TFP AU where the imprisonment of Unicron’s spectral form renders Dark Energon non-malevolent, and without that fueling the space madness Megatron suddenly has a reason to do that heel face turn that doesn’t involve ‘Now I know true oppression! D:“

TFP AU where he and Optimus have to work out an unsteady treaty that caters for not just themselves and their ideals but for their subordinates, taking into account crimes committed and injustices done on both sides of the war, starting anew without forgetting the conflict and oppression which bred their situations.

Where Ratchet gets to be science bros with Shockwave and Knock Out without involving kidnapping, and Cybertron is restored thanks to their combined work.

TFP AU where Soundwave doesn’t end up in the Shadowzone.

Where Jack wins a scholarship to university and gets a degree in political science, ending up on the first UN-Cybertron ambassadorial party when formal contact is made ten years into the post-war reconstruction period.

TFP AU where working so closely together for such an extended period of time forces Megatron and Optimus to confront the hurts that were done and the betrayals in their shared past, and in doing so reminds them of just how effective and well-matched they are as a team.

TFP AU where the call goes out for all those left alive to come home, the war is over and we’re waiting for you!

Where the returning combatants come back in dribs and drabs, injured and downcast and expecting the worst, and are greeted by a world ravaged by war but very much alive beneath the damage.

Where they’re welcomed by both generals, standing side by side like lovers, and behind them the towers of New Protihex are rising from the rubble, gleaming in the new day like rays of sunlight.

TFP post-war AU where Megatron is still an asshole and Optimus is still an overly-serious obnoxiously self-sacrificing glitch, and sometimes they need a bit of a prod in the right direction so Soundwave and Jazz, professional busybodies, endeavour to provide that prod.

TFP AU where Optimus turns up in Megatron’s office one day, vorns after the end of that war, and hears the door lock behind him…


A lot of Pen’s history can be divided into 3 sections: pre-war crap, Egress, and settlement. I’ma’ touch a little on Egress here, and hopefully I’ll get to fleshing more of it out later.

Egress was an organization founded by Penchant and Turnaphrase just after the initial string of Decepticon terror attacks. It’s purpose centered around retrieving other civilians caught in the Decepticon/Autobot crossfire, where Autobots couldn’t or wouldn’t intervene. Egress had about 80 members from varying city-states, though mostly Altihex as it had originated there. These were untrained civilians that had a burning desire to assist rather than flee. Many were stricken with the loss of their close friends, and Egress was a way to channel their anger and sorrow into action.

Egress had some loose divisions and ranks, which Penchant and Turnaphrase often warred about, as they hadn’t exactly aimed to create another faction. Turnaphrase insisted that order would save lives, so Penchant eventually relented.

There were 4 divisions, Medical, Communications, Defense, and Rescue. They had insignias as well but I haven’t drawn ‘em yet, whups.

In the order they’re pictured, left to right - Loupe, a medical intern from Protihex, led the Medical division. Trefoil, an ATC dispatcher from the Hydrax Plateau, led the Communications division. Latch, an armorist from Yuss, led the Rescue division. All from the intellectual or scientific classes.  Tripwire and Steelspur, Manganese hunters (or pest control), led the Defense division.

More later!