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Malcolm X speaking at a boycott rally against the New York City Board of Education on March 16, 1964.

In one of the largest demonstrations of the Civil Rights movement, hundreds of thousands of parents, students and civil rights advocates took part in a citywide boycott of the New York City public school system to demonstrate their support for the full integration of the city’s public schools and an end to de facto segregation. After years of unsuccessful lobbying, the Parents’ Workshop for Equality decided to take direct action against the school board and called upon Bayard Rustin to organize a one-day protest and boycott of the city’s public school system on February 3, 1964. The organization’s sole objective was to render the racial imbalance of African American and Puerto Rican schools by persuading the New York City Board of Education to implement integration timetables. Response from the African American and Puerto Rican communities was overwhelming as more than 450,000 students refused to attend their respective schools on the day of the boycott. In addition, thousands of demonstrators staged peaceful rallies at the Board of Education, City Hall and the Manhattan office of Governor Nelson Rockefeller. Despite enjoying broad support, the boycott failed to force the city’s school board to undertake immediate reform. Another boycott was held on March 16, over 250,000 students participated in the second boycott.

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We like the term, Fiscal Control Board***** better. Because they are basically the USA’s way of saying: Yo, Puerto Rico, you are still a colony of the U.S. And you will always be. AND THEY GET PAID A COUPLE MILLION DOLLARS…. (Idk… If we took that money and paid the debt wouldn’t it be more reasonable?

And anyways a lot of that public debt is ILLEGAL. Hedge funds are behind the whole thing… And the government refuses to audit the debt.

The UPR has 11 campuses… A cut that big will eventually result in the closing of smaller campuses….

The governor said publicly that the students should either choose to cut the $450millions from the University or public Health. Basically making EVERYONE believe the students are the villains.

The police already said that they will decide HOW, WHEN AND WHERE the students strike… Isn’t that the oppressors’ way of saying: “WE OWN YOU, YOU DO WHAT WE WANT.?”

I am totally missing a lot of things, but this is a bit of a summary of what has been going on in my University. And what will be going on in the following weeks. Please, share this. Let everyone know what is happening. And do not be influence what you might hear from “official channels”
THIS. IS. NOT. NORMAL! White House blocks news outlets from media briefing
The White House has blocked several high-profile media outlets from its press briefing. The Trump administration on Friday blocked legacy outlets including CNN, BBC, The New York Times, LA Times, the New York Daily News, the Daily Mail, and others from the White House press briefing. Officials also approved outlets who typically provide favourable coverage of the new administration. Several media outlets including the Associated Press and TIME Magazine declined to attend the briefing to boycott the President's decision.

Justin Carissimo at The Independent:

The White House has blocked several major news outlets from covering its press briefing.

White House Press Secretary Spicer on Friday hand selected news outlets to participate in an off-camera “gaggle” with reporters inside his West Wing office instead of the James S Brady Press Briefing Room.

The news outlets blocked from the press briefing include organisations who President Trump has criticised by name. CNN, BBC, The New York Times, LA Times, New York Daily News, Daily Mail, were among the news outlets barred from the gathering.

Instead, the press secretary hand-picked news outlets including Breitbart News, One America News Network, The Washington Times, all news organisations with far-right leanings. Others major outlets approved for t group included ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Reuters and Bloomberg.

“Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties,” Dean Baquet, executive editor of The New York Times said in a statement. “We strongly protest the exclusion of The New York Times and the other news organizations. Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest.”

Several media outlets including the Associated Press and TIME Magazine declined to attend the briefing to boycott the President’s decision.

The White House Correspondents’ Association also criticised the decision.

“The WHCA board is protesting strongly against how today’s gaggle is being handled by the White House,” Jeff Mason, the association’s president, said in a statement.

“We encourage the organizations that were allowed in to share the material with others in the press corps who were not. The board will be discussing this further with White House staff.”

And it’s also anti-American, to boot.

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Prompt- Nursey's childhood treehouse his dad built for him out in their fancy long island summer house (if you want a pairing use any you like)

“I can’t believe you have a tree house,” Ransom says, peering up at the ladder. “Brah. This is so suburbs.”

