Imagine Person A beginning to doze off while Person B is holding them. Person B whispers “I’ll protect you” and Person A tiredly mumbles “From what?” Person B thinks for a moment and says “I don’t know. Anything.”

The Importance of Iron in Witchcraft

So, I got a lot of really positive feedback about my post about salt in witchcraft, so here’s another one just for you about iron!

Iron, like salt, has been used for many thousands of years as a potent tool in the practices of witchcraft. Iron is one of the most abundant metals in our planet, and is also a really great metal for making into tools. It’s tough, hard, ductile and with a high melting point that makes it ideal for situations in which you might need a tool to work under extremely hot conditions. It’s also one of only three ferromagnetic metals (along with nickel and cobalt), making it an essential part of most magnets and compasses.

In astrophysics, iron is extremely important in the life cycle of stars. Iron is one of the most atomically stable substances in the universe, and it’s also unique because it’s the first element in the periodic table to require more energy to MAKE it than it gives out from atomic fusion. This is important, because when a star gets older and fuses hydrogen to make helium, helium to make beryllium and all the rest, once it starts fusing atoms to make iron, the star begins to die. So, iron is an element that signals the death of stars, and any element that weighs MORE than iron (atomically speaking) can only be made in supernovas - that is, the explosion that takes place when a really BIG star dies.

In biology, iron is one of the most important elements in mammalian, reptilian and avian blood, because it’s the element that we use in the chemical haemoglobin. This is the chemical in our blood cells that binds to oxygen and keeps us alive. Crustaceans like lobsters don’t use iron - they use copper, and instead make haemocyanin, which makes their blood blue! However, just like in stars, iron can mean death for humans as well. If we overdose on iron, we suffer from iron heavy metal poisoning; when we get crushed by a heavy object we can suffer a disease called traumatic rhabdomyolysis or Crush Syndrome, caused by vast amounts of myoglobin (another iron-based compound, found in muscles, which gives them extra oxygen to use) entering our kidneys and killing them, and as a result killing us.

Iron in science is an element of life, death, and of many points in between. But what about its uses in witchcraft?

Witchy Facts about Iron!

  1. Iron is stable. Iron’s stability, both atomically and magickally, makes it a fantastic magickal conductor, and also means that magick doesn’t seem to affect iron very much. Enchantments on iron are never as strong as on other metals, and even the best witches will have difficulty making an enchantment or other spell anchor properly. However, this has the advantage that iron doesn’t pick up negative magick from background sources, and it’s extremely unlikely that there will be issues with ritual or altar tools made from iron. Keeping your magickal supplies inside an iron or steel box, or a box that’s been nailed together with iron nails, will prevent them from leaking out and attracting spirits that might cause harm.

  2. Iron is protective. Along with silver and a few other little bits and bobs, negative spirits and fae folk cannot touch iron lest it burn them and cause them pain. Additionally, negative magicks targetted at someone wearing an iron pendant will be attracted into the pendant and then dispelled. This makes it an ideal protective charm for everyday carry or everyday wear.

    This is why horseshoes are considered lucky
    - back in Medieval times, when protection against negative spirits and magick was much more widely practiced, poor families would often be unable to afford much iron. However, a horseshoe is made of iron, and comes with holes already cast into it, which allow you to nail one over your door easily, which keeps out harmful spirits, magick, and fae, who might seek to hurt you or your family.

  3. Iron is inconspicuous. Anyone can carry an iron nail after all, and a little piece of iron wrought and twisted into a small pendant is far from a traditional witch’s item. Those secret witches who perhaps do not live with accepting families or within an accepting community or country can find great solace in the use of iron as a protective charm.

  4. Iron is cheap. Iron nails, iron rods and iron knifes are pretty easy to get hold of and relatively quite cheap. They’re versatile and not especially likely to draw attention to you - after all, nobody’s likely to question why someone has a couple of iron nails twisted into a pendant, and if they do question it, why it’s just an artistic display! And of course, easy to replace with $5 worth of string, iron and a hammer.

