protesting trees

“When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.”

- Cree Prophecy

Nerdy Virgin Luke

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I wrote a song preference once and wanted to continue a part out from it. Would appreciate feedback and request if you want the other boys as well! ~ #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V

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I absolutely adore that headcanon that went around a while ago where the layout of the Fenton household is constantly shifting and changing

but what if we took it a step further

what if the WHOLE OF AMITY PARK was affected by the portal, being in such close proximity to a tear between dimensions and effectively SOAKING in all the ectoplasmic radiation it’s been pumping out over the years

so this quaint little town starts to develop a few rather odd… quirks

like the water fountain in the park turns strange colours on occasion and smells (and tastes as Tucker discovered on a dare) strongly of burnt sugar

there’s this one road on the edge of town that, though it appears to be straight, somehow loops back on itself so that you end up back where you started, but only if you’re wearing shoes, this odd detail was discovered when Paulina’s heel broke as she and Star were writing a school paper on the landmark and she had to continue barefoot

the local shopping mall has its strange traits too, the glass ceiling of the food court shows an odd stormy red sky no matter the weather outside, except for once every seventeen days when it randomly turns into an aurora borealis-esque light show for differing periods of time, Kwan has these days marked on his calendar and sometimes skips school to see it, sometimes Danny joins him

a lot of the stores reach much farther back than physics says they really should, clerks always remember to clear the back of the shops on Monday afternoons, some of the stores like to revert back to regular size on Tuesdays

the parking lot behind the bowling alley is a favourite of Ida Manson’s, she and the elderly of Amity frequent the spot on Saturday mornings as the strange gravity shifts do wonders for their aching joints, being able to dance and leap like they’re light as a feather makes them feel young again

the walk to school could take someone five minutes one day, and an hour the next, Lancer has added ‘spacial disturbances’ to his list of acceptable excuses for being late

there’s this one tree in the park that every child feels compelled to climb, because halfway up they discover that they’re suddenly climbing back towards the ground upside down, their friends have to grab hold of their arms to stop them from falling into the sky until they climb back down the tree again and gravity goes back to normal

the Mansons lobby to have the tree cut down after catching their daughter climbing it, Sam and the neighbourhood children protest by climbing the tree and hanging upwards from the lower branches like reverse bats, the parents refuse to let the tree be destroyed until their childrens’ sense of gravity is restored

nobody goes down the slide at the Nasty Burger playground any more, the last three kids to do so still haven’t stopped screaming, nobody can figure out why

a majority of the residents of Amity Park overlook most of these strange occurrences, or put police tape around the dangerous ones and ignore them, they live in a town where ghosts attack regularly, changes like these have become not only unsurprising, but expected

and then the animals start to mutate, dogs are born with unnaturally coloured fur, fish are leaping out of their tanks and floating above the water, cats slip behind one object and come out behind another across the yard, some herbivorous animals gain a craving for meat and all of the local pigeons decide that flying in a spiral shape above the public library for three hours every morning is a productive start to the day

even plants start to grow into weird shapes and sizes, fruits with strange tastes and colours become a trend at local Sunday markets, seeds grow without even being planted or watered, root vegetables are found on above-ground vines, berries start growing out of the painted wood of a backyard fence

and then the children start to change

the only trend among the human mutations that local doctors can find is that every person identified had been a child or young teenager whose body had yet to finish developing when the ghosts had first started attacking (or, more accurately, when the portal had first been opened)

mutations range from purely harmless to downright disturbing, a teenager with blue eyebrows, a child with horns growing from the back of their left hand, a little girl whose hair drips down her back as though it’s made of liquid, an older boy whose teeth all fell out and grew back seemingly normal but turned out to be diamond hard and capable of biting through solid steel

the mutations only grow as the years pass, the older children developing dangerous abilities that could rival some of the local ghosts, kids being capable of duplicating themselves, a girl spotted flying to school, someone with green skin seen at the local supermarket, it’s even said that the Fenton’s kid can knock buildings over just by screaming at them

the Guys in White stop trying to protect the town, it becomes very clear that it doesn’t need protecting, it needs CONTAINING, but they soon discover that this is a far more difficult task than first assumed

because the overpowered youth of Amity Park have grown accustomed to a new-found sense of freedom the likes they’d never experienced before

and they don’t like being contained

Imagine Ubbe protecting you from your father (part 2)

Summary: Waking up aside Ubbe is like a heaven on earth. After an night with him and Hvitserk you felt … comforted in a kind of way. But as soon as you leave the safty of his arms and are back out you get worried again, about your father … and being worried wasn’t a bad thing to do.
Words: 1910

