Protests, riots continue after Paris police accused of raping 22-year-old black man with baton

  • Days of both peaceful protests and rioting have rocked metropolitan Paris after a group of officers allegedly beat and sodomized a 22-year-old black man with a police baton.
  • The man, only identified as Theo, told BBC he was leaving his house in the suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois when he was stopped by police doing identity checks that are believed to target drug dealers. 
  • During the stop, officers are said to have beaten and penetrated the man with the baton, leaving him with anal injuries severe enough to require hospitalization and surgery. 
  • Authorities subsequently charged three officers with assault and one with rape. Read more. (2/11/17, 4:24 PM)

Everyone going on about how Trump has had his “Watergate moment” forgets that Watergate wasn’t a moment. The criminal activity began in early 1972. Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974. In between was a daily grind of reporting and protests and people going on with their lives – none of which benefited from panicky overreactions about how the nation was doomed. So buckle in for the long haul. Whatever comes from recent exhausting events, and all the exhausting events of the future, it’s unlikely to happen overnight.

But social media doesn’t thrive on people quietly grinding through their days. It thrives on alarmism, on making every day sound like the most elaborate and shocking episode yet in the soap opera that is reality. And that depresses people because if you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss asks Mike Huckabee to tell you a shitty “joke.”

Constant outrage and fear are not healthy. It makes people stressed, tired, and sad. And it makes people wonder when something will be done. Well, things have been done. But you aren’t being given a chance to savor them because other people are constantly yelling at you about how today’s new development is definitely the one that changes history forever and anyone who believes otherwise is a traitor. So let’s pause for a moment and take stock.

Your Anti-Trump Efforts Are Working


Run the Jewels drop some major truth a year after Ferguson

“Riots work.” At least, that’s according to Run the Jewels. In a video exclusive to the BBC, Killer Mike discussed how the events that unfolded on the streets of Ferguson last year forever changed the city for the better. And Ferguson’s own law enforcement actually agrees.


For the next Standing Rock, pipeline fighters have a new tactic: Attack the banks

  • How do you fight a pipeline when the government approves it, big business supports it and megalithic energy companies have seemingly bottomless coffers to defend it? You go straight for the wallet.
  • Since the Standing Rock pipeline resistance, activists are turning to a new tactic for stopping pipeline projects: pressuring banks and investors to take the cash flow away from the funders of those projects.
  • Residents of Virginia and West Virginia, where the landowners are fighting against the Mountain Valley Pipeline project, are focusing on six banks to target — Bank of America, Wells Fargo, PNC, SunTrust, BNP Paribas and U.S. Bank.
  • The water protectors fighting for Standing Rock used the same strategy.
  • During the pipeline protests, Wells Fargo became a target for those who couldn’t make the cross-country trek to the frigid North Dakota plains, staging protests and blocking off bank entrances to shut down offices. Read more (5/24/17)

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Protest Tips

This is something my professor taught me. When in a large demonstration, you need to keep an eye on not just the public, but also your fellow demonstrators as well. Cops have a tendency to sneak into both.

Keep an eye on the people recording whatever demonstration you’re in, because there is a strong chance that person is an undercover cop. That person is looking for anyone, ANYONE that they can profile for when they start doing arrests. This is why you want to cover your face and blend in with the crowd. When you notice someone recording, do NOT look at the camera; it might well be an invitation for the cops to single you out. If this happens, you WILL be arrested if/when a disturbance occurs.

This leads me to your fellow demonstrators. Cops can (and have) snuck in and blended into those crowds too. Their aim is to actually START the trouble that will justify the arrests that will occur later. There are only a few telltale signs, so keep an eye out for:

1- Black sneakers

2- backpacks

3- covered faces

These undercover cops will wait for the right moment to strike. When you see an unusual amount of recorders, that’s a sign that shit’s about to go down. You’ll usually have a few seconds to react. The moment you see some of your fellow demonstrators go for garbage cans or heading towards windows, DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. Keep your cool. The instant you see someone start breaking windows, do NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, JOIN IN. Run. Get as far away from the ruckus as possible.

The undercover cops are baiting you and yours in that moment. At the very least, they’ll discredit whatever peaceful protest you may have been engaging in at the time. At most, they’ll bait a large number of protestors into becoming violent, leading to many arrests, just like they wanted.

Remember that the press is NOT your friend. They aren’t there for the truth, they are there for a story. If you talk to them, you do so at your own risk. Never give your real name. Conceal your face at all times. Wear NOTHING that makes you stand out or recognizable.

It’s a tough world out there. Protect yourself!


Russian police detain protesters decrying Chechnya’s torture, killing of gay, bisexual men

  • Russian police detained about 20 gay rights protesters demonstrating alongside a May Day protest in St. Petersburg on Monday. (NY Times)
  • The gay rights activists were demonstrating against the human rights abuses men perceived to be gay or bisexual face in the Russian republic of Chechnya, including reports of torture and killing.
  • The May Day demonstration was the first significant public protest against the abuses inside Russian borders. Protesters laid down on the ground and draped themselves in rainbow flags and Chechen flags. 
  • Among those arrested, according to the Times, was Igor Kochetkov, director of the Russian LGBT Network, which has been helping gay men escape from Chechnya. Read more (5/2/17 8 AM)