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I always find it interesting how similar yet different the rough draft looks from the final. 

Had a lot of fun with this one! :D This pic is from my upcoming chapter for The Ties That Bind. My Klance fic~ 

Cause I totally just want Keith and Lance to spend as much time together as possible and had them end up in the underwater city together cause yeah XD 

Keith being all protective of Lance is my love~

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Can you do some headcanons for Hakubaby with a fem! S/o who's stuck in an abusive household but can't do anything to get free or get away from them?

TW: Mentions of abuse

Hakuryuu with s/o in an abusive household

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Hakuryuu would have a hard time standing for any abuse on his s/o, and he doesn’t care if it’s her family. But as much as he would want to confront her family about it, he would bite his tongue, knowing that it might result in more abuse. Unless he witnessed it, because then he’s going to jump in front on his s/o not allowing the abuser to lay a hand on her.

♥ Helps in anyway possible, cleaning them up, talking to them, being the shoulder to cry on, console any night terrors, and just be there for her. 

♥ Hakuryuu would spend a lot of time at her place, if she weren’t allowed to leave her own home too often. He would really want her to be safe no matter what, and if that meant being with them as much as possible, then so be it. 

♥ His last straw would be when she has any broken bones or any worse than that. He would immediately start packing her stuff and tell her that she was coming home with him. And if she said, “They’ll know where I am, there’s no point!” he would straight up be like, “Fine. We’re running away together.”

I sense some yurio angst coming so have this

Plinami headcanons:

- yurio is super protective over his bf
- minami likes to give yurio surprise cheek kisses
- yurio is only happy is public when he is with minami
- yurio is super defensive when people ask about their relationship
- they skate together beautifully
- minami is the only one who can calm yurio down when he’s in a mood
- they are long distance
- they call eachother pet names in their first languages
- the aren’t dating in secret but no one really caught on till they saw them together partner skating and sharing a kiss at the end
- after seeing them kiss is the first time yuuri sees his (yurio) genuine smile
- they are really cute cause minami doesn’t mind yurio’s moods as long as he is nice about it and agrees the try the get out of it or be productive about it
- yurio lets minami do most of the talking in social situations
- they cuddle. Like A LOT
- they met when minami was gushing about yuuri and yurio thought he was talking about him. He goes and does a practice performance and dedicated it to minami. He was like “hehe I heard you taking about me ;)” minami is like “oh I wasn’t talking about you.” And yurio gets embarrassed. Minami is like “I never said I didn’t like you too yuri-kun :)” and yurio blushes AND THUS THE COURTING BEGINS!
- most of the flirting is done by minami cause yurio doesn’t know how besides for defending him from taunts and giving him secret smiles at the end of routines
- they flirt a lot while minami is studying in Russia and eventually yurio asks him out and the rest is history
- their dates are always meaningful and adorable because they are long distance
- when they sleep yurio is a firey inferno and minami is always cold so it works well
- minami gets wrapped in a fluffy blanket burrito while yurio holds him as they sleep
- minami is the most affectionate except for one time when yurio saw minami in his cat sweater and attacked minami with kisses
- one time minami arranged his hair into two cat ear shaped buns and yurio promptly freaked out screaming “you have to wear your hair like this more often!”
- back when they started dating minami would hide little origami figures where yurio would find them just to surprise him
- after one particularly hard week while skating a small paper flower falls out of yurio’s pocket while skating and he sees it and breaks down crying because of how much he misses his bf
- victor of course doesn’t know what to do with people crying so he kind of just stands there next to him and so yuuri comes up and wipes his tears and takes him back on the ice to express how he’s feeling and then go home to relax
- it is all very sweet and yuuri and victor are basically his dads that day
- victor sees this and pays for minami to visit for a weekend to cheer up yurio
- they never really speak of it but he knows how thankful yurio is in the end
- they are adorable and I vow to protect them and go down with this ship

More Klance Things~

Idk about you guys but I love some protective and supportive bfs. Like these boys are just so wrapped up in each other and want the other to get better that I just get so emotional over it. Please. Someone just get me away from this show before I drown…

Lance teaches Keith how to shoot with better aim. The boy was trying to use both eyes and was seeing double the targets, no wonder his scores were low.

Keith helps lance with hand to hand. Lance is a pretty quick learner and Keith always has the biggest smile on his face when Lance pins him. (Ofc lance gets all corky after that and keith pins him to take him down a notch)

After that they’re always seen training together and they have a rotation. One day is long range, the next is hand to hand. And so on and so forth.

