Sgt. James Heller  //  Prototype 2 Videogame

James Heller was a former US Marine Sergeant and the second Blacklight being. Following his attempted suicide mission against Alex Mercer, Mercer infected Heller with his variant of the virus. Driven by a powerful need for vengeance, he set out into the city to uncover the truth behind Alex Mercer, Blackwatch, and the second outbreak of the Blacklight virus. 

Prior to his infection by Alex Mercer, Heller was competent and skilled in battle as a result of his military training, demonstrated in his slaying of a Brawler using only a combat knife. He is proficient with the majority of military weapons, ranging from standard machine guns, rapid-fire Gatling guns, and rocket launchers. As he was infected with the same DX-1118 strain as Alex, he has much the of same superhuman and shapeshifting powers, as well as others that he has evolved himself. (X)

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