[terras] sup bitch
[terras] going to an event for once?
[terras] huh?
[viktor] fuck you faggot
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[terras] hopefully you don’t have to watch a movie
[terras] tonight
[terras] huh
[viktor] maybe i will
[viktor] how bout that
[terras] you know FOR THE RECORD, she didn’t have a dick. it was tongue on vag action. get it right. 2010 history lesson brought to you by Terras
[viktor] god damn…
[rhosmera] uhhhh

The two Draenei stood close, their heads bent together as they whispered.

“In what universe was this a good idea?!”

“She claimed she could be a better mentor than I! I accepted her challenge!”

“They are children! You cannot bring them onto the field!”

“You are a child!”

“That is hardly the point-”

Oraeun craned his head over his shoulder to look at the girls.


“Yes, Oraeun? What else could you have to say? You do not support my decisions-”

He turned her head forcibly by the horns so she could look upon the twin set of eyes upon them.

“They… They are staring.”

Terras smiled hastily, the look becoming more of a grimace than anything. The girls stared.


She turned and whispered loudly to him.

“What do children do when they do not cry or sleep?”

Oraeun groaned.

protossbonjwa  asked:

Aside from Prestor, who is the person that Blythe currently likes least in all of Blackmarsh? NPC or otherwise.

I wouldn’t say so much that she dislikes him - from a purely logical standpoint, he’s a pretty sound King. He just makes her very nervous with QGL being at a knife’s edge, basically.

Anyway. I’ll do one of each.

NPC is probably horsemonster Nonia for obvious reasons. Not only is she an abomination of nature but she sorta tried to kill the caravan party.

PC is tougher because she hasn’t interacted very much with people outside QGL, and she likes almost everyone there. For now I’ll say Terrien because he’s a scary Death Knight dude who chumped Rinnaelle in Court without batting an eyelash.