protests signs

i think the funniest post i ever seen on here was that 1 that was like… *shows up to a protest with a sign saying hooty hoo*

loike every time i imagine that in my head i almost die….laughing


These are the best, most joyful, and most savage protest signs from this weekend’s multi-city resistance to Trump’s Muslim ban

While we’re still trying to make sense of it all, we can’t help but appreciate the passion that’s gone into so many of these messages. When little kids are getting in on it, you know people are mobilizing. (One dog’s protest sign was especially good.)

Photos: Twitter


The Stand Up for Science protest today proved that any time a massive group of scientists gets together to tell you something you should pay attention

The Boston Globe reports that hundreds assembled in Copley Square to fight for the validity of science in today’s world of “alternative facts.” Rally participants ranged from Harvard and MIT professors to biomedical engineers to middle school teachers. One uniting factor: Their protest signs were pretty stellar.

So this very nice lady who is a donor to the organization where I work sent us a ‘non-attending’ contribution in support of our upcoming event and since she’s in her 70s and she’s been attending this event for the last 30 years I called her to check in, and she can’t come this year because she participated in an anti-Trump Thriller flash mob where all the zombies were carrying protest signs and she tripped over her sign and broke her pelvis. I am so proud and so inspired and also will heed this cautionary tale and try to gird my pelvis when i’m 76 and sticking it to the man.