across the sheets.

Ethan appeared to be snapchatting, his phone cradled in one massive palm while his new camera was secured carefully between his lanky digits. The zoom of the lense was being tested past the long expanse of his legs as the image on the digital screen had settled to the deliberate wiggle of his toes. He was clearly entertaining himself, soft crinkles appearing in the corners of his earth toned eyes as the slope of his lips spread to elicit a few syllable laugh even after he’d dropped his phone to the bedside table. His entire stature was relaxed, the toned planes of his figure following a soft outline as if painted by the steady hand of an artist. You could almost feel the warmth of his skin, the rich honey of his complexion falling stark against the white of the sheets.

He was like a little kid on Christmas, so immersed that he didn’t realize you standing there until you moved for your own phone in the hopes of snapping the moment to your camera roll.

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Spring Cleaning: Chanyeol Scenario

A/N: Happy hump day!! This was a request for Chanyeol smut. I hope you enjoy!!

“Baby can you hand me that towel? I requested. Today was the day we were doing some much needed spring cleaning, and I was up to my elbows in soapy dish water.

Chanyeol walked over and held the towel out for me, helping me dry my arms and hands. I then took the towel from him and wiped the sweat from my brow.

It was unfavorably hot today, and normally I would have just pushed cleaning back to a different day, but today was his last day off for a while and we desperately needed to get things done.

“Let’s take a quick break. I need to change out of these wet clothes anyhow” I sighed. Chanyeol nodded and grabbed a drink of water while I quickly changed into shorts and a tank top.

Ten minutes had passed and I was cool and ready to work again. We cleaned most of the house and all that was left was the kitchen/dining room area and the living room. I continued working on the kitchen while he started on the living room.

I leaned over to clean the dining room table when I heard Chanyeol clear his throat from behind me.

He was sitting on the couch absentmindedly cleaning the coffee table in the living room, but when I looked back he was staring at me, mouth opened slightly. It took me a split second to realize what he was doing, and it made my cheeks flush pink.

He was staring straight at my ass, which I now realized was more visible in these shorts than I had originally thought, and when I bent over they rode up a bit, revealing my black lace underwear.

I looked back at him with a smirk and bent down just a bit more, giving him a much better view. Giggling, I wiggled my hips in his direction as I watched his ears turn red. Once he realized what I was doing he shook his head and finally responded.

“You need to stop doing that so we can get this finished” He ordered.

I probably would’ve stopped, but seeing him react to me like this turned me on.

The way he was dressed didn’t help matters either. He looked so hot in his thin black tank top, muscles glistening with a thin layer of sweat. I imagined biting the collarbones that protruded underneath the thin fabric of his shirt while he moaned my name.

“Oh yeah, what if I don’t?” I quip, making direct eye contact and leaning my ass towards him a bit more.

“If you don’t stop, I’m going to come over there and fuck you so hard you’re not going to be able to walk for the rest of the day.” His voice a low growl.

I didn’t say another word. Instead, I sauntered over to the opposite side of the table, giving Chanyeol a better view. I leaned down, reaching across the table and giving him full view down my shirt.

I heard his breath hitch in his throat and I couldn’t help but smirk. I raised my head to look at him and gasped, grabbing my shirt as if I wasn’t trying to tease him on purpose.

He quickly stood up and made his way over to me, stopping directly behind me and grabbing my hips harshly.

“What did I just fucking say to you a minute ago? He groaned as he pushed his hips into me.

“Hm, something about… actually you know what, I don’t remember. Care to refresh my memory?” I asked innocently.

I tried turning around but Chanyeol had me pinned hard against the table. He thrusted his hips into me once more as a moan escaped my lips.

“I told you, if you kept fucking teasing me, I was going to fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk for the rest of the day.” He answered, winding a hand in my hair and pulling my head back lightly to meet him. His teeth grazed the side of my neck before he bit down, leaving a mark.

“Do you remember now?” He asked, his mouth moving from my neck to ghost against my ear. I tried to respond, but all that escaped my mouth was a soft whimper.

“That’s what I thought”, he smirked.

Before I could say another word, he released his grip on my hair and spun me around, pushing me back against the table. He cupped my face and kissed me hard, leaving me breathless.

He quickly lifted me up onto the dining room table and discarded of my tank and bra. His mouth found the soft spot on my neck and he began kissing his way down my body.

My breath hitched in my throat and I let out a low moan as he took one of my nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He repeated the process with the other nipple, gently biting it before moving down the rest of my torso.

Slowly, he licked along my waist band before unbuttoning my shorts and pushing them off my body, along with my underwear. His mouth hovered over my center, teasing me before he inserted a long thick finger into me.

“You’re so wet for me already baby. You see what happens when you don’t listen?” He breathes, his hot breath fanning over my core.

Before I could answer, he sucked my clit into his mouth before inserting a second finger into me. He began pumping at a rapid pace, bringing me closer to my high. My hands reached for his hair and tugged gently causing him to moan into me.

His moan was all it took to push me over the edge, my orgasm rippling through me as Chanyeol continues pumping into me. Moments later he stood and removed his fingers from me, licking them clean.

“God you taste so fucking good baby.” He growled. He quickly stripped and picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me to the living room.

He sat on the couch, pulling me on top of him and lining himself up with my center. He grabbed my hips and pushed me down onto him. He quickly started thrusting up into me, giving me no time to adjust.

“Fuck Chanyeol!” I exclaim as he continues fucking up into me.

My hands found his hair once again and I moaned into his ear before biting his ear lobe. He groaned loudly and his grip on my hips tightened. I knew that there would be bruises tomorrow, but at this point I didn’t care.

He pulled me down roughly as he quickened his pace, my second orgasm rapidly building. I kissed him hard, sucking and biting his bottom lip. His thrusts started to slow and I knew he was close.

I broke the kiss and tugged on his hair, gently drawing his head back so I could access his neck. I nibbled and sucked on the spot just below his ear and he sucked in a breath before letting out one of the most beautiful moans I’ve ever heard escape his lips.

His hips snapped up into me a few more times before we both reached our highs. We stayed in that position for a few minutes, just touching and enjoying each other’s company.

Friends [Part 2]; Optional Bias

author’s note: the positive feedback on the previous part was absolutely overwhelming! i’m so glad that you all enjoyed it! feel free to send me any feedback or constructive criticism that you have (especially for the smut, because i know i need to improve)! i hope you all enjoy this part! also i’ve given the wife/fiancee a name, Hana, in case you all are confused to who Hana is.

**warning for shitty smut below the cut.

1 | 

“And this is the dress that I like the most,” Hana tells you, scrolling through the many pictures of wedding dresses on her phone. She stops on a gorgeous dress. The dress is long-sleeved, but the sleeves are only lace instead of the smooth satin like the rest of the dress. The back of the dress dips down to the model’s lower back, and your eyes widen at the price written in the bottom corner. 

