protective tony

do you guys ever sit there and think about how extra tony stark is?

like this man literally took the shrapnel that was wedged inside his chest and made a necklace out of it for the love of his life?

who does shit like that?

he could’ve easily gotten her a diamond necklace worth more than a house, but instead, he gets pepper an essentially worthless necklace that literally holds all the meaning in the world. tony is legit giving pepper his heart. you can’t get deeper than that. you can’t love deeper than that.

fuck you and your sentimentality, tony. you big bad villain.


I love the way the guys use their natural instincts in this scene.

Cap makes a makeshift shield to protect himself, Tony grabs a screwdriver and uses his engineering brain to take them down, Clint uses his aim to throw Steve his shield to support him and Natasha grabs a gun she taped beforehand because she is prepared like a god damn professional.


tony being a confused puppy after peter refuses his offer to join the team

How the Avengers found out about some of the enhancements in Peter’s suit

Let’s all pretend these fuckers got their shit together and are friends again, okay? Okay. 

Prepare for protective Avengers, super ultra protective Actual Dad Tony Stark, a little bit of angst, and lots of fluff.

Spider-Man is falling. 

It’s the first thing that really registers in the Avengers’ brains through the fight. So far, since the goddamn alien invaders (AGAIN) had arrived, they had been going through the motions. A shield slash, a kick, a punch, a Widow sting, a Hulk Smash, a repulsor blast… they were doing their usual. Kickin’ ass and keeping tabs of where their allies were, until it happened. 

The kid had been swinging around, webbing the alien things up, and generally staying on the fringes of the fight. Not too far away, Iron Man kept sentry over their youngest teammate. If anyone got too close, the quiet whine of the repulsors would be heard through the coms and a crater would be seen where the aliens used to stand. 

Until Thor had pointed out that they seemed to be working under some sort of hive-mind control, and Tony had been called away. It went without saying that the others were now in charge of watching over the Spiderling. Clint, perched precariously on the side of a building, was the closest and saw in excruciating detail how, forty five or so minutes after the others had been trying to shut down the queen, one of the minions blasted its weapon and tore through the web he was swinging from. At first, he wasn’t too concerned. The kid had been blasting his shooters for over two hours already, they had all seen what he was capable of. 

Only this time, the other web didn’t come up. Instead, Spider-Man began to fall, one hand desperately trying to shoot another web, but proving impossible. The grounded Avengers, now battling less foes than before, looked up at Clint’s panicked shout. 

There was a panicked “PETER!” and then the sound of an explosion somewhere in the vicinity of the queen. The others weren’t really sure, too busy staring in shock as the kid fell, fell– and then the kid opened his arms and he started gliding. His horrible fall turning into a slow glide onto safe ground. 

The entire team heaved  a collective sigh of relief. In the back of their mind, they were vaguely aware of the aliens scattered around at their feet. Some of them destroyed by their hand, others having shut down after T’Challa, Tony and Thor had shut down the thing controlling them. That wasn’t what was important as they converged in a protective circle around their youngest friend. 

The ground at their feet shook as Iron Man dropped, heavily, close to Peter’s right. The suit immediately opened to reveal a wide eyed, rumpled Tony Stark. A bruise had already formed around one of his eyes and his lip was split, there was blood running down the side of his face, but he was unconcerned about that. He went down on one knee next to where Peter was laying back on the ground, one hand on his belly and heaving heavy breaths. 

“You’ve got to stop trying to fly, kid,” Tony said and clearly it was meant as a joke, but his voice shook and cracked. 

“Heh,” Spider-Man said with a low giggle. “I was just trying to test your new upgrades.”

Tony dropped his chin to his chest, and laughed lightly along with the kid on the ground. The others shuffled uncomfortably, clearly out of the loop, but their teammates seemed unwilling to share the inside joke. 

“I should have never taken the Training Wheels away,” Tony said as he gave Peter a hand up to slowly help him to his feet. 

“You know what they say, sometimes you gotta run before you can walk,” and even through the mask everyone could hear the cheeky grin on the kid’s voice. 

Tony blew out a breath and said, “you really have to stop using my words against me like this. What did I say about the grey areas?” and then, once they were both on their feet, he yanked the kid up into a hug. From where the others were standing, they could see his shoulders shaking. 

“Hey,” they heard Peter say quietly. He was holding onto the mechanic just as tightly. “I’m okay. The gliders worked, and we didn’t even need the parachute this time! It’s okay, Tony, I didn’t fall. I’m good, see?”

