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How would the assassins react to seeing their tiny and really sweet S/O knock out a man after said man insulted their partner.

Assassins Protected By S/O

Altaïr: If he was ever caught off guard, yet backed up by his S/O, he would feel pretty embarrassed. Overall, to think that he, a master assassin, was sparred a blow due to his S/O’s efforts…

Ezio: Amazed was an understatement. He would probably become more distracted that before just trying to figure out why his S/O could strike as well as they could.

Connor: More concerned for their sudden fighting abilities, he would be concerned for their safety. What now that they included themselves into an assassins’ battle?

Edward: Honestly, Edward would probably laugh. He wouldn’t even know why it was funny, it just would be. How was that even possible, his S/O packing a punch in the moment he didn’t? Outrageous, yet cute.

Arno: Like Connor he would be frantic for their safe being, but he would still watch their moves carefully to see what they could do. Perhaps they’d make a good backup after all…

Jacob: He loved a good fighter, which is why he loved himself. Sometimes. Now however, he doubted himself even more than usual. He would soon, if not already, recruit his S/O into his fight club.

Evie: She wouldn’t be too caught off guard or worried unless her S/O was super in over heir head. Evie was always in need for a helping hand or blade. It evened out.

fun fact of the day :^)

// Sacha always get’s really protective over Rose’s partners,and never trusts anyone.

even though Sacha goes to bed with literally everyone,it could be Satan for all she cares and she’d still fuck him.
but god forbid Rose has a new boyfriend
that boi better be up for torment