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Showing affection


Isn’t much for public displays of affection. Will mostly flatter you in private. Very respectful physical affection. When giving hugs (or equivalent for human reader), he makes sure he is extra careful not to hurt you (especially if you’re a human reader). If you’re ever put in danger on the field he will act confident as usual but will be freaking out a little on the inside, when you’re back to base and safe, he will break his usual ‘only in private thing’ and will smother you until his internal panic dies down.


Absolutely adorable. Bumblebee isn’t much for words or big 'mushy’ shows of affection, instead he is really attentive and will follow you around like a puppy. You can expect a tonne of little acts of kindness, a gift here, if you’re cybertonian he will occasionally offer to take your shift when he knows you’re tired and if you’re a human he will drive you somewhere special.


Goofy fun. Bulkhead will talk to you and have fun with absolutely no judgement. You two could simply talk and goof around about anything and everything for hours and you two wouldn’t stop laughing. If you’re feeling sad, Bulkhead will do whatever he can to make you laugh, even make fun of himself, because he HATES to see you frown when you have such a lovely smile. Be warned though, Bulkhead can be overly protective of you on the field, he knows you can take care of yourself, but he simply can’t bare to see you hurt.


He constantly pesters you to make sure you’re healthy. He makes a big deal over the smallest of injuries, and if you’re a human he really panics (humans are so fragile!). He never gets angry or criticised you though, and everyone else knows this and takes full advantage of it. “What did you were doing!” “It was (y/n)’s idea.” “Well, its that’s the case… *inaudible mumbling*” *the kids giggle*. You can tell that he really does care about you, and every time you leave his sight he tells you to be careful, and you can tell he hates not being around you all the time.


Hyperactivity and constantly tries to impress you and seek you’re approval. He always has your back, from battles to even little things like game night. He tries to be all gentlemanly like Optimus, but he’s so nervous and excited that he talks to fast or gets clumsy. He only wants to see a smile on your face, so when you’re not smiling he ends up doing some stupid stunt. Oh, and he is more than willing to prank the pit out of anyone who messes with you. He doesn’t tell you this, but you know because it’s obvious.


Will flirt with you, in front of everyone in an attempt to make you blush. Will playfully tease you, and if you tease him back he will just smirk. He will offer to take you with him every time he leaves the base, but will understand if you don’t and if you do come with him, he will drop you off back at base if you ever want to go back with no problems (though truthfully, he misses you). If you’re fighting, every now and then you will catch him smirking at you with both pride and awe. He’s always hoping you will come with him on his next adventure.

Ultra Magnus

Take formality and chivalry to the extreme. He will be gentlemanly, but sort of take it too far, and when he recognises that he’s making you uncomfortable he will take it down a notch. He will always make sure to comment on your good work and ignores it when you don’t follow protocol to the book. He will call you out if you do anything reckless that put yourself in danger (don’t you realise how much it would hurt him if something happened to you?!), but he won’t punish you too badly.


Every Decepticon on base knows how much you mean to him. If anyone touches you, they’re scrap, if they look at you funny, there’s a 50/50 chance they are going to receive a beating. Megatron lets you get away with pretty much anything, no comments unless you do something really serious (and in most of those, he’s either amused or impressed). Also, he NEVER yells at you, no matter how mad he is. Oh and he is really possessive, and if you’re cybertonian, he likes to wrap his arms around you (your back to his chest) in both public and private.


Boasts about you and sometimes to you. He feels a need for your approval. He is also a surprisingly good listener, no matter how emotional you are, after all he himself may whine a bit. He is completely open and honest to you, and shares everything with you, including his aspirations to have you rule over the decepticons by his side. He also is willing to do pretty much anything to prove to you that he will never betray you and will do anything to protect you, even forsaking his pride.


Silently attentive. He spends most of his time working, but there is no doubt that he cares about you. With Soundwave, his loyalty is all or nothing, and you are one of the two people that Soundwave is loyal too, and he wouldn’t forsake you or megatron for the other. When he is not working, he is with you, and if not, he’s doing something for you. Soundwave enjoys doing things for you 'behind the scenes’, if you ponder over wanting something, you may find it at your station, you mention disliking someone, you mysteriously never see them again. He is constantly watching you on the side of his work, ready to 'bridge his way to you if you ever need him.