When you waked up, by some sunlight that got throught the cracks of the door, you felt heavy. But in a satisficing way, like you could handle the day after  tonight. The boys did promised you to make you feel better, well they did. You felt a hand resting on your back, you opened you eyes and looked to Ubbe, a smile spreading over your face. You laid your hand in his neck, stroking your tumb over his jawline. He waked in a instant, the same kind of smile getting on his face. You bited your lip, seeing him waking up like this was worth admiring. He stroke his hand over you naked back and pushed his head up, looking over you. You turned your head and looked to Hvitserk who layed the other side of you before you pulled closer to Ubbe, your finger on your lips to tell him he had to be silent. He greeted you with a kiss, you smiled in it, laying your fingers softly against beard while his kiss grew more intens. You  moaned against his lips before you pulled back, your hand still resting on his head. ‘How do you feel?’ He asked you.
'Is that even a question after tonight. I don’t understand how the two of you can’t get jealous of each other.’ You laid your head aside him, your nose almost touchting his.
'We are brothers, we are viking.’ He answered. You felt his hand travel back over you body and a playfull grinn jumped on your lips. 'Besides, I now you like me more.’ He winking. You stroke your hand over his neck, his shoulder and rested it there.
'I like you more yes.’ You give im. You and Ubbe were more serious, he was also more mature than his brother. Hvitserk was all about the desire, the fun and amusement. You studied his eyes for a moment before you let your gaze rest on something else.
'What you gonna do today?’ Ubbe asked with a soft voice. You looked back to him and shrugged, for the first time thinking of your father again.
'Gonna go home.’
'You want to go back to your father?’ He asked. You felt his fingers wrap around your frist, pulling it up over the furr so you could see the blue purple stains your father left.
 'I don’t know what else to do. He is still my father, I need to know if he is alright Ubbe.’ You tried to explain. Yes, your father went over the line, but it wouldn’t solve a thing if you stayed away either. Maybe, if he wasn’t drunk you could  talk over the situation.
'Let me at last come.’ He suggested. You smiled, stroking his beard before you pushed another kiss against his lips.
'You would work me in more trouble Ubbe.’
 'I want to protect you.’
'I don’t need protection against my own father.’ You tried to ease him a little.That’s what you loved about Ubbe, his protective side, he would do anything for you.
'You know,’ he felt silent, playing with a strain of your hair. 'If you marry me you would always be safe, you could always be here.’
'I like the sound of that.’ You nodded slowly. The thought of a marriage always maked you dreaming. Marrying Ubbe … it would be a blessing from the gods. 'Your mother wouldn’t approve.’ You said after a little silence.
'Mother has nothing to say over the fact. It’s only your oppinion I listen to.’ It were the kind of words that maked your heart skip for a moment.
'What if she doesn’t want to marry you.’ You felt Hvitserk his lips against your shoulder after his words. You smiled and turned on your back, looking at him.
'Go back sleeping Hvitserk.’ You laughed, pushing him against his face to his side of the bed. Ubbe wrapped him arm almost protective around your body while Hvitserk turned on his stomach.
'I’m serious.’
'Me to go back sleeping.’
'What if I want you?’ He teased you. You looked for a short moment to Ubbe who was following it all rather amused.
'The only reason you are here is because you brother lets you.’ You started a discussion. Hvitserk shook his head, pointing a finger to you.
'And because you like it.’
'We do everything to make you happy Y/n.’ Ubbe wispered in your ear. You started lauging, punshing him foolish against the head.
'Stop it.’ You whispered. Ubbe smiled, placing his lips on yours again. You never could resist him, even if Hvitserk was looking you still maked that kiss turn in something entirely different. But Hvitserk was Hvitserk, placing his lips on your colorbone you broke your kiss with Ubbe and looked to him. ‘Go!’ You pointed to the door.
‘Why, was I that bad last night?’ He joked. You wanted to slap him but he took your wrist and looked down on you with that charming kind of smile on his face. ‘Carefull love.’ He warned you, looking over your body that layed under the furr and sheets. You shivered, only by the thoughts of last night.
‘Go brother. Find our brothers for training.’ Ubbe interuppted his intens gazing. And to your surprice Hvitserk listened, pulled his clothes on before he turned to you again.
‘Be safe.’ He advised you,
‘Always, thank you.’ You smiled, looking how he walked out. Your eyes turned back to Ubbe.
‘So, do you?’ He asked.
‘Do I what?’
‘Marry me?’
‘You were completly serious?’ You asked in disbelief. He chuckled and snuggled his noice in your hair, his lips on your ear.
‘Having a wife like you, yes, I’m serious.’ He whispered. You turned your head, playing with his braid in the meantime.
‘If your mother agrees, and if my father will not hate you for enternity. Yes, I will consider this.’ You nodded.
‘I can handle your father.’ He murmured, getting you right back in a kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, feeling his lips broke with yours to travel them down to your neck where he place his mark yesterday.
‘Lower.’ You closer your eyes, absorbing the feeling of his warm lips getting lower on your body, over your breast, your ribs. You curved you body against the sweetness of his lips. ‘Don’t Ubbe.’ You moaned, but it was to late, like usual.

