protective cory

This is 100% a serious question, how could anyone ever hate Riley Matthews??? And why would anyone hate Riley???

It’s kind of sad how so many people are hating on Ed, whether they are serious or not. Robin doesn’t have to go through stuff like that, everyone loves and protects Oswald. But Cory, who loves his character and is excited over his growth, is getting the backlash. It’s heartbreaking, because Ed’s story this season is beautiful. We see he isn’t a monster, but a human. He cares, he loves, and he feels. But now hate and revenge is controlling him, turning him into the villain he’s meant to be. It is the same story we are getting with Oswald. We see he’s not really a monster, but a broken human being. But then his world goes to crap and he is turned into this villain.

The beginning of these season we saw their human side with each other, their love and their bond. But this is their tragic story, and it hurting us means they are doing their jobs. Their story is suppose to hurt, suppose to pull at our emotions. We are suppose to feel for these characters, not hate them. Oswald and Ed still are best friends, you can’t erase the love and bond they had for each other; and we can never forget it.

We don’t know where the story is going, if it will end in tragedy or perhaps something more bittersweet. But I do know I will always, always love both of them.

Ed isn’t at fault here, he has every right to be hurt and mad right now. Oswald betrayed his trust and killed someone he believed to be just an innocent girl. I want to protect Oswald just as much as everyone else, I love him and want him to be happy. But for that to happen the two of them need to work this out, even if that means they need to be apart for the while. Oswald needs to understand his mistake, needs to understand what love actually is. Edward needs to be himself for while, understand his own feelings and find himself. That could take this season, maybe the next, or maybe even the one after that. We don’t know.

Again, maybe they won’t work this out and maybe they will. Only time will tell, and no matter what the writers choose to do I’ll support it. Because all outcomes will make sense in this case, and I have no reason to be mad at them for it. Gotham is an amazing show, and they haven’t let us down yet. They gave us something truly amazing this season, something shows usually don’t do. Perhaps it won’t end the way we want it too, but that is the beautifully tragic part about it.

Protection (LucasxReader)

Request: Can I request a Lucas Friar imagine where you’re best friends and you get your heart broken by one of the football players at school and Lucas gets pissed off because he loves you and he goes into Texas Lucas mode and as you’re patching up his cuts and icing his bruises you ask him why he did it and he tells you he loves you and is tired of seeing you get hurt and he kisses you and it’s fluffy.

A/N: this was so fun to make! Thank you for requesting!

You sniffled as you walked into class. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Lucas asked walking up to you. “My boyfriend cheated on me.” You replied as more tears ran down your face. You saw his entire body language change. “I’m gonna talk to him.” Lucas said taking a deep breath. “Lucas. Don’t do anything stupid!” You replied. “When he hurts you, nothing is stupid.” Lucas replied taking a shallow breath then sitting down.

You found Lucas again in the back of the school by the football field. He pushed your ex against the wall and you stepped back as you saw your ex hit the wall with such a great force, you thought he was going to go through the wall like a cartoon character. “What do you think you’re doing?” He yelled standing up. Lucas threw a punch and you screamed as it landed on your ex’s face. “That’s for y/n.” Lucas said grabbing your ex’s collar pulling him up to his face. That’s when your ex head butted Lucas in the face. “Lucas!” You screamed. Soon punches and kicks were being thrown between the two of them. “Lucas!” Mr. Matthews screamed running over and grabbing his waist as the coach pulled off your ex. “Y/N take him to the nurses office.” Mr. Matthews said throwing you the keys. You caught them and nodded your head. “C'mon.” You said holding onto Lucas’s arm and walking with him.

“What were you thinking?” You asked sitting in a chair in front of Lucas as you dabbed the blood off of his knuckles. “He hurt you.” Lucas replied holding the ice pack to his temple. “Yeah but why Lucas? Why on earth would you give him that attention?” You asked starting to wrap his knuckles on his right hand with bandages. “Because I love you.” Lucas blurted. You looked up at him and you smiled softly but then your smile disappeared. “Lucas, he cheated on me. I don’t know how to trust anyone else.” You replied looking back down at his hand. Lucas lifted your chin up lightly with his other finger and he looked into your eyes. “I will never ever hurt you.” Lucas said cupping your cheek with that hand. “Promise?” You asked leaning into him. “Promise.” Lucas replied with a small smirk on his face as he leaned in. “Okay.” You whispered as the two of you got closer. Suddenly, you lips crashed. It was the best kiss anyone had ever given you. You smiled as he kissed you. He pulled away then smiled at you. “Okay.” He smiled.