Steve caught Sam and Natasha sharing a look, and the pilot dropped his gaze to the ground. The Captain couldn’t tear his eyes away from Tony and his kid, the way the mechanic was patting his shoulders, not so subtly checking the boy for injuries, and something blew warmth in his chest. The occasions in which they were allowed to see Tony so open and vulnerable were few and far between nowadays, and he knows he doesn’t have a right to demand more than he’s given, but he’s always so goddamn grateful when he gets to see him like this. Thankfully, it’s been happening a bit more often since Spider-Man joined their ranks.

“All right, okay,” the mechanic says as he pulls away. He makes a motion with his hand to the armor, and it closes up and blasts away. Tony, from somewhere, pulls a pair of sunglasses and perches them on his face. “Time to face the music,” he says grimly. 

Now that the dust has settled and the threat is clearly contained, the Avengers hear the cacophony behind them. Shouted voices and alarms and sirens. Tony’s mouth is set in an unhappy line as he redirect his attention from the team to the people behind them. As he’s the only one outside of uniform, they go after him first: 

Mr. Stark!

Tony, over here!

Mr. Stark, what do you–

Tony! Did you need saving from–

Mr. Stark!

“Jesus,” Clint says vehemently. His face is appalled as he watches the crowd slowly make their way towards them. The first responders around them are trying their best, but they have other things to worry about than redirecting a the assertive reporters. 

“Aw, man,” Peter says resignedly as he follows his mentor. The other balk at him, but the boy doesn’t take off his mask or respond to the shouted questions. “You said we could get churros.”

Tony turns around, and the Avengers are pleasantly surprised by the grin on his face. He passes his hand over the back of Spider-Man’s head, as if he’s mussing his head which they’ve seen him do often enough when Peter doesn’t have the mask, and then clasps his shoulder. “Just answer a couple questions quickly. Like we practiced. Okay?”

“Okay,” Spider-Man grunts. And then. “And then churros after?”

This time, it’s not only Tony who chuckles as he says “Yes, and then churros after.”

Post cw fics where Bucky doesn’t like/trust Wanda and actively defends Tony whenever she insults him or uses her powers to make him uncomfortable: 

Bonus where he also goes off on Team Cap (specifically Steve and Clint) for defending Wanda and acting like she did nothing wrong:

The difference between Iron Man and some other movies is that there’s no spider bite; there’s no magic bullet where a hero is born. We had to build him. We wanted people to remember that there’s a person inside that suit, and it will hurt if he falls
—  Don’t know where I read it but this shit hit me like a train.

Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])

Tony Stark knows that the Infinity War was going to happen

Tony knows and always known that the Infinity War was going to happen. 

Since 2012, since he went into space and saw the Chitauri, he only thinks about that. 

He can’t sleep, or he has nightmare. He suffers from PTSD, he has panic attacks..

He knows that the Avengers are under armed against all this.

And he feels himself under armed.

His biggest fear is to fail to protect the earth, and the Avengers.

This is why he created Ultron.

And this is why he created Vision.


Then, the Avengers have divided. Steve and some other Avengers betrayed him.

But Tony still builds a new facility for the Avengers, create a new shield for Cap, a belt for Thor..

And he does his best to make the Avengers as ready as possible to Infinity War.

Tony just want to keep the Avengers together and keep the earth safe.

So the next who says that Tony is a villain or something like that.. 

And somewhere in Brooklyn

There is a little girl

Wearing an iron man shirt

Hair messily tied into pigtails

And an ice cream in her hand.

She glared at the star spangled man

 with a plan

Before she tossed the ice cream

Cherry on the top and all

Onto the captain’s chest.

The cold goodness splattered across his shirt

With deadly accuracy

And he knew, she knew, they all knew

That if it were a bullet

An arrow, or a dagger,

It would have done him for good

And so

All eyes landed on the little girl

Who seems not so little now

And she didn’t budge,

Not even an inch.

She opens her mouth,

And with a Brooklyn accent

That strongly reminded Captain America 

of his younger self,

she says

that she will stand up to bullies

no matter how strong they are.

i think we all need to take a step back and realize something. yes we are all very scared that peter will die in infinity war, but let’s remember that tom just signed on to six mcu movies. the spiderman franchise has just started. the second and third movie comes out AFTER both infinity wars. the other 3 movies are independent marvel movies (the infinity war movies being two of the three). peter is sAFE GUYS!!! remember this!!!

friendly reminder that:

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