Nursey rolls his eyes. “This is Kensington,” he says. “You don’t get more suburbs than this.” He pulls the flask out of his back pocket and wags it at him. “You wanna go up, or not?”

Ransom grins. “Bro.”

The ladder’s held up well over the years, the boards barely protesting the weight of two full-grown hockey players climbing up. Inside, the tree house is a lot smaller than it had felt when Nursey was a kid, but they squeeze in together, flopping down onto the outdoor rug and cushions. There are a few books on the shelf in the corner, proof that his half-sisters have been spending time out here this summer, and that makes him smile. 

“C’mere,” Ransom says, tugging on his t-shirt, and Nursey shifts, sprawling out a little and dropping his head onto Ransom’s shoulder. Ransom slings an arm over his chest, loose and easy. “So,” he says after a moment. “This is cute as fuck.”

Nursey hums his agreement. He tugs the flask out of his pocket again and unscrews the cap with his thumb, passing it over. Ransom takes a sip and chokes. “What the fuck is in here?”

“Whiskey and Mountain Dew.”

“Ugh, you’re so gross. Do your poetry friends know your classy hipster routine is built on lies?”

Nursey digs his knuckles into Ransom’s ribs. “I blame you and your fratty influence.”

“Dweeb,” Ransom says, but it’s fond, and Nursey smiles. He’s quiet for a moment, his fingers idly drifting over the fabric of Nursey’s t-shirt. “How long’ve you had this place? It’s cute as hell.”

“My dad built it, actually,” Nursey says. 

Ransom’s fingers still. Nursey’s not really surprised. He’s never really been shy about his relationship with his dad being strained–there’s no animosity between them or anything, he knows deep in his core how much his dad loves him, but they’re just…really different people. “Yeah?” he says after a few seconds, a gentle prompting.

Nursey turns his head on Ransom’s shoulder so he can look at him. “He bought this place when he married my step-mom,” he says. “Farah and I hated it–we were total fucking city kids–shut up, Justin,” he adds, before Ransom can say “were?”, pressing ahead. “And like, this big house, out on Long Island, we totally knew he was gonna have a few more kids and we’d be, like…not part of his life anymore.” He snorts. “We were total shits about it, honestly. We threw a fucking fit every time we came out here.”

“You were scared,” Ransom says, because he’s a nice person, and Nursey probably doesn’t deserve him. “Kids act out when they’re scared, Der, it’s normal.”

“Yeah, well.” He takes a sip from the flask. “Anyway, he eventually sat us down and asked what it would take for us to realize that this was our home, too, not just his and Karen’s and any kids that might come later.”

Ransom cocks a brow. “So, treehouse?”

Nursey shrugs. “Like you said,” he says. “Peak suburbs. And I didn’t think he’d really do it.”

“But he did?”

“Yeah. Built it himself, too–like, I’m sure it came from a kit, I love him but he’s not really a natural handyman or anything, but–yeah. He did the whole thing. And then took me and Farah shopping to get the rug and pillows and bookshelf and stuff.” He points to the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. “The first night it was up, he took pictures of the sky and then put all the stars up to match the constellations.” 

Ransom’s hand settles, warm and heavy, over his heart, and Nursey realizes he’s been drifting, warm and soft, through sweet-smelling summer memories. “Think he’ll help us build one for our kids one day?”

Nursey’s breath catches in his throat. He tilts his head back to look up at Ransom’s face, and finds his boyfriend looking at him with a carefully hopeful expression, somewhere between unaffected calm and hesitant affection. Nursey puts his hand over the palm Ransom’s resting on his chest, laces their fingers together. “I bet he’d be glad to,” he says, and Ransom smiles.


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Adventures in Babysitting -I wanna push the button

A/N: Another part of a little Baby Groot series I am doing based on the cutest gifs I can find. Of course it is a shout out to the classic Adventures in Babysitting as well.

