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Recently the Starcraft team held a contest for players to create their own portrait to possibly get it into the game, and I created something for it featuring the Protoss’ Archon unit and the High Templar unit!

A lot of this was experimental, ranging from trying to keep faithful to the original designs, to how I shaded and apply lighting. It was a learning experience that took a while but was worth it!

You guys wanna know what this is?
This is a Protoss Air Unit named a Void Ray.

If you didn’t understand a word of that, I recommend you read on.
If you did understand a word of that, I recommend you read on too.

According to the Wiki page, ’In use by 2502, the void ray is a Dark Templar protoss escort ship; the result of combining Nerazim and Khalai technologies.’ . See, I’m only going to bother copy-pasta one sentence for you because I’m lazy. And mostly because the rest of the article makes no sense.

A Void Ray is a serious mofo and will screw up your base like nothing else…if you don’t have anything to defend yourself with. And usually, you don’t. Not enough, anyways. Which is why Void Ray rushes are so successful.

But guess what?
If you Void Ray rush, you will look like an utter twerp, especially if it fails. So don’t do it.