prototype cosplay


So I actually got around to prototype something again! :D

It’s the second item in what I eventually want to be an entire line of “elven” items.
They’ll mainly focus on fencing and archery styled gear, so I made this gorget!

The other items I have planned are a fencer style bracer (already in my shop), a heavier, archery style bracer and a heart guard. Maybe some other items like greaves, we’ll see.

This prototype is not really adjustable, because I wanted to simply test the pattern I came up with. It turned out to work really nicely, so the final version will be adjustable on both sides.
Also I feel like it needs some sort of decorative hardware on it’s center, so I’ll look around for a part that fits and I can easily get more of.

If you like this prototype and don’t want to wait for the final listing (might be several weeks until I get around to make that) then you can get this one for a fraction of the price that the final version will cost!

Check it out here:


So I REALLY want to make Prototype Lancer for AWA this year~ Might be sort of tough to do since I’m already making Kazuno from Horizon, but I think I would just have a lot of fun making this costume and DAT WIG. I figure if I can’t get the full costume done, I’ll at least make the wig so I can have casual!Lancer to wear while selling in Artist Alleys. :3


Left 4 Fem-Famous Protocreed - Happy Family Pictures

photo taken by lysagraphy

Colette MacGrath [InFamous] cosplay by ozymandira

Cupcakes (Hunter) [Left 4 Dead] cosplay by gullinborsti

Alex Mercer [Prototype] cosplay by loeffelcosplays/protomonster

Desmond Miles (Brotherhood) [Assassins Creed] cosplay by pyroHunk/me 


Welll, I thought it was about time to upload some “old” stuff ^^ 
Love these people. We had so much fun ~
Although that smell of this little creeper - killed me… and not only the smell (he tried to eat me at least two times! Alex and Colette didn’t help a lot)