1- Poster by Buckminster Fuller, Dymaxion Dwelling House - Wichita House, From Inventions Portfolio, 1981 exhibited at Edward Cella Art & Architecture Gallery. Los Angeles. USA

2-The Dymaxion House / Buckminster Fuller ( The Wichita House, built based on the Dymaxion protoype seen on /archdaily ) 

3,4 Photo: Wichita House & Floor plan :

5 Photo: Daderot : Library of Congress: U.S. Farm Security Administration / archdaily

6+7 Photo: Dymaxion Bathroom :Wikimedia Commons & /archdaily

A “prototype DS,” the homemade hodgepodge of a dev kit used by Alpha Dream to work on Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time before the official Nintendo DS hardware was settled on. It’s a mix of a GBA, a GBA SP and SNES-like gamepad. At the time, the devs didn’t know the full capabilities of the system other than it having two screens and four face buttons, hence why the game itself had only one moment you ever used the touchscreen. 

aight so im gonna show yall somethin cursed

first, we have protoype kaminari:

this doesnt look like kaminari at all. u know who he does look like? mic.

i’d like to think that prototype kaminari inspired mic’s design (and mic has his own prototype design too!!!)

look at him. big fluffy. a man i can trust.

and then we have prototype iida:

also looks nothing like iida, but i personally think he looks a bit like aizawa.

i think it was…lenin? but me and lenin joked once that prototype iida and kaminari are actually aizawa and mic in their crazy college years cuz um we’re fucking dumbasses

but yeah since we’re sharing Cursed Prototype Designs™ today i thought these would be fun to share too

Playlist 11-19-16
  1. “Redbone” Childish Gambino
  2. “Gimmie All Your Love” Alabama Shakes
  3. “Caretaker” D.R.A.M ft. SZA
  4. “Protoype” Andre 3000
  5. “Hyssop of Love” BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Mick Jenkins
  6. “Girl” The Internet
  7. “All I Need” Noname
  8. “Melting” Kali Uchis
  9. “We” Mac Miller ft. CeeLo Green
  10. “Pink + White” Frank Ocean
  11. “Untitled 06″ Kendrick Lamar ft. CeeLo Green
  12. “Still Sound” Toro y Moi
  13. “HelGa” Phony Ppl
  14. “She Lives in My Lap” Andre 3000
  15. “Me and Your Mama” Childish Gambino

Testing Without Limits: Lucid Air Hits 235 mph

With the software speed limiter removed, the all-electric Lucid Air Alpha prototype returns to the high-speed oval, running at over 235 mph.