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Yeah I have a headcanon that Alex absolutely ROCKS a Little Black Dress and the first time she has a reason to wear one Magnus like walks into a wall or forgets how to speak in the middle of a sentence or something.


  • The reason why she’s wearing it is because Sam wanted Magnus and Alex to go with her to homecoming or prom or something 
  • First she asked Alex cuz Alex is her sister ofc and she says she’s gonna ask Magnus too but Alex said that she could tell him (because honestly Alex would just want to see magnus’s dumbfounded expression as he stumbles over his words and says “y-you w-want to go to h-homecoming w-with… me?”)
  • it would be adorable
  • so they decide to go together and magnus isn’t sure if this is like just a friends hanging out thing or i want to slow dance with you and kiss you under the disco ball thing 
  • So magnus is like freaking out and he goes straight to blitz and begs him to help him find something to wear
  • Blitz, being a good Dad™ tailors a grey suit for Magnus that matches his eyes and a pink and green striped tie because you know they all expect Alex to wear pink and green so they match
  • And Alex does wear a pinkish sweater with the dress
  • But oh geeze when Alex opens the door magnus just about finds out what it’s like to be killed with someone’s beauty
  • Because like,,,, Alex looks just amazing
  • He sits there like an idiot cuz he. just. can’t function.
  • And Alex just grabs him by the tie and pulls him towards the car saying, “C’mon you big dork.”
  • So on the way there Magnus pretty much just stares opened mouth and Alex rolls her eyes, but shes like blushing a lot (because it’s magnus how could you not love magnus)
  • The dance is kinda meh
  • It’s a little awkward cuz they don’t know many people and some people keep saying if they seen them somewhere (because 1 of them probably ran into them on the streets)
  • And Alex just leans in and whispers to Magnus, “Let’s ditch this place,” or something
  • So instead they decide to just walk down the street, looking at the windows and making mental notes of which stores Blitz might want to check out
  • Alex takes Magnus’ hand and drags him to a little cafe
  • he’s too surprised to protest
  • and it turns out that Alex is like best friends with the owner or something so they get a butload of pastries and sit in the corner of the cafe and just talk
  • Alex says something funny that makes coffee almost squirt out of Magnus’ nose
  • And they just talk, kind of letting loose
  • Without realizing it their hands slip together
  • When they do realize it Magnus is the first to pull away, blushing fiercely and trying to stutter out an apology
  • And the coffee must really be doing something to Alex’s brain because she says it’s fine and leans forward slightly 
  • Magnus does too
  • There’s a moment of silence in which they both just look at each other, wondering how the other could be so beautiful
  • Alex looks at Magnus’ lips
  • Magnus leans closer
  • Alex can feel his breath on her face before she pulls him forward by his tie
  • and ye its just adorable

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Hello new blog~! Can I request​ for RFA + V an Saeran reactions on MC being a piano prodigy? Thanks in advance! /huggeu

Hello!! *hugs u back*


  • She thinks your piano playing is beautiful, asks you to play for her after a stressful day
  • You sit down at the piano, fingers poised over the keys
  • “What should I play, Jaehee?”
  • Usually she’ll ask for something slow
  • Moonlight Sonata and Clair de Lune are her favorites
  • But instead she comes up behind you on the piano bench and wraps her arms around you from behind
  • She leans her head on your shoulder, lips grazing the outside of your ear
  • “Surprise me.”
  • You look down at the expanse of ebony and ivory before you, and then
  • You close your eyes
  • You start off with one note
  • And then an arpeggio in that scale
  • And you build based on that- the movement of your fingers simply second nature to you as you focus on the movement of Jaehee’s breathing against you
  • You’re no longer in control of this piece- the notes dance to the tune of Jaehee that is playing in your mind
  • And when your improvisation trails off, Jaehee sleepily nuzzles your cheek
  • “What was that one called, MC?”
  • “I think I’m going to call it ‘Jaehee.’”