“It’s beautiful.” You tell her, faking a smile as she nods her head vigorously and continues scrolling through photos of dresses and wedding cakes and every other thing that she had to be excited about. You feel awkward and upset, especially giving her advice to marry the man you’re in love with. 

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Hana rests her wine glass on her knee after finally showing you each of the dresses she had narrowed her choices down to. “Of course,” You nod, smiling brightly at her.

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Originally posted by tomshollandss

ok, I don’t know how I create “this” and WHY but I felt inspired, hope you like it :)
I don’t own the gift and English is not my first Language, I apologize for my very bad English! my other blurb, RED:

Tom got used to delicate things when he was pretty young: he took ballet classes, he had three younger brothers and when he visited his grandmother he looked after her plants in the garden.
He liked delicate things, they are his favourite ones. That’s why he liked you. Or, better, adored you.
He loved everything about you: your soft skin, your thin bones, the gentle features of your face. He could spent all his life looking at you, touching your smooth legs and kissing your protruding collarbone. The best part of the day was in the morning, when he woke up next to you. He spent a few minutes to contemplate you before you woke up too.
“What are you staring at, pretty boy?” you said caressing his face.
“’M just enjoying the view”
Sometimes he couldn’t find the right words to describe you: he could compare you to a melody, maybe one of the Nocturnes by Chopin or an Einaudi’s song.
He just needed a word to describe you: delicate.

“I just love looking at you.”

Pairing: Luke and You

Word Count: 1000+

Warning: sfw

Just a fluffy lil blurb bc the idea of boyfriend!luke keeps me up at night.

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The Ellen Show: Chapter 5

A/N: Wishing you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Hope you enjoy. :D

The Ellen Show Master List

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“I think that one looks lovely.”

I looked up to Charlie, phone in hand as it rested under her chin.

“You think?” I said pulling up the slinky silvery gown. I glanced into the mirror again turning to the side letting the dress drop and brushing my hand along my body. “I don’t know.” I cringed slightly.

We had been trying on dresses for the premieres of the movie that began in London in two days.

London was a long low cut and very fitted emerald dress. Japan a short white frilly dress with strong shoulders. But L.A the most important of the premiers was falling short of something to wear.

Turning in the mirror again I looked at the dress, as I did I noticed one of the stylists in the back of the room moving a rack of dresses.

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||❥ locker room dates (m)

s e o k m i n ! s c e n a r i o

b a s k e t b a l l  p l a y e r ! a u

Originally posted by j1nwoo

word count: 2,677  

genre: smut mixed with minor fluff? 

request: seokmin being a basketball star on the college team and one day he (meaning teammate hoshi) accidentally hits the reader and friendship/fwb starts idk

✎ finally completed this seokmin request :^) i already have another planned for him and it’s a combination of two requests so thank u to the anons who suggested!!

When Kwon Soonyoung had angled his elbow and placed a concentrated palm atop mahogany leather, he certainly didn’t expect the three point shot to bounce right off the rim of the net. It was simply a practice, a mere exercise before the tournament rumbled like a stampede of bulls around the corner. His coffee flecked irises feathered after the basketball’s jump off the net, sharp enamel piercing a soft lower lip as he watched it land directly where it shouldn’t have.

Your head.

Now Soonyoung didn’t mean to imbue the deathly fizzle in your glare, how you grasped the basketball and pulled back a swift leg before booting it toward his chest. It was by all means an accident, his feet lightly shuffling over a polished gymnasium floor as he barely stopped the leather from plastering his flesh poppy red. But what sunk everything even further into murky waters was the basketball team’s star player, Lee Seokmin, sauntering over to check of your state. Soonyoung studied the situation with pupils a thin line, eyelids nothing but tiny slits. You and him were somewhat friends after all, at least enough for Soonyoung to be aware of your heart’s content for Seokmin.

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open letter of apology:

i haven’t eased your crosses on your protruding collarbones
while my lips desire to cauterize your wounds
my heart knows better, that you stopped pretending to open
your arms to mine.

i wonder if we’ll ever be the same, my heart weeps for a past
that cannot be undone.
i know you speak highly of me but i cannot help but to think
your tongue curses me.

i’ve allowed this pain to fester when i should’ve woken up
beside you, to carry you through a broken home
& loved you in the purest form of white.
you were always the angel in my eyes –

now we’re withering away into the ashes of nothingness.

i’ve forgiven you for nailing my heart
with your gunning hands
now can you forgive me & yourself
for the chokingly painful words

we still manage to write in the dark?

i promise to love you from afar
but i’ll still latch my fingers with yours
if you need a shoulder to weep on –
my bed is yours to rest your thunder
should you ever need a place to stay.

-to that boy somewhere in virginia

Title: There Will Always be Scars but I Will Never Let You Fall 

Pairing: SidLink 

Rating: Teen (for some descriptions of gore and scarring)

Tags: tiny bit of gore, some angst, lotta fluff, protective sidon

Summary: Being the Hero of Hyrule comes with risks, risks come with scars and Link has more than his share. While he’s more than proud of the physical trophies for survival, Sidon views them in a bit of a different, less positive light. After all, those scars are remnants of pain, blood and the near death of the one he cherishes the most…

A/N: -coughs loudly- heya @xfunfair! uh, I’m sorry this took so long! Thank you so much for your awesomely kind message! It really, really made me happy (not gonna lie - that’s an incredible comment and it just oh my gosh <3). Anywho! I hope you like this little drabble (hopefully, it’s along the lines of what you were thinking OTL)

Cross posted on my AO3 so if you’d like to read it there! Comments, reblogs, and kudos are muchly appreciated! Thank youuuuuuu


His body was marked by constellations of scars. Stretched, wrinkled pink skin spanned out along the length of his body - some in raised lines that the eye could easily catch and the fingers just as easily trace, while others were gorges, deep and wide, where it looked like chunks off flesh had been ripped off. A few were connected in meaningless, unintentional shapes. His mind wanted to make sense of them but they were sporadic, random, without any definition, purpose or story to put to them.

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A/N: Wishing you all a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Hope you enjoy. :D

The Ellen Show Master List

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“I think that one looks lovely.”

I looked up to Charlie, phone in hand as it rested under her chin.

“You think?” I said pulling up the slinky silvery gown. I glanced into the mirror again turning to the side letting the dress drop and brushing my hand along my body. “I don’t know.” I cringed slightly.

We had been trying on dresses for the premieres of the movie that began in London in two days.

London was a long low cut and very fitted emerald dress. Japan a short white frilly dress with strong shoulders. But L.A the most important of the premiers was falling short of something to wear.

