Day 2/3: Johnson City, Tennessee

Today, just seconds before I came to join our second demonstration on campus, a freshman at our school, East Tennessee State University a freshman by the name of Tristan Pettke came up to my fellow protestors and taunted them with bananas, brandished a paper sack with the Confederate Flag, and carried around a noose. He called one protestor a nigger and handed out bananas. He was detained by public safety and onlookers demanded his mask be taken off before he was taken away. Though his actions deserved harsh repercussions, protestors remain calm while met with such heinous behavior. Tumblr, I ask of you to boost the heck out of this. We have been peaceful the entire time and to be met with such blatant racism is disgusting. Very proud of our president for taking immediate action and the good news is that he will be charged with civil rights intimidation and I spoke directly to our university president and demanded expulsion. For now, Tristan is suspended. I’m hoping for nothing worse tomorrow after what happened today. We might be waking people up on campus, but being in the South, the actions like today are to be expected and are nothing new.


Student in gorilla mask harasses Black Lives Matter protesters at East Tennessee State University

Authorities arrested an 18-year-old East Tennessee State University freshman and charged him with civil rights intimidation after he attended a Black Lives Matter event at the school with a gorilla mask, bananas tied to a rope and a burlap sack with a Confederate flag on it in an attempt to provoke protesters.

The student, who has been identified as Tristan John Rettke, was taken into custody by the campus police and taken to Washington County Detention Center. The university released an encouraging statement in response.

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Military-Style Raid Ends Native Prayer Against Dakota Pipeline
Up to 21 people were arrested during a peaceful prayer service.

North Dakota police with military-style equipment surrounded Native Americans gathered in prayer against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline on Wednesday, disrupting their plan to cross sacred and treaty-protected land in protest of a project they fear will destroy their livelihood.

“ND authorities deploy armed personnel with shotguns and assault rifles, military vehicles, and aerial spray on peaceful Water Protectors gathered in prayer,” wrote the Sacred Stone Camp, in a Facebook post.

Officers with military-style armored vehicles and shotguns threatened the protesters, who call themselves “water protectors” for defending the Missouri River from imminent pollution, reported Unicorn Riot. Up to 21 were arrested, the channel reported.

Witnesses filmed the crackdown but said their access their Facebook was blocked. One participant, Thomas H. Joseph II, posted a chilling video narrating the mobilization and his getaway. Helicopters are heard as he says that tear gas is being dropped, and an officer loads his gun as protesters, some on horseback, chant, “We have no guns.”

In the video, Joseph said that “one guy’s about ready to blast us” but later added that no fires were shot.

“We gathered in prayer un-armed, prayed, sang songs, and attempted to leave,“ he later wrote in a Facebook post. "No threats, No vandalism, No violence was taken on our part.”

Police and private security personnel have been more aggressively cracking down on actions against the pipeline since the governor declared a state of emergency. The state is currently investigating an incident in which contracted private security film Frost Kennelsunleashed dogs during a nonviolent direct action, ending with six bitten, including a pregnant woman and a child, according to organizers at the action.

Alternative media outlet Unicorn Riot previously accused Facebook of censoring its livestream of police repression, saying they received a popup security alert when they tried to post the video.

“We will not let them stop our mission to amplify the voices of people who might otherwise go unheard, and broadcast the stories that might otherwise go untold,“ they told RT.

The pipeline, expected to transport over half a million barrels of oil a day through four states, has united over 300 tribes in resistance. Several lawsuits are pending against the company, which has retaliated with restraining orders. The White House halted construction on federal land, which makes up three percent of the pipeline’s path, but has not issued any other statement against the pipeline—motivating Facebook users to demand a response after Wednesday’s crackdown.

President Barack Obama met with tribal representatives on Monday but only made an indirect reference to the historic native gathering: “I know that many of you have come together across tribes and across the country to support the community at Standing Rock,“ he said. “And together, you’re making your voices heard.“

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Angela Davis meets Zulaika Patel, the 13 year old who refused to tame her afro in a former Whites only public school in south Africa.

It’s a strange world we live in - even in Africa, our motherland, the black people are opressed for being black. I thought racism and discrimination are the US monopoly. #Hate it!


Powerful photos show the protests for Alfred Olango

It’s been two days since police officers in El Cajon, California, shot and killed Alfred Olango outside a local shopping center. Now, members of Olango's community are marching for justice. 

On Wednesday, protesters from the city and surrounding area took to the streets demanding answers and accountability for the shooting. In an evocative display, protesters burned a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat. 

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Since the media is fucking garabge and isn’t reporting on this I will. Earlier today the Sioux tribe (the natives protesting the pipeline in north dakota) were literally attacked by the government. They blocked off any live stream being recorded online, and have been confiscating phones and erasing videos. They being the police and whoever is responsible for cutting off the live streams. Today they dropped tear gas from planes on PEACEFUL protesters that were collectivly PRAYING together in an attempt to protect their WATER. A basic human right. They put chemicals in the water (from what I read on twitter, I’m not sure if this is true feel free to fact check), they’ve arrested over 21 people, and have been surrounding the protesters (who are unarmed) with weapons, not allowing anyone to come or leave the protesting site, and the media is being COMPLETELY silent about this. This is happening to men, woman, and children. Please if you are going to reblog anything please allow it to be this.This is outrageous and needs to stop. It is up to us to stand up and say something since the media and government are trying to silence the people. We need to speak for those who can’t!!! The natives have suffered long enough, and this needs to end!!!!


9/28/16 - 6:45 PM

Protests have erupted in El Cajon, CA after the police murdered Alfred Olango on Tuesday. According to early reports, Olango’s sister called 911 for help because he had been suffering seizures. Instead of administering medical assistance, the police shot and killed Alfred Olango within one minute of arriving on the scene. Other reports said Olango was seen by drivers wandering aimlessly through traffic. None have said he was violent or threatening to anyone. He needed medical attention. Witnesses said that Olango had his hands up and that their cell phones were confiscated after he was shot. 

In anticipation for the protests, excessive amounts of riot police have been deployed on the streets of El Cajon. 


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Student in gorilla mask arrested at Black Lives Matter protest

An East Tennessee State University student was arrested Tuesday week after wearing a gorilla mask and carrying a rope during a Black Lives Matterprotest on campus, according to local reports.

Tristan Rettke was charged with civil rights intimidation following the incident, according to a Johnson City Police Department report, WCYB-TV reported.
Student arrested after wearing gorilla mask, handing out bananas at Black Lives Matter protest
An Eastern Tennessee State University student was charged with civil rights intimidation after disrupting a Black Lives Matter protest.

An East Tennessee State University student was arrested Wednesday after going to a Black Lives Matter protest on campus wearing a gorilla mask and handing out bananas.

Tristan Rettke, an 18-year-old freshman, wore overalls and a gorilla mask and, holding a burlap sack with a Confederate flag and a marijuana leaf on it, offered bananas to students who were protesting, according to the ETSU police department report. He was arrested and charged with civil rights intimidation.

Attempting to change the American electoral process from the top down without spending 10 to 15 years instituting major infrastructural changes to the way the system works is a lot like forcing individuals during a drought to conserve water while major corporations (who easily use more than 50% of the water being wasted) aren’t required to do jack shit and promising that if we try hard enough and report our neighbors the water tables will miraculously rise.

…oh wait.

I guess that’s why people think it’ll work.