Android Comapnion: RAV N0X (Aeternia build)

(thanks for the request anon ;w; i’m in love with this au too!)

happens in the same universe as this AU (chocobros) and this continuation of it (nsfw + ravus)

The coin lands on Heads, which you’ve decided beforehand would grant him mercy:

  • the android that broke through your window is on your floor in a pool of it’s own inky black oil, he smells like burning wires
  • you approach it slowly because you’re aware of the monstrous strength and resilience in that indestructible body, you’ve seen the youtube videos
  • “Pitioss” you command, the universal voice command for system shut down, it works with all androids as per international law
  • RAV N0X twitches repeatedly and turns what’s left of it’s face towards you
  • the only functioning optic repeatedly switches shutter dilatation to focus on your mouth, desperate for relief

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