Warnings: language, Groot cuteness, potentially violence idk yet

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TONES. Kay so apparently Saturday they’re having a white supremacy rally lmfaoooo I’m laughing… I fucking hate the south ,, they filed a permit for “remembering the people who died in the civil war” oh my god I hate the south and these damn egg white people

Here’s the concept: You and Harry both practice witchcraft but no one knows about it. So you both are at a party it’s around Halloween and someone decides “let’s play with a ouija board.” You protest the idea because of your knowledge of them. Harry on the other hand is all for it because he likes trouble and knows how to properly use the board. So everything goes fine and you later pull harry aside and start to rant that something could have gone wrong. Then he’s like relax it’s not like I was trying to talk to a demon.

Other things happen where they keep meeting and eventually find out they are both witches.

But there covens are enemies.

Should I write this?


I decided to post this here as well bc the original request came from here

takes place in my fic AU, but not much context is needed. They live in the monastery, there’s a cat. Don’t ask.

Moment / Rated K (G) / Romance/Family


Instead of happy chirps and tweets, a loud, strangled squawk was what woke Sensei Garmadon this morning.

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The Vampire in the Basement

Tsuna’s new apartment had a vampire living in the basement.

It was a testament how strange his life had gotten that he barely even blinked.

Of course, he didn’t find out about it from the real estate agent showing him around. The basement was secret, hidden and kept locked away. Tsuna found out about it when, deeply asleep fangs pierced his neck and all of a sudden –


-there was a cry of disgust.

Tsuna blinked awake, rubbing the sleep from his eyes while his other hand groped for the lamp switch.

The light illuminated the place face of a distraught man – vampire – his mind whispered and he would have been handsome if his face wasn’t contorting to express himself.

“What, who?” he mumbled. Tsuna absentmindedly touched his neck and it came away smeared with blood. “Wait, did you bite me?”

In the face of the vampires disgust and indignation, Tsuna felt inappropriate amusement. (He blamed Takeshi. He really did.)

“I have anemia,” he felt compelled to say. “It’s something I’ve had since high school.”

“That sludge running in you is disgusting,” the vampire growled, like Tsuna’s blood personally offended him. Maybe it did? Tsuna didn’t really know vampires.

“Sorry,” Tsuna said on reflex. “But I can’t help it!”

The vampire scowled, which was a better expression than disgust.

“Have you gone to your healers? What is that term you humans use?”

Tsuna was too sleepy to deal with the inevitable rant. He’d heard enough from Hana everyday.

“Talk to me later,” he groaned. “Or kill me. I don’t have enough sleep for this.”

The vampire squawked like an offended bat, but Tsuna, having lived through Takeshi and Hibari attempting to date in high school, didn’t even budge.



The vampire could, apparently, only wait until 4 A.M. This resulted in Tsuna having only three hours of sleep and gulping down an entire pot of coffee in self-defense.

“I have searched your internet,” the vampire said, dramatically throwing himself on Tsuna’s new sofa. “And I have found you a doctor. I have set an appointment at 7:30 today.”

Tsuna’s brain rebooted.

“I can’t!” he protested. “I have a board meeting today and a lunch date with my girlfriend. And after that, I’m meeting Enma for a possible company merger. I have literally no time at all.”

The vampire glared, offended.

“You will go to the appointment or you will suffer.”

Tsuna raised an unimpressed eyebrow.



When Tsuna’s sugar got mixed with the salt, he knew who the culprit was. It was such an unoriginal revenge that he wanted to educate Reborn - the freeloading vampire - the finer points of revenge pranking, if only to salvage his dignity. (After all, not all his bullies were caught by Hibari. Tsuna took passive aggressive pranking to an art form.)

Tsuna struck back by ripping off all the curtains. They were the heavy, dark type of curtains that blocked off the sunlight. When he had first seen it, he had just thought the previous owner didn’t care about the aesthetic view of the garden. Now, after discovering the vampire in the basement, he knew it was actually a personal preference.

Reborn’s cry of offense was wonderful.

“Now I can’t sneak in your bed for a bite,” he pouted.

Tsuna raised an eyebrow.

