Fall River

He is painted murky,
rivers gushing,
under his bold glistening skin;
Blood rises in his,
drain pipe veins,
through faucet eyes,
that mesmerise,
muddy brown and intense;
Sands, deliberately rounded pebbles, some fossils 
collect under the banks,
of his nails;
Sentiments sediment there;
The deepest waters of the steadiest,
streams combine,
in his soul;
His heart is made,
like this Earth was
more liquid and life;

How old is he?
What does he know?
How seizing is his unrest…
that I am caught in?

I am clutching at the brim,
swimming under his surface,
inquisitions into him;
And he is rushing over me,
thinning my blood
with the aqueous near-kiss.
I am yet to master defeat
let him inundate my inquest
my every protest
and simply drown, to become his.

© SoulReserve 2015

Seth MacFarlane

Just a friendly reminder that Seth MacFarlane has always been an active supporter of LGBT rights

Friendly reminder that Seth MacFarlane is was literally down in the picket line of protests for the rights of union workers and literally refused to work during the protest

And he is also a huge supporter of scientific and space exploration as well as being single handedly responsible for the revival of Cosmos

So yeah. Just think and maybe do a little research next time before you start slandering someone who you happen to just not find funny.