Hoy es un gran día para Guatemala; miles de Guatemaltecos saldremos a las calles y principalmente al Parque Central a protestar en contra de la corrupción. Además, en lo personal, yo manifestaré para que se haga justicia contra Otto Pérez Molina, un ex-militar que participó en el genocidio guatemalteco y que irónicamente, hoy es nuestro presidente.

Por favor, lleva la voz para que otras personas se enteren.

Stunning Video We Wished Existed, Now Does

Watching Sandra Bland’s violent arrest for a lane-change becomes more deeply sickening with the knowledge that she will die under nefarious circumstances in her jail cell three days later. It is a gift that we can see Bland as the strong, vital, and beautiful woman she was in her now-viral Facebook clip made some time before her death on the germane topic of #BlackLivesMatter.

As grieved and helpless as stories like Bland’s make us feel, it stands to reason that we can better overcome this incessant brutality by learning about its origins. Explaining the critical link between deaths like Bland’s and America’s history of slavery can be a challenging task under pressure—at a bar, at a family event, around the water cooler. Same goes for the link between slavery and the poverty, violence, and high rates of incarceration in many black communities. This 6-minute video, gorgeously illustrated and succinctly narrated by civil rights hero Bryan Stevenson, is a powerful tool in drawing those connections. It’s the first video in what will be a series of five.  

If you think you know what you’re about to see, don’t be sure. My guess is you’ll learn or feel something you didn’t expect. Watch. SHARE.

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