Hiii anon ! :D 

Don’t worry for your english, I understand you. Sooo about Photoshop, yes, I do use it for our photoshoot ! :) But to tell how many I use it on them, it really depends on the project, the last Solangelo photoshoot was really special, because we wanted to recreate an original art (wonderful art by sabertooth-raccoon ♥) so I had to create many effects with photoshop on those ones. 

Usually, I just check the light, contrast and maybe some effect but that’s all, we try to do the most of the work during the shooting.  (Mostly because I suck with technologies. Keep in mind that I’m not a profesionnal and I don’t understand a damn thing to Photoshop…)

Sooo if you want the list of the effects I put on those photos… HERE WE GO :

-Light/Contrast changes
-Size of the image
-Change the background color
-Add an “smoky” effect filter to give a more “painting” look.
-Light effects on the faces
-Correcting some hairs because I had no choice u_u”
-Smoky brush for the “light and shadows” effect. 

And… that’s all I guess ! @@” ♥

(2:20 AM here so I’m really sorry if I don’t have the technical vocabulary ^^”)

anonymous asked:

I've always loved the idea that all the Knights at Camelot thought you were just going through a phase "why's our king wearing a dress?" "I think he's just going through a phase." "You sure? I heard he hasn't touched Bedivere in months."

Did you mistake my wife’s name???

I don’t think you understand anything about my time, or the knights of the Round Table. Do you think they would be so disrespectful to gossip about others? It doesn’t matter that I was king - they were good enough people to not speak behind others’ backs.

And do you honestly think I wore the exact same clothes in the Grail Wars that I did in my time? Do you think Gilgamesh had full golden plate in 2,000 B.C.E.? 

Do you even know when plate armor was developed in Europe? It was popular in the 1300-1500′s. I ruled in the 800′s. How could I wear the same armor in such a time? I had no armor to wear over a dress.

Tunics were very often what I wore, along with leggings. I greatly dislike ornate, formal clothes, so I would not wear a dress. How could I ride to battle in a dress? My clothing would have caught in the buckles of my saddle. I refuse to make a fool of myself, to make myself so useless.

Even so. Tunics and leggings are commonly worn by women in this era. Is this still to jarring to think of, a man wearing a tunic and leggings? Ignoring the fact I lived more than 1,000 years in the past? With your mocking tone, I would think so.