Castle Crashers - Episode 1 (TheRunawayGuys)
  • Emile:In all seriousness, I love my broccoli. Thank you so much Jon for buying it.
  • Jon:You're welcome.
  • Tim:Yay!
  • Emile:My broccoli was bought with Jon's money.
  • Jon:Remember kids, eat healthy and you too will fight people's head.
  • Emile:Jon, I must pay you back for what you have done.
  • Jon:Oh no...
  • Emile:Here's some smelly canadian monopoly money.
  • Jon:Why do you have 20 canadian dollars? Why do you have canadian currency at all? You live no where near Canada!
  • Emile:Shut up and take it!
  • Emile:Shut up and take it and don't question the canadian monopoly money.
  • Jon:I'm not gonna say no, dude you're giving me 20$!

Tom Fawkes is a gift to humanity.


Jon, Tim, and Emile walk into a starbucks. As Jon tries to figure out what he’s going to order, Emile slowly hovers towards him and whispers “Don’t get the poison mushroom, Jonnnnnn!”. Jon, thoroughly annoyed, turns and exclaims “That doesn’t even make any sense, Emile! There are no mushrooms in a Starbucks!”. A few customers start watching the exchange and giggle quietly. “If you look hard enough there are…” the two bicker, and Tim orders and pays for all of their drinks while everyone is distracted by Jon and Emile, striking up a friendly conversation with the cashier and tipping well. Meanwhile, Player 4 has trouble figuring out whether the door to the Starbucks is push or pull.

New Super Mario Bros. U - Episode 22 (TheRunawayGuys)
  • Jon:I like how the internet in general just doesn't seem to realize that friends just kinda give each other crap.
  • Emile:I know! The thing is that Jon and I are good friends. The thing is... okay... I think AttackingTucans said this once. He was saying that... hum... When you first become friends with someone, you're always nice to each other, you never say something bad to each other and then best friends are always like "I'M GONNA KILL YOU! YOU SUCK! I FUCKIN' HATE YOU!"
  • Jon:Yeah, that's right.
  • Josh:That sounds about right. That's how I treat Tyler all the time!
  • Emile:That's how it goes.
  • Jon:So Tyler and you are best friends. Good to know.
  • Josh:Ahhh shit.