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With a stroke of Trump’s pen, the fight for Standing Rock started all over again

From afar, the future of the Standing Rock struggle looks bleak.

President Donald Trump is pushing the Dakota Access pipeline project through. And some tribal leaders, who are asking protesters to leave Standing Rock, are turning their attention to demanding further environmental reviews.

But the fight on the ground isn’t over. The water protecters are there, and leaders in the Lakota Sioux community are still asking people to come help with obstructing construction and join the peaceful struggle against the pipeline.

“People can come — we’re going to need it,” Chase Ironeyes, a leading Lakota activist and member of the Lakota People’s Law Project, said in a phone interview Friday. “They fully plan to drill, and we’ll need bodies.”

The mixed messaging about whether people should arrive in droves to Standing Rock comes from the conflicting approach of the Standing Rock organizers and the local tribal government. David Archambault II, the tribal chairman of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, has repeatedly called for evacuation of protest sites.

Yet according to Ironeyes, many indigenous groups with potential claims to the Standing Rock treaty lands and the water protecters on site intend to stick it out with civil disobedience and peaceful protest. Read more

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or alternatively: More Cuddles, Less Struggles 2k17

hi i’m Ali and this is me giving in and finally drawing for the ship

i bet hyuck talks a lot of shit at school but isn’t ready to get hit so mark and the squad™ (aka the rest of nct 127) just always has to be near him so they can jump in and fight for him

like can you just picture hyuck roasting someone and mark just sighs and rolls his sleeves up and the rest of 127 is already on the way


So listen here, I need to get this off my chest. Many of you know that Wonho is my ultimate bias and will always be but you probably also know that I love all Monsta X members for many different reasons. Right now I feel the need to express my love for Shownu. I absolutely adore the fucking fuck out of this awkward bean. He is the cutest smol trapped in a tol’s body ever okay? I constantly have the urge to squish his cheeks and protect him at all times. He is the backbone of MX and he has grown so much and is truly becoming an awesome leader. Over 2k16 we have seen him grow so much from the praise he earned on “Hit the Stage”, to him coming out of his shell and holding his own on “Lipstick Prince” where he doesn’t have his members to rely on and the cast loves him just as much as we do, not too mention is funny antics from the first two episodes of Monsta X-Ray (Shownu as mother-in-law/Omoni will forever breathe life into me. #Shomoni). He is dedicated to Monsta X and is so hard working and I admire the shit out of him. His eye smile adds years to my life and I am so ready to continue watching him and the rest of Monsta X grow.💜💜Please keep supporting and cheering for Shownu and Monsta X😊😊

“ Why do you even like him? He’s so ugly and looks boring.”
  • First of all how dare u
  • He was the first one to join BTS
  • Hes the reason BTS even happend
  • If you bias Jungkook then thank Namjoon
  • Jungkook joined the group thanks to him
  • IQ of 148 m8
  • Have you heard his voice?
  • His relationship with GOT7 Jackson Wang
  • He still looks handsome with radiant pink hair wtf
  • He composed 21 century girls like how the hell
  • He has an obsession with a fucking bear named Ryan, how is that not cute???
  • He supports LGBT rights
  • He can jump from conversation topics in a blink of an eye
  • He made a whole song about how soceity does not control what you want to do and who you want to be
  • Leader goals as fuck


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  • Rapmon Stans: He's so smart and thoughtful and handsome, what a good leader! Protect him.
  • Jin Stans: He's so handsome and funny and talented and silly and relentlessly hardworking! Protect him.
  • Yoongi Stans: He works so hard for BTS and loves them so much, even if he's all tsundere about it. Protect him.
  • Hoseok Stans: He's always smiling and working to make everyone else smile too! He's incredibly talented and humble. Protect him.
  • Jimin Stans: Our angel!! He's the kindest, gentlest person in the world and God help anyone who tells him he isn't as beautiful and talented as he is! Protect him.
  • Taehyung Stans: He's so cute and smart and genuine and full of pure wonder at life. Protect him.
  • Jungkook Stans: Look at this fucking asshole. Goddamn rude-ass muscle-pig toddler brat. Literally just launch him into the sun.
Can I pull a Tupac?

Context: players are looting a tomb and there’s a orb that shoots lightning protecting the leaders’ coffin. The warlock disables the trap, and they open the coffin.

DM/Me: As you open the coffin, the dead body collapses into the floor in a pile of dust, destroyed over the ages. It mixes with the dust on the floor made from the destroyed lightning orb.

(A few minutes later after rummaging through the mans belongings)

DM: Rogue, what do you do?

Rogue, our brand new player: Hmm. Can I snort the dust from the orb to see what happens?

(Stunned silence)

DM: Make a con save?

Succeeds, and her brain starts to feel like pop rocks, synapses firing faster, and gaining advantage on her next roll.

Monk: You do realize you just snorted a dead body, right?

Rogue: Oh. Yeah. Shit.

I think she’s going to come back next week.