Turning in the mirror again I looked at the dress, as I did I noticed one of the stylists in the back of the room moving a rack of dresses.

“What about that one?” I said turning to her. She looked up startled. Slowly I walked over and motioned to a black dress covered in sequins and beads. The girl pulled it off the rack to display a noir strappy dress. Cautiously I reached to touch it looking to the girl holding it, wanting approval. This kind of dress was clearly special.

“It’s Elie Saab.” The girl spoke, as my fingertips brushed over the beadwork of floral patterns. The amount of detail on the dress was impeccable. This wasn’t fashion,  it was art. I stood touching the dress and trailing along its intricate detail.

“Let’s try on that one.” Charlie spoke.

We slipped on the new dress and I went to stand in front of the mirror.

I caught my breath. “Oh wow.”

The dress was absolutely mesmerising. The thin black straps on my shoulders were lightly detailed with black beads, right where my collarbones protruded. The fabric on the chest gathered from both sides into a twist in the middle of my chest, giving me a nice shape to my small curves. After the satin waistband, the fabric dress bloomed and hugged the hips. As the detail of the beadwork moved down lower the dress became sheerer and contained more volume. Showing the amount of contrast in the hand embroidery.

“That’s the one.” Charlie spoke. And this time I knew she wasn’t just saying that to get me to pick one. “Now, what shoes?” She directed to the stylist. A few of them came to me and slipped on shoes and jewellery.

As they swarmed around me I just watched myself in the mirror. That dress was made for beautiful people and I only wondered if I could ever possibly be one of those people.

“Alright.” We will come and grab you in about fifteen minutes and bring you backstage, Charlie spoke to me over the chattering.

I nodded and she quickly strolled off into the seating behind me.

The lights dimmed and the crowd started up again, the host for this year’s MTV Video Awards then introduced the next two award announcers and they came out onstage. Once announcing the winner the next performance came.

When the lights went out Charlie and a small crew of people swarmed to me. I followed them through the seating and into the back of the stage to join Charlie Puth who would be announcing the award with you.

The two of you made friendly small talk as you waited to be called out to stage. You were handed a card containing the winner inside. You passed it to Charlie. “Here. You can announce it if you like?” He passed it off saying that he was fine with you doing it. You kept it in your hands that began to grow sweaty. Charlie talking kept you distracted as you both waited.

The stage lights came on and you hear the host come again. She introduced the both of you for the next award. A man then began to push you off onto the stage as the music came over the venue playing Charlie’s song.

Both of you walked to mid-stage and mic came up along with a TelePrompTer. The lights were blinding up above so you were forced to smile down into the crowd. The crowd cheered for a while, the lines on the screen having to jump back numerous times. You had been given your lines before so you had a small idea of what they entailed. Charlie began speaking and you followed. You read off the TelePrompTer calmly, the lines were simple and you hardly needed them. Looking out into the audience numerous times confidently.

“And now the Nominees.” You read, giving a large smile as you waved your hand to the huge monitors behind you.

Both you and Charlie looked up as the video ran through. Suddenly your heart skipped. Shawn’s face came over the screen as his new music video released during the summer began to play in snippets. You had known he was here at the award show, but you had no idea that he was nominated for this award.

You looked away from the screen out to the crowd. It had been almost two months since the last time you had talked to him. For a very long time after the last phone call you had, you only hoped that you had been wrong and that Shawn had been just having a day. You hope he genuinely didn’t believe that you had been conspiring with Zach.  But all that hope was gone when you had communicated to Charlie to keep them updated on your schedule. She had contacted Andrew and had been given the cold shoulder when she presented the possibility of us getting together after these awards since the both of us would be in town.

“I’d give up on that.” Charlie told me. “Zach ruined it for you.”

I listened to her and had accepted that Shawn had bad feelings towards me. He had valid reasons for feeling the way he did. But I was still bitter, I hadn’t liked the way things had happened, and how he made me feel for it. I desperately didn’t like having someone dislike me for something that I never did, but there was nothing I could do.

My heart began to beat fast as I stood onstage and I felt uneasy. If Shawn were to win this award I wasn’t sure what I would do. I began to get scared at the idea. Different scenarios began to play in my head but were interrupted as Charlie leant closer to me. The video on the monitor changed.

Quickly I looked up to make my face too look more pleased. A small smile crossed my lips as Charlie spoke into the microphone. “And the award for Best Male Video goes too…”

He looked to me and I reached down to the card in my hand. My hand was shaking, nervous for what the black lettering inside would read. I opened up the card, my heart stopped.

I smiled up at the audience and spoke into the microphone. “Drake, Hotline Bling.”

Drakes song came over the audience and I watched as he got up from his seat in the distance. Looking out into the audience I realised Shawn was watching me. He had to be. This thought made me nervous again. Drake came up and gave me a hug as he accepted his award. I pretended to watch Drake as he spoke into the microphone but I was actually thinking about if I looked all right. Was I standing tall enough? Did I look slim enough, pretty enough? As much as I wanted to deny it, I was asking myself these things now because I knew two eyes out of the thousands in the room were watching me.

The rest of the award show went on without a hitch. At the end, I stood up and mingled with a few people around me before making my way into the back of the stage. Charlie escorted me.

This award show compared to the first one in July was very different. People now came up to me, rather than I to them. Fans in big cities would find me, or occasionally recognise me. Not often but more frequently photographers would know my locations and follow me.  Things had really progressed over the past few months since Zach had signed the contract release papers.

Charlie had done really well under the colossal amount of pressure she had been thrused into. She had landed me major interviews and photo shoots and gotten myself out of the ‘less desirable’ ones. She was a trailblazer, watching her within an intense situation was fascinating and majestic. She moved people like the Red Sea Crossing. I began to truly feel that she was everything I ever needed in a manager.

She had done a really great job for all the premiers, and she always informed me on the successes. Often she would send me reviews of the movie or snippets of E! News or Access Hollywood that were positive. The negative she also kept me up to date on as long as it was relevant.  

Two days before the Los Angeles premiere, my family flew down to see me. We all went out for a celebratory dinner for the movie since I had not been able to since filming. Mid-dinner Charlie had been scrolling through her phone because she hardly put it down. She began yelling in excitement and finally spat out that Singin’ in the Rain had been nominated for six Golden Gobles. One of the six was for me, for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. Everyone at my table erupted in excitement, but I sat motionlessly.  It was one of those moments you always dreamed of. But when it happened nothing feels right. It doesn’t feel real. You always had an idea of what you would do during a moment like that, but all I could do was tell them to stop lying to me. Which they found assuming.

Ever since the nomination my popularity had taken lift off. People knew my name, they were asking for pictures, or just taking them. There was Oscar buzz around the movie and myself, however, nominations had not been voted for yet, and I fought to not get my hopes up.

