The Beast Within

Beast. A beast is an animal which is controlled only by appetite and instinct. Human beings are animals but with the ability to rise above this bestial state. I do not mean this metaphorically. Our animal natures are a part of who we are. You see there is no clear evolutionary line between animal and man. Archaeologists speak of homo habilis and cro-magnon and other protohumans but the truth is that it is only because fossilization is so incredibly rare in nature that we see only glimpses of these beings. Humans, and indeed every other creature evolved smoothly over time not in starts and stops. 

We ARE animals.

One of the major difficulties we face as a “civilized” species is that our animal natures are often at odds with civilization. In this world there are predatory people. These people are enslaved by their bestial natures. War is an expression of our ancient animal nature in the desire to monopolize resources. Fighting a war over oil is no different than two tribes fighting over a hunting ground. Addiction is an expression of our animal nature. The animal seeks security and pleasure. The unevolved mistake sensual pleasure for happiness. 

Human beings have the unique ability to exercise compassion. We can through force of will rise above the belly and the genitals. We can rise to intellect. We can rise above intellect to insight and the life of enlightenment. We can push back the darkness but we must never forget that the beast is always there.


At still higher doses psilocybin triggers this activity in the language-forming capacity of the brain that manifests as song and vision. Psilocybin may have synergized the emergence of higher forms of psychic organization out of primitive protohuman animals. It can be seen as a kind of evolutionary enzyme, or evolutionary catalyst.
—   Terence  McKenna
If one small and odd lineage of fishes had not evolved fins capable of bearing weight on land (though evolved for different reasons in lakes and seas,) terrestrial vertebrates would never have arisen. If a large extraterrestrial object—the ultimate random bolt from the blue—had not triggered the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, mammals would still be small creatures, confined to the nooks and crannies of a dinosaur’s world, and incapable of evolving the larger size that brains big enough for self-consciousness require. If a small and tenuous population of protohumans had not survived a hundred slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (and potential extinction) on the savannas of Africa, then Homo sapiens would never have emerged to spread throughout the globe. We are glorious accidents of an unpredictable process with no drive to complexity, not the expected results of evolutionary principles that yearn to produce a creature capable of understanding the mode of its own necessary construction.
—  Stephen Jay Gould
Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin (1996)

The Makapanset Pebble may represent the earliest known expression of aesthetics by ancestors of humans. Left in a cave nearly 3 million years ago it was miles away from any possible source. The shape is definitely natural so the theory is a proto-human found it in a riverbed, recognized the shape of a face, and decided to keep it for that fact.

The origin of humans.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Maeras had no Humans in it whatsoever. Their precursors, the Demons were instead inhabitants of the White Plane, where mana permeated all that existed. In this smooth, colorless world the Demons mastered magick to the point where they could open portals to different planes – though almost none that they found were remotely possible to live in. Until they found the “Blue Plane”.

It wasn’t named the Blue Plane until later; the Demons are colorblind. It was instead dubbed Ras Mnaa iira Ih'lasyid “the New Land of Demonkin”.

Eventually a new species of Demon evolved with darker skin, a bulkier figure and the ability to see color. Thus this new breed was name the Blue Plane Demon for the new land’s blue skies and seas that they could finally comprehend, and the senior breed the White Plane Demon for the pure white of the old land. From them came the Gemmans – A tall people with black and white skin – and the Dwarves – Stout, hardy and light skinned individuals who are inept at magick. These are the first Humans, the people that can claim the Blue Plane – Maeras – their home.