Medals lie on the ground after being discarded by military veterans in protest at the UK’s intervention in the Syrian war outside Downing Street, London. The demonstration was led by Daniel Denham, who served in the RAF. Holding up his medals, he said: ‘If you look close enough at these medals, you can see the reflections of dead Iraqis. You can see the embers of Libya. And you can see the faces of the men and women of the British armed forces who didn’t return and also those who did with lost limbs and shattered souls. I no longer require these medals’

Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images


Run the Jewels drop some major truth a year after Ferguson

“Riots work.” At least, that’s according to Run the Jewels. In a video exclusive to the BBC, Killer Mike discussed how the events that unfolded on the streets of Ferguson last year forever changed the city for the better. And Ferguson’s own law enforcement actually agrees.


Chicago police were incredibly worried that releasing the brutal footage of an officer shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald 16 times would incite violence across the city.

But after the video was released Tuesday night, something powerful happened: No violence broke out. Hundreds of outraged residents took to the streets and exercised their right to peacefully assemble. They yelled, cried and chanted. By night’s end, it was clear they want major change.


WATCH: Meet The Protesters Who Just Shouted Down Donald Trump In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV — Hotel mogul and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump had just handed the microphone over to a group of parents of people killed by undocumented immigrants when the chants began to ring out in the cavernous hall at the Westgate Casino.

“Dump Trump!” shouted two local activists as they were quickly dragged out of the room by hotel security guards. “Black lives matter. Muslims matter.” When one of them fell on the ground, an angry crowd of Trump supporters encircled him, phones aloft to film. One elderly man in a pinstripe suit repeatedly screamed, “Take them out!” while another yelled, “Light the motherfucker on fire.”


What’s happening in Lebanon right now is very important. Don’t sleep on it. This is a true popular rebellion by the people against a system that has been in power for 25 years. The garbage situation, coupled with the lack of electricity, lack of water, loss of representation, and many more problems are just the tip of the iceberg.

Yesterday the liberal organisers were scared and wanted to postpone more protests. Yet thousands upon thousands of people made their way to Riad el Solh to protest. The mood was one of joy, anger, freedom, and festive revolution.

There were people from all walks of life in Lebanon. All classes, all sects, all party affiliations, all ages. There were Palestinian refugees, Syrian refugees, and some but not many migrant domestic workers. Every inhabitant of this country suffers from the situation. It’s not a citizenship thing. Though there is hopefully a new form of citizenship being elaborated in the square.

There are a few xenophobic fascists of course. But they are the minority and we won’t let them hijack this. Please follow what’s going on and show solidarity. This is important.


20.000 people are screaming in Bucharest… And now the whole of Romania screams: Down with the mafia! Corruption kills! Murderers! Wake up, Romanians! Justice! 

And it helps… Victor Ponta is gone. Fucking finally! One small step for a man, one giant leap for Romania… Now the others!

Make contingency plans in anticipation of police escalation. You can be at a rally and everything is okay, then police approach and get in riot lines. Have plans in case of a)riot lines b) snatch and grab teams c) dispersal orders d) kettle e) tear gas is deployed f)flash bang grenades are deployed g) rubber bullets are shot h) sound cannon.

The police do not ever need to be provoked. But we can try to be prepared. Make “contingency plans” with your affinity group/ crew. Have a meet up spot, what to do in case of arrest, who are your priority unarrestables (everyone) how are you going to get out? What to do if a driver is arrested? You can even intentionalize roles, create a communication system, have a buddy system and make sure someone is watching the police at all times.

This is so when police escalate we can stay organized, especially if you do not want to disperse. Preparedness can decrease panic, running and keep yall a little more safe. Fuck the police.“