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deathordesire  asked:

I made contact with Ishtar, and i was wondering, is there any tips on how to protect myself as well as be able to make contact with her more, like practice wise? I dont know much about working with spirits, im very new to this.

Hello dearie!

Hopefully this finds you well. To make this easier to read and sift through, I broke it down into sections. The biggest place to start in sprit work and deity work is research though. Do as much research as possible and practice.


As you begin your journey and work with spirits and deities, protection is a very big thing to have a good grasp of. There are so many resources in books and online that will help. Start by reading various sources on protection and shielding and then begin practicing some of the methods. You will find that what one source suggests as a good protection method won’t work for you like it does for another person. It will take time and practice, but well worth the effort to find a good protection method for you in your path.

Some popular methods of protection include energy shields, wards, sigils, spell bottles, banishing, working with protective spirits, spellwork etc. The first method I ever learned involved protective golden-white light energy. My personal favorite methods are using energy shields. For me this involves aura hardening and or visualizing various sorts of protective layers around my aura if it is for personal protection.

Personal Shielding Ideas:

  •  Crystalline shield
  •  Mirrors
  •  Elemental walls (firewall, ice wall, etc)
  •  Fencing (I personally use an electric fence)
  •  Castle walls
  •  Sigils or runes
  •  Protective Light

Play around with different ones and always be sure to set an intention with it as well like “protection from all harm or malevolent energy and beings.” The more you experiment and practice the stronger and more personalized your shields become.

Resources for Protection:

@magic-for-the-masses’s Spells for Shielding and Warding 1, 2, and 3

@breelandwalker’s Resource for Protection

@natural-magicks’s Spell Resources

Communicating and Contacting

The easiest thing you can do is just simply talk to them. Whether before bed, in the morning, during meditation, while driving, or whenever, talking to them mentally or aloud can help build up that connection between you and the spirit or deity you are working with. However, hearing them isn’t always as easy if you are still developing clairaudiently.

Start developing a meditation routine as well. This will help focus you at specific times to quiet your mind enough to listen for what the spirits and deities have to say. The more you keep to your routine and the more you practice meditation, the easier it often gets to actually hear what they have to say and eventually you can start recognizing what is being said even when you aren’t meditating.

Divination is also a method you can use to practice communicating with deities or spirits. I use specific decks of tarot for different spirits or deities I work with. I also have done automatic writing and some pendulum work. Some use runes or ogham or oracle cards. If you do any divination there are several tarot spreads out there that can help with talking with your deities.

Also consider leaving offerings. Different spirits and deities enjoy offerings from the people working with them. It helps develop a bond with them and strengthen your work with them. Altar spaces are also a good idea and that can be where you leave said offering.

Resources for Communication:

@magic-for-the-massesResources for Spirit Work (which includes protection and communication articles)

@thetwistedrope’s Resources on Gods and God-Phones 101, Building Relations, and Deity Communication


Please take a look at this post Mod Wolfe made concerning discernment as it is very important in ensuring that you are contacting the being you want to contact and protecting yourself in that manner. Discernment also helps with protection as it will help you better identify the spirits you work with and protecting yourself from spirits who like to pretend they are something they are not.

Best of luck @deathordesire! If you have additional questions, please feel free to drop another ask by us.

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