Regardless, the movie had been doing very well, it wasn’t a blockbuster but it was wildly acclaimed, which was the only thing I ever wanted. The highest achievement for me.

So walking around backstage at the awards these few months later was radically different. After speaking with a few people and groups I stopped and began speaking with a director. After a minute or two, he informed me he was the director for Shawn’s music video. I got nervously uncomfortable but remained polite. We continued to talk for a while until I noticed a tall figure emerging from the crowd surrounding us.

“Hey.” Shawn said placing a hand on the man’s shoulder. My heart was pounding and my cheeks felt warm. The director turned and smiled brightly to Shawn. They asked how one another was doing before the director turned to me asking if Shawn knew me.

Shawn glanced at me for the first time since joining the conversation. His expression was awkward and hesitant. “Uh. Yeah, we know one another.”

I raised my eyebrows and gave a stiff smile.  The director seemed oblivious to the tension I was sensing from Shawn towards myself. Suddenly the director recognised someone behind me and waved to them, saying he needed to leave but said it was good to meet me. He left saying goodbye to Shawn before it was just myself and Shawn and alone, in the massive room of people.

We both stared at one another, I tried to remain neutral but my expression slowly hardened as we stared at one another. The tension was thick, and I refused to say anything. It only made me mad that he stood there looking at me so smug. It felt as if he had this power over me, and I didn’t like it one bit. I felt like an idiot for the past few months at my attempts to remain friendly only to be refused. The longer we stood there just looking silently at one another the more my anger and frustration grew.  Saying anything now would only make it worse.

However, I didn’t keep my mouth shut.

“I never used you.” I blurted out, my voice was hard. “I never knew about what Zach did until you did. Never once, ever, had my intentions been to use you to get ahead in my career. Because you know what. I never needed you.” The energy poured out, that I had pent up and kept in for the past few months. Shawn stared at me, he looked defensive, nonetheless, I didn’t care.

“I landed myself five episodes on a major T.V show as my first gig. I got myself cast as a lead role in a major production.” I spoke passionately, emphasising the ‘major production’. “Fuck I’ve been nominated for Golden Globe, for that movie. A Golden fucking Globe!  For a movie, I got cast in and filmed all before I had ever met you! I did all that myself before you. So you don’t get to look at me all smug with the satisfaction of thinking that somehow those few pictures launched my career.” I took a deep breath. “I’m sorry they happened. I’m sorry that my manager went behind my back and violated our privacy. But I had no idea. I would have liked to explain that to you but you never gave me the chance. Instead, you just made me feel like an idiot for trying. Which really fucking sucks you know?” I shook my head, waving my hand and looked away from him.

“But whatever, that doesn’t matter. All I wanted to say was that. I had no idea, and I’m sorry it happened.“ I paused. “And now that I finally got to say it, I can stop feeling guilty for something that I never even did.”

I looked up at him. He was looking to me, but his face was expressionless. I couldn’t read him. I stared into his big brown eyes, as the room chattered loudly around us, but found nothing. I went to say more opening my mouth but was cut off by Charlie saying my name.

“Photo op with Hailee Steinfeld.” She said touching my arm. I looked at her and then back to Shawn. Without saying a word I followed Charlie into the crowd, brushing past Shawn. Charlie pulled me in farther and farther before turning me around in the middle of the crowd.

“I thought I was supposed to take a picture?” I question looking around.

Charlie smiled. “No picture… yet. I just saw that conversation looked intense and thought I should intervene.”

Although I was annoyed for a moment I then felt grateful for Charlie, because the embarrassment from what I had done began to settle in.

“Shawn wants to meet me?” I spoke out loud as we stepped into the hotel elevator.

Charlie looked to me and gave me a side eye up from her phone. “What did he say?”

I looked down onto my phone and read the grey text bubble. “He just asked if I was free to get together to talk?”

“When?” Charlie asked as the elevator began to go up.

“Not sure.” As I began to type in that exact question for Shawn. But right as I hovered over send I stopped myself. “I don’t know if I want to go?”

Charlie gave me a look and shrugged her shoulders, but said nothing.

“I mean what would he want to talk about?” I had an idea about the topic obviously, but I didn’t know if the conversation would end pleasantly or not. The curiosity got me and I hit send. Shawn began to respond right away.

Are you free tonight?

Looking up to Charlie I answered her question. “Tonight?”

“Well, you’re free. But you’ve got an early morning. It’s up to you?”

We exited the elevator and walked down the hall in silence as I thought to myself.

“Yeah. I’m going to go.” I finally said as I put in my key to the door. Charlie stood next to me waiting for me. She nodded and without questions let me know what time we needed to leave the following morning. Once entering my room I texted Shawn asking for the location. He answered back right away.

Quickly I slipped out of my dress from the award show and hung it up on a hanger rack. I put on a pair of jeans and a cosy sweater, the New York nights were chilly. It reminded me of Canada, which I found comforting. I put on my black trench coat and left for the addresses Shawn gave me. I hoped the few fans outside the hotel when I had come in had left, so I could walk the six blocks north. As I walked out into the cool October air, I ducked my head and sneaked myself past the concierge. I caught a glimpse of a few girls young girls, but they seemed to be paying no attention. Once out of sight I lifted my head and made my way through the streets. Within fifteen minutes I had made it to the small bagel and coffee house that advertised they were open late.  

Walking around I looked for Shawn, but didn’t see him. I took a seat off to the centre of the room at a booth. A waiter came and asked for an order, I requested coffee, cream and sugar. As I waited, I watched the people in the room with me. It was half-past twelve in the morning and I found the people in the room with me interesting. I wondered why they were up, and here no less. Did they work evenings or nights, and were here for something to eat before or after their shift? Were they night owls or just couldn’t sleep? I watched a few of them for awhile before the door opened and Shawn walked inside. He stood tall at the door looking for me. I looked at him calmly, as my heart skipped a beat when I saw him. As much as I lied to myself, he took my breath away for all the wrong reasons.

His eyes scanned the room and finally met with mine. He didn’t smile and nor did I. As he walked to me I kept my expression calm and open. He came and stood at the side of the booth.

“Hi.” He said hesitantly.

I looked up to him, feeling my lashes touch my lids. “Hi.” I answered, my voice serene. We looked at one another for a moment before Shawn placed his hands on the table to slide in. As he did I looked down nervously and took a deep breath. I didn’t look up until I had to. I pressed my lips together as I looked up.

He looked nice but nervous. I found this interesting. His cheeks were rosy from the cold, hair a little messy and fluffy. We both looked at one another saying nothing. I was extremely awkward, so I was thankful when the waiter came to bring me my coffee. He asked if Shawn wanted anything.