Knock Out

Flirts with you, compliments you, showers you with affection. There is now way you could have low self esteem issues if you have been with him for more than a month. Knock Out will occasionally take you with him to street races (you 'driving’ him if you’re human, you racing beside him if you’re cybertonian), but he’s always a little scared that you’re going to get hurt. He also enjoys gossiping about everyone with you.


Big and protective. He will fight every one who touches you, even Knock Out (though KO wouldn’t as he’s cool with you two). Very much a jealous type. He’s a big hugger, and if he is ever in a rage, an instant way of calming him down is getting you to hug him, which btw, is actually well known and well used by vehicons and most officers.


Just the right amount of gentlemanliness and protectiveness. He’s got you’re back if you need him, but will stay away if you signal that you can handle things. As time goes by and you two become more comfortable, he will ease up on his formality. Dreadwing will secretly have Soundwave open a 'bridge every now and then so you two can have a small escape.


Extremely possessive of you. He feels the need to win you over like a gentleman but will talk to you in a casual manner. Once he think that he has done enough to win you over he simply will refuse to leave you alone. He will walk with you, fight with you and will sleep in his beast mod curled around you. He can be a jealous type and if he thinks that someone is flirting with you they will end up toasted. He will also give you a fare share of gifts, sometimes conventional, sometimes fansy, and occasionally a trophy of one of his kills (he doesn’t understand you’re likely disapproval of such a gift).

Morning warm up doodle of Madame Lefoux from Parasol Protectorate. I imagined her rather differently than what the manga portrayed. More handsome than cute.

Imagine the world where 98% of the population is autistic, and allism is a disorder. Imagine the world that was built for autistic people and doesn’t support allistic people. Imagine the world where allism is a disability. Imagine a world where an autistic mum finds out that her only son is allistic. Imagine…
A Very Weird World Indeed

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I was also concerned because, from reading ‘Alien Bodies’ and Lawrence’s character notes, it seemed to me that the casting of Justine and Eliza was the wrong way round, plus Justine had been given this peculiar Lancastrian accent. [I called Miles and] he said he had no idea, as he hadn’t listened to any of the Faction Paradox CDs. So I said, ‘can you go away and listen to one now’, and he said ‘no’, and I said ‘why not?’ and he replied ‘because I don’t want it to fuck with my brain’. Apparently, he had created this model in his head as to how everything should be when writing the scripts, and so he never listened to the CD versions because he thought it would ruin all of that. I said, ‘In your head model of Faction Paradox, does Justine have a Lancastrian accent?’ ‘No’, said Lawrence, ‘that would be completely wrong’. And that’s when I made the definite decision to recast.

Alan Stevens, concerning the casting in The True History of Faction Paradox

Also: Stevens had wanted a completely new series with no returning characters, but Miles insisted on the return of Cousins Justine and Eliza. Which makes sense with Miles’ statement (possible joke?) that there were 50 volumes planned for Protocols

Ever since @scribbles-and-such requested Lord Akeldama fanart, and mentioned their love of Carry On, I have wanted to draw Lord A reading Carry On. You know he’d love it. (I also think he’d still wear Victorian clothing in our era.)

So, let's talk about Starfire

One of the few things I’ve been thinking about since the movie was the depth of Starfire’s involvement throughout the movie. I do like to think that the scriptwriters thought things through and through, and after re-watching her and reading the interviews, I think I’m finally content with her role.

See, this movie, quite clearly from the get go, focuses on the points of views of Damian and Raven, and their character developments. This, however, does not mean that the all other characters get completely washed out. We merely do not see things from their point of views. For Starfire, her growth was in her role as mentor. We only got to see the bare minimum of her dilemma and struggle, but it is happening in the background.

At the beginning of the movie, Starfire is shown to be the young mentor to three teenagers, who were all in similar enough states (the “freaks” of society with no where else to go), who had balanced characters that got along with each other, weren’t really rebellious, and actively worked to belong. Up to this point, it seems that Starfire’s position as mentor has never really ever been challenged. She’s never been pushed to really do anything other than show a little guidance to these kids that seemed to police themselves well enough, and acted more like a supporting kiddy-glove on sister than a legal guardian-mentor (imagine how Batman takes charge over his Robins, in extreme contrast). 

