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Our first Justice Democrat: Cori Bush – Justice Democrats – Medium
By Justice Democrats

Not too long ago, we introduced you to Cori Bush, a registered nurse and Ferguson activist. We asked you to join us in asking her to run for Congress. You, from every corner of the nation, answered the call and told Cori you would back her.

Today, we are incredibly proud to announce Cori is running to represent MO-1 in Congress!

Cori embodies the kind of leadership St. Louis needs.

She knows the pain of working families because she has lived it. She understands the needs of society’s most downtrodden, because she serves them every day as a nurse. When Ferguson burned, she answered the call and stood tall on the front lines against police violence. She’s the perfect person to represent St. Louis because she is St. Louis.

She’s yours.

But Cori isn’t just our first official candidate. She’s yours. At the start of our nomination drive, you recommended Cori in droves. Over and over again during our vetting process, we were impressed with the passion people have for Cori; and after getting to know her, we firmly agree that it’s a passion well-placed.

While Cori’s just the first of the many candidates we will be running in the 2018 midterm elections, she’s a strong representation of what’s to come:

She puts people first — As a nurse, she’s been a first-hand witness to community health struggles: “We have patients who don’t even realize they are getting better because they are so stressed about how they will be able to get the resources in the future.“

She believes in her community — Cori believes in fighting to create thousands of jobs in St. Louis, not fighting to save 1 job in DC. That’s why she’s committed to bringing renewable energy jobs to St. Louis, even if the refining and fossil fuel industry attacks her for it.

She’s not afraid to speak the truth — Cori believes the role of government is to support, not control. That’s why she wants to break the school-to-prison pipeline, create educational standards on-par with other nations, pass Medicare For All and make the federal income tax fairer for the middle-class.

She’s struggled and lived the real American experience — While taking care of two young children, working and going to nursing school, she lived out of her car. You won’t find a DC politician of any part who’s faced the stigma of homelessness. Because she knows first-hand how expensive being poor is, you can trust Cori to protect social support programs, remove barriers to housing and increase funding for job training.

Cori, like all of our candidates, will challenge the status quo of American politics. They’ll be attacked as unprepared by Establishment Democrats and soft by Republicans — but so what? We will be defined by ourselves, our actions and our commitment to the people.


I have recently started watching girl meets world and I’m just so confused on how anyone could hate Riley Mathews. She is literally a ray of sunshine who would do anything to protect the people she loves. She is so beautiful and deserves all the happiness in the world.

This is 100% a serious question, how could anyone ever hate Riley Matthews??? And why would anyone hate Riley???
after some thought, i will not accept a boy who doesnt have the personality and paitence of Augustus Waters, the compassion and looks of Freddie McClair, the commitment to a relationship like Cory Mathews and the protectiveness of Dexter Morgan.
—  a girl fed up with asshole boys


Chris had been thinking about this for a while now - the way Cory had protected him during the incident with the storm. It had been on his mind and he wanted to go and visit him now that he was feeling better. After hanging out in his room for a bit and getting dressed, the blonde gave himself a once-over in the mirror to make sure he looked okay. He wasn’t dressed up by any means, but he’d actually put somewhat of an effort into his makeup and hair. Once he felt satisfied, Chris left his room and headed down the hallway toward Cory’s, stopping outside of the room and taking a deep breath before knocking. “Coooory?” He cooed, hovering in the doorway.

It’s kind of sad how so many people are hating on Ed, whether they are serious or not. Robin doesn’t have to go through stuff like that, everyone loves and protects Oswald. But Cory, who loves his character and is excited over his growth, is getting the backlash. It’s heartbreaking, because Ed’s story this season is beautiful. We see he isn’t a monster, but a human. He cares, he loves, and he feels. But now hate and revenge is controlling him, turning him into the villain he’s meant to be. It is the same story we are getting with Oswald. We see he’s not really a monster, but a broken human being. But then his world goes to crap and he is turned into this villain.

The beginning of these season we saw their human side with each other, their love and their bond. But this is their tragic story, and it hurting us means they are doing their jobs. Their story is suppose to hurt, suppose to pull at our emotions. We are suppose to feel for these characters, not hate them. Oswald and Ed still are best friends, you can’t erase the love and bond they had for each other; and we can never forget it.

We don’t know where the story is going, if it will end in tragedy or perhaps something more bittersweet. But I do know I will always, always love both of them.

Ed isn’t at fault here, he has every right to be hurt and mad right now. Oswald betrayed his trust and killed someone he believed to be just an innocent girl. I want to protect Oswald just as much as everyone else, I love him and want him to be happy. But for that to happen the two of them need to work this out, even if that means they need to be apart for the while. Oswald needs to understand his mistake, needs to understand what love actually is. Edward needs to be himself for while, understand his own feelings and find himself. That could take this season, maybe the next, or maybe even the one after that. We don’t know.

Again, maybe they won’t work this out and maybe they will. Only time will tell, and no matter what the writers choose to do I’ll support it. Because all outcomes will make sense in this case, and I have no reason to be mad at them for it. Gotham is an amazing show, and they haven’t let us down yet. They gave us something truly amazing this season, something shows usually don’t do. Perhaps it won’t end the way we want it too, but that is the beautifully tragic part about it.

Thoughts on Rileytown

- Foo foo plague omg

- “I’m looking up your fake disease on the fake internet.”

