protective mode activated!

Bts being encouraged to date another, more domestic girl than their current girlfriend


“I think I’ll keep Y/n. And don’t tell me who I should or shouldn’t be with.” *protective boyfriend mode activated*

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“I think I’ll keep her, but thanks for your unwanted imput.” *sassy af*

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“I don’t think so.” *sips metaphorical tea*

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(can we talk about how fine yoongi is looking here^)


*doesn’t comment* *knows you’re best for him*

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“When did my private life become your business?” *ready to defend you to anyone*

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*laughs* “Whatever you say.” *major scarcasm*

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*salty about the whole situation* “Leave us alone.”

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I think it's rather adorable at how your so protective of Izuku.



It’s not that Izuku can’t protect himself, in many ways he’s much stronger than me… 

But he is rather vulnerable in some aspects, while people at times are unnecessarily and inexplicably mean. Whenever it is possible or needed, I would like Izuku to know that I am always there to support and protect him, whether it be from a physical or a verbal aggression. 

I just want Izuku to be happy.

.against the night

they say no matter how dark the storm gets overhead, someone is watching from the calm at the edge. but what about us when we’re down here in it? (we gotta watch our own backs.) || @jihyoxmi for valentine event

It’s not the brutality of the murder, or the date, or the lack of evidence – all of these are almost tediously common in Seoul, in Jongkook’s daily life. He can’t point out what has allowed anxiety to sneak into his gut, but it is there, heavy and cold and there to stay. Something is different about this. Something is wrong.

And Jihyo isn’t home. She is out, where he can’t see here – where he can’t protect her. Which is ridiculous of course, he tries to tell himself. She is out figuring out ways to kill someone, she is always the biggest threat in any room, fierce and smart and more than capable of protecting herself. If it’s her and whoever did this in a room, it would make more sense to be concerned about the other. She doesn’t need his protection.

They agreed not to disturb each other on the job. That’s the rule. That’s what keeps them working. He is not an overly concerned boyfriend all jittery over some weak, fragile girls’s safety.  That’s not them. That is not how this works.

But fifty push ups later and the cold feeling is still clawing at his heart.

He finds her easily enough. Even though they agreed not to disturb each other while at work, they do give updates on their whereabouts and safety.

“Don’t shoot, it’s Jongkook,” he warned her, before opening the door to the appartment she had – well, he doesn’t know. Rented? Broken into? Doesn’t really matter to him. Without another word, he quickly crossed the distance between them, ignoring the (adorably) bewildered expression on Jihyo’s face, and checked her over for injuries. His cold expression softened a little, the frown on his face smoothing out just slighty.

She was safe.

(Of course she was, she’s a force of nature, no one is going to hurt her easily.)

For a few moments he just looked at her, her presence easily calming his worried heart. He gently, casually brushed her hair behind her ear, lingering for just a second, and then turned to check out the streets below through the windows.

“Don’t mind me, continue working.”

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How would UT US UF SF Skelebros react to their S/O breaking their arm and showing them the x ray?

It’s a lot of characters, so they’re short~


UT Sans: Looks like he’s gonna hurl; asks to leave the room.

UT Papyrus: Screeches, then faints. Afterwards, ‘Protective Mamma Papy’ mode activates.

US Sans: Looks a little sick, but holds it together. You need him to be strong!!

US Papyrus: Is clearly disturbed, but doesn’t comment, or look away. He doesn’t wanna hurt your feelings, or make ya feel bad about it.

UF Sans: Is impressed you’re holding it together as well as you are. It makes him somewhat uncomfortable, but he’s had/seen his fair share of broken bones.

UF Papyrus: You can hardly tell if he’s phased or not. His skull has a crack in it; or course broken bones don’t bother him! He may seem pushy/bossy, but he’s attempting to make it easier for you to deal with.

What kind of sleepers are the Chocobros?!

Back with another! This actually spurred from a question someone asked and I thought long about. Pretty interesting to think about honestly! (btw I never see them with blankets out in their tents…weird.) anyways, enjoy!

Noct - Heavy sleeper. But thats a given. Seriously, the ground could be caving in around him and he’d probably just roll over. smh

Ignis - Light sleeper and also more than likely sleeps with a dagger under his pillow. (protective mom mode activate)

Prompto - Drools constantly and probably moves a lot (knee in someones side, accidently punching someone in their sleep etc) Also usually ends up spooning someone by “accident”.  “Warm chocobo, soft chocobo, chocobo full of feathers…zzZ”

Gladio - Could probably scare even the most vicious of monsters with his snoring. But will wake up instantly for unfamiliar sounds. Literal bear!

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Imagine being pregnant with Bucky’s child and balancing food, drinks on your bump and then one day the baby kicks, causing the drink to fall and Bucky to be seriously impressed and shocked by it. 

“Steve, look what I can do” you balanced the glass of water on the bump as Steve sat next to you, he looked over and raised his eyebrows, you removed your hands and grinned “I have my own table” you murmur, he chuckled loudly and deeply at you.

“That’s seriously impressive, (Y/N),” he says, you narrow your eyes as Steve isn’t that impressed by your new found…talent. Bucky walked through the door, hanging his coat up, he waved at you both and frowned when he saw the glass balanced on your exposed belly.

“Steve isn’t impressed,” you tell him, Bucky crossed his arms at his best friend, who he invited round to look after you as he went out for groceries… seriously over protective mode has been activated. 

Once Steve left you decided to find other things to balance on your belly, well you thought of something and ordered Bucky to get the item, he didn’t mind since he was up for doing anything for you; also Bucky wanted to see what else you could balance. 

“Are you sure a can?” Bucky asked, you grabbed the soft drink and clicked it open, sipping and then balancing the tin with a laugh “don’t laugh, you’ll spill it” he laughed with you now. 

“I won’t spill it, this is my makeshift table for another three months,done,” you say, eyes fixed on the TV, Bucky remained beside you just watching your stomach with a smile. He never thought he would have this, you or even a baby on the way, yet here he was looking at you… pregnant with his child. 

Just then a pressure formed in your stomach, it caused the can to tip and fall to the floor, spilling all over the floor but you frowned; the baby kicked! She never did that before, you found out the gender, causing Bucky to cheer in victory since you were certain it was a boy. You looked at Bucky who had his mouth hanging open, a faint smile on his shocked face, bright blue eyes wide with happiness. 

“She has already made a mess without even being born” you point at the spilled can, Bucky chuckled, ignoring the can as he places his human hand on your stomach and waits for something to happen.

“She’s not doing it-” Bucky was cut off with a soft kick and you giggled at his face, he grinned and rubbed his hand in a small circular motion, you ran a hand through his hair as he set all his attention on the baby.
“She’s going to be such a daddy’s girl” your rolled your eyes, Bucky nodded in agreement.

“She already has me wrapped around her finger, like her mum” he grinned at you, that was completely true but you scoffed.