Then in comes Damian, the most belligerent, stubborn and cocky smol Robin, who refuses to do anything so plebeian as to ‘play nice’; who rebels against any figure or show of authority, and promptly challenged the whole existing equilibrium. Shit hits the fan on the very first day of training! Things take a violent turn - she has probably never needed to break up a fight between the kids before; and this was a fight between supposed allies - none of them were ‘baddies’ that she could just pummel into the floor. Things got out of hand, she intervened just in the nick of time, but still too late.

To make things worse, Raven’s flasher family comes calling, and suddenly everything she thought she knew was further flipped. To what extent can she go? How far should she extend her authority over these children? Everything is spiraling out of her control and understanding. There are no rules to this, no guide books, no protocol. And then suddenly, Raven’s leaving. Should she stop her? Can she stop her? What gives her the right to decide that? What if this choice is better for Earth? Remember that Starfire is also an asylum seeker in this world, and has much more responsibilities as an adult and mentor. Or wait, Raven’s her own person. Should she take charge over someone else’s decision? Can she endanger all the other kids under her charge, for one kid? Etc, etc. In those moments, that was where the qualities of Damian’s that annoyed people kicked in to actually help. Outspoken and just as opinionated as his dad and always charging ahead with what he thinks is right (which, for once in a loooong time, is actually right); and then Beetle was also chipping in. And these helped Starfire to see that she can make those decisions too, I like to think. That Raven was one of them; that the Titans were a family, this was what they wanted and this sort of situation was exactly why the whole Teen Titans gig was set up in the first place! She started to step up and TAKE responsibility, instead of waiting for it to fall neatly into place before her.

In a way, Starfire is just too nice a person. She wanted to give the kids autonomy - to let them make their decisions; but it doesn’t always work out that way. There are times when she needs to be decisive and firm, and she’s learning that.

Look at her expression when her babies were complimented! It’s not the face of someone going, “Hell yeah, I totally knew that”, it’s more “Thank you, I’m so happy and proud of my babies I’ll need to punch the planet out of the orbit to get it out of me oh no; I never thought I could do this” face. (And look at Beetle looking so proud for her..being proud of them)

I really loved her role as mentor here, more than I do the idea of Nightwing taking charge (sorry!). Because Starfire here is not only nurturing and protective. She will listen, she has her doubts, and I like the idea of her growing into her character as mentor with the Titans. Nightwing is such a developed and strong character that having him in there would have overpowered all these teenagers (and her), in my opinion. Yeah, he’s the one that’ll poke Damian head on, but what of the rest? I’m sure he’ll be a great team dad/bro, but in a sense, he’s also already got a batfamily to big brother over, and they’ll always be his first priority. I’m really, really glad that it was Starfire that got to be team mum. :>

That said, this whole personal musing here is based on the DC Animated Verse. I don’t read the Starfire series, nor the Outlaws. Her character seems really different in those. I am also aware that a lot of the way things happened was also used as a means to further the plot, to pave way for certain conversations. What I’m saying is that it can be justified as being in character.

On Halloween night, Agents Tethers and Threepwood were sent to the town of Auburn Pines, where there have been reports of monsters causing mayhem and stealing candy.

There, the agents discovered that the monsters are actually psychic projections unintentionally created by two inexperienced but powerful psychic children, who have not learned how to control their abilities. 

Tethers suggested that they evacuate the civilians in an orderly fashion. Threepwood, however, proposed that a better solution would be to tell the children to imagine themselves as whatever they’re dressed as in order to gain their powers and defeat these monsters.

Threepwood’s solution was against every protocol in the book, but it ended up being the more efficient solution, and he was awarded a medal for his contributions.

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For some reason, I can only imagine that whenever someone joins the Justice League, they get the book of protocols and such and there is a full chapter of protocols dedicated to the Batfamily, like, "What to do if Batman hears you talking about your kids and brings out the Batwallet of his children" or "How to handle Batman when he and Nightwing are stewing in the aftermath of a really bad fight" and such.

I’m like absolutely certain that this is a thing. Like there might be a sidnote for how much Flash eats or that Superman sometimes says cheesy small town sayings but then there is The Bat Protocols. It is it’s own seperate binder, carefully organized and painstakingly put together. The kicker? It was initially put together by Bruce as he is ridiculously overprotective his children were among the first sidekicks and demanded their own set of rules. The other Leaguers have since added to it, though none of the other Bats have commented. Some notable chapters.