Shawn looked up at the waiter, his long lashes fluttering and then back to my coffee. “Coffee.” He finally stuttered.

I dragged myself away from his eyes and began to pour cream and sugar into my coffee. As I placed my spoon in the cup, I looked up to Shawn. His hands were in one another on the table, he looked down to them uncomfortably. His Columbia jacket bunched up at his shoulders. For the first time, he looked small to me.

He sighed uncomfortably and reluctantly looked up to me. I stared him in the eyes, unsure of what to do. He sat still looking at me.

Seeing that he wasn’t planning to speak. I reached for my coffee. “So, what did you want to meet about?” I spoke gently before taking a sip.

“Uh, well.” He paused as I place my coffee back on the table. He watched me as I held the warmth in my hands. He remained silent for much longer. “I wanted to say I was sorry.”

He played with the silver ring around his middle finger nervously. I waited for him to say more.

“I shouldn’t have been rude to you.” His eyes fluttered up, showing his dark brown eyes. “I realise now I was wrong to do that. I never gave you the chance to explain or even prove it wasn’t you. I just jumped to conclusions and made assumptions.” He paused, looking at me sincerely. “I’m really sorry.”

Then he looked away from my gaze, and I looked away as well to the table apprehensively. “It’s alright,” I spoke. “I don’t blame you. I understand.” I began to fiddle with my thumbs. Having Shawn sitting here so nervously made me feel very guilty for how I had behaved earlier.

“I’m actually sorry for how I behaved earlier.” I looked up to him, and he was looking at me intensely, his eyes big. He looked like a small child looking up to their parents while being scolded. I sighed and shook my head. “I don’t blame you for thinking I was a part of it. I think I was just frustrated because you had the wrong idea of me. And I didn’t want that.”

I leant back in the booth chair. “Because as much as I don’t want to admit it. I give a shit what you think about me.”

For a long time, we sat in silence and I refused to look up but eventually I did. Shawn was looking to me. His expression more relaxed. We looked at one another waiting for the other to say something, but the longer we went without speaking the more the grin on our lips grew. It grew and grew until it was a laugh.

“Maybe we should just start over.” I said my giggle fading away.

Shawn smiled across the table. “I like that idea.”

We both sat awkwardly. He then leant forward on the table. “So how do we do that?”

I shook my head smiling. “I have no idea?”

We looked again to one another, both grinning awkwardly. The waiter then came and placed Shawn coffee on the table.

I reached out to the waiter. “Oh excuse me. Could we actually get that to go?” Shawn looked to me confused as the waiter took the coffee away.

“What?” Shawn questioned.

“Go with it.” I smiled at him mischievously. “I have somewhere I’ve been wanting to go.”

Shawn looked at me cautiously.

I raised a brow playfully. “Better than sitting her awkwardly looking at one another.”

His cheeks filled as he grinned, but he said nothing more.

Quickly I looked up directions as the waiter brought back a cup for myself and Shawn’s coffee in a cup. I placed my coat back on and we left out into the door.

“Where are we going?” Shawn asked as he walked next to me. He placed his free hand into his jacket pocket.

“Just go with it.” I smiled. “And don’t judge me on how cheesy it is.”

Shawn narrowed his eyes. “Are we going to Times Square?”

I looked at him embarrassed. “Yes…” I answered slowly. He began to laugh. “Am I really that predictable?” I asked throwing my head back.

“Yes.” Shawn joked giving me a nudge with his arm.

I stopped in my tracks and threw up my hands playfully. “Well, now it’s ruined.”

Shawn stopped walking with me and turned to me. As he spoke white clouds came from his mouth. “No. It’s not.” Bouncing on his toes he began to move ahead. He turned around walking backwards hand still in pockets and smiled to me when I hadn’t followed him. “C’mon.” I smiled and quickly jogged to meet up with him to begin our walk.

“By the way, congratulations on the Golden Globe Nomination!” Shawn said turning to me turning his shoulders towards me and taking a sip of his coffee.

I smiled brightly at him and then shyly looked away. “Oh thank you.”

Shawn looked forward and smiled. “That’s pretty amazing.”

I looked forward too. “Yeah it is, isn’t it. A little surreal.” I turned to him. “I’m sorry I threw that at you earlier.” I said moments later, once remember what I had said to him earlier.

Shawn told me not to worry about it and reminded me that we were starting anew. We talked a few more blocks north entering into the Theatre District, talking about work and his tour. I liked how passionately he talked about his tours and songs.

“Oh, there it is.” I said as we walked up the block. I could faintly see a lot of bright lights. We walked up the rest of the block before entering on to the beginning of Times Square. I kept going on about how amazing it was. It was nothing like I had imagined. It was a little dirty and some parts were blocked off with construction. But looking up and seeing all the lights was amazing, like another world.

The both of us crossed the street and I began to take pictures, as I did I felt Shawn watching me. We walked around and then walked up big red steps, joining many others who were doing the same as I.

“Wow, this is so pretty.” I said for what was probably the twentieth time.

Shawn looked up and round. The yellow and red lights colouring his skin and eyes. “Yeah it is.” He smiled. I watch him, caught within his allure.

“I played here once.” He spoke a few moments later.

Wide eyed I turned to him. “You did?”

He turned to me, his smile big. “Yeah just down there.” He pulled out his arm from his pocket and pointed down to the end of the steps, before turning and smiling at me. “It was a long time ago.” He paused and looked down to the spot he had pointed out. “Two years actually.”

He looked to me again and I smiled but said nothing.

As I continued to take pictures, Shawn joined me.

“Oh, Shawn look!” I said pointing to an advertisement on a big screen. It was for Shawn’s album.

Shawn looked at me confused before following to where I was pointing to. He smiled brightly as he recognised it. “Oh wow.” He whispered as I watched him look out.

We stood a few moments before Shawn turned to me frantically and bright eyed. He quickly brought up his phone. “Here can you take a picture?”

I quickly took the phone from him and he posed for the photo. I quickly zoomed in to get him and the screen with his album cover on it. He smiled and even through the small phone screen with all bright lights his smile was still the thing that stood out the most. He looked so much like a small child posing for a picture. I tapped my finger on the circle multiple times, and then zoomed out and got a few more.

I smiled and looked up to him to signal I had gotten the shot.

“Got it?” He asked.

I nodded and lowered the phone expecting he would walk towards me and take it. But instead, he looked back to the sign. He stood watching. Lifting his phone and took one last picture without him knowing. His silhouette blocking out the lights. I caught his advertisement just past his figure and took a few pictures. Seconds later the advertisement disappeared.  Shawn turned his lips pressed together in a happy grin. He came close to me and took the phone from me, our hands brushing. Our eye locked just for a moment, as we touched, the warmth of our breathing creating plumes of white. I looked away and released the phone into his waiting hand. He then opened the phone still standing close. I looked away, pretending my attention was not on him.

