proto cinema

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lol if the auj stuff had felt like trespassing then the acorn scene felt basically like barging into their bedroom with a camera and yelling ARE YOU BANGING YET? YES?! GOOD!!! honestly tho. i had to hide my face in my hands every time


I mean honestly I remember being a wee untouched innocent proto-shipper in the cinema for auj and I remember blushing and squirming in my seat because are you serious this is the most intense eyefucking (ahhhh even using that term makes me feel twenty again) I’ve seen since aragorn thanked legolas and legolas called him an unfashionably dirty dunedain (or something along those lines whatever let’s not be sticklers for detail) 

and then I went into bofa pre-cooked and bravely declaring HEY I’M READY FOR ANYTHING YOU MIGHT THROW AT ME SUCK IT PJ and then thorin asked him ‘you carried it all this way????’ and nope son I was gone I was keening and making people around me uncomfortable and probably already developing some sort of pavlovian crying reflex for acorns man because HOW CAN YOU SHOW THAT ON A BIG SCREEN THERE ARE CHILDREN IN THE AUDIENCE thorin you have no business looking at him like that jesus christ it was obscene

I still get worked up about it now gOD [wipes sweat from brow]