“Well, after you taste better,” he amended.

Tsuna resolutely did not go to the doctor’s appointment.



“Go to your appointment!” the vampire called from the depths of the basement.

Tsuna sat in the pool of sunlight and ignored him, quickly working through three worksheets all at once.

“The sun is going to set eventually,” Reborn added threateningly.

Tsuna smirked, looking at the blessed chain he’d wound around the basement door.



The vampire blinked twin pools of sadness at him.

“You can’t keep neglecting your health,” Reborn pleaded.

“Oh my gosh, why are you this invested in my health?” Tsuna demanded, caving in. “Are you this ridiculous about all your food sources?”

Reborn bared his fangs. Tsuna, who had seen the vampire wailing dramatically at a pool of sunlight because Tsuna had forgotten to close the curtains, rolled his eyes.

“I worry about you,” he replied. “You smell terribly unhealthy.”

For a moment, Tsuna was touched.

“I mean,” the vampire continued. “It’s uncomfortable for me. I’m used to killing things quickly, not smelling something slowly dying. It’s awful.”

Tsuna took it back, he really, really wanted to hit the stupid vampire.


LOL. Inspired by this post.

Wit studio adapted snk for the most part, faithfully

But this cutting Armin out of scenes because he’s not popular and they wanna press some half assed eren and mikasa romance…not ok.

Like don’t get me wrong, I do love mikasa.

But they are a goddamn trio.

Cutting Armin out and forcibly inserting Mikasa because it was too gay before is unacceptable.

Especially since you produced a show with the gayest vampire in existence prancing around in high boots and biting him in the neck at the Junjou library.

Even if you left Armin in there, people would still watch it.

Snk isn’t a goddamn romance anime, although going by its rabid shippers, you’d be forgiven for thinking so 🙄.

Let Armin and eren hug, you pieces of shit.

Let them have their back to chest cuddling session in piece and let mikasa have her moments when they occur IN THE MANGA.


I have no problem with Eremika, but goddamn, if you turn Mikasa into a Titan purely because having Eren crying over Armin’s burnt body is too gay, then I’m going to LOSE IT, I’m going to lose it, and then I’m going to buy every volume of attack on Titan, cut out every EREMIN panel, paste it on a poster board, and protest outside of wit studio.

The lines were stark outside the courthouse.

A bustling street in downtown Brooklyn, N.Y., separated two groups. Each was fenced in by stone-faced police officers and steel barricades: an Asian-American community divided by Tuesday’s sentencing of 28-year-old Peter Liang, the son of Chinese immigrants.

On one side, a group of mainly Chinese-American protesters held up poster boards declaring “Racist Prosecution!” and “Peter Liang Deserves Justice too!” in black marker.

On the other, a racially-mixed group of activists that included Asian-Americans lifted “Black Lives Matter” signs, both in English and Chinese.

‘Awoken’ By N.Y. Cop Shooting, Asian-American Activists Chart Way Forward

Photo caption: Supporters of Akai Gurley’s family gather outside the courthouse where former New York City police officer Peter Liang was sentenced for Gurley’s shooting death in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Photo credit: Hansi Lo Wang/NPR

“It was so hard to get out from under his shadow. He was so known in the community that I couldn’t do anything without people saying: ‘That’s Sharif’s son.’ I couldn’t try and fail and be a fuck up, because it was always his name that I was representing. He lived life on his terms. That’s who he was. The allure of being a public figure was always greater than the allure of being a present father. I remember him leaving the house at 6 AM and coming back at 3 AM. There were a lot of times when I looked into the stands at a track meet or a football game, and there was nobody there. Only when I was old enough to join his fight did I finally start spending time with him. If he was organizing a protest against the Board of Education, my brothers and I were the ones setting up the tent cities. He once told me: ‘I’d love for you to love me. But as long as you grow into a man who provides for his family and cares about his community, I don’t need you to love me.’ It took me a long time to stop resenting him for not providing the things that I wanted. But eventually I had to accept I couldn’t choose who he was. But I could choose to love him.” (3/3)