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Y'know. I realized today that if Sara and Scott stayed in the milkyway they would probably be among the first to die when the Reapers attacked. Scott was stationed at Arcturus station, which was the first thing hit by the Reapers and its not a strech to think that Sara would have been on the Prothean archives on Mars.

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Mass Effect: Everyone Lives AU

Shepard lives.

After the Battle of the Citadel, she passes up a mission to chase down geth and spends most of her time in the interrogation chamber, where the prisoner—

Let’s back up.

Saren lives.

Wrex and Garrus maybe enjoyed restraining the ex-Spectre a little too much, but they got the job done; and then Saren told them to take out as much of the cybernetics as they could, and he was begging but he managed to make it sound a bit like an order anyway. So they took out as many of the implants as they could without killing him, including his biotic implant, and now, Shepard is told, he still goes into screaming fits sometimes, but most of the time he just talks.

It grates on her a little bit that the Council still takes him more seriously than they do her, but in the meantime, there are some smart scientists in labs studying the remains of Saren’s implants, and Saren himself tells them every damn thing he learned from Sovereign before the Fifth Fleet blew that fucker up.

(Sovereign does not live.)

And Shepard didn’t quite expect it, thought Saren might clam up on her, because after all, it’s her, but she could see the fight go out of him the minute he saw her co-interrogator.

Nihlus Kryik may not be what he once was after his injuries, but he can stare his old mentor down.

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