How I imagine Rock, Blues, and Bass: basically Rock idolising Bass and Blues as the Super Cool Kids™ and they’re quiet and secretive and refuses to hang out with him and they tell him he can’t hang out with them yet because he’s too young and when they deem him old enough it turns out all they do is eat junk food, play video games, cry, and sleep


Reading of a Carolingian wedding night.

Just like in every culture, holy matrimony just means religious. It means you and your groom beg the blessing of the Divine you worship so it gives you healthy children. Thus sexual activity has to be blessed.

We know quite a lot about Roman weddings and we know quite a few things about Frank customs. For example, we know the husband on the morning after will give something to his now ex-virgin wife. It is called the Morning gift.

Normalisation (after morning and gift) of Middle English morgengive, morhȝive, from Old English morgenġifu, morgenġiefu ‎(“morning gift”), from Proto-Germanic *murgnagebō ‎(“morning gift”), equivalent to morning +‎ gift. Cognate with Dutch morgengave ‎(“morning gift”), German Morgengabe ‎(“morning gift”). Thanks Wiki.

Our ancestors on the other hand will not allow a widow who marries again to benefit from said gift. Because these were the days where virginity meant that in theory, the produced children would really be yours.

After a banquet where lewd comments are welcomed, the bridal couple is led to the bedroom where its social status make the process more or less elaborate. The poorer, the simpler. The higher, the more complicated.

Do not think one second you will be granted privacy. It is the opposite. First you have to wear a pristine white sheath to prove the purity of your soul. You and him. You and hear. No scantily clad flesh, no muscular body. Less is shown of the physical aspect of marriage, better it is supposed to be.

Priests will bless the marital bed. If you are a member of a royal house. it includes to the very least a bishop. No cardinal as the concept of such has not been invented yet.

Naturally, the bride will be surrounded by a bevy of ladies who are by the way all married. We do not want young innocent maidens to get ideas, right!

If, as often, the bride comes from a foreign land; she has been theoretically gone through the process with her future husband ‘ s ambassador. Up to the wedding night. This time no lewd comment and no banquet. Just the ambassador led to her room (a ceremony none the less) and said envoy full dressed putting his booted leg on the bed where she lays as to confirm the planned wedding. Nothing more but enough to say: bagsied for the king of France or England.

Let’s go back to Rollo and Gisla. We have the priests ticking the box for the Divine attending to their first night’ we also have the group of matrones supposedly giving advice to Gisla how to please her husband along providing a crash course on sex education (these were the days where nice girls knew nothing about men except they were pigs adding to think of England or France would help. Closing their eyes, let men do their stuff and the unpleasant process would soon be over.). Do not laugh: this was the reality of wedding nights for a good many centuries. Rather feel sorry for our own ancestors. Think how you would feel if after finding yourself married again your will to a man called a crazy bear who happens to have killed a lot of your own people, you were told: - and by the way sex will hurt and you will bleed. But think of Frankia and all should be fine. Should! Would you be sick with worry? You bet. Well, Gisla has just been told all of the above. She feels like she has been very physically thrown to the dogs to be torn apart in her most intimate parts.

I am quite glad Roland is there and I bet her father is there. Privacy? There is no privacy whatsoever in royal weddings. Roland is here looking glum. If somebody you care about (like/love/respect) was going to this dismal process, you would look glum too,

So Roland is there as to be a witness of all things being done properly. For less exalted people, you have men from the groom and bride families who are witnessing that all is done in the accepted manner. Thus Roland plus Odo (imagine having said no to this pervert and having to stand his presence while your ears are sullied by lurid details of this sex lesson in front of everybody: now, enjoy!) and your father. Possibly a few grandees because you know they have to be there and the guards because guards are always near royalty.

And him. And his own retinue of North men who are looking at your private rooms with the delicacy of a group of tourists visiting Versailles taking selfies. nd naturally Sinric because he does not speak your language. Come to think of it you do not speak his language. So we have interpreters who must not smirk, wink, snigger as they translate through the whole process.

Privacy, intimacy, delicacy not included.

By now your nerves are so frayed, you are terrified. Death looks like your ideal lover if it comes quick and Rollo must be heartily sick of the whole rigmarole.

Out the priests, the matrons. Out the witnesses and yes, it includes you father-in-law. Yes, we can manage without translators. Thank you, very much.

Finally alone, my dear. Sadly because yourself were surrounded by other men who insisted on discussing this and that with you (and you had to be polite answering the infernal chit-chat) this is when you realize your wife is now a wreck about ready to jump in a pyre because she is a terrified colt and there is strictly nothing you can do but offer her to go to sleep quietly.

And no touching, thank you.

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 - Happy to at least see one proto for the MKR girls!
 - Will be purchasing MF Lal’C and awaiting Nonon~
 - Still eagerly awaiting more info on the Busuo Shinki revamp.
 - Was surprised not to see protos of Super Action Statue Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli… :( </3
 - Hoping Kotobukiya’s Red and Pikachu turns out as good as I want it to.
 - I’ve been keeping my heart open to a NSFW figure to add to my collection. Definitely some potentials with Native.
 - I’m a bit disappointed with how the One Punch Man figma looks. But the Genos nendo is so cute, I may get the pair instead. :3

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Redemption & forgiveness happens to be a recurring theme in MLP Season 5 together with “Cutie Mark Magic”. Gilda, Diamond Tiara & most importantly, ..Starlight Glimmer who is by far the most powerful yet dangerous unicorn pony in Equestria, considering she’s a proto-Twilight Sparkle character. Also, the first villain in FIM who appears “good” on the outside, has a backstory why she became evil & not be defeated by friendship rainbows & lasers but had to see the error of her ways through a friendship speech. To quote Abraham Lincoln, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?

Onward to MLP Season 6 -”Explore Equestria”!

No fairy tale: Origins of some famous stories go back thousands of years

“Beauty and the Beast” is practically “a tale as old as time.” So are a few other folktales, new research shows.

Statistical ties between a set of folktales and languages from parts of Europe and Asia have helped researchers date the origins of some stories to thousands of years ago. The roots of the oldest one — a folktale called “The Smith and the Devil” — stretch back to the Bronze Age. The findings, reported January 20 in Royal Society Open Science, may dispel the thought that some well-known folktales such as “Rumpelstiltskin” and “Beauty and the Beast” are recent inventions.

“These stories are far older than the first literary evidence for them,” says coauthor Jamie Tehrani, an anthropologist at Durham University in England. 

When linguists study a language’s evolution, they trace grammatical and phonetical structure through time. “What we were interested in doing is seeing if you could do that for other elements of culture,” Tehrani says. Read more.
Full City Listing And Meeting Points For International Meetup Day On …


Male allies, this is when we need you. These groups are violently homophobic and anti-woman, and have made explicit threats to any women who show up to their planned events. We NEED you to document the individuals who attend. It is dangerous for us to turn up and combat this alone.

Please do what you can to photograph or otherwise identify the attendees. If you can, circulate these men’s images to local campuses, bars, LGBT unions, etc. These are dangerous people who cannot be allowed to form personal networks like this to invisibly prey on women.

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