The Makapanset Pebble may represent the earliest known expression of aesthetics by ancestors of humans. Left in a cave nearly 3 million years ago it was miles away from any possible source. The shape is definitely natural so the theory is a proto-human found it in a riverbed, recognized the shape of a face, and decided to keep it for that fact.

"Dolum denaktum tera en teku rastial fin. Pintra ergo hitum dolorum rasnuk regos mindal zinktu. Ka elohim, elai da masran untu wea." - Grinktis Agrasa Paritol Jalok

The gifts that are tokens to our experience lie on this plane alone in the farthest reaches of the cosmos. The peace that we own with our mother tongue as we pass the story through the generations is upon myself and all those Others of which I can communicate with, share my experiences with, in the giving of time to those of a time and space for which they separate themselves to as rulers of the givers of whom they call estranged wizards and spell casters. Begone the intelligent creator who casts itself above us in his destruction, and bring forth the machines of the time-space of prosperity who are nigh upon us.

The origin of humans.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, Maeras had no Humans in it whatsoever. Their precursors, the Demons were instead inhabitants of the White Plane, where mana permeated all that existed. In this smooth, colorless world the Demons mastered magick to the point where they could open portals to different planes — though almost none that they found were remotely possible to live in. Until they found the “Blue Plane”.

It wasn’t named the Blue Plane until later; the Demons are colorblind. It was instead dubbed Ras Mnaa iira Ih’lasyid “the New Land of Demonkin”.

Eventually a new species of Demon evolved with darker skin, a bulkier figure and the ability to see color. Thus this new breed was name the Blue Plane Demon for the new land’s blue skies and seas that they could finally comprehend, and the senior breed the White Plane Demon for the pure white of the old land. From them came the Gemmans — A tall people with black and white skin — and the Dwarves — Stout, hardy and light skinned individuals who are inept at magick. These are the first Humans, the people that can claim the Blue Plane — Maeras — their home.