  5. Iron is ancient. Iron is one of the oldest protective charms out there, right up with salt and sage. It’s been used for literally thousands of years to protect people against everything from wolves to armies to poltergeists. That’s a pretty impressive history!

  6. Iron is practical! The best cookware I’ve ever used has always been my cast iron cookware set, which makes better food than I’ve ever tasted, and it’s very easy to clean. It’s also extremely hardwearing - I wholly expect to one day be able to pass on my cast iron frying pan and wok to my grandchildren, and it was already been owned by my mother and father before me. Iron knifes are sharper and cut cleaner than almost anything except obsidian, and high-carbon steel (an alloy of iron and carbon) is the best cutting edge known in bushcrafting circles, where all the best knives are made from it

I hope this helps all you lovely witches and magick users out there!

– Juniper

Natsu: Damn, I can’t find Lucy
Natsu: …. hmmm *cups hands to mouth*
Erza: I’ll save- *is shoved out of the way*
Gray: I guess I’ll save the idio- *is pushed into tree*
Gajeel: Hmph, I’ll- *is kicked across the room*
Macao: I’ll return the favor and save h- *is stepped on*
Wakaba: I’ll- *is punched in the face*
Levy: I can- *bumped out of the way*
Juvia: I’ll try to- *is tripped over*
Wendy: I’ll save you Natsu-san! *gently shoved to the side*
Sting and Rogue: We’ll- *twin punched in the face*
Lucy: *footsteps and pterodactyl screeching*
Lucy: *kung-fu kicking everything in her path*
Natsu: *looking around at room where everyone is lying unconscious on the floor*
Natsu: *clutches heart* Found her  


Lauren is ready to fight. 👊💥 Video Interview : Dan and Maz Circa : March 2015

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Anonymous asks:  Can you do a fluffy fic where the reader is really drunk, like tipping over drunk, and Newt thinks it’s kind of scary but kind of cute and he takes care of her? Please no vomiting, though. I cringe enough as it is..

Warnings: Fluff. Protective Newt might be the death of you.


You and Newt were sitting at a small table, waiting for the waiter to appear. Newt was tell you about his magical creatures and you were listening intently. It never annoyed you when Newt rambled on about his creatures, you found it rather adorable. The way he would get so excited and start gesturing widely. The way he would add sound effects and imitate the way his babies sounded. It was all so very Newt and very adorable.

A waiter walked up to your table and asked the two of you, “What can I get you fine people? Anything to drink?”

Newt looked at you and nodded. “You first,” Newt whispered to you.

You saw a waiter carrying a fancy drink, very pretty and colorful. “I’ll take one of those, please!” You said, pointing to the pretty glistening drink.

The waiter glanced at the drink and nodded while writing something down on a notepad. “And for the gentleman?” He said, glancing over at Newt.

Newt thought about it and then said brightly, “I think I shall just have a cup of tea!”

You grinned at Newt, who smiled shyly back at you. “You Brits,” You said, rolling your eyes a little bit, but still grinning uncontrollably.

“So tell me, Y/N, what exactly did you order?” Newt questioned, after the waiter left the two of you.

You shrugged. “I don’t know. I assume a smoothie.”

“What’s a smoothie?”

“A beverage made from fruits and milk,” You explained to the clueless man. “They’ve become quite a hit in the last decade. They’re healthy and they used to only be for the rich people in 1900.”

Easily fascinated, Newt pushed on, “Is it an American thing?”

You shrugged again. “I don’t really know. It might only be a New York thing. Here comes the waiter, let’s ask him?”

The waiter came back, balancing the tray on one hand rather expertly. He placed a cup of hot tea in front of Newt and then placed the smoothie in front of you. “Excuse me, sir, is smoothie an American thing?”

The guy looked at Newt like he was a crazy idiot. Mumbling he shrugged and said, “Crazy Brits…” He hastily walked away, ignoring Newt’s question.

“Why that bugger!” You snapped, glowering at the waiter. You could get quite protective and basically hated anyone who was rude to Newt.