- On a scale of ‘barely acceptable’ to 'death by 10,000 bats’ how okay is it for you to touch a Robin or Batgirl?

- What Bats have died, how they died, and how the hell they’re alive now

- List of valid excuses to escape Batman when he wants to talk about his birds

- Dead Parents and Guns: List of Trigger Words to Avoid with Bats

- Hide your Children! If your kids exhibit any of following physical/personality traits, hide them or they may be spontaneously adopted by Batman

BB-8: Info. Graph + Transparency

BB-8 is classified as an astromech droid, specifically a BB unit. BB-8 communicates via the 27th generation droidspeak code. This is a compressed variant of the standard astromech language. BB-8 has been customised by Poe Dameron to incorporate a selenium power drive, orange and white colouring as well as stainless inoxium. BB-8 can be further customised through six interchangeable circular tool-bay disks. Examples of tool-bay disk equipment seen on BB-8 are the following: an arc welder, holoprojector input, compressed liquid cables and a magnetic-tipped bolt-spinner (fancy name for a type of screwdriver). BB-8 is programed to control flight and power distribution systems of starfighters – not just X-Wings – when its locked into an astromech socket. When Poe is assigned to a new ship, BB-8 makes sure that the starfighters settings are configured to Poe’s preferences.

BB-8 is often in a state of motion due to the gyroscope located in the unit’s body. Its head is not tethered to a singular point on the body and is able to freely move because of two technologic advancements: magnetic castors and wireless telemetric communication. The magnetic castors are implemented within the head unit. These castors allow for the head to remain fixed atop of the body; specifically, when the body unit is in motion. If the castors are temporarily disconnected from the body, the telemetric communication aids in its correction. The telemetric communication allows for the correct repositioning and placement the head unit atop the body.

Astromechs often have distinct personality stereotypes, making their actions and responses predictable. BB-8 does not fit into the standard astromech personality categories of bossy, sullen or grumpy. Instead, BB-8 is rather skittish and childish due to its self-preservation protocols. In the book Before the Awakening, Poe wonders – in absurdity – if BB-8 daydreams! Poe has also implied that the droid has an overactive imagination. Conversely, BB-8 also behaves in a manner which could be described as precocious. By accompanying Poe on many Resistance missions, BB-8 has developed a highly individualised loyalty subprogram. This loyalty program accounts for its bravery, protective qualities and is a contributing factor to its attachment to Poe. BB-8’s unique personality makes it a very unusual but lovable droid!

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I don't get why the queen and RF are throwing away the rule book and protocols for this disgusting Hollywood porn trash. Letting her go to Sandringham for Christmas? WHAT? Has any fiance done this before? I'm not a Kate fan, but this should piss Kate off, who at least seemed to follow some protocols. The RF have NO standards now, so why pay to have them at all. C&C are still not much liked, and there's frustration at W&K's spending and laziness. RF is not regal. The sooner a republic, the better

We have to wait for the day, I think she will be there that’s been her plan since last year. It won’t make her famous and nobody going to give her a job. This is self-inflicted insanity. 

Thanks anon 🎄🎄🕎🕎

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I don't get why the queen and RF are throwing away the rule book and protocols for this disgusting Hollywood porn trash. Letting her go to Sandringham for Christmas? WHAT? Has any fiance done this before? I'm not a Kate fan, but this should piss Kate off, who at least seemed to follow some protocols. The RF have NO standards now, so why pay to have them at all. C&C are still not much liked, and there's frustration at W&K's spending and laziness. RF is not regal. The sooner a republic, the better

wait anon.

1) Who said that the Queen has thrown away the Rule books??? The Palace hasn’t made anything official by stating that MM will be there. This is just coming from reporters. We will see on the day if she is there.

2) Yes Kate got offered by HM to spend the first year at Sandringham after she got engaged but she didn’t accept and decided to spend the final year before she got married with her family.