The shooting practice always ends up in a competition. (Lance sometimes let’s keith win) and after every round lance is sure to give keith some hugs and kisses to let him know he’s doing great. 👍 👌

The hand to hand, usually ends up in a wrestling match, which turns to kissing on the floor of the training room. (The rest of the team has more than once walked in on them mid make out sesh. It’s become a problem really…)

With all the training they’ve done they’re like the perfect tag team on mission. Allura thought they would distract each other, but boy was she proven wrong. Lance and keith got that first misssion done in no time. Since then, they’re the go-to team. 👏👏

And during those missions, it goes back and forth between who’s being reckless and who’s being the reasonable one. Often times when Lance is being the gung-ho one, Keith is like, lance you idiot, you’re going to get hurt! (Usually does, but keith is nice enough to not say I told you so and help patch his bf up)

When it’s lance, he physically pulls keith back in line. ( those high collar things on the armor have to be for something besides looks) Lance usually goes over the plan again after reeling keith back in. Then gives his bf a pat on the shoulder and a helmet bump and they’re on their way again.

And after particularly rough missions, where both of them get hurt, they patch each other up. They usually try to reserve the pods for the refugees they rescue so the team performs first aid on themselves while the refugees use them.

Keith is all back and no bite with lance, usually just cursing and hissing at the sting of cleaning wounds and stuff. Lance is stiff as a board and can’t really watch keith as he patches him up. (Hes squicky with blood)

Then at the end of the day, they cuddle in one of their bunks and are happy that they both survived the day, muttering “I love you"s the whole time till they fall asleep~

Imagine homra being very confused because after they make up yata still calls fushimi every name in the book but one time one of the lower ranked guys referred to fushimi as “the traitor” and yata destroyed like half the bar trying to get this guy and was like “WHAT DID YOU SAY COME SAY THAT TO MY FACE WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT?” and kamamoto had to be the one to go “you yata-san. he heard it from you. every day for the past four years.”

If Yuta was your boyfriend...

this was requested by a lovely anon. i hope you like it cutie ^-^

  • the type of bf who roasts the shit out of you whenever he gets the chance
  • but only bc he knows you’ll roast him right back
  • he says something smart to donghyuck and all you hear is “at least my hair didn’t look like broccoli in my teaser pics”
  • always wants you to wear his clothes
  • “oh y/n you look cold, here have my jacket”
  • “yuta i’m fucking sweating it’s like 100 degrees out here”
  • “haVE MY JACKET, Y/N.”
  • tries to be the protective bf but let’s be real if it weren’t for taeyong he would’t know what’s going on half the time
  • “hey y/n- waIT WHERE Are you wtf ????” 
  • then screams for you for ten minutes but you were just in the bathroom
  • you stare at him a lot especially when he’s smiling and laughing bc honestly his smile is so mesmerizing like ???
  • and he’ll catch you and tease you about it for ten years
  • he’s like “don’t you just love staring at your amazing, handsome, beautiful, rockstar, professional football player boyfriend??? wow how gorgeous am i??”
  • he acts so cocky and confident but in reality he gets flustered a lot around you
  • like you’ll say something offhandedly about how handsome he looks or something and you’ll forget about it after a minute or two and he’s blushing about it all day long
  • this boy can legit sleep all day long
  • like
  • his ass can go to bed at 7pm and still be sleeping at like 5pm the next day
  • he’s like a fuckin olympic sleeper
  • like just imagine seeing his sleepy smile and bed hair every fuckin morning bYE
  • and his voice i n th morning ughhhhhh bye
  • and he’s 10000000% the type to wake you up by nuzzling his face into your neck and like kissing your collarbones and shit fuck
  • if someone flirts w u
  • he gets annoyed so fast
  • he’ll legit push his way in between u and said flirter and be like “oH hi i’m y/n’s lovely boyfriend who they’re very very happy with, you can excuse yourself from this conversation.”
  • always talks shit about your fashion choces
  • “really y/n? a brown belt with black shoes? talk about tacky”
  • but he’s only kidding and most of the time you do it just to get on his nerves.
  • king of shitty pick-up lines
  • fuck he’s such a great boyfriend pls date me yuta 
best parts of zen’s route

- when he’s livid and going off on seven but then oh-so-sweetly asks if you’d like a cup of tea immediately after berating him

- his meowing on that one phone call that makes you cringe because you feel bad for the voice actor having to do it but is also somehow endearing

- zen’s voice

- when he calls you, waking you up, saying he left quietly because he didn’t want to wake you up

- he calls jumin a douche and dude in what’s supposed to be a very heartwarming scene

- when jumin says zen should get his dna tested for mutated genes during said heartfelt scene

- literally anything you say gets him hot and bothered

- that there’s hardly ever any neutral answers. it’s either go big or go home, like choosing between “give up on life, zen” or “i want you inside me right now”

- if you compliment the other guys while he’s in the chatroom he gets miffed and has to also be complimented right after

- you almost have no choice but to call him ‘zenny’