We spend about another ten minutes in the middle of the square before I looked at my phone. It was getting closer to two in the morning. “I probably should go back.” I said hesitantly. “I’ve got an early morning.”

“Oh, yeah for sure.” Shawn said shaking his head as if to say not to worry. “Let me at least walk you back to your hotel.”

I insisted he didn’t need to walk me back but he persisted. Eventually, I got him to settle on taking the Subway with me since the closest station was just half a block down the street from my hotel, and his hotel was along the southbound line as well.

“Sorry, I didn’t pick a less predictable place to check out.” I spoke as we stepped up onto the kerb after crossing the street.

“Don’t worry. Everyone has to see it for the first time eventually.”  

Shawn shook his coffee cup which was empty and signalled for mine, which was almost finished but now cold. I handed it to him and he threw it in the trash before he returned to my side.

“So this is your first time in New York?” He asked, before taking the hood of his jacket and covering his cute fluffy hair. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked to me.

“Uh. No. I’ve come a few times but I’ve never gotten the time to really explore.” We took a few more steps. “What about you? Have you been able to check out the city?”

He grinned looking up into the sky. “A little. I’ve been a few times. Gotten to see some places.”

I looked up brightly. “Tell me.”

“Madison Square Garden was amazing.” He smiled.

I rolled my eyes to him playfully.

He smiled and gave a laugh. “What?”

I smiled gently. “Of course you would say that.”

Shawn shrugged and looked away. But said nothing more.

“Well,” I said and he looked up eyes bright and listening. “Tell me more. What was so great about it?”

Shawn turned to me, the way he smiled from my wanting to know more was beyond gratifying. He began to ramble on about the concert he had performed there. As he spoke, he grew in excitement, at some points he talked so fast from topic to topic, I hardly knew what he was saying. However, instead of listening to what he was talking about I found myself more consumed with him and how much enthusiasm he had. I tried to keep up my expressions, encouraging him to talk more.

“MSG is still my favourite.” He finished as we grew closer to the station. “I want to see more. But obviously, that’s hard to do sometimes.”

I nodded understanding what he was implying.

We finally reached the station and walked down waiting on the platform for the train.

“When are you free next?” Shawn asked rocking on his toes.

I burrowed my brows and looked to the platform trying to think of my schedule. “I don’t know actually,” I said looking up. “I’m going to be in L.A for the next few months. I’ve got some work down there for a while.”

Shawn raised his eyebrow playfully. “Work?”

I knew he was pressing for specifics, but I played along giving a teasing grin, swinging my shoulders side to side. “Yes, work.”

We stared at one another for a few moments, but I gave in. “New movie.”

“Well, that’s exciting.”

I grinned. “Yeah. It is.”

Just then we could hear the train coming into the station. We looked at it and then back to one another before stepping closer to the edge of the platform. The train blew by fast making my hair swirl around me. I looked up to Shawn his fluffy hair was also swirling at his forehead. I grinned quickly before looking away so he wouldn’t catch me.

Opening the door for the cart we entered inside and stood to hold onto the pole in the middle. I held on close to it and Shawn did too. It became painfully obvious to me how close we were together, I felt Shawn standing tall over me, but I never stepped away. We looked to one another. I looked too long and I knew it. But being so close I began to see things about him I never noticed before. There was a small shallow scar on his cheek, his eyes were much lighter closer up, and I couldn’t help but notice how gentle his lips looked, even though they were a little chapped. Suddenly the train jolted forward, forcing us to look away from one another to catch our footing. We kept our eyes away from one another as we pulled forward.

“Well if I’m in town while you’re free would you want to get together?” Shawn spoke as the train left the station.

I looked up and grinned. “Yeah, that would be good.” I paused and looked away feeling that I had looked at Shawn too long again, but it could have also been due to how close our faces were.  “Keep me updated on where you’re at.”

We stood silently in the middle of the train holding onto the pole until we pulled into the next station.

I spoke breaking the long silence. “I’m glad we met tonight. Settled everything.”

Shawn grinned standing tall, his eyes looking down to me. “I am too.”

We said nothing more. Unsure of what to say. Pretending to watch the concrete walls of the tunnel pass by, while we stood so close to one another. I wanted to say something, anything, but couldn’t find words. After what felt a very long time I saw the light from the next station in the distance. We both watched as we pulled into the station fast.

I looked up to Shawn. “Well, keep me updated.” The train slowed right down and I held on tight to the pole.

“I will.” Shawn spoke quietly.

For the last time, I looked up through my lashes and smiled to Shawn, keeping my lips tightly together. He did the same.

The train came to a complete stop and taking a deep breath I let go of the pole. “Bye Shawn.” I spoke as I brushed around him.

I heard him say goodbye as I reached for the door. It opened and I stepped out a few steps on the platform, leaving all my empty word with him.

I heard Shawn call my name and turned to look at him. He stood in the cart still holding onto the pole but facing me. The lights inside the cart, lighting him up brightly in the underground station. He smiled and raised his hand in a wave, right before the doors closed.

I grinned brightly and raised my hand to him. We stood on opposite sides of the plexiglass doors staring at one another as I lowered my hand. A ding came through the platform and the train slowly pulled forward. Slowly he was pulled away. We watch one another as long as possible until he and the train disappeared into the dark tunnel, taking my breath with them.

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*I tried posting this earlier but for some reason there was a problem. If two copies appear at some point I’m sorry 😂
Requested - Rocket has a nightmare about his past. Reader asks him about it and Rocket opens up to them for the first time. Enjoy guys 💚*