Ubbe insisted on you coming to the training before you went to your father. You didn’t saw him anymore after what happened and in the way over to the trainingsfield you always looked around for him, getting that weird kind of feeling that you were be watched. So when you got to the trainingsfield you looked over your shoulder again and Ubbe frowned his eyebrows. ‘Will you not worry all the time.’
‘I’m not worried.’ You protested, leaning against a tree while you watch to the other three boys. Ubbe turned around to you, studying your face until you blushed from it.
‘I can handle your father Y/n.’ He tried to comfort you. You looked up to him, forcing a smile on your face.
‘He was one of your fathers men, you can’t handle him.’
‘Don’t underestimate me.’
‘I’m not. You are underestimating him.’ You placed your finger on his chest. ‘I don’t want you to get involved in it.’ You confessed. He laid his hand against your cheek and forced you to look up.
‘I would love to get involved in it, only for you.’ He placed a small kiss on your lips before he walked over to his brothers. You looked down to your own feet, smiling like an idiot, Ubbe always had the right words and that was what maked him so extraordinary.

Seeming them train was more than only something for your eye to see. You fight along with only you thoughts. Having a father who battled and seeing them now maked you eager to pick up a sword to. But you weren’t that kind of girl, not that fearless like Lagertha was, or any shieldmaiden for that matter. Putting a sword or an axe in your hands would only reveal in you being clumsy with it. But it was something nice to watch, imagining Ubbe being all covered in dirt and blood after a raid and coming back to you so you could take care of him. You followed those movements in his body, not even scared that something would hurt him while he maked his brother Sigurd look weak in this trainingsession. But it was like the gods showed you that your thoughts of Ubbe being indestructible were wrong. You hardly saw it fly to begin with, but Sigurd gasped for air and when you looked  to Ubbe an arrow pierced his body right above his heart.
‘Ubbe!’ You started running. But when you followed the trail that arrow flew you froze in your movements. Seeing that man standing there, that man who taked care for you, loved you but didn’t accepted you around boys. Your father gave you a look, strumbling back to the forest while he dropped  the arrow.
‘I’m fine.’ You jerked your head back to Ubbe. By the force that arrow hit him he was smacked down to the ground in a instant. You ran over and fell on the ground besiced him.
‘Is he alright?’ You asked, looking to Hvitserk and Sigurd.
‘If my brother dies by your fathers hand, I will kill you to make a point to him.’ Ivar warned you.
‘It isn’t her fault.’ Hvitserk came to your defense. You only could look to the blood, to the arrow right in his chest. Sigurd pulled it out and Ubbe grabbed for your hand.
‘I’m here.’ You whispered in tears. Hvitserk closed the wound, the fact the blood didn’t jumped out meant that your father didn’t hit a important vein.
‘I knew there was a reason why I should marry you.’ Ubbe said witch a cracky voice, a little in pain.
‘This isn’t funny Ubbe.’ You stroke your hand over his forehead, he only laughed a little.
‘Mother warned you to not get involved with her. She will punish her father, maybe even her.’ Sigurd snapped. What? You started to look scared while you thought about it. What if Aslaug would punish you for getting around Ubbe again. You looked down to him, with teary eyes.
‘I’m sorry.’ You placed a kiss on his forehead and stood up, running out of the forest.
‘Y/n!’ Hvitserk called after you but you just ignored him. You ran home, only to see your father sitting with a fresh cup of ale. You kicked it out of his hands.
‘Do you know what you are doing?’ You yelled to him. ‘Aslaug will punish you for that father! And she will punish me to.’
‘Maybe you learn your lesson then.’ He smirked. You wanted to hit him so badly now but you didn’t. You only started to look around in the house.
‘We need to get out of here.’ You said for yourself. Ubbe would forgive you in time, if you runned away from this, but he wouldn’t like it either.
‘I’m not running.’ Your father annouched.
‘If I get killed for your mistakes I’m never going to forgive you in Valhalla.’ You warned him. You weren’t even sure if you would forgive him now. He just shot Ubbe, the man you loved, there was no turning back from this and you weren’t willing to get punished for it.

Pun of the day: The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Coco: *angry looking for Velvet* For FOX sake where is she.

Fox: *materialising out of nowhere* You called?

