protrait of a girl

Bts Twitter Drama/Rumor

At first, I believed it was just a glitch. It was all just a rumor and some misunderstandings here and there. But seriously you guys, you guys crossed a line. It’s not okay to just post sexual comments at them and giving them no respect.They’re celebrities, they’re idol, they’re HUMAN. They can’t be treated with such disrespect. I have seen them grow as a rising group and they should be loved and cherished. But the love some of you guys are giving are not the kind that should be given. I’ve heard about the girl how masturbated and sent it to Suga. I believed it was a rumor. I believed it was impossible and absurd for anyone to pull that kind of thing. But if it’s actually true, then I’m truly disappointed in her. That’s how she protraited herself to the public, a girl sent a video of her masturbating and sent it to Suga. She had just ruined both her and Bts’s reputation. There’s a post that I saw, saying that Suga and Bts used to read the Youtube comments but has stopped due to the over excessive sexual comments that were made at them. And keep in mind that those comments are made then Jungkook was only 19. He’s still a young and innocent boy. How the hell would you think if someone made such preposterous comment at you? How would you feel? I understand that sometimes all of us have those “hormonal” feelings sometimes. But it’s not necessary to voice those comments out loud into the public. There is no need for those. Other Fandoms calls us names and sometimes I just agree with them. Our fandom sometimes can’t even handle situations with maturity and always tend to jump into conclusions. There already has been countless of times when our fandom just took things too far. That is not it works. That is just immature. And I’m so glad there’s some of you guys out there who are just calm and mature and loyal. I appreciate those Armys who treat Bts with loyal respect and love. So please everyone, treat Bts like they should be treated.