Rocket jolted from his sleep. His eyes darted around the room manically searching the darkness surrounding him. He took a few shakey breaths and noticed the hoarseness of his throat. He must have been shouting in hos sleep again. After gathering himself and limiting the trembling of his small body he slowly sat up from his bed. He blinked a few times and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. It was always like this. Rocket has been running off minimal sleep for a few months now and it was starting to take a tole on him. Every night he was back there… strapped to that bed… surrounded by wires and surgical tools… Rocket shook his head to clear the memories; his subconscious had scared him enough for one night. He let his legs dangle over the edge of the bed for a second before pushing himself off completely and landing on the cool metal of the ship floor with a thud. After stumbling blindly over the tools scattered around his floor he found the door to his room and opened it.
You sat with your blanket draped over your shoulder. You hugged your knees up to your chest and watched the galaxy pass you by from the pilot’s seat. With all the running around and saving the galaxy you never got time to truly admire it. The patter of claws hitting the floor pulled you from your thoughts.
“Couldn’t sleep either huh?” You asked not turning your gaze from the window.
“Nah.” You heard Rocket’s gruff voice whisper from behind you.
Rocket made his way to the co-pilot chair and hopped up onto it. You finally looked at him. His fur was matted on one side of his face and he has the top half of his jumpsuit tied around his waist exposing the top half of his body. It was rare Rocket let anyone see this much of him. Your eyes were instantly drawn to the pieces of metal protruding from his collarbones. He sensed your gaze on him and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. You noticed his discomfort and returned to looking out of the window.
“What you doing up this early?” Rocket asked scratching behind his ear. “You should be asleep like everyone else.”
You glanced back over to him and were met by his dark brown eyes studying you. You paused wondering if you should tell him the real reason you were up.
“I heard you screaming.” Rocket’s eyes darted away and you noticed his ears flatten against his head slightly. “Fourth time this week Rocket…” You kept your gaze fixated on him. “You can always talk to me you know? It might help.”
“It’s nothing… Don’t worry about it.” Rocket ran his fingers through the crumpled fur on the side of his face after catching a glimpse of his reflection in the glass of the window.
“It has been over two months now… I understand if you don’t want to talk about it to me but don’t do us both the injustice of lying through your teeth. It’s okay to not be okay.”
You hadn’t known each other for too long; half a year maybe. You couldn’t blame him for not trusting you enough, you were suprised he was still sitting with you if you were being completely honest. It hurt though, hurt to know he didn’t consider you that close of a friend to talk about what was bothering him. You had found yourself drawn to him as soon as the two of you had met. His quick wit and ability to create weapons out of nothing but a toothpick and some scrap metal; you couldn’t help but be impressed. Quickly your admiration turned to love but you could never bring yourself to tell him. The thought of him rejecting you was too much to take.

“I…I can’t.” Rocket whispered lowering his head.

“You can’t?” You were confused by his answer.

“I… I can’t do this anymore.” He stopped and considered leaving but something about you made his words tumble from his mouth quicker than he could stop them. “I’m so tired (f/n) but everytime I close my eyes I’m back there, back in that place. I though I was over it y'know? But it’s happening again -the nightmares are coming back and I-I can’t escape them.” He was shaking and you could hear the trembling of his voice. He was holding back tears, he didn’t want to let you see him cry.
“I just want to forget… I want to get some actual sleep for a change instead of feeling like crap all of the time.” A small tear escaped from the corner of his eye which he was quick to wipe away.

You stood up taking your blanket with you.
“Come on.” You said walking towards the small table and seating area next to the kitchen of the ship. Confused, Rocket scampered behind you on all fours trying to keep up.
“Go get comfortable.” You said with a warm smile and nodded towards the booth of seats. Rocket did as he was told and jumped up. He watched as you made the two of you some hot chocolate that you had took from earth when you and Peter took a trip there a few months ago.
Once you had finished making the drinks you walked back over to Rocket and slid his across the table. He caught it and sniffed it unsure of if he trusted the liquid in the mug. He had never tried hot chocolate before.
“It’s good, try it.” You smiled taking a sip from your own. Rocket hesitantly drank some. His eyes seemed to light up a little at the taste making you smile.
You adjusted your blanket so it covered both you. Rocket scooted closer to you and took another sip of his drink.

“What’s made the nightmares worse?” You asked quietly wrapping your arm around his back and stroking his arm.

You knew a little bit about Rocket’s past. How he was ripped apart and pieced back together again in the name of science. How anyone could do that to him was beyond you. He was a sweet guy and you were angry about the suffering he had endured.

“I don’t know. Guess my mind had been preoccupied but lately we haven’t been doing much so I’m starting to think about it more. I can normally ignore it but lately it’s gotten worse. What if it never gets better? What if I never get over it?”

“The nightmares?” You ask.

“The pain. Everything hurts (f/n). It feels like every bone in my body is broken and my skin is on fire. What if it gets worse?” Another tears fell down his cheek and got caught in his fur. He didn’t bother to hide that one.

“I’m so sorry Rocket.” You whispered removing your arm from around him not wanting to make the pain worse. He looked up at you hating the loss of contact.

“Why’d you stop?” He asks with a quivering lip.

“You said you were in pain. The last thing I want is to do is hurt you even more.” The concern was evident in your voice. He smiled with watery eyes at your words. No one apart from Groot and ever shown concern for him.

“You ain’t hurting me, can’t make it any worse at least. It felt nice, y'know, better than what I normally feel.” Rocket mumbled shyly.
It had been a long time since anyone had shown him affection and he found himself craving it. His tough guy persona didn’t exactly help him out in that respect. He scooted closer and snuggled into your side. With a smile you wrapped your arm back around him and kissed the top of his head.

“I can’t promise that it will get better Rocket, but I can promise that I will be here for you when things get tough. Don’t hesitate to talk to me if you ever need to.” You smiled placing another kiss on top of his head.
“I won’t.” Rocket whispered. “Thank you (f/n).”

You stroked the bald patch where metal had been pierced into his skin. The scars were uneven and jagged letting you know that the scientists that did it to him weren’t gentle and didn’t care about how he healed. To your suprise Rocket didn’t flinch or tense up at your touch. In fact he sighed and snuggled closer to you allowing his eyes to close. Although he hated his scars and felt like he should be ashamed of them you didn’t seem to mind them.

The two of you sat there together long after the drinks were finished. Only when you heard the light snoring from Rocket did you realise the time. The others would be up soon and you felt it best to move Rocket back to his room.
Gently you scooped Rocket up in your arms and headed towards the sleeping quaters, dragging your blanket behind you. Rocket mumbled in his sleep and grabbed a hold of your black vest top. You looked down at him and smiled. Not wanting to risk waking him up by removing his hands you decided to take him back you your room. Slowly you tiptoed across your bedroom and lowered down onto your bed. Rocket curled up on your chest and you pulled your blanket over the two of you.

Rocket woke up late in the afternoon. For the first time in a long time he felt rested. He slowly pushed himself up only to realise that he wasn’t in his own room. You were still asleep beneath him and he remembered everything you had done for him the night before.
“Thank you.” He whispered not wanting to wake you up. Slowly he leant down to place a kiss to your cheek. He blushed under his fur and with a shy smile he returned to lying on your chest. In that moment he made a promise to himself to protect you from everything and anything and to always be there for you the way you were there for him. He had started to care for you more than he cared to admit… For now at least. He closed his eyes and was happy to be met with images of you and him snuggled together drinking hot chocolate.

my favorite thing:

someone posts a picture of themselves at two different weights, i.e. either overweight vs. underweight or a ‘healthy’ weight vs. underweight…

“you might not believe it 😮 but BOTH OF THESE PEOPLE (me, they’re both me, look) had eating disorders 😮i was JUST as unhealthy in this ~normal weight picture as i am in this picture where i’m severely emaciated!!! 😮 no, i clearly don’t realize that you, another eating disordered individual, are still gonna focus on my protruding collarbones!! this is ✨educational ✨ so it’s okay!! anorexia doesn’t have a size!! but look at my collarbones lol”

thinspire-thighs  asked:

Hope I'm not annoying you, but you seem the most open blog to me for now. And I'm confused with whether I'm fat or not, I mean I feel I'm fat: I don't have a thigh gap or really protruding collarbones/jawline, but still. I'm 5 feet (yeah I'm short hehe) and around 43kgs. Thanks! Keep up your blog!❤

thats a great weight to be at your height! if you dont have visible collarbones or a thigh gap,thats just your bone structure. im sure you’re gorgeous! -h

Imagine: The team is sure that you are the unsub but have no proof. Spencer is determined to crack you, but you surprise him.