  • He took piano lessons as a kid, just like all korean kids do
  • But it was always for a recital or a specific performance of some kind
  • It always felt very strict to him
  • So he’s blown away by the way you play, the way you feel the music and the way you play like the music is a part of you
  • His eyes are wide whenever he watches you play for him
  • which is all the time, at his request
  • He doesn’t really care much for classical music, because it’s all stuff he had to learn how to play
  • But he loves it when you play contemporary themes
  • He didn’t realize the piano was such a versatile instrument
  • He shyly asks you if you can teach him how to play again
  • You sit him down on the piano bench and sit down behind him, legs on either side of him
  • He automatically goes into the rigid playing position from all his piano lessons
  • You put your hands over his, fixing his pose
  • “Relax, Yoosung. Why are you so stiff?”
  • You eventually get his fingers to relax and you flip to the page for one of his favorite songs
  • You help him play at half speed, as he still remembers the notes and he is a very skilled player, if a rigid one
  • “Okay. Now I want you to do that all again, but close your eyes.”
  • “What??”
  • “Close your eyes. I’ll help you play the notes, but I want you to feel it.”
  • You guide him through the blind session, your hands over his the whole time, and you can feel him start to melt into the melody
  • He can feel the difference too, and he’s eager to try again


  • When he comes back to the penthouse and finds you missing, he’s not extremely worried
  • You were, after all, free to the premises of the entire building
  • And you were often gone to the gym or to the cafe downstairs
  • But after checking all of the usual places and finding you nowhere, he gets a little nervous
  • He hadn’t even bothered to ask his security chief about your whereabouts, but he turns to him now
  • “She said she was going to the orchestra hall, Mr. Han.”
  • He approaches the empty hall, slightly skeptical until he hears the sound of beautiful piano music coming from inside
  • He enters the hall as quietly as he can, standing against the back wall with a smile slowly growing on his face
  • The stage and the stands are both empty, but you’re seated at the piano, eyes closed as you play one of your favorite songs, Yiruma’s River Flows in You
  • He can’t believe he never knew this about you, and he can’t tear his eyes away from that look of absolute peace on your face
  • When your song draws to a close his applause rings out through the hall
  • Embarrassed, you start to move away from the piano as he walks towards you
  • “No, love, please stay. Play another for me.”
  • He’s amazed when you can play any classical piece that he requests
  • And even more amazed when you confess that you usually visit the hall when it’s empty to play the piano
  • He immediately orders a grand piano for the penthouse so you don’t have to play in an empty hall


  • He saw your piano videos a long time ago 
  • But he doesn’t bring it up until all the Saeran issues have been solved and you two move in together
  • But he surprises you one day
  • With a keyboard that he built himself
  • It has the full piano range and three working pedals
  • But it has literal thousands of instrument capabilities
  • Including one that is just Saeyoung screaming at different pitches
  • You two mess around with it for hours, laughing at some of the more ridiculous ones
  • Elizabeth the 3rd’s meow autotuned to the whole range
  • Car horns
  • He asks you to play something serious
  • So you straighten up into proper posture
  • Fingers over the keys and feet flat on the floor
  • And play Etude No. 3 in a soundfont of Vanderwood’s disinterested (and heavily autotuned) “Ya…”
  • Saeyoung is losing his shit as you continue to play as if you were in front of a crowd in an orchestra hall
  • And you solemnly stand up and bow when you’re finished
  • He wipes tears of laughter from his eyes and switches it back to the default piano setting
  • “Baby I’m sorry I couldn’t finish this sooner. You must’ve been so sad, with no piano in the apartment”
  • He doesn’t answer when you ask him how he knew to get a piano for you


