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the real housewives of beverly hills going to China to protest the consumption of dog meat on the grounds of animal cruelty while they carry around $15,000 crocodile skin bags and wear fur and leather boots is the epitome of oblivious jaded rich white women and so hypocritical and racist like lol you don’t really care about the animals you just think it’s horrifying and barbaric because it’s Chinese people who are doing it shut up


These are the best, most joyful, and most savage protest signs from this weekend’s multi-city resistance to Trump’s Muslim ban

While we’re still trying to make sense of it all, we can’t help but appreciate the passion that’s gone into so many of these messages. When little kids are getting in on it, you know people are mobilizing. (One dog’s protest sign was especially good.)

Photos: Twitter

I shit you not: just as I was about to have Andrei pack it in and basically stop caring…

… his protest succeeded.


They all clustered around him like creeps just as he was about to catch some afternoon rays.

Because every sim in this game is a troll.

… I can’t stand it.


Andrei likes holding signs, probably even if he doesn’t agree with the thing being protested.

No cops!  No cops!

… why are we doing this.  It doesn’t matter.

Shut up, Terence!  A pawn of the regime!

Fight the power!

Tasha got overenthusiastic about fighting the power.

And it upset her easily riled girlfriend.  :|


An arrest warrant has been issued for journalist Amy Goodman, who filmed Dakota Access Pipeline protest.

Journalist Amy Goodman recently filmed the Dakota Access Pipeline company turning dogs on protesters; now, there’s a warrant out for her arrest in Morton County, North Dakota.

“This is an unacceptable violation of freedom of the press,” Goodman said in a statement, according to Democracy Now!, the publication for which she works. “I was doing my job by covering pipeline guards unleashing dogs and pepper spray on Native American protesters.” Goodman is being charged with one offense.

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