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ok, louis a virgin. He's living with his boyfriend, mark & mark treats him like shit bc louis won't have sex with him. one day mark is drunk and he tries to rape louis & louis scared so he starts to cry and begs mark to stop but mark starts to beat him &louis starts screaming & their neighbor (harry) breaks into the house and help lou to go out. & harry take care of lou, they move together as friends and they become lovers and yeah (& lou has his 1st time with harry whos real gentle)

god damn mark 

- lottie 

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i had two requests, (like whichever one you would feel more comfortable writing perhaps?) a request about either your first date with harry, or perhaps an encounter where you see him get jealous/protective for the first time? either or! xx

AHHH first date Harry will be adorable and I’m going to do a full prompt on it when I’ve formulated some ideas, he’d definitely take you somewhere independent and cultural like a coffee shop just off Brick Lane, he’d know that the only people who go there are creative professionals who couldn’t give two who Harry was and he loves it he could sit there for hours and answer emails and he thought it was about time he shared his happy place with you.

As for protective Harry I have a treat for you later tonight! Going to post a full long prompt for the master list so keep your eyes peeled! Xxx