  • Literally he is OVERJOYED when you first play for him
  • He brings you with him to the practice room for the first time
  • And you light up when you see the piano there- it’s been months since you’ve been able to play
  • When you tell him you can play he’s excited 
  • But he sure as hell wasn’t expecting you to tap out a full-on 5 minute jazz improvisation
  • “Babe, how are you so perfect for me??”
  • He gives you the piano music for the musical he’s rehearsing for
  • It’s easy compared to the pieces you usually play, but you help him practice for as long at he needs to
  • Once his self-allotted time is over, though, he leans over the piano to kiss you on the nose
  • “Okay, I’m done~~ So show off for me now, okay?”
  • You’re happy to oblige
  • His face lights up when he recognizes the opening of “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera
  • And you swear you see stars shining in his crimson eyes when you start to sing Christine’s part
  • He’s the only one in the room but he makes you feel like you’re playing for the real opera with the undivided attention he gives you
  • He comes in perfectly with Raoul’s verse, and nearly reels back in shock when you nail the high note in the ending
  • As soon as you’re done he’s all over you with kisses
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you were so talented?? You have to perform for the director, he has to give you a part”
  • He bugs and bugs you to audition with him, and he’s super determined to get you on stage


  • He’s been living with Seven for a few months now, but recovering from a traumatic experience like Mint Eye takes a lot more than months
  • So he still has a lot of sleepless nights
  • He’ll call you often, and you do your best to talk him to sleep
  • But it’s been bad lately
  • So when you offer to let him sleep at your place for a few nights he definitely accepts
  • You wake up in the middle of the night to find that he’s not there
  • So you shuffle out of bed and into the living room
  • Saeran is sitting on the couch, staring out the window
  • You sit down next to him, curling into his side
  • “I’m sorry I couldn’t help.”
  • “No, no, it’s not your fault. I’m sorry I woke you.”
  • “I don’t want you to spend all night here alone. Want me to play some music for you?”
  • He’s heard you play before, but usually only scales or pop songs
  • So when you sit down at your piano and weave a soft melody out of thin air he’s taken aback
  • But the lull of the notes instills in him a sense of comfort that he realizes he’s been missing these past few nights
  • He can’t tell if it’s the music or the person playing it
  • And it could very well be both
  • But he finds his eyelids drooping, his mind finally able to feel the fatigue of his body
  • When you realize he’s asleep you stop playing and pull a blanket over him
  • It’s the best sleep he’s had in years


  • Oh boy he loves you even more for it
  • The two of you are at one of V’s friends’ exhibitions at a local cafe
  • It’s very artsy kind of place, with a grand piano that is free for the public to use
  • And when you arrive someone is currently seated at it
  • But once they leave V turns to the now-empty piano
  • “I remember when my mom had me taking piano lessons. I wonder if I even remember anything from it.”
  • “Oh, I still play,” you say with a laugh, trying to downplay it
  • “You do?”
  • V’s face lights up, and you realize too late the mistake you just made
  • “Can you play something for me?”
  • He’s already ushering you to the piano before you can protest
  • And as you sit down you think about what kind of song V would like
  • You settle on a piano version of La Vie en Rose, with arpeggios and fills
  • V is rendered speechless while you play, and he hugs you afterwards
  • “MC, I had no idea!”
  • “Oh, it’s nothing really…”
  • Won’t stop giving you praises

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I need someone to write a thing

  • I’m making this a hc style post bc why not
  • So newsies modern au where they’re all part of their school’s gsa/lgbt+ alliance
  • Jack’s the leader of the club, everyone’s bi trans dad
  • Davey has just come to terms with the fact that he’s trans and gay, so he starts showing up to the meetings
  • After his first meeting, the school announces that students are “required to use the restroom of their assigned sex”
  • And our dear newsies protest
  • And Davey’s scared at first bc “I’ve barely accepted myself, how can I rally for all of us?” But he begins to find pride through all this
  • Also, our ace reporter Katherine (that has a double meaning) writes an article for the school paper about their protesting
  • But her father, the principal, shuts her down
  • Then, she sends the article to a local city newspaper, along with some of Jack’s drawings (of what? Idk yet) and they publish it
  • And now lgbt+ kids from all over join the protest
  • And like it’s kind of a translation of the musical??
  • Someone please write this