3) We have to wait and see, Remember anon the reporters make up stories to sell papers. I am guessing they got this from MM’s side and ran with it.

thanks anon😊👍

Agent Hemmings Part 2

Originally posted by cashtonkinks

A/N: I’ve decided this will be a multiple part imagine 

Part 1

     What they were about to do went against every protocol in the book. Broke every rule and was about to risk both their lives, and their jobs. It didn’t matter though, because one of their own was in trouble and whatever it took, Luke was going to get you back. 

“Dubai?” Luke confusedly said, “What the hell is Professor Bilgi doing in Dubai?” All four of the boys were staring at a computer over Ashton’s shoulder with furrowed eyebrows. Ashton had managed to hone in on your tracking device bracelet, finding the exact location you were in; Southwest Asia. It surprised Luke, not believing Bilgi was able to get that far in just a couple of hours. Luke ran a hand through his hair a frustrated sigh leaving his lips. 

“Hey don’t stress, this mission is a piece of cake!” Michael said, trying to show some positivity. Luke scoffed at his words, eyes darting out the tiny window to see if anyone was passing by. They had waited until late at night to come back and continue everything without everyone around. Ashton using his hacker and tracer knowledge to pin point your location. 

“How are we going to get there in time? It’s a 15 hour flight…I don’t even know how Bilgi got that far either.” Luke hit his hand against the door in frustration. The longer you were away from him, the more his worrying grew  

“Look we can get this done. We’ve gone to different countries all the time in just a few hours, and did you forget…” Michael commented, smirking at the three boys. “I have the keys to one of the jets.” He dug into his bag, pulling out the keys and swirling them around his finger. 

     Luke was rusty. Two years of not being on the job and his body chose now to disagree with the time change. He used to be accustomed to the jet lag, over coming it and doing the job at hand. Now Luke was nearly passed out in the backseat as they were driven to a hotel that was near your location. He was woken up by the car coming to a halt. Luke jumping from his sleep and rubbing at his eyes. It was hot, his skin burning with the sun beating down through the windows. He yawned, eyes squinting up at the hotel in front of him. “Bilgi is located somewhere over there,” Calum mumbled to Luke, pointing over his shoulder at a smaller building next to the hotel. Luke nodded, placing on a snapback and sunglasses, a minimal disguise so they could make it to the lobby without being recognized. Luke stopped halfway to the door, staring at the small building in determination. “I’m coming for you baby. Just sit tight,” he whispered more to himself than anything.

“That’s the transmitter device?” Ashton questioned, sounding unconvinced as he picked up the small electronic that looked similar to a calculator. “I thought you told the Director you didn’t have this,” he looked at Luke with raised eyebrows, trying to figure out what he knew.

“I didn’t know I had it, or what it was until she told me. I swiped this after the last mission…do you think you could make another one? Except make it not work,” Luke said. Looking over his shoulder for a split second to see what Calum was up to.

“You’re talking to a genius here. I’ll make a copy,” Ashton grinned, heading to work. Luke turned around, eyes wide as he watched Calum pull out weapon after weapon. The bed being lined with them. Each of the boys had their own strengths; Ashton with the tech, Calum the hard ass with muscles, and Michael with his way of getting any and everything. 

“I see you got some new toys,” Luke chuckled, picking up a pair of golden spiked brass knuckles. Calum loved gadgets and weapons, he thrived on them and it was like each year he got a new set. The bed was scattered with a bunch of weapons; guns, knives, arrows, grenades, you name it. 

“Yeah I did, this one right here is my baby,” Calum said, picking up a crossbow. “Now she may look like an ancient weapon, but this girl right here is deadly,” he began to explain. Luke laughed, shaking his head at how passionate Calum started to become. “Half of these bows are laced with poison. She also shoots out stun darts, and these are highly explosive,” Calum explain, carefully grabbing the explosive arrow from Luke’s hands. 

“Man you’re crazy,” Luke said, receiving a grin from Calum in return. Luke stretched out his arms, looking around the room in confusion. “Where’s Michael?” he questioned, plopping down on the second bed that was clear of weapons. It didn’t take long for the person of topic to enter the room. Michael walking in with his arms filled with snacks and a glint in his eyes. He was too quiet for the situation at hand, making the other three boys curious to what was going on. 

“What’s with that look?” Ashton asked, turning back to figuring out how to copy the transmitter device. 

