Oregon lays out sweeping protections for transgender students |

Transgender students across Oregon should be able to use the bathrooms, names and pronouns they want, according to unprecedented guidelines released Thursday by the Oregon Department of Education.

In a sweeping 15-page document the department issued what are likely to be controversial suggestions for Oregon educators — directing them to allow transgender females to play girls sports, for example, and transgender men to wear tuxedos to prom.

They also suggest school leaders use transgender students’ preferred names, even if that differs from a legal name, on all transcripts and diplomas. And they say the state will require no proof before changing a student’s gender in Oregon records.

“A student who says she is a girl and wishes to be regarded that way throughout the school day should be respected and treated like any other girl,” the document reads. “So too with a student who says he is a boy.”


I love how Steve is the cheerleader and founder of Protect Bucky Barnes At All Costs squad and T’Challa became the honorary president while Sam is the reluctant associate who pretends he doesn’t give a damn but actually is secretly one of the most devoted members of the club

Finding Balance [Part One]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles


Word Count: 1,684

**Hello my lovelies! Here is the real beginning of the story, the prequel isn’t necessary but if you’d like to read it you can find it here **

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I focus on the loud music blasting from my headphones as my feet pound against the dirt trail. I don’t know how long I’ve been running for, I didn’t really have a distance in mind when I set out, I just needed to get out and find a release for the intense agitation that’s been swirling inside of me all day.

           My thoughts get away from me and start to drift to him and I grit my teeth. He’s always there, every time I turn around. Smirking at me like he knows something, like he can see right through me. I clench my fists and run a little harder. As if that wasn’t unnerving enough his constant flirting and touches don’t make it any better. Even though I refuse to acknowledge him, a shiver goes through me every time his hand brushes against me- intentionally or not. It’s like there’s something inside of me calling to him, something I’ve been trying so hard to keep buried within me.

           I slow down, changing my pace to a slow jog as I turn my music down to slightly so that I can hear my breathing over it. I try to focus on my breathing, at evening out the pants of air that are shoving its way out of my airways. There’s a crack behind me followed by the snapping sound of a few branches breaking and I feel my heart spasm in panic as I pick up my pace again, not even daring to look back. I let my ear buds drop out of my ears so that I can hear whatever is coming up behind me and I try to remain calm when I realize it sounds like it’s gaining on me.

           I begin sprinting, silently berating myself for going so far out into the woods in a town that I know has an absurd amount of vicious supernaturals drawn to it constantly. An arm snakes around my waist and I shriek as I lose my balance; sending both my pursuer and I stumbling down the hill through the dead leaves and dirt. I land on my back, the force knocking the wind out of me and I lay there gasping for breath.

           “Where are you running off to so fast, kitten?”

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you delusional fujoshis make everything gay just to please your yaoi ships

Kaworu told Shinji he loved him.
Shinji stated that he loved him back.
Kaworu and Shinji held hands during the shower scene, naked.
Kaworu and Shinji made out in the manga.
Shinji acting tsundere with Kaworu, which is a love trope, by the way.
Kaworu and Shinji were to kiss in the first draft of episode 24.
Kaworu’s compliments and subtle comments to Shinji.
Shinji’s blushing and googly eyes.
Kaworu’s comforting words and ability to help Shinji.
Shinji admitting that he was romantically/sexually attracted to Kaworu.
The author saying in an interview that Kaworu was Shinji’s actual love interest.


You’re the one making everything straight.

You’re the delusional one.

How does it feel hearing that from someone else?

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Any new underestimated!stiles fics by chance?


I Am Death Become Ye by OneSmartChicken (1/1 | 4,596 | NR)

He wasn’t just useless; he was a liability. He was half-crazy, on medication for a whole list of mental illnesses, and physically crippled. He walked with a cane carved from old wood and sources referred to his left eye as “unreliable.” Poor, fragile little human. They left a rabbit on his doorstep, just to make sure he got the message; he wasn’t necessary in this game. He was boring. Oh he sounded interesting at first: humans who ran with wolves always did. But he was just another stubborn fool, and a broken one at that.

OR some fae make a mistake; Stiles teaches them the error of their ways.

The Immortal Phoenix by Deasperuax (3/? | 4,119 | PG13)

Stiles couldn’t believe what was happening. They were abandoning him. Kicking him out of the pack. He thought he was out of game for good but when his father told him he was half angel half warlock, well he couldn’t leave that story unresolved. Traveling through different dimensions Stiles comes back with a new attitude and power. Maybe the pack misjudged when they said he was weak. Because from what they could tell this man could be the one to save Beacon Hills from the Clan of Vampires and the Darach moving in on the Hale Territory

It’s so dangerous (you’ll have to sign a waiver) by ElisAttack (1/1 | 5,145 | PG13)

“Do you have the cash?” A harsh guttural voice asks through the line, ending the question with a hacking cough.

“I have the fifty grand.” Stiles confirms in a clear, concise voice, the total opposite of what he feels at the moment. He’s like a lemming right before it takes a nose dive off a cliff. He’s just hoping the waters below aren’t dotted with sharp rocks, sharks, or, you know, guns.

“Excellent.” The now wheezing voice says, a smile evident in his tone, “We’ve left the door open for you, Bertram will take your coat.”

Or the one where Stiles is so far out of his depth, it isn’t even funny.

Training by Shippings_galore (1/1 | 2,777 | G)

Written to make a writer feel better… This was written in a week because of school in my life… Here’s the summary:

Stiles was dragged into training by Scott. Now he has to be taught by his Alpha crush to kick ass. And then fight a rich snob. He can do this. He can so do this.

For any weather witches wanting to help Fort Mcmurray

The fire has a HUGE amount of energy, all of which is currently going towards destruction

Connecting to that energy and channeling some of it into your spell would help doubly, both taking it away from the force of destruction and adding it to the power of your spell/ritual

To connect to the forest use white spruce, trembling aspen, balsam poplar and white birch(or related wood), as those are the most common trees in the area. Maple could also work as it is our national tree.

Use rain water or other similar natural sources if possible, as that is the best chance we have of putting it out, human intervention is severely limited by smoke and the focusing of resources on helping the refugees, so rain would be a godsend.

Spells of protection for the many thousands of people being evacuated/affected by the smoke, as well as prosperity for rebuilding once this is finally over would also be greatly helpful. Prayers to your deities if you have any would be wonderful

To pitch in in a less magical but just as helpful, text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $5(in canadian so the exchange rate is greatly in your favour) or go here to donate online.

I need a solangelo fan fiction where Will has to survive having dinner with his boyfriend’s protection squad.
Like imagine
-Jason, Reyna, and Hazel questioning Will and trying to determine if he’s good for Nico
-Will being terrified he’s gonna fuck up and lose his chances with Nico so he’s really nervous and can’t help but stutter every now and then
-Nico thinking they’re all dorks and can’t help but grin and hold Will’s hand so Will can stop freaking out.

I also need a fanfic of Jason finding out about Solangelo and just calling Reyna and Hazel screaming “I TOLD YOU THEY’D GET TOGETHER.”

Why am I such trash?