prothean expert

Confession:  I still don’t get why Liara was on the Normandy in ME3. She’s the freakin Shadow Broker, with lots of intel and agents to organize (esp after the attack on her base). Plus she’s a prothean expert and scientist. Why isn’t she at the Crucible? Working on it?? We can send Kaidan/Ashley there, but not the actual useful person? Instead she’s more useful as a soldier?

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Now I wonder how Diana Allers must feel like on the Normandy. She knows everything that’s happening but can’t always tell her viewers (like the mission with the monastery and the Ardat-Yakshi).
And she’s not allowed to go into Liara’s quarters… Like the Shadow Broker is on the same ship than her and I’m pretty sure she knows, but everyone is like “Liara? Your regular prothean expert! Why are you asking?”
At some point she must be like “Guys… Come on… Guys, listen…” but they keep insisting. “Liara is such a great scientist… AND THAT’S ALL SHE IS!”