Since JJ and Seung-Gil Lee must have known each other for quite a while, (since their junior days and all):

  • over the years Seung-Gil got used to JJs personality and finds him less annoying then other people because he knows him and feels more comfortable around him
  • JJ also learned to understand Seung-Gil better and knows when he is just pretending to be annoyed or when he is genuinely pissed off
  • JJ is also so pleased that Seung-Gil hangs out with him but refuses to with anyone else
  • most of the other Skaters are baffled by this because JJ can annoy anyone and Seung-Gil is annoyed by anyone but not by JJ
  • JJ tries to subtly gloat about this but subtlety with JJ usually is just him rubbing it in everyone’s faces (”I am going to dinner with my friend Seung-Gil, I would invite you guys but I am afraid he doesn’t like to hang out with you” three times louder than necessary)
  • Seung-Gil isn’t sure why hanging out with him is something to brag about but it’s not like he minds spending time alone with JJ


  • when Seung-Gil starts to get along better with some of the other skaters JJ gets jealous because he wants to be the most important person in Seung-Gils life and he realizes he has a giant crush on him
  • as soon as they start dating everyone knows because JJ literally can’t shut up about it (”Are going to join us for dinner?” “No, because my BOYFRIEND Seung-Gil and I are going on a ROMANTIC date tonight” “You could have just said no”)

I’m going through YOI withdrawal, and since I didn’t do this originally for eps 1 - 9, I figured I might as well fill my empty Wednesdays from now on doing this until I reach ep 9…so, without further ado:

Scenes I loved in episode 9 of Yuri on Ice:

It was a rather awkward hug since Yuuri wasn’t reciprocating, but I still loved it.


I was actually touched by Georgi’s empathy towards Michele.

Poor Michele, she’s just not into you. Again, I hope he finds himself a good girlfriend (or boyfriend) next season. As for Sara…I kinda ship her with Seung Gil, though his interest level in her seems to be in the negative range, but no matter what I’m sure she’ll do fine.

I was exhausted after watching Yurio’s intense performance. Still, totally beautiful.

The fact that he was thinking of Viktor throughout his performance just totally warmed my heart to no end.

Loved that Yurio forgot himself and started cheering for Yuuri, and I loved it even more that JJ was totally being a jerk to him about it. Honestly if JJ wasn’t already engaged, I would totally ship them as an alternative pairing (since I am OtaYurio all the way).

At this point, against my better judgement, I started to like JJ a little because I just found him so damn goofy.

I loved every single hug Yuuri gave so…I’m just going to include each and every one of them:

Yurio’s reaction was the best, but…

…Michele’s was a close second

I guffawed.

That smile is just preciousness x 10e6. It is sunshine and rainbows and kittens and unicorns and all the good things in this world.

The best hug of them all.

Oh noeees, now that I’ve reached episode 9, what am I going to do with my Wednesdays??? Not that I need an excuse to rewatch the entire series again, but it was nice to also have a purpose. I need to find a new purpose.


I have walked all over this land;
danced to the birds in Geumgang Mountain;
cried looking at the setting sun over the sea; and
known why the huge tree in Jiri Mountain fights against the wind all through the night.

sara: hi seung gil, do u want to come with-

seung gil: no


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sara: if you’re turning a lady down, can’t you be more considerate?

seung gil: do i get any benefit out of being friendly with you?


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anonymous asked:

Is that a Metroid picture in your room during The Livestream Incident? It looks like the background is half Atari graphics and half normal, and like the Atari graphic half of the creature is in the normal part of the background and the normal part of the creature is in the Atari background. Or am I losing it?

The art is done by Mark Gil Perez, he likes to paint with sprites and realism and it’s amazing

back when I went to Nerdcore music cons like Nerdapalooza in Orlando, he used to sell his art there

deads-on  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). Spread positivity!

1) I like my height, glad I got that from my father’s genes. And it’s 166cm by the way.

2) I like being honest, it can be a real pain (especially when my words stab people’s hearts unintentionally) but I rather be truthful all the time because lies not only hurt those around you, but also hurt yourself.

3) I like being a money saver, while I dare spent some money on certain things like laptop, pen tablet, phone and food, it’s not often done anyway. I don’t buy expensive clothes, brands, jewelries, make-up..yeah, I’m plain simple in that department.

4) I like that I am able to make people laugh, it’s one of the best things to do in life. If you’re a comedian or have even a tiny funny bone somewhere in you, use it to the fullest and treat everyone with laughter. Because laughter is the best medicine, and the best gift.

5) I like that I can draw and ended up being an artist. Because I not only can illustrate my feelings out (by having fun and expressing my thoughts), I can also brighten up someone’s day by drawing something they like or related to. Or if an artist’s in a pinch, someone can help by buying their arts. It’s giving and receiving.

This is my first time drawing Yamikumo but I had fun drawing him and happy Katsuki..XD Consider this my thank you gift to you, hope you enjoy, Son!

P.S: Anyone can do this so if you did, let me know so that I can read them! :)

Thanks to @suiwalker and her headcanons, Seung-Gil and Minami are besties in my head now.

They both watch Doramas (”If you ever tell someone I watch those things I’ll kill you” “sure you’ll do, Seung-Gil”), they both have awful tastes in fashion (the short programs customes, please) and Seung-Gil’s dog likes Minami which means Seung-Gil likes him too.

Also: Seung-Gil being done with Minami’s bullshit about his crush:

“I’m a Yuuri Katsuki fan, I don’t like the other Yuri” 

“Minami one of your walls is full of Plisetky posters” 

“…no it’s not” 

“You made a fake instagram account to follow the Yuri’s Angels account” 

“I’m…trying to spy the enemy?” 

“You downloaded all the videos of his performances” 


“Sure you do”

“…I’m not in denial”

“Yes you are”


Fairytales on Ice?

Finally done with this piece! Presenting all the characters and their respective roles. Will probably do a chart so you guys can see their relationship with each other. If you haven’t read the comic yet check out the first part here