I’m laughing because well knowed newspapers and news networks used the terms “bloggers”, “activists”, “social justice warriors” more often to de-legitimate them, meanwhile they informed me about:

  • Ferguson 
  • Syrian Refugees
  • chinese activists disappereance
  • Orlando
  • Aleppo
  • Ni una Menos
  • Poland women’s right march
  • Flint
  • Philippines’ president Duterte
  • Standing Rock protest
  • and Boko Haram nigerian massacre

faster and better (and sometimes were the only ones), and with more accurancy and proofs that said newspapers and news networks did. 

So how about, instead, @well knowed newspapers and news networks, you examine yourself, your ethic, your morals, the present and your work, and start doing what should be YOUR  FRICKING JOB?!? 


What does the word Christmas (Рождество) mean for Russians? It’s one of the major holidays of the year, and it’s one of the holidays during the period of the New Year holidays (Новогодние праздники) in Russia. How did it happen, that we call these two-week holidays “New Year holidays”, but not “Christmas Holidays”? 

Let’s remember Russia a hundred years ago. It was standing on the verge of revolution, but on December 4, 1916, it was still a monarchy. Monarchy in Russia was deeply connected with the Church, because for Russians the King, or the Tsar (Царь) was given his power by the God. And faith was an important part of the Russian life, because when you believe in God, because as long as you believe in God, you believe in the legitimacy of your Tsar. Alexander III and Nikolay II (Александр Третий и Николай Второй), the last two Russian Tsars tried to bound the people around family values and Christianity even more than before, because of the rivals in the country (in 1881 Alexander II was assassinated by anarchists). As you probably know, it didn’t work out, and The Russian Revolution of 1917 (Революция тысяча дявятьсот семнадцатого года) started anyway, and the whole royal family was murdered. You understand, those communists didn’t believe in God, because if they did, they wouldn’t kill anyone at all, especially the Tsar, who was considered the closest figure to God. So the communists, obviously, forbade these beliefs at all, I mean, they forbade to be Christian. And what’s about Christmas? Christmas is the main holiday of the year, and it’s traditions go far beyond the celebration of God’s birth. They didn’t want people to lose the tradition, but they also didn’t want to celebrate a religious holiday. And they found a solution. Only in 1935 they decided to celebrate The New Year (Новый Год) instead of Christmas because these two holidays are the closest. And it was the same Christmas tree (рождественская ёлка), the same Christmas toys (рождественские игрушки), though now they became a New-Year tree (новогодняя ёлка) and New-Year toys (новогодние игрушки). 
A communist republic is all about communities. People should be together, they should be united, equal in everything. And every office, every factory, every school and kindergarten had a New-Year party that was very typical. Adults set a table with some food and Champagne, music and dances; kids had a theatrical performance, when they had to stop the evil forces from ruining The New Year by singing songs and dancing together, and there always came “Santa Clause” (Дед Мороз/Father Frost) with his granddaughter Snegurochka (Снегурочка), and the holiday was saved. Father Frost gave everyone a box of sweet treats and kids could happily go home.

All these traditions still exist, and I also had it in my kindergarten and in the first years of school. And when I grew older I participated in the organisation of such events. Older kids also have concerts where they can sing or dance, or read a poem or anything else related to the topic of The New Year or Christmas. 
All these parties usually occur in the last week before December 31. December 31 is a day of preparation. The families cook the whole day, clean the house, wait for the guests to come in the evening. They all sit together, drink, talk, watch some New-Year show and wait for the midnight. On midnight the President/General Secretary (the title of the leader of the country in communist countries) always gives a three-minute talk about the things happened this year and how the next year is going to be better, then everyone drinks and starts to party. They can go outside to watch fireworks, teenagers usually go to their friends, old people usually go to bed right after midnight. The New Year night is the night of the partying.
On January 1 everything is closed because people sleep. [If you are confused and don’t understand, whether I’m speaking about USSR or Russia right now, I’m speaking about both. It didn’t change since then.] And the next ten days are the days of doing nothing for atheists and the beginning of Christmas holidays for religious people.
It’s stupid to deny, that people still believed in God in USSR, because Lenin just couldn’t tell them to stop. And Christmas became an unofficial holiday, but it still existed. Russian orthodox church follows the Julian calendar and not the Gregorian, as Catholics and Protestands do, and it means that all the religious holidays are celebrated 13 years later than in the Western world. And it means that Russian Chistmas goes after the New Year and is celebrated on January 7. My mother, who is very religious, usually goes to church on Christmas Eve (в канун Рождества) and watches the service, that can last 4-5 hours (and you are not allowed to sit).

