Prototype Saber (Male! Arthur)

Type: Headcannons

Requested by: angel-of-requiem

Ayyy someone actually requested him omg

  • Is that one ambiguous character you can’t really place. Arthur is a lot of things in one pot: a chivalrous knight, a tease, a sad man, and a secretive person–all in one. Bonus: He ogles his master whenever their back is turned, but swiftly denies it.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Upon summoning, Proto!Saber is the archetype, European, blonde-prince-on-a-white-horse type of guy. He’s all gentle smiles and manners, but when he grows familiar enough with his Master, he’s a playful, seductive, cat-like person most of the time. 12/10 a skinship person.
  • Will definitely be the one to initiate the relationship with his S/O. Surprisingly, he does not think of them as a replacement goldfish for Guinevere, whom he really did care for; but instead he thinks of his S/O as a genuine, realistic, person who he really got to know everything about–unlike Guinevere, whom he married on a whim, and couldn’t protest because she was only a woman, and they didn’t get much recognition back then.
  • One of his quirks is whenever Arthur has his hair combed by his S/O or if he feels warm while cuddling with them, he purrs like a content cat. 
  • Is surprisingly semi-domestic, and does equal housework with his S/O. He can’t cook to save his life though, so let him stick to grocery shopping.

Did you know Merlin actually predicted the role of Jeanne for the history of France?

Check it here

And the Merlin from the universe of Proto Arthur is actually a girl. (She is the voice we can hear on his NP, in FGO)

It sounds cute that Arthur’s Merlin know about her even before she was born. Merlin hated Ginebra/Guinevere, but I find cute that maybe she consider Jeanne as a good option for being Arthur’s real partner.

Saber Prototype/Saver (King Arthur)

Ruler of Camelot and husband of Guinevere, Arthur was the greatest King in all of Britain. Legend states that one day he will return in the country’s greatest hour of need and become King once more.

He wielded the sword Excalibur, that sometimes replaces Caliburn as the Sword in the Stone. Along with the Knights of the Round Table and the wizard Merlin, he reunited his country and struck down those who would destroy it.

In modern times, it is hard to believe if King Arthur ever actually existed at all, and evidence points to him merely being an amalgamation of various historical figures including Lucius Artorius Castus, a Roman Military Commander and Artúr mac Áedáin, a famous Scottish hero.