Coco: Oh, no sorry Fox! I was looking for Velvet but I can’t find her. It’s like she just doesn’t CARROT all anymore…

Fox: Oh really?

Coco: Yeah! Carry on like this and she’ll just end up as some BUNNY that I used to know.

Fox: *he can hear giggles in the background* Well I’m sure if you find her, she’ll talk to you.

Coco: You think?

Fox: Yeah, I’m sure she’ll be ALL EARS.

*Velvet shouts a protest from behind a tree*

Coco: *chasing after the noise* Get back HARE right now!!

Fox: *sighs* Children.

gaymaractus  asked:

I once climbed a tree in protest (not a real protest, just like. I didn't want to go home because I am a Forest Boy) and my mom got so exasperated she left me up there because she thought I would come down and follow her. I did not.

Hello Forest Boy™ let us share stories regarding our forest boy nature

One time I went off into the woods and I found this great big pond and I skipped rocks for forever and the next thing I knew hours past and my parents got so mad when I got back (they thought I got kidnapped or something but I was no where near society)

Masterpost of why people in Orange Is The New Black are in prison

[indicates exact charge is unknown], (shows details)

X indicated the character is deceased or has left before Season 4 (AKA, I’m not sharing a major S4 spoiler.) These characters are at the bottom of the post. The characters are also vaguely arranged by their clique.

Piper Chapman:  Money Laundering (for Alex’s drug cartel), Perjury (in court with Alex)

Alex Vause: Heroin Trafficking (released), Probation Violation (owned a gun)

Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov: [Organized Crime] (Involved with Russian Mafia)

Nicky Nichols: Breaking and Entering (attempting to steal a rare book collection), Possession of Heroin

Lorna Morello/Muccio:  Harassment, Violating a Restraining Order, Mail Order Fraud, Attempted Murder 

Carrie ‘Big Boo’ Black: Unknown

Norma Romano: Murder (murders abusive partner)

Gina Murphy: Embezzlement

Sister Jane Ingalls: Trespassing on nuclear facility

Anita DeMarco: Unknown

Frieda Berlin:  [Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon] (cut off husband’s penis), [Murder] (at least 4 counts)

Erica ‘Yoga’ Jones: Manslaughter of a minor

Judy King: Tax evasion

Aleida Diaz: [Drug-related charges]

Dayanara Diaz: [Drug-related charges]

Gloria Mendoza: SNAP Fraud

Maritza Ramos: Grand theft auto

Marisol ‘Flaca’ Gonzales: Fraud and Endangerment (sold fake acid, a user attempted suicide)

Maria Ruiz: Unknown

Blanca Flores: Unknown

Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett: Murder (murdered abortion clinic nurse)

Angie Rice: Unknown, but likely drug-related

Leanne Taylor: [Drug-Related Charges] (dealt meth)

Poussey Washington: [Marijuana Dealing]

Brook Soso: Political protest (lived in a tree so it wouldn’t be cut down)

Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson: Heroin Trafficking (released), Parole Violation (intentional)

Cindy “Black Cindy” Tova Hayes: [Theft] 

Janae Watson: Armed Robbery

Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren: Kidnapping, Involuntary Manslaughter of a Minor 

Sophia Burset: Credit Fraud (in order to fund surgery)

Mei Chang: Organized Crime (became involved in brother’s illegal trading, cut out man’s gallbladder after he rejected her)

Lolly Whitehill: [Panhandling], [Attempted assault of a police officer]

X Claudette ‘Miss Claudette’ Pelage: Human trafficking, [Murder] (unknown if convicted)

X Rosa ‘Miss Rosa’ Cisneros: Armed Robbery

X Yvonne ‘Vee’ Parker: Heroin trafficking

X Tricia: Theft, [Drug charges]

X Mercy Valduto: Unknown

X Taslitz: [Murder]

X Irma Lerman: Unknown

X Jimmy Cavanaugh: Unknown

Did you know? The custom of the Weihnachtsbaum (Christmas tree) developed in early modern Germany. Predecessors can be traced to the 15th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. The custom acquired popularity beyond Germany in the mid-1800s, at first among the upper classes. The tree was traditionally decorated with edibles such as apples and nuts. In the 18th century, it began to be illuminated by candles which were ultimately replaced by Christmas lights. Today, there’s a wide variety of ornaments, sweets or garlands and tinsel. An angel or star might be placed at the top of the tree. While it is clear that the modern Christmas tree originated during the Renaissance of early modern Germany, there are a number of theories as to its ultimate origin. Its 16th-century origins are sometimes associated with German Protestant Christian reformer Martin Luther who is said to have first added lighted candles to an evergreen tree. It’s frequently traced to the symbolism of trees in pre-Christian winter rites, in particular through the story of Donar’s Oak.