Thanks Nintendo. (The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures - Tetra's Trackers)
  • Emile: Yeah it is a cool mode! I wish we got it, again I don't know why we didn't.
  • Jon: Thanks Nintendo.
  • Tim: That's too bad.
  • Stephen: Maybe they'll release it later!
  • Jon: -slight laughter-
  • Tim: Hm... As an add on for Breath of the Wild.
  • Jon: -laughter increases in volume-
  • Stephen: Hey Jon! My uncle! My uncle works for Nintendo!
  • Jon: -laughter gets even louder and becomes maniacal-
  • Tim: He's sitting there holding up a GBA cartridge!
  • Jon: -to the viewers- I'm holding a Mother 3 cartridge while I'm laughing. -laughing continues-
  • Stephen: ...It hurts.
  • Emile: HAW-HAW.
  • Stephen: It hurts deep inside...
  • Jon: It really does.

A Proton Jon Super Plushie featuring Big Boss Bagel from his steam last night. A fun enjoyable stream that I am glad to stay longer than usual. 😊

‪This morning warm-up sketch inspired by Proton Jon’s stream last night, which was crazy generous and fun (we kept on donating to him by bits simply because he is just awesome). Keep on being you, Jon! 😃‬