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Lady Amalthea -The Last Unicorn

Eyes as empty and wide as the sea fixed upon the waves crashing against the stone beneath; anyone who fell was to meet their certain death here, but the thought scared her little. What was death compared to a prison she never asked for? The reaper awaited her already regardless, for the mortal shell her ageless soul was trapped in would wither and succumb to death like any human being. Amalthea was the name he had given her, this damned magician. Had she only carried on alone! Putting faith in a mortal, she of all beings should know that no immortal creature laid their faith in the hands of a human.

But Schmendrick meant well. He meant to protect, that much the caged unicorn knew. Or that’s what Molly said, at least. No red bull on this mother earth scared her as much as the future ahead, now. She now knew what it was like to weep, what it was like to dream. Nightmare after nightmare haunted her mind in her slumber, leaving the white haired lady wandering aimlessly about the castle like a pale ghost.

A unicorn doesn’t dream, nor does it weep. A unicorn doesn’t feel the same remorse and sentiment a human being feels. It is familiar to a nameless pain because it carries the ache of the world on it’s back – but it does not, nor ever, cry.

The tears that stung her eyes were by far too human. And with every drop falling from her lashes, Amalthea’s soul lost a bit of it’s ancient magic. Soon, she would no longer be the last unicorn. Soon, all unicorns would vanish from the surface of this world, and with them, all magic too.


Onondera reminds me a lot of Shinobu from Love Hina minus the cooking aspects. She is cute, timid and she has trouble confessing her feelings. Raku also sees her naked on accident a lot. She is too nice and innocent for Raku and thus is often protected from his antics much like Shinobu. This leads to them being nothing but friends. From an outsiders aspect that puts Onodera out of the running for Raku’s heart. 

I can smell the the flack coming my way. :-/

how about instead of sending the xkit guy mean messages complaining that he isn’t fixing everything fast enough you send him messages reassuring him that it’s okay and he should keep focusing on college and fix xkit when he has the time. i guarantee he’s already stressed from school so complaining about tumblrs update breaking xkit will just make it worse.


How long do you think you can defend her?
As long as it takes, by whatever means necessary.

Hey fellow feminists,
Please don’t say that Dmab people wearing dresses is appropriative or that it’s not a big deal.

Many trans women, nonbinary and even cis guys who choose to go against conventional clothing norms risk violence and discrimination.

Breaking down these roles is revolutionary and we should support and protect them as much as we can.


By Sahid Fawaz

As we celebrate Earth Day today, we are reminded of a powerful reason to buy American: the out-of-control pollution in China.

It’s not only the cheap, non-union labor in China that is drawing manufacturers to the country. It’s also the lack of environmental protection standards that much of the developed world has set for companies. When a business can destroy the air, land, and water in pursuit of profit, then we all suffer in the long run. Not to mention that it is a completely unsustainable business model.

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Look, I appreciate that you are looking out for Owen. I do, but what I do and who I see are, quite honestly, none of your business. I moved here to start something, to build a new life. You don’t know me… Not really. You don’t know where I’ve been or what I’ve had to overcome, because you have never had to. You’ve never lost the love of your life. You have never cried over the body of the person you love most in this world. You don’t know how that messes a person up. You’ve never had to claw your way back from that. But I have. I’m still trying to pull myself together, and I am doing the very best that I can, so… until you’ve done that, until you’ve had to walk in my shoes, I need you to cut me some slack… and back the hell off.

Amelia Shepherd 11x19 Crazy Love



Minako, allowing herself to show a teeny bit of hope by saying “At a time like this?” But wait, LET’S MAKE THAT WORSE. Because by Minako indicating that the problem is just this specific series of events, it shows that there’s a part of her maybe – maybe maybe just maybe – keeping the door open a crack to trying again later, when their lives aren’t quite so dangerous and complicated.



And then Usagi’s speech, about which I demand a  handwritten apology because it’s beautiful. BECAUSE this is tough time is exactly why you can’t give up anything in your life. This is one of the things that I will love about Usagi until the end of time. That selfish streak in her that I’ve talked about so much, the one that demands it all. Usagi WILL have her friends and her miracle romance and her happiness and her doughnuts and her beautiful world and her video games and her love and her justice and her triumphing over evil. Not one of these things is negotiable to Usagi. She knows, as she tells Minako here, that those are the things that make the fight worthwhile.

So many of the defining moments of Minako’s life as a Senshi were about sacrifice (silent, thankless sacrifice at that, denied even the acknowledgement that a sacrifice is happening at all). With every sacrifice, Minako lost more and more of herself.

That was then. As Usagi says here, and Mako echoes after, Minako isn’t alone. They fight together, they help support each other in everything, and none of them can stand there and watch Minako chip away pieces of herself. All that would be left is the fight for the fight’s sake, and then what would be the point?

I love so much that Minako forgot that. Or, maybe until now, she’d never really learned it.