protein powder pancakes



I am literally exploding with excitement! I just threw this together; my very first recipe using the Quest Multi-Purpose Mix and I am in love! I also picked up this sugar-free Pilsbury frosting which makes these taste just like Funfetti Cake! (you could also make your own frosting)

I started with ¼ cup liquid egg whites (or 1 egg) and 1tbsp Splenda, and from there I added whatever I wanted for flavor/consistency. I added a dash of vanilla extract, almond extract, a splash of heavy cream, a pinch of baking powder, then 1 scoop of Quest Multipurpose Mix protein powder, and then you can thin it out with some water or unsweetened coconut milk!

The texture and flavor is spot on! I’m so excited to try other variations of pancakes and make other baked goods with this protein powder!

This made 3 pancakes, and total it was about 5g net carb, including the frosting!

I’ve been struggling to eat enough protein and this bikini competitor gave me this recipe. Eggs whites (equal to 6 eggs) protein powder (one scoop), multigrain pancake mix (one tablespoon) cocoa powder (dash), cinnamon (dash) and water until it’s a good consistency. 40 grams of protein and so filling. Drizzle it with peanut butter. So good!

Food Diary #5

Current macros: 1400cal, 105P, 176C, 31F

-half a serving of protein pancakes
-4tbsp powdered peanut butter
-Walden Farms Calorie Free maple walnut syrup

-1/2c rolled oats
-1 scoop protein powder
-2tbsp flaxseeds

-ghormeh sabzi (classic Persian dish it’s so good and low cal)
-1/2c white rice

-1 apple cinnamon rice cake w/ 2tbsp powdered peanut butter, 1/4c strawberry slices
-1 banana oatmeal cookie
-1 scoop protein powder

the past few days I started experimenting to bake with protein powder, protein muffins, pancakes even donuts. there are sooo many things to try out and I love to do it, just try it out, eat good, feel good, see even better results!