I cleaned up some of the official artwork of Arthur, I’m having a few buttons made for my itabag

Figured I would post in case anyone wanted to use!

Prototype Saber (Male! Arthur)

Type: Headcannons

Requested by: angel-of-requiem

Ayyy someone actually requested him omg

  • Is that one ambiguous character you can’t really place. Arthur is a lot of things in one pot: a chivalrous knight, a tease, a sad man, and a secretive person–all in one. Bonus: He ogles his master whenever their back is turned, but swiftly denies it.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Upon summoning, Proto!Saber is the archetype, European, blonde-prince-on-a-white-horse type of guy. He’s all gentle smiles and manners, but when he grows familiar enough with his Master, he’s a playful, seductive, cat-like person most of the time. 12/10 a skinship person.
  • Will definitely be the one to initiate the relationship with his S/O. Surprisingly, he does not think of them as a replacement goldfish for Guinevere, whom he really did care for; but instead he thinks of his S/O as a genuine, realistic, person who he really got to know everything about–unlike Guinevere, whom he married on a whim, and couldn’t protest because she was only a woman, and they didn’t get much recognition back then.
  • One of his quirks is whenever Arthur has his hair combed by his S/O or if he feels warm while cuddling with them, he purrs like a content cat. 
  • Is surprisingly semi-domestic, and does equal housework with his S/O. He can’t cook to save his life though, so let him stick to grocery shopping.

Saber Prototype/Saver (King Arthur)

Ruler of Camelot and husband of Guinevere, Arthur was the greatest King in all of Britain. Legend states that one day he will return in the country’s greatest hour of need and become King once more.

He wielded the sword Excalibur, that sometimes replaces Caliburn as the Sword in the Stone. Along with the Knights of the Round Table and the wizard Merlin, he reunited his country and struck down those who would destroy it.

In modern times, it is hard to believe if King Arthur ever actually existed at all, and evidence points to him merely being an amalgamation of various historical figures including Lucius Artorius Castus, a Roman Military Commander and Artúr mac Áedáin, a famous Scottish hero.


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Fate/Prototype - Proto Saber, Proto Archer & Proto Rider.

Scrapped - Benkei (Musashibo Benkei) & Golden (Kintoki Sakata)

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In Trump vs. Sanders, we’ve finally come full circle back to the 1930s

So I’ve been following the current Primary soap opera to an unprecedented level in my life. At risk of being sucked into the media hysteria, or hyperbolizing, let me try to be vaguely articulate about what I’m seeing here because it’s actually quite interesting from a historical standpoint.

It’s probably too early to tell, but I do believe evidence is mounting that we’re heading towards a Trump/Sanders general election. Yet even if we do not, the fact that what they stand for respectively has gained such fervor will have further echoes into the future of the race, and the country. Because in short, I feel like we’ve actually returned to the 1930s. 

On the right with Trump (and a Greek Chorus of the other primary candidates like Christie) we have some very proto-Fascist saber rattling, with illegal immigrants as the new undesirable minority that is “taking our jobs”, who should be numbered and labeled and tracked, and basically “put away” so they stop impacting “our” country. 

On the left we have a return to a proposed New Deal with Sanders - a recent Depression/Recession which still has many families in desperate circumstances, promoting a package of minimum wage hikes, social safety nets, Wall St regulation, and infrastructure bills (last executed on this scale by that notorious Commie, Eisenhower). 

Both parties are reacting to a distressed middle class who seek a solution and a scapegoat to their current suffering.

To me it feels like after 80 years of dealing with the fall out of WWII, we’re back to the same questions that preceded it, which originates in an even older question dating back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution itself, only now with the addition of further technology and increasingly borderless nations. With the new generation no longer fearing the McCarthy-era “Us vs. Them” of “you’re either a capitalist or a communist, there is no in-between”, we’re back to asking “How do we regulate a sophisticated, global, capitalist economy in a way that is most beneficial?”

In a very real way, we’re back to a modified version of the question of socialism vs fascism, whether the state should be married to the people or to corporate interests to keep a stable and healthy economy. We’re back to reeling from a recent Recession, with parts of Europe that are seeing oppressive austerity and unemployment as a side-effect of paying reparations to other parts of Europe (see Greece’s “Golden Dawn” movement). We’re back to having a large population of hurting veterans from the last Great War (WWI vs. Iraq), and facing the question of how to help them even as we discuss starting the next war. 

I don’t want to torturously twist our current narrative to match the 30s, so I’ll stop there, but I would say that because of WWII we never actually answered these questions definitively, and as a result two generations later we have finally returned to them as those events leave living memory. Even if the election is not between Trump and Sanders, they have already had a lasting impact on the issues of the next general election.