Who do you think has the best prototype design?

For me, personally, it’s Mars! I love the lace on the bodice and the design of her fuku ribbon. 

I love how all the prototype designs incorporated the planetary symbol of each senshi! I’m particularly fond of Venus’s, which is the Venus symbol overlaying a crescent moon, which is a nod to when Sailor V often used moon-based attacks (it also is a nod to when Venus was the decoy princess) 

I love the Prototype Soldiers (and the Early Final versions seen in the artbooks) so much I don’t know how to express it in words. I really wish they had gone with those designs instead of what we got in the end. I’d love to see the Soldiers animated in those suits, especially Mercury and Jupiter (because Venus is almost identical to Sailor V, and Moon & Mars while lovely, don’t look that interesting)

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I think Mercury is the clear winner!

She’s a VERY close second favorite for me (like I said, Mars’s prototype is my favorite). But I think Mercury’s is very dainty and pretty!

Sailor Moon’s is basically the same as her official one, Sailor Venus’s is extremely similar to Sailor V’s, and Jupiter’s is just a little too flashy for me (and seeing Mako have so much skin showing is a little odd, because I feel like it doesn’t really go with her personality)