It means, that there’s a week between the New Year and Christmas, and it automatically becomes a week of caroling, which is actually very rear now. I think it exists only in very authentic communities, villages and among very faithful people. People go to houses and sing songs and offer to taste some special Christmas porige and always get something to eat in return. In period between Christmas and Babtising (Крещение),

when people can wash away their sins, there is one more tradition of Christmastide or Yuletide (Святки). This period was believed a good time for telling fortune, and people, especially women enjoy playing magic and trying to tell their future. This is an odd mixture of Christian and pegan traditions describe Russia very well, I think. True Christians say that telling fortune is a sin, but common people don’t really care about sins, they just want to have fun, so our Christmas traditions contain lots of pegan traditions as well.

In 1991, when USSR no longer existed, Christmas became an official holiday as well. Now we have an offical New Year holidays from December 31 till January 10, that include Christmas. We have official Christmas servises and they are supported by politicians again

because we returned to that rethoric of family values and spirituality, that existed in pre-revolutionary Russia, with Church being an important part of our lives. But as you understand, 1991 was only 25 years ago, and most of the population grew up in Soviet tradition of New Year being the secular Christmas, or the major holiday, and Christmas as a holiday for orthodox Christians. Russian Catholics and Russian Protertans celebrate Christmas on December 25, though it’s not a holiday in Russia, and you still have to go to work and can’t avoid your duties. According to statistics, which is very unreliable, as we all know, 75% Russians claim themselves orthodox, and 75% of these people celebrate orthodox holidays. But I can assure you, that lots of people who say they are orthodox, don’t even believe in God. And being orthodox for them is just a part of being Russian, and it’s just a part of their identity.