I have recently started watching girl meets world and I’m just so confused on how anyone could hate Riley Mathews. She is literally a ray of sunshine who would do anything to protect the people she loves. She is so beautiful and deserves all the happiness in the world.

let's all agree on one thing...

riley matthews needs to be protected at all costs
maya hart needs to be protected at all costs
farkle minkus needs to be protected at all costs
lucas friar needs to be protected at all costs
zay babineaux needs to be protected at all costs
isadora smackle needs to be protected at all costs
auggie matthews needs to be protected at all costs
cory matthews needs to be protected at all costs
shawn hunter needs to be protected at all costs
katy hart needs to be protected at all costs
topanga matthews needs to be protected at all costs
josh matthews needs to be protected at all costs
stewart minkus needs to be protected at all costs
eric matthews needs to be protected at all costs

GMW Episode Ideas

Girl Meets Unexpected Events

Riley insists on accompanying Topanga and Cory, to the gynecologist, to show more support towards the future addition to her family. While her parents are busy with Topanga’s appointment, Riley is in the waiting room, where she meets a pregnant teenage girl named Lucille. Riley starts to panic that the same thing could happen to her and their health teacher decides to give a lecture about unexpected events.

Girl Meets Crime Confessions

Farkle seems to be the only witness of a crime that happened in Topanga’s. He is too scared to tell the truth and his friends and family help him overcome his fear of being hurt by the thieves. 

Girl Meets Secret Journal

Zay’s journal becomes exposed and people find out that he has been racially profiled and discriminated against many times ever since he moved to New York. Lucas can’t avoid bringing back his “Texas Lucas” self to protect Zay. Zay, with Cory’s help, teaches his friends the many ways they can help, without using violence. 

Girl Meets Uncomfortable Suits

A new female teacher has arrived in John Adams High, and Lucas seems to be the only one who doesn’t like her. He doesn’t tell people why, which makes his friends think he might have a one-sided crush on the teacher. When they find out that the female teacher has been prying and constantly bothering Lucas, Topanga decides to take charge and bring the case to court. 

Girl Meets Love

Valentine’s Day has arrived and people are desperately trying to find a date for the school’s annual dance. Riley decides to step up and ask Farkle to go with her, but she might be too late, because Smackle had the same idea. Lucas and Maya are too scared to ask each other out and Zay gets a surprise visit from Vanessa. 

Girl Meets Class Representative

Riley decides she wants to run for class representative, but when Maya doesn’t agree with some of Riley’s ideas, Maya decides to run for it as well, making the two best friends drift. Only Farkle, Lucas and Zay can get them back together. 

Girl Meets Night Out

Lucas’ teammate invites Lucas and his friends for a night out, at a cool 18 and over hip club downtown. The teammate manages to convince Lucas and his friends to getting a fake ID and join the fun. The hive five decides to risk it and join the party but things get complicated when Lucas hurts his leg after a brawl that happened at the club. 

Girl Meets Girl

A new classmate, Johana, seems to be far too friendly with Riley. Lucas, Farkle, Maya and Zay have noticed that what Johana feels for Riley, is much more than just friendship. Riley seems to be the only one that doesn’t understand that the new girl might be into her. 

How i imagine Rucas finally happening in gmw SKI LODGE!

I have a feeling that in Ski lodge Riley the klutz somehow gets injured and she can’t do much besides stay indoors, and being the sweet kind person Lucas is Volunteers to stay with his future wifey to keep her company and in the process he ends up telling her how he feels and how he realized its always been her and how he wants them to be official…and then Riley asks him if his sure.. and his all like Yes Riley Its always been you Princess :’) 
-and then somewhere in this Lucas finally has his moment then
-They cuddle
-They act all comply without meaning too because its just natural..
-Uncle josh becomes alittle protective of his niece
-Cory & Topanga are happy to see Riley happy
-Auggie telling Riley he was right about Lucas.. 
-Zay & Farkle doing smirks at Lucas cause Lucas finally got the girl of his dreams and they know it.
-Maya+uncle boing have a chitchat ( maya’s feelings for boing comeback)
-smarkle and Farkle in matching outfits since that’s their thing

Riley Protection squad.

