“Come on little bird, I’ll show you a real good time if you let me.” One of the guards called out to you. You rolled your eyes and continued walking. You hated this place, you hated everything about it, the only reason you were in Struckers base was because you were one of the smartest researchers in bioengineering and genetics. Stucker had taken you from your home and forced you to work for him or he’d kill your family.

“Good evening Wanda.” You said as you walked into the area where you kept the twins for observation. You kept them separate when you were testing them but normally they held together like glue. “Evening.” She said curtly, she looked ready to get the routine test over with. You didn’t blame her, both of the twins had had a long day today and you agreed that they’d earned their much needed rest. 

You had her test out her abilities for you, making sure she was in full control and that her powers kept developing. “Alright, very good, get some rest and I’ll see you in the morning.” You said giving her a gentle smile, which she half heartedly returned. 

She walked out of the room and headed to her own, Pietro walked in after her. “Just one night little bird, I’ll show you what a real man’s like.” The guard said. 

Strucker liked having you monitored, he wanted to make sure you didn’t purposely screw with the results. You didn’t mind that, what you did mind were the guards he chose, they were total pigs. 

Before you could say anything Pietro ran at the guard and threw him through the thick wooden door. Smirking he turned to look at you. “Any other tests?” He asked and you bit your lip to stop from laughing. “No, I think we’ve covered everything.” You said with your own smirk. “I’ll see you in the morning (y/n).” He said bidding you goodnight as he stepped over the guard who was sprawled on the floor. Yes, these twins were miracles, they were your miracles. 

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“But Sir, they’re the avengers.” One of the guards told Strucker. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Wanda and Pietro discussing something in whispers. You turned your attention back to your screen trying to backup all your research. You heard Wanda speak, but since it wasn’t directed at you you didn’t pay attention. “If anything happens you know where to hide, I’ll be back for you.” Pietro whispered in your ear you nodded before noticing that he and Wanda snuck off without telling Strucker. 

Strucker suddenly turned his attention to you. “Get to your bunker and if you even think of trying to leave we’ll kill your parents.” He ordered you before exiting the room. You removed your USB and picked up your bag–that’s when Iron Man burst through the window. 

Glass flew everywhere–you shielded your face and ducked down to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. “Dr. (y/l/n)?” Tony Stark said as he climbed out of his Suit. “Yes.” You said nodding, he looked you over once before continuing his tour of the–somewhat crude–lab. “Jarvis, sentinel mode.” He ordered his Suit, he turned his attention back to you. “Thor, come pick her up.” Stark said into his ear piece.

“Pick me up?” You asked confused, you didn’t think they’d be here for you. “I’ll let the big guy explain.” Stark said as Thor flew into the room. “I’ll stay here and look for the staff, you get her to the plane.” Before you could say anything Thor lifted you into his arms. “My bag!” You shouted louder than you had intended, apparently the god of thunder didn’t hear you and took off anyways. 

You were angry, yes they’d rescued you, but all your research was gone, you didn’t know what Strucker would do to your family and you hadn’t had a clue where Wanda and Pietro were. 

Thor landed somewhere in the middle of the fight, you had no clue what was going on, but if this was their way of keeping you safe you were really worried. “A friend is injured.” Thor said simply as he put you on your feet. You looked around trying to find Pietro and Wanda anywhere in the battlefield. 

That was when you noticed the lump on the ground that Thor was walking towards. The crumpled human on the ground pointed at one of Struckers’ defense guns which Thor quickly blew out. He picked up his friend and walked back to you. 

He grabbed hold of you–mainly to make sure you weren’t going to try and run away, even he could tell you weren’t happy with this situation. “Here’s the child, guard her well.” Thor said handing you to the great Captain America, who looked you over in shock–he was wondering how someone so young could be an expert in bioengineering, something which he didn’t really understand. 