  • ok so even though tae is an actual child himself i think he would be the absolute cuTEST father to your kid(s)
  • tae is the type of father to do absolutely anything and everything in his power to make his baby smile
  • like he’d smack himself in the face if it made his baby’s cheeks get all chubby and smiley
  • but your baby just so happens to like it when tae hides his face with his hands and then opens them to reveal him doing a funny face
  • and your kid can’t get enough of tae’s funny faces
  • like the baby is mesmerized and you kind of are too tbh like you kind of get distracted by watching tae being all cute and bubbly with your baby
  • “where’s daddy????” 
  • “here he is!”
  • and giggling would ensue
  • (both tae’s and the baby’s)
  • mainly tae’s
  • tae is also so super affectionate like i can see you coming home from work to find tae sitting in the baby’s play pen with him/her just stroking his/her’s back while they sleep and even though you kind of want to tell tae that he’s a grown adult and the play pen can’t support his weight you just kind of shrug it off and watch the way tae’s movements are so gentle and careful like he’s touching a piece of art he shouldn’t be touching
  • and your heart gets all fluttery as you watch tae’s complete concentration on your child and you realize that you picked the best husband/partner/baby daddy
  • and when tae would notice you watching the two of them he’d smile widely and get all embarrassed because he’s well aware of the fact that the baby’s furniture can’t support him
  • so he kissed your baby’s forehead ever so lightly and closes his eyes slightly to savor the moment before he carefully exits the area
  • and you walk over to tae and he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your jaw lightly while he whispers in your ear
  • “we made that little slice of heaven”
  • “we did didn’t we”
  • “our baby is the cutest baby in the entire universe”
  • “yeah they are”
  • and he’d then kiss your lips gently and you’d both sit silently and watch the baby sleep 
  • speaking of sleep neither of you would get much because aside from being the cutest baby in the universe your baby is also the baby who never sleeps
  • so when it’s four fifteen in the morning and your baby is wailing from their room tae quickly climbs out of bed and soothes the infant back to sleep so you don’t have to get up because “you carried the baby for nine months so the least he can do is take care of them when they cry at night”
  • ok but he’d be really sweet putting your baby back to sleep
  • he always sings his favorite songs softly to the baby and you know this because you can hear him on the baby monitor but you don’t let him know that you can hear him
  • except for that one time he was doing his own god awful rendition of a drake song and you had to get up and tell him to stop because how dare he expose your baby to his poor rapping skills like damn just leave that to uncle yoongi 
  • “my rapping isn’t that bad” he’d protest
  • and you’d point to the still crying baby as your proof that it in fact was that bad
  • and he’d smirk and you’d leave the room so he could sing to your baby
  • feeding time
  • when your baby’s old enough to eat baby food taehyung would be the type to make all types of airplane and train noises like literally any moving vehicle he’d make a noise for
  • “here comes the bicycle!’
  • “tae bicycles don’t make noise”
  • “this one does”
  • and he’d swirl the spoon around in the air before finally putting it in your baby’s mouth and the baby would giggle and tae would smile his adorable little smile and uGFh my heart hurts
  • goodBYe
  • sorry
  • peace, love and baby daddy tae
How I Came Out To Myself As A Feminist (Split for Readability) PART ONE OF THREE

In high school a classmate called me a femiNazi
Because I wouldn’t let him call me ‘girl.’
This had nothing to do with feminism—
I still haven’t found the right syllable for my gender but ‘girl’ was never it
And besides that he was younger than me so
The word made no sense on a technicality.
No one in a class of twenty-three backed my protest
And I learned that women defending themselves against sexism are annoying. 

I got through six years of post-high school education believing
I’d never had a use for feminism, myself.
I know, I know—but it’s totally true.
I’ve never worked alongside a man who wasn’t making the same exact wage I was making.
I’ve never cared a damn about childcare because I’ve never cared a damn about kids,
But that whole seventy-five cents thing lumps women who leave to have babies for five years in with the rest of us, doesn’t it?
I never really thought of childcare as a feminist issue anyway—
It’s sort of a HUMAN issue, isn’t it?
One of my professors once asked me whether I knew that this was in fact the definition of feminism.
I didn’t tell her what I did know;
That women defending themselves against sexism are femiNazis. 

I kept shying away from being annoying—
I fought for sexual education and reproductive rights,
But that benefits all sexes and genders,
It’s not a feminist issue.
I attended, indeed ran, protests and Take Back The Nights and Slutwalks
But that’s because these things—
Like white-only water fountains and straight-only marriages and cis-only bathrooms,
Are simply RIDICULOUS.
If you want an abortion, get one
If you want a baby, birth one
This is not feminism
But common sense. 

Fall River

He is painted murky,
rivers gushing,
under his bold glistening skin;
Blood rises in his,
drain pipe veins,
through faucet eyes,
that mesmerise,
muddy brown and intense;
Sands, deliberately rounded pebbles, some fossils 
collect under the banks,
of his nails;
Sentiments sediment there;
The deepest waters of the steadiest,
streams combine,
in his soul;
His heart is made,
like this Earth was
more liquid and life;

How old is he?
What does he know?
How seizing is his unrest…
that I am caught in?

I am clutching at the brim,
swimming under his surface,
inquisitions into him;
And he is rushing over me,
thinning my blood
with the aqueous near-kiss.
I am yet to master defeat
let him inundate my inquest
my every protest
and simply drown, to become his.

© SoulReserve 2015