- This screenshot is life

- The sadness I felt after this when she pushed Maya off the bed. MY POOR SENSITIVE BABY RILEY. MAYA DOESN’T KNOW WHY THIS IS HURTING YOU.

- Farkle with what looks to be a ping pong ball launcher again. I WANT TO KNOW THE STORY BEHIND THAT BALL LAUNCHER it comes out at the most random times lol.

- “It was decided that if things got out of hand I was the best choice to.. contain.. you.” SOMETIMES LUCAYA IS NICE.

- The dual and the ice-cream in Maya’s face.. RILEY BABY NO. :(

- “Zay how do you know so much about this?” “In Texas we call this a Wednesday.” ZAY PLS.

- Wanting to see protective!cory&topanga but instead Maya says “It won’t teach us anything if you step in.” GAH.

- Farkle realising what’s going on and immediately knowing to tie up Lucas because HE WOULD KILL A MAN FOR HIS FRIENDS. TEXAS!LUCAS LIVES.

- This whole next scene.. I CAN BARELY GO THERE IT’S STILL SO RAW. “You thought it would go away?” “Mmhm, it’s just getting worse.” RILEY LET ME CRADLE YOU???? 


- Texas!Lucas is freed and wild!!!! “It’s been my experience that when it comes to protecting his friends nothing can hold him back.” [cue Lucas barging into Riley’s room] I LIVE FOR HIS PROTECTIVE NATURE.


- Cory telling Lucas why he should handle this situation the right way and he’s not sure he can dO IT BECAUSE RILEY IS HURTING. 

- “Yeah I know how this goes.” ZAY YOU CHEEKY BUTT.

- When they are talking and Riley tells them about her awards ceremony omg. “Sometimes I pretend I’m not there and french Riley has to accept in my place.” Is there no end to her cuteness?????


- When she confronts the bully. UGH. “I twirl around when I’m happy.. I dance by myself.. because that’s who I am. And if I do something good I give awards to myself so that maybe I’ll do something good again and you’re not going to stop me.”


- and finally we have Maya’s multi-layered cone of revenge

To sum up, this episode was definitely one of the best. It showed more character development (as painful as it was) for Riley and I for one am just so excited about where this show is heading. It’s only going to get even better from here so stay tuned!

let's all agree on one thing...

riley matthews needs to be protected at all costs
maya hart needs to be protected at all costs
farkle minkus needs to be protected at all costs
lucas friar needs to be protected at all costs
zay babineaux needs to be protected at all costs
isadora smackle needs to be protected at all costs
auggie matthews needs to be protected at all costs
cory matthews needs to be protected at all costs
shawn hunter needs to be protected at all costs
katy hart needs to be protected at all costs
topanga matthews needs to be protected at all costs
josh matthews needs to be protected at all costs
stewart minkus needs to be protected at all costs
eric matthews needs to be protected at all costs

Riley Matthews (Meta..ish)

So I’ve been thinking about Riley as a character as of late and I have alot of thoughts.

Remember in Texas when Riley tells Maya that she knows that Maya thought she liked Lucas as a brother for a long time. Looking back at Yearbook we see Riley directly ask Maya if she learned anything and Maya kept it to herself (To protect Riley). 

Now lets go to Girl Meets Pluto. The Riley Committee was created to protect Riley. Remember when Cory says ‘She’s getting too smart’ and Farkle responds with 'She’s looking for a bird.’

I think Riley plays dumb for their benefit. We’ve all seen that Riley is extremely smart. Not just Book Smart either. Riley is very attentive Home For The Holidays, Texas 1-3, Flaws are just a few of the episodes where we see how good she is at reading people and wants the best for everyone and I think she acts like that because that’s her role, that’s what makes everyone happy.
In her mind all the things she’s good at or wants to try she can’t because her friends already are 

Farkle: The Smart One
Riley can’t have that role. Obviously Farkle is Smarter but everyone seems to forget that Riley is right up there with him grade wise.

The Creative One: Maya
Riley is talented artist as well as seen in Girl Meets Maya’s Mother Maya is a beyond talented artist and is all-around creative. Since that episode Riley has been potrayed as untalented in the Arts. Maybe she stepped back for Maya. She could’ve wanted Maya to have that thing she’s great at.

Now let’s talk about Rah Rah.
In Rah Rah Riley was trying to do something she loved, go for something she really wanted and so many people tried to get her not to do it.  One thing she loves as much as Farkle loves being Smart and Maya loves Creating and she wasn’t good enough.

Which brings me to Pluto
I think Riley knew about Pluto. As young as she may have been I think she is well aware but she had hope. Why? Because as she said 'Littlest planet with the biggest heart.’ She has hope in Pluto because even though it isn’t seen as a valuable part of our Solar System it still has that one person that believes in it.
Like Maya Says in Girl Meets Mr.Squirrels. Her whole rant about having that one person standing by you for right and wrong. having that one person believe in you is enough to push you on for years.
Riley might see herself as Pluto. Small, Overlooked, sometimes forgotten. And she thinks if she believes in herslef enough that would be enough. Pluto, even though it’s not important and may not do much it’s still there, it’s still floating around and it still has that one person that believes in it.

Pluto = Riley having hope for herself

Feel free to correct me if I got information wrong.