Outsmarted//mature content
Morgan practically stomps out of the interrogation room, fed up with your arrogant attitude and lack of willingness to provide useful information.The team only has one more hour to get you to break.

“Let me try talking to her.” Spence insists, studying Morgan’s gestures of frustration carefully. 

“Be my guest, kid. She’s impossible.” Morgan sighs, moving aside for Reid to pass by, “We only have an hour until she’s free.”

He grips the door knob to the interrogation room, pulling it open to reveal a profile view of you. Your eyes remain transfixed on the blank wall in front of you, not making so much as a move to face the determined profiler. Instead you smirk, listening carefully to his light footsteps as they ascend on you,  

“By the sound of your light, carefully paced footsteps, you must be the smart one of the group, the genius if you will?” you state, still staring into space. Spencer is taken back by your intelligence, and his perception has changed completely, not sure what to expect from you anymore. Finally, he takes a seat in front of you, your eyes meeting his own. You silently evaluate his appearance, taking note of his every feature. His short brown hair shapes his face perfectly, showcasing a pair of innocent chocolate brown eyes and soft voluptuous pink lips. He can’t be much older than you are “Young and cute too.You must be the youngest one on the team, but I guarantee you are the most intelligent.” You pause for a brief second to smile. If my calculations are correct, your time is almost up.“ 

"The only person that you are hurting here is yourself.” Spencer tries directly. His mind is racing a million miles per minute as he studies you. desperately trying to ignore your obvious beauty.

“I seem to be at a disadvantage here.” you state, tilting your head to the side in curiosity, “You know my name, but I don’t know yours." 

"Dr. Spencer Reid.” he replies. 

“Doctor huh?” you scoff, “You must have quite a few degrees to have earned that fancy title.”

“Why did you do all of this?” the handsome profiler asks.  

“What makes you so sure it was me?” you challenge right back. 

“Do you know what I see when I look at you?” he squints his eyes, folding his hands neatly on the table and gathering his thoughts, “I see an intelligent young woman, full of potential. But I also see a scared little girl, with a hatred towards men, stemming from problems with your father as a child.”

“You know nothing about me.” you snap, your voice still somehow calm and articulate.

“I know that your father used to beat and rape your mother, and that one day he was going to hurt you so your mother confronted him and he murdered her. I know that to rebel, you became the very thing that your father hated. a call girl.  Why would you throw your life away so easily?" 

"And what about you, doctor? What traumatic event as a child led you to join the FBI? A handsome guy like you, smart too, still not married at this age? You’re obviously successful. Have you ever even been with a woman before, Spencer?” The shockingly personal nature of the question causes the profiler to break eye contact for a quick moment. “You know, despite what you may think, any woman would be happy to be with you." 

"It’s in your best interest to cooperate with us.” he states bluntly, ignoring your previous comment. The tips of your mouth curve upwards into a coy smile. Then, in one smooth action, you delicately tilt your head to the side as your eyes continue to study his, your hair naturally collecting on the right side of your body. The simple movement emphasizes the dangerously low cut shirt you are wearing, as well as your now protruding collarbone along with the soft flesh on your neck. Expertly, you reach across the table, covering his large hand with one of your own. 

“We all have our demons.” you whisper, so faint he can just barely hear you, “But what you’re insisting is that I must be punished for my so-called crimes. Will you punish me, doctor?” Spencer nearly jumps out of his chair, his breath beginning to quicken as he licks his lips. Still, he makes no effort to rip his hand from yours. The truth is, he is intrigued by you, oddly attracted to your nature and compelled by your body movements. “Seems like you haven’t felt loved in a long time, Spencer. Will you let me make you feel good?” When he doesn’t respond, you continue teasing him, “My body, hot and sweaty against yours as we kiss like two newly weds and make love in the mere glow of the moonlight, illuminating our bodies. You’re a soft lover, I can feel it. I don’t get many of those, you know.” For a moment, you remain quiet, watching the handsome profiler. 

“My demons don’t drive me completely psychotic to the point of murder.” he sneers, finally tearing his hand away. 

“The look in your eyes tells me that you want me, right here and now. But you’re a professional. You gave up on playing into my fantasy when you realized what you really want, me.” you pause, acknowledging your surroundings, “And with that, it looks like your time’s up, Spencer." 

Just then, Hotch opens the door, addressing the fact that they have no proof, and you are free to leave. Spencer stands as you do, disappointed that for once in his life, someone has outsmarted him. As you strut out of the room, swaying your hips from side to side, you stop beside him, bringing your lips dangerously close to his ear and breathing, "May we meet again, doctor." 

Your hot breath tickles his ear, sending shivers up his spine. As you exit the small enclosed space, Spencer remains standing, left with the all too vivid memories of your intense words and seductive stare. 

my-dark-words  asked:

In regards to tearing someone apart with a lie, would you say that breaking someone over a truth is worse? I would have thought a lie can be denied, can be dismissed as pure falsehood by a strong will, but it is harder to ignore an unpleasant truth.

“Hmm. A very interesting prospect. Of course dependent on what the truth may entail.”

Dark lifted a hand in order to run his fingertips against his jawline in thought. It followed the sharp edge of his chin, connected to the strength of his neck that revealed protruding collarbones just before being covered by the button down vest.

“Truth and lies are a very dangerous balance. Using one or the other incorrectly can completely alter your desired effect. Using both together in blend can create the confusion that you desire, but then may lose any sting you wanted. Lies must be selected carefully, manufactured so that it is stated in a way that is immediately accepted, implanted into the mind, and then doubted much later, leaving them to fester over it alone and worry and wonder. A truth, however, can be stated openly, it is one of the moments that brashness is acceptable. It allows for immediate effect, to bombard the receiver with something distasteful or painful. So, of course it is all dependent on the reaction you want. Do you want them to shy in front of you from the truth you deliver, or do you wish to see them seclude themselves to think and theorize over a lie you spread?”