“I just got entail that there’s going to be some event going on in the building next door. Sounds like one of the Professors moves doesn’t it?” Michael said, earning a nod from Luke. “Anyway I was chatting up this hot girl right and she’s telling me about the event which she’s going to be working at which is next door,” Michael started. “I managed to get a date with her and also get you three inside.” Luke grinned at his best friend’s words, eyeing each of the guys. 

“Ashton, how long will it take for you to make a copy?” he asked.

“About a few hours, maybe six if none of you interrupt me,” Ashton replied.

“Okay that could work. What time is this event?” Luke asked, turning to face Michael.  

“Starts at three ends sometime around one am,” Michael said, “All we have to do is not draw attention to ourselves. So Luke, don’t go bat shit crazy when you see the Professor. Think logically, find Y/N, get out. If Bilgi gets to you first give him the copy of the device, get Y/N, then get out…we’ll be right behind you.” Luke nodded, chewing on his bottom lip in thought. These three boys were going to risk everything for him. They were his brothers and he looked up to each of them. 

“I don’t think I said this yet, but thank you,” Luke said in a low voice. Words sincere and full of love. His hand dug into the pocket of his jeans, felling the velvet box of the engagement ring. Just a few more hours and soon you’ll be back in his arms.

Please do not make fun of your partner for looking into the protocol book on their way to the call.

Especially if they are new.

Yes they should be familiar with the protocols, but sometimes it pays to double check dosages.

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sorry im exhausted so they don’t make as much sense so lemme explain,

it’s during the fueguchi arc and touka and hina are at the elementary school with mado and amon just recieved the call from mado that “hey i found the daughter ghoul” and amon’s all “on the way” and in the manga kaneki heard amon saying that, but since he’s deaf in this au, kaneki doesn’t, but his eyes are keen enough that he sees amon disappear around the corner. and now kaneki is trying to catch up with amon to get ahead of him but he just CAN’T because amon’s faster and really far ahead and kaneki’s on the verge of a panic attack because touka and hina are in danger and so

he starts crying. p loudly. he’s stressed. this night and month have been so stressful.

and amon stops because wtf somebody’s crying who? and so he backtracks and finds Kaneki struggling in the rain (poor guy’s soaked) and amon being the citizen of the year (and citizen’s are first priority in the protocol book) he calls in on his little mic that mado needs backup (nobody goes as backup until too late) and amon starts trying to talk to kaneki, but kaneki can’t really read amon’s lips since he’s relieved that he stopped the investigator but THERE’S AN INVESTIGATOR TALKING TO HIM NOW. so kaneki starts shakily signing, and to his surprise amon knows some, but only the super basic stuff and some hand gestures he learned at the academy. 

so amon signs “quick, follow, danger” and amon takes kaneki to a lil’ convenience store and buys him a warm foam cup of nasty convenience store coffee. and amon’s asking the store manager for a towel (kaneki’s shivering so bad and amon thinks it MUST BE because of the rain and not because kaneki’s a half-ghoul in the presence of a dove nono) when he suddenly get’s a call in that mado isn’t responding from the very late backup squad and that mado’s dead. so amon starts bawling in a convenience store and kaneki’s awkwardly hugging the poor bear and yeah that’s it 

Okay but real talk, My favorite Stiles scene (besides him punching Theo) is in the station when Parrish just strolls by in his nemeton trance (hope insurance is covering that cell btw) and the deputies all pull their weapons and Stiles tells them to stop and they do. They all just defer to him, and its glorious. Granted, they probably really didn’t want to hurt their coworker but still.

Like, I want it to be a running joke/open secret that the Sheriff’s kid has more seniority than most people on the force.

Stiles: /Greets Deputies by name and heads into the back.

New guy: Who’s that? Looks kinda young to be working here already.

Deputy: Oh? Thats just Stiles, the boss’ kid.

NG: ??? And he’s just allowed to have a key to the evidence locker?

D: Haha, yeah, he’s been on the force longer than anybody else. If he says jump, you jump. Don’t even bother trying to give him a ticket, he’s always on assignment.

NG: But, protocol???

D: Pfft, he wrote the book on protocol and then decided to ignore it. Here.
/Hands over a copy of “Beacon Hills Sheriffs Department Procedures and Protocol And Why It Doesn’t Apply to Stiles Stilinski by Stiles Stilinski”

NG: ??? /Regrets life choices