Vampire!NCT 127


  • a very gentle vamp. the kind who only feeds from animals & takes only a lil from them :“( could never bare to hurt a soul, human or animal.
  • so he spends life never being truly full, taking just enough animal blood to sustain him.
  • this makes him very dangerous to be around if you’re his mate. the scent of your blood could drive him to the brink of madness.
  • is the co-leader of the pack. when the real leader is out, he takes over.
  • as he’s the oldest, he has lots of experience. so everyone goes to him for advice. and he gives warm hugs too :)
  • may be kind but if anyone threatens his mate or his pack, that disappears & is replaced with an unstoppable urge to protect all he loves

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  • leader of the pack.
  • in his younger vamp years, he had trouble controlling his temper and blood lust. he used to kill innocents by the dozens, draining even kids of their blood to satiate his thirst. and he seen everyone as a threat.
  • but when he matures & befriends taeil, an elder & calmer vampire, he learns to control himself. & repents for his past misdeeds by looking out for the younger ones.
  • but his reputation is still that of a killer. no matter how hard he tries, he can’t escape his past.
  • it was this past that almost cost him his mate, when he finally met you. but unlike all you had heard of him, he didn’t rip you apart. he stayed away if you asked him to, he came if you called. he protected you & those he loves.
  • anyone that knows him can see that he has changed since his youth, but others still fear him.

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  • a mischievous vamp. likes to tease his pack members and his mate constantly. is easy to get along with and is the first to befriend new members.
  • also creates good bonds with other packs, which is good seeing as they’re seen as the "troublesome” pack, due to their leaders past.
  • he’s honest with his mate, about his feeding habits, which don’t stop even when he’s had enough. when he’s hungry, he’ll rip ppl apart & drink every last drop.
  • and shows up to a date with his mate, covered in blood; “sorry I’m late. I hate leaving ketchup behind in the bottle. I always have to squeeze out every last drop.”
  • sees vamps as superior to humans (who he considers just food) & that’s why he doesn’t feel bad about his feeding habits. but isn’t a heartless killer either; never tortures his victims, & only kills adults

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  • the heartthrob of the vamp world. he knows he looks good & has no issue with flaunting that.
  • his preference in blood is young, beautiful girls. he lures them in with his looks & drains them dry.
  • cares for all his pack members but has those he’s closest to & therefore cares more for, such as mark or taeyong.
  • he also cares for his mate, when he finds her/him. and changes his feeding habits; “beautiful girls no longer taste as sweet, when the only thing I crave is you” ;) ;)

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  • looks harmless but isn’t.
  • he was turned young so he’s very baby-faced despite his 100+ years of age.
  • he’s skilled at martial arts & during pack/turf wars, he usually has the highest kills. he can be ruthless at times.
  • this focused, heartless killer is totally juxtaposed to his cute, delicate looks. which he uses to worm his way into the leaders heart, who absolutely adores him.
  • he knows how to use ppl, but not that he would ever use that talent for bad. he would never back stab taeyong. or his mate, for that matter. he knows how to get what he wants but would never cross the line.
  • he mainly uses this manipulative talent to bat his lashes at you or taeyong & ask for “ice cream” (which is code for a human with sweet blood that u hunt on a cold day)

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  • a pretty chill guy.
  • friends with vamps & humans, fitting in no matter where he goes. knows that vamps are superior in regards to strength/agelessness/etc but doesn’t consider himself as “higher” or “better” than humans in worth
  • he’s very up-to-date with modern times; music, clothes, technology, beliefs. so whenever the pack needs to scope an area out, he’s your guy.
  • is one of the youngest, under 100 y/o. but he’s always had such good control of his emotions/blood thirst, that he seems older.
  • knows that his elder vamps look out for him so tries his best to return the favour, which can sometimes get him injured during fights. his mate is less than impressed with this but he’s healed in no time & nibbling apologies into their neck; “sorry, it won’t happen again. I promise”

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  • would spill a members secrets to another pack member w/o a second thought; not trustworthy in that sense. but would never spill to an outsider, no matter what they do to him. so he’s trustworthy in what matters.
  • can be sensitive but feels like vamps should be “macho & hard.”
  • so going hunting upsets him, even tho he’s mega hungry, & his eyes turn glassy since he can’t cry but wants to. and if a fellow vamp is like “dude???” donghyuk is liek “what dude???? ain’t nothing up with my eyes. back off.”
  • loves being cared for by his elders & returns the affection with cuddles & sharing his blood stash if someone’s too injured to go out hunting on their own.
  • can be brutal tho if someone attacks his mate or his pack members. he’s the youngest, w less control over his hunger/anger, which means certain death to anyone he calls an enemy

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The signs as Grey's Anatomy characters

Aries: Alex Karev // confident, quick-witted, impulsive
Taurus: Miranda Bailey // reliable, determined, inflexible
Gemini: Derek Shepherd // witty, lively, inconsistent
Cancer: Izzie Stevens // loving, intuitive, touchy
Leo: Mark Sloan // protective, leader, arrogant
Virgo: Preston Burke // practical, intelligent, perfectionistic
Libra: George O'Malley // easygoing, idealistic, gullible
Scorpio: Meredith Grey // powerful, passionate, resentful
Sagittarius: Addison Montgomery // good-humoured, adventurous, restless
Capricorn: Cristina Yang // ambitious, disciplined, pessimistic
Aquarius: Richard Webber// humanitarian, loyal, detached
Pisces: Lexie Grey // sensitive, compassionate, easily-led
Trump Tower security is costing the US taxpayer $400,000 every single day
The New York Mayor is going to send the White House a bill for $35m to cover the cost of the enormous security operation around Trump Tower. Bill De Blasio has said he is going to write to the Obama administration setting out the daily $400,000 bill from November 8 too January 20 - the day of Donald Trump's inauguration. The letter reads: "Municipal or state resources should not be subsidizing the President-Elect's decision to maintain multiple permanent residences.

Hey; it’s only money! Screw the taxpayers!

Yes, the article is from December, but a more recent article reports Melania Trump isn’t moving to Washington, DC, so they’ll still be using heavy security around the building.