Thanks Nintendo. (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures - Tetra's Trackers)
  • Emile: Yeah it is a cool mode! I wish we got it, again I don't know why we didn't.
  • Jon: Thanks Nintendo.
  • Tim: That's too bad.
  • Stephen: Maybe they'll release it later!
  • Jon: -slight laughter-
  • Tim: Hm... As an add on for Breath of the Wild.
  • Jon: -laughter increases in volume-
  • Stephen: Hey Jon! My uncle! My uncle works for Nintendo!
  • Jon: -laughter gets even louder and becomes maniacal-
  • Tim: He's sitting there holding up a GBA cartridge!
  • Jon: -to the viewers- I'm holding a Mother 3 cartridge while I'm laughing. -laughing continues-
  • Stephen: ...It hurts.
  • Emile: HAW-HAW.
  • Stephen: It hurts deep inside...
  • Jon: It really does.
New Super Luigi U - Episode 7 (TheRunawayGuys)
  • Emile: I like how in Mario U I said I had barely any Star Coins and I had the lead at that point.
  • Jon: I'm sure Future Chugga is putting a Note commenting about it too
  • Emile: Yeah
  • Jon: *In a stupid Voice* Funny Fact, He actually did have the lead at this point
  • Future!Emile's Note on Screen: In a dumb voice akin to what Jon is Using: Funny Fact, I Don't!
  • Jon: *Still in Stupid Voice* Also Jon's a Dick!
  • Future!Emile's Note on Screen: Also Jon's a Dick!
  • Jon: *Stupid Voice Laugh*
  • Future!Emile's Note on Screen: huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...
  • Emile: *Laughing*
  • Tim: *Laughs*
  • Emile: Sounds Like something future me would say.
Chuggaa's Random Act of Kindness.

Not many people know this, mostly because I have neglected to tell this story, but I met Emile at Pax East in 2012. It’s not a very impressive feat (Not that meeting him isn’t impressive, but if you go to a convention you can find him. Idon'tknowignoreme.) and it’s also really old news, however, the story I’m about to tell you really isn’t. My friend and I decided really late to get passes for Pax East and could only get passes for Friday. Now, I could go into the whole sha-bang about how I met Lucahjin and JoshJepson, who were nice enough to wait with me for Tim and Emile to show up and how I walked around with Tim for hours, but it’s too long and I’ll just skip to the part where eventually my friend and I left the group to do other things while the group went in search for Chuggaa. We found him first. He was nice enough to walk around with us for awhile and explain Find Mii and Find Mii 2. It was like listening to him Let’s Play, but he’s right in the room with you, physically there. Thatwasprettyfuckingcool.Yeah. So, we eventually sat down to get something to eat and Chuggaa asked us if we were going to go to the Thrown Controllers Panel. We both sort of frowned and told him that we were too late to get passes for Saturday and then something amazing happened. Chuggaa told us that he, Tim, and Jon had all purchased passes for each day of Pax East, but didn’t know that by being on a panel they would get their own special passes for free. He told us that he would give us their extra regular passes at the hotel they were staying at if we promised we didn’t tell ANYONE where he or his friends were staying. He, I shit you not, threatened to kill me if I told anyone. Now, I’m digressing from the subject to point out why he said that. During several conventions, fans have found out where Chuggaa is staying and sometimes continually annoy him while he’s in his room. One man was able to figure out Chuggaa’s room number because one of his friends worked at the hotel Chuggaa was staying at. I can’t remember if he kept showing up at his room or if it was something else. Another man at a different convention, called every room in a hotel until he got Chuggaa’s room and continually called him for the rest of the convention. Guys, I’m only telling you these things for one reason, please be respectful of these guys. Doing shit like this freaks them out and it’s just creepy and rude. Anyways, back to the subject, so my friend and I went to the hotel later that night and Tim came down to greet us, talked to us for awhile, and then realized he forgot that the whole reason he had come down stairs was to give us passes and… Forgot the passes. Oh Tim~ He came back down with one 3-day pass and three 1-day passes and handed them over. We thanked him and he went back upstairs to either sleep or doing some recording. Guys. That three day pass was $65. Guys. Those three 1-day passes were $35 each. Guys. Chuggaa and Tim gave my friend and I passes, that all together, were $170, for free, just so we could come to their panel. GUYS.It was all totally worth it in the end. Because he recognized from the night before and the Gir hat I had worn, Tim picked me first to be on his team (I wasn’t even raising my hand) at the panel and we won. I still have that pipe mug and use it. Regularly. I know he may never read this, but, Chugga, thank you so much for making Pax East 2012 the luckiest and greatest two days of my entire life. You didn’t have to give us those passes, but you did anyways. To me, you are truly a wonderful person. Thank you.

  • “tag what you’re majoring in/intend to major in”
  • Emile: Respecting Women
  • Masae: bat man
  • Lucah: minecraft
  • Tyler: youtube
  • Tim: W
  • Josh: criminal justice and psychology
  • Jon: i’m terrified that i’ll lock myself into an interest that i’ll no longer be passionate about in a few years like all the other areas of study i’ve pursued over my life!