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What about lirry? Lirry has always been like nouis to me because Liam is like a protective big brother to Harry

He really is!!! Liam loves a Harry a lot. You can just tell.

Lots of hugs and gentle, reassuring touches.

Making sure Harry is okay after he wiped out ):

So supportive, even over silly things like roller coasters.

He’s also just SO indulgent of Harry’s quirks. Like, he doesn’t even question it. He just goes right along with it.

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Okay, but the thing about Lirry that really G E T S me is this quote right here.

Okay, so Liam decides that if he could be any of the other boys for a day, he’d be Harry. But, HIS REASON for it. If he wanted to be Harry for the extra fame and the extra attention and the glamour and the glitz, maybe he would have said something like that. But, he instead says that Harry “has” to go through “different things” just because he’s Harry Styles. Like. Liam knows all the BULLSHIT that Harry has had to put up with. So, if given the opportunity, he’d SWITCH with Harry so that /he’d/ have to deal with that and /Harry/ wouldn’t have to, even for just a day. He just wants to give Harry a break. Like. Liam understands what Harry has to go through being the frontman of the band. He knows the toll the extra spotlight has on Harry. That’s probably why he’s so gentle and supportive. Like. God. Liam just gets it. He understands, and he wants to help in any way he can.


eggsy unwin is a sixth year slytherin who basks in the attention from the girls (even the gryffindors are secretly into him despite his self-centeredness). he walks along the corridors of hogwarts as if he owns that castle. slytherins look up to him, because let’s face it, even though eggsy’s an asshole to most, he’s a loyal friend, a highly intelligent wizard and a very protective big brother. however, one thing bugs everyone out. eggsy’s never been with anyone but his best friend, roxy. sure, he talks to girls and sometimes flirts with them, but that’s it. he shows no interest in going out on dates in hogsmeade or any sort of romantic gestures.

that is, until a certain professor harry hart comes into the picture.

eggsy hates him. he hates the fact that professor hart is always calling out his name in class just to ask him the most ridiculous questions that have nothing to do with the syllabus. he hates that professor hart knows his late father and the fact that they were friends upsets him even more.

he hates that professor hart is so tall and handsome as hell.

he hates that he’s getting all sorts of reaction when he’s around, and he hates that professor hart knows that.

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i picture sehun as the "cold-but-secrectly-caring-guy" so how could he be as best friend ? im sure he enjoy tease the people he really loves (like he reserves this for them)

I picture him the same way hun <3 I hope you like this:

Sehun as best friend:

Yes, some people get intimidated by the boy who stands next to you. He gives the aura of being your brother or protective boyfriend, his emotionless expression and his deep eyes give chills. But what people don’t know is that he is your best friend, the best one you could have.

He protects you, yes he is always there. But he also treats you right, calls you to check on you and makes you smile whenever you feel down. He cares so much for the people who he is close to and even if it seems impossible, he opens his heart easily.

He would be the friend who would send random funny pics at 3 am or the friend who would ring the bell and get inside, going to your kitchen and eat your food without asking. The trust would be so big that it wouldn’t even bother you, you are like siblings. Yes he would love to tease you and annoy you, and you finally say it’s enough, he would look at you with puppy eyes and beg for forgiveness, stealing a smile from your lips.

Boredom is something non existent in his world. He knows perfectly how to cheer you up, he is the master of the parties an he is the only guy that will always, without condition, be there for you.

Protecting my kitty brother A-lo from the evil Vet. Mom tricked us!!! Woke us up from our cuddle sesh, dressed me up (as if we are going somewhere special), went on a car ride and ended up getting poked, stabbed and fondled in inappropriate places. I demand an explanation and lots of treats for both of us!!! #saveyourself #helpus #vet #brothersforlife #brothers #blackcat #catanddog #dogandcat #socialmedia #social #media #305frenchies #frenchiecorner #frenchiedaily #buzz #buzzfeed #instapets #petphotography #dogphotography #doglife #roughlife by bolo_the_frenchie

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“Protective Brother” - SNL Skit (Feb. 9, 2013)


“Why do we move around so much?”
“Because everywhere we go, they get sick of your face.”
“Hey!” you called from the kitchen. “Be nice to your brother, Dean.”
“I am!”
“That doesn’t sound very nice to me,” you scolded.
“Your definition of ‘nice’ or Dad’s?”

On this week’s broadcast of SBS ” Strong Heart”, Super Junior’s Shindong made a striking confession. Shindong was up against other cast members for the Strong Heart title, given only to the cast member who told the strongest story.

He chose to reveal a secret story regarding his family’s history. He teased the audience by saying that this was the first time revealing this, and that it was very important for him to share about this.

Shindong, who has been very quiet about his family members to preserve their privacy, revealed that he actually has a little sister who is currently attending grade 1 (7th grade) in middle school.

Since he debuted with Super Junior, Shindong appeared as the only child of his family on his official profile. His fans, his agency, and his representatives did not know that he was not the only child of his family until he revealed it on the show.

After revealing the truth about his family, the humorous Shindong we have all come to love on variety shows couldn’t hold back his tears and declared, “The truth is that I have a 14-year-old little sister who is actually very cute.”

He then continued by adding, “It is not a sad story, but I can’t stop crying.” At the end of the episode, Shindong reveals his little sister and poses with her in front of the camera.

Are you all curious to see Shindong’s little sister? His little sister will be revealed on the next episode of “Strong Heart”.

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