I was going through the GMW tag and I saw a load of posts for a “Riley protection squad because she is depressed and needs love and care.” Oh you mean the one she already has? (Her parents her firends THE FUCKING WRITTERS) Look Riley is amazing and I love her but Maya has been doing this for almost 2 years with no protection squad and Riley has only been going at it for 3 days.

Maya is broken and she needs love and help just as much as Riley if not more. Mayas home life has been thrown around like if it was nothing. You know what also Riley is doing a shit job at being? A good friend.

By pushing her feelings aside and giving Maya a chance (as if she did have one before. Which she did btw without Riley stepping aside) she is no better than Maya was before. Riley doesn’t realize how selfish she was being by using Charlie as a toy. There is no need for another Riley protection squad.

Dont get me wrong I love Riley but I dont like the fact the fans treat her differently and with more love just cause she is Riley. When Maya has been told she is a bad person that comes from bad people and is unimportant and worthless by her own friends and has been used as an example of what not to be.

Also Lucas and Riley aren’t the only ones in the show who would do anything for their friends. Maya has and will continue to do anything for her friends same with Farkle and Zay.

Riley is growing up she doesn’t need a protection squad because you never get a protection squad in the real world.

Also I know I have very strong feelings about a character on a TV show but honestly I connect this to a real life problem I once had thats why I feel so strongly about it.

thank you, I wish I was Farkle

Maya Hart in GM Ski Lodge pt. 1

I watched GM Ski Lodge pt. 1 and I got angry about how Maya’s character was being treated. And by that I mean is that she is regressing who she is. In GM True Maya we see that she was able to accept the person who she has become. She realized that she didn’t become Riley, but that Riley had influenced her on having hope and from stopping her from doing something bad that she will regret and get her into trouble. But now in GMSL, all of a sudden she’s thinking about breaking the rules (although she did save Farkle by breaking the rules). Her fantasy she thought about being with Lucas had to do with doing dangerous stuff and breaking the rules. Why is Maya all of sudden going back to the person she was in season one and the beginning of season two when the second half of season two she started to hope and do better. It like all the things she went through with dealing with her father, her family life, her identity crisis go down the drain and she is back to the way she acted in season one? All her hard work and her acceptance of hope is basically now not important? And I also got annoyed at Lucas when he said he didn’t like the fact that Maya and him tangled and stuff and that she never knows when to stop. Umm excuse you Lucas but who was the one who told you not to ride the bull because she was scared you were going to get hurt? Who was the one who didn’t need to be restrained when everyone else thought she would when her best friend threw ice cream at her? Who was the one who has grown so much even at a time when she didn’t believe in hope, when all her friends would remind her of how she didn’t have a great life? That’s right Maya ! So now I’m mad after watching the first part of GMSK. What do the writers honestly have planned for Maya’s character? She went through this big identity crisis (which honest to god she didn’t have to go through that nor did she think she was going through one until Riley started noticing that Maya WAS FINALLY DOING BETTER and not reacting as to “how she was supposed to”) and then she found her self again and accepted it and now it’s like nothing.

I love Maya, she is my favorite character in this show and the way they keep changing her character basically back and forth is so unnecessary because Maya Hart is amazing and perfect just the way she is. She’s growing up and finding herself along the way. Don’t keep suppressing her from growing and making her go back to the way she was in season one. She has matured and grown so much, stop making it seem that there’s something wrong with her when she is perfectly fine!

Riley Matthews (Meta..ish)

So I’ve been thinking about Riley as a character as of late and I have alot of thoughts.

Remember in Texas when Riley tells Maya that she knows that Maya thought she liked Lucas as a brother for a long time. Looking back at Yearbook we see Riley directly ask Maya if she learned anything and Maya kept it to herself (To protect Riley). 

Now lets go to Girl Meets Pluto. The Riley Committee was created to protect Riley. Remember when Cory says ‘She’s getting too smart’ and Farkle responds with 'She’s looking for a bird.’

I think Riley plays dumb for their benefit. We’ve all seen that Riley is extremely smart. Not just Book Smart either. Riley is very attentive Home For The Holidays, Texas 1-3, Flaws are just a few of the episodes where we see how good she is at reading people and wants the best for everyone and I think she acts like that because that’s her role, that’s what makes everyone happy.
In her mind all the things she’s good at or wants to try she can’t because her friends already are 

Farkle: The Smart One
Riley can’t have that role. Obviously Farkle is Smarter but everyone seems to forget that Riley is right up there with him grade wise.

