Here is Photoset 1 of the Ava’s Demon Shoot on Saturday at Otakon 2015!!! First picture I got the Titan followers, Strategos Six and Gil! Next couple of photos I have individual shots of Maggie, Gil who spreading the word of Titan, and Strategos Six. Finally, the last two photos in this set are Maggie and Gil. Maggie is really trying to win Gil’s heart even though his heart is being a true follower of Titan. 


Erik van Gils, Roberto Sipos, Hugh Laughton Scott & Charlie Ayres-Taylor BY Paolo Barbi FOR Church.

Rap Before There Was Rap, part 4

Before there was Rap, there was Proto Rap. Songs that were recorded way before Sugar Hill Gang scored the first commercial rap hit in 1979. This form of spoken lyrics shook up the media world. Just watch this video and listen how ABC Television introduced Rap Music to America in 1981.

Top 10 Proto Rap Songs

But Rap was nothing new for Black America. By the late 1960s spoken word jazz poetry and comedy records recorded by Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets or Pigmeat Markham became predecessors of rapping.

We’ve done some more create digging and found 10 more ancestors of rap.

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okay but

how about the first time after the fall of the Soviet Union and ivan wants to get closer to Gilbert again he brings him a small sunflower  that he holds behind his back while trying to find prussia who’s unusually late.
Point is he’s late because Gilbert himself brought a huge bouquet of sunflowers for Ivan to make him feel better and they are really difficult to carry around and so big they cover his face while walking what a nerd. And then he tells Ivan he can forgive him i just need fluffyness i am sorry