Newt grabbed your arm, and held you down. “Y/N, it’s fine,” He said softly, a little smiled appeared. “He’s right, I’m a crazy Brit!” Newt laughed good naturedly.

You couldn’t believe it. Newt was so nice. So patient. And so forgiving. Ashamed, you turned to your smoothie. Newt sipped his tea, and watched you as you took a deep drink from the fancy straw. Your head felt a little light. “This is really good,” You said surprised, looking down at the drink. You smiled and beamed up at Newt.

Newt raised his eyebrow and looked at you and then the drink again. “Is that so?” He murmured, blowing off his tea.

You grinned and took another huge sip. It tasted really good. It was sweet and cool and had a bit of a kick to it. The more you slurped, the more you felt light, like you were swimming in the sky or something stupid like that. “Newt!” you giggled, not really sure where this was going. “This tastes fantastic!”

Newt’s eyebrows knitted together and he looked a little closer at the drink. “Is that… a margarita…?” He said curiously.

You laughed, throwing your head back and said, “I don’t know! But I don’t care! Say, Newt! I really have a thing for you! Want to go out with me?”

Newt’s eyebrow shot up and he said mildly amused, “Aren’t we already doing that?”

You shrugged, your face bright red. “This tastes good. How about you show me your favorite beast, Newt?” You stated, giggling like a little girl.

Newt was oddly attracted to the tipsy you, who could barely see straight. “That sounds like a plan,” Newt chuckled, going along with you.

By now you had drank over half the frothy sweet drink. “I’m really sleepy…” You said suddenly.

Newt looked at you, alarmed now, and shouted shaking you, “Don’t fall asleep!”

But it was too late, you pushed the drink aside and rested your head on the table. Just like that, you were already asleep. Newt pressed his lips together and groaned. “Please, don’t do this, Y/N!” he shook you again, but the damage had been done.

He had to think how he was going to get you home. As he was thinking about it, a tipsy round man came over to Newt. “Well well well!” He bellowed.

Newt tensed up, eyeing the man with suspicious untrusting eyes. “Please excuse us,” Newt said quietly, standing up and over to you.

“Let the lady stay! We could play around with ‘er!” the tipsy man chuckled. He belched loudly and gave Newt an ugly grin.

“I’d rather not, thank you,” Newt said, a little stronger this time.

He was about to pick Y/N up but the man intervened again and laughed loudly and obnoxiously. “Now now! If she wants to stay, let ‘er stay!”

He reached out a large hand to touch your pretty hair. Something in Newt snapped and he wasn’t the sweet forgiving Hufflepuff people thought he was. Just because he was a Hufflepuff didn’t mean he couldn’t get aggressive. Most people thought Hufflepuffs were doormats, but they also forgot that Hufflepuff’s emblem was a badger, which were known to be fierce and aggressively dangerous when provoked. “Don’t you dare touch her,” Newt said in a low commanding voice, which made the man jump back a little.

Newt took a step forward, still intently eyeing the man. His hand was ready to pull out his wand any second now. “Get back,” Newt barked, as if he were a lion trainer with a cracking whip.

The man, now fully frightened by this man’s attitude, quickly walked away, muttering swear words.

Newt calmed down and he turned to you. He picked you up bridal style and gently kissed your temple. You looked like an angel, your head snuggled up against Newt’s chest. You groaned and snuggled even closer.

Just because he was laid back, didn’t mean he didn’t know how to protect a person. Truth was, he knew how to protect his loved ones perfectly. The ticket was to protect people like a silent angel, not doing it out of wanting praise or looking brave, but doing it out of love. He whispered softly to himself and to you, “I wasn’t going to let him touch you, don’t worry.”

Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets very protective of my books when someone asks to borrow them.. Don’t get me wrong I’m flattered someone wants to read a book I’ve read but it’s just I don’t trust people with my babies, you’ll rip them or treat them poorly or loose them or never give them back and I just can’t have that.
My books. My babies.