The Creative One: Maya
Riley is talented artist as well as seen in Girl Meets Maya’s Mother Maya is a beyond talented artist and is all-around creative. Since that episode Riley has been potrayed as untalented in the Arts. Maybe she stepped back for Maya. She could’ve wanted Maya to have that thing she’s great at.

Now let’s talk about Rah Rah.
In Rah Rah Riley was trying to do something she loved, go for something she really wanted and so many people tried to get her not to do it.  One thing she loves as much as Farkle loves being Smart and Maya loves Creating and she wasn’t good enough.

Which brings me to Pluto
I think Riley knew about Pluto. As young as she may have been I think she is well aware but she had hope. Why? Because as she said 'Littlest planet with the biggest heart.’ She has hope in Pluto because even though it isn’t seen as a valuable part of our Solar System it still has that one person that believes in it.
Like Maya Says in Girl Meets Mr.Squirrels. Her whole rant about having that one person standing by you for right and wrong. having that one person believe in you is enough to push you on for years.
Riley might see herself as Pluto. Small, Overlooked, sometimes forgotten. And she thinks if she believes in herslef enough that would be enough. Pluto, even though it’s not important and may not do much it’s still there, it’s still floating around and it still has that one person that believes in it.

Pluto = Riley having hope for herself

Feel free to correct me if I got information wrong.

Thoughts on Rileytown

- Foo foo plague omg

- “I’m looking up your fake disease on the fake internet.”

- This screenshot is life

- The sadness I felt after this when she pushed Maya off the bed. MY POOR SENSITIVE BABY RILEY. MAYA DOESN’T KNOW WHY THIS IS HURTING YOU.

- Farkle with what looks to be a ping pong ball launcher again. I WANT TO KNOW THE STORY BEHIND THAT BALL LAUNCHER it comes out at the most random times lol.

- “It was decided that if things got out of hand I was the best choice to.. contain.. you.” SOMETIMES LUCAYA IS NICE.

- The dual and the ice-cream in Maya’s face.. RILEY BABY NO. :(

- “Zay how do you know so much about this?” “In Texas we call this a Wednesday.” ZAY PLS.

- Wanting to see protective!cory&topanga but instead Maya says “It won’t teach us anything if you step in.” GAH.

- Farkle realising what’s going on and immediately knowing to tie up Lucas because HE WOULD KILL A MAN FOR HIS FRIENDS. TEXAS!LUCAS LIVES.

- This whole next scene.. I CAN BARELY GO THERE IT’S STILL SO RAW. “You thought it would go away?” “Mmhm, it’s just getting worse.” RILEY LET ME CRADLE YOU???? 


- Texas!Lucas is freed and wild!!!! “It’s been my experience that when it comes to protecting his friends nothing can hold him back.” [cue Lucas barging into Riley’s room] I LIVE FOR HIS PROTECTIVE NATURE.


- Cory telling Lucas why he should handle this situation the right way and he’s not sure he can dO IT BECAUSE RILEY IS HURTING. 

- “Yeah I know how this goes.” ZAY YOU CHEEKY BUTT.

- When they are talking and Riley tells them about her awards ceremony omg. “Sometimes I pretend I’m not there and french Riley has to accept in my place.” Is there no end to her cuteness?????


- When she confronts the bully. UGH. “I twirl around when I’m happy.. I dance by myself.. because that’s who I am. And if I do something good I give awards to myself so that maybe I’ll do something good again and you’re not going to stop me.”


- and finally we have Maya’s multi-layered cone of revenge

To sum up, this episode was definitely one of the best. It showed more character development (as painful as it was) for Riley and I for one am just so excited about where this show is heading. It’s only going to get even better from here so stay tuned!

Putting Girl Meets Texas aside for just one moment...

Who else is really freaking excited for Girl Meets Forgiveness? I mean we get to see Maya’s dad and get the full back story as to why he left. I’m hoping in this episode we get to see, not only protective Lucas, but protective Farkle, Zay, Cory, and Shawn. Riley is already protective of Maya, always has been and always will be, but I think this will be a chance for us to see and understand just how much Maya means to all of the guys. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Lucas and Shawns reactions, seeing as these are the two currently developing relationships. I hope Maya also finally gets the closure she needs from her father. Who else is excited?!