Suddenly a flash passed between the two of you separating the two of you. You smiled, Pietro was here. You looked around trying to find him. “Thor, now.” Captain America said lifting up his shield, the God of Thunder  lifted his hammer and struck the shield sending bolts of lightning scattering about. “No!” You shouted worried that Pietro might’ve been hit. “Thor, you take her to the ship, I’ll take Hawk, they seem to be more interested in her than anything else.” Captain America ordered and before you could argue you were lifted–once more–into the gods’ arms. 

From your place so high up you saw a silvery blue streak head back to the castle. You let out a sigh of relief, he was safe. 

Thor set you down on the airship and watched you closely. Here alone with the Asgardian you had time think, to focus, to reflect. Slowly the cold set in and the realization that they’d brought you out in only a thin lab coat made itself more obvious. You shivered and despite your best efforts your teeth started to chatter. 

This action didn’t escape the gods’ notice, he removed his cape and wrapped the scarlet fabric around you providing you with shelter from any future frostbite. “We could contact your family if you’d–”

“No!” You shouted coming off harsher than you’d intended. “It’s best that they continue believing I’m dead.” You explained to the God who simply nodded. “You can rest if you’d like, I won’t allow anyone to harm you.” He said. You knew they weren’t bad people, but they’d just taken you away from the only thing you knew and they’d forced you to leave behind all your research. Research that if not treated carefully could cause a lot of harm. 

You eventually drifted into a deep sleep, despite your best efforts to fight off the drowsiness. 

“What are they?” Stark asked back at his tower, sorry back at the avengers tower. “He’s fast, she’s weird.” Maria Hill said making you scoff. “Excuse me?” She asked turning her attention to you. 

“He’s not just fast and she’s much more that just weird.” You said angrily, the whole group was looking at you. “They’re miracles, they’re my miracles.” You said glaring at Stark. “So you’re Frankenstein? That’s just great, we just rescued the mad scientist.” Tony said looking at the rest of the Avengers. 

“Mad? I believe the same thing could be said about you with your suit, could it not? Or about dear Dr. Banner? I’m sure that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing really works out well.” You shot back viciously. “I’m not mad. They can be good, they are good. Strucker’s just interested in using they for his own purposes. I can get though to them, if you’ll let me.” You said allowing a calm to take control of you. You knew anger and harsh words would get you no where with this crowd. 

“Alright, if we run into them again, and that’s if you can try and talk them down.” The Captain said giving you all his attention, this was obviously a big deal to him. You nodded. “Thank you.” You hated that you couldn’t go out and look for them–for him–but something told you that you’d see them again. 

“Mr. Stark,” You said trying to keep your sarcasm to a minimum. “when you left the castle did you, by any chance, see a brown bag on the floor?” You asked, he seemed to think about it for a moment, before shaking his head. “No, besides glass and guards there wasn’t much on the floor.” He said, you tried not to panic, maybe the Twins had gotten to it before anyone else had a chance. 


“We brought you a present.” Stark called out, you’d been immersed in your notes, you’d been writing down everything you could remember about your studies, your results, Clint’s wife had been kind enough to give you a journal when you’d been staying at her house. You looked up to see Stark and Wanda and Pietro followed behind him, you broke into a grin and ran over to the twins. 

Wanda reached you first embracing you tightly. “You’re alright.” She said looking you over making sure there were no injuries.  She released you and you looked to Pietro–both of you frozen, it was the longest he’d ever been so still. You took a step forward and that was all he needed, he rushed at you and took you into his arms tightly. 

Neither of you said anything, the two of you just held one another, glad to be back in the other’s presence. He pulled back slightly to get a look at your face, his thumb traced over your lips and he proceeded to place a firm kiss on them. 

“Have they always been like this?” Stark asked Wanda. “No, but I’ve been waiting, I already consider her my family, this’ll just make it official.” She told Stark who just shrugged not sure what else he could do with that information. 

Pietro pulled away and handed you a bag–your bag. “You got it?” You asked, he smiled at you. “I know how much it means to you. When I saw it on the floor I figured you’d want it back.” He said, as you looked inside relieved once you’d found the USB. 

“I love you.” You said kissing him once more. 

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