Teach your children what we have taught our children - that the Earth is our Mother. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. This we know. The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons and daughters of the Earth. We did not weave the web of life; We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the Web, We do to ourselves.

~ Web Of Life , Chief Seattle 

JH this was sent to me. This is how I responded
Aries is an angel, the protecting warrior.
Taurus is a demon, gluttonous, greedy.
Gemini is an angel lightly filling the air with communication like a gentle breeze.
Cancer is a demon, the Dark Mother.
Leo is a demon, full of undeserved pride.
Virgo is a demon, witheringly critical, negative, and demanding.
Libra is a demon, unable to decide right from wrong.
Scorpio is an angel, penetrating to the truth with a bravery that will face the Devil himself.
Sagittarius is Satan the liar, bombastic, full of optimism as all go over the cliff.
Capricorn is an angel, prudent, caring, understanding.
Aquarius is an angel, feeling the suffering of all mankind, compassionate.
Pisces is demonic, drug and alcohol addled, living in an etheric realm without foundation or justification.

The issue was never Justice. It was Kirkwall.

Sure, Justice was angry, even before they left Ferelden. Of course, considering Anders had already seen far more than his share of injustice in his lifetime, as both victim and bystander, and now it was as though Justice had lived it, too. By his very nature, to say he would be unsettled would surely be an understatement. Even aside from the adjustment, too, the resistance neither he nor Anders expected, of course he was going to change. But despite what Varric says, or perhaps even what Anders believes, the problem was never Vengeance. Justice wasn’t corrupted, and Anders was never truly afraid of him.

Anders’s and Justice’s reactions to and relationship with each other after merging would still be strained and are certainly fair, and for a myriad of reasons (Anders’s own mental health, and of course his Chantry-manipulated upbringing, as well as Justice’s having to cope with basically his entire world changing so harshly, and then I personally still have my one very particular headcanon about Anders’s past and Justice’s difficulties). Too many emotions run rampant between them, which only time and support and understanding can fix. Thank the Maker for Hawke, then, right?

Kirkwall, though. Kirkwall is something new altogether. Yes, it brings them Hawke, friends that are more like family, love and protection they hadn’t expected. At the same time, however, it brings new hardships, new hurdles, new things to learn and grow accustomed to, already a struggle for the displaced Fade spirit just trying to figure out the mortal realm from within his dear friend’s already tumultuous shared consciousness.

And what does Kirkwall bring them? A city built on the backs of slaves with a Circle that is infamous even by Circle standards, where the Veil is notoriously thin, with an out-of-control Knight-Commander and a Grand Cleric who refuses to act. Injustice, injustice everywhere, the likes of which the spirit had not yet seen, could not have prepared for. So they build their sanctum of healing and salvation, do great work helping people who would otherwise likely be unable to get help, yet this comes at the constant cost of discovery by Templars, that extra fear of being shut down and taken, because they help those in need. This is not justice, this is abhorrent, and the literal embodiment of such a virtue surely cannot comprehend, cannot sit well with this distress. Kirkwall also comes with loss. That brand upon Karl’s head followed by the cry of “you will never take another mage,” but of course they will, and Justice must know it just as well as Anders.

This city takes and takes and takes, not just from Anders but from those he cares about, as well, so Justice throws them further into the mission, to fix this however they can. Anders is angry and it scares him, but he is driven as he has never been before, he is making a difference, even though he puts himself at so much risk to do it. Justice fears for him, too, but Anders knows too well by now that they must persevere, if he even interprets Justice’s concern correctly; he very well may not, however, and by no fault of his own. This will take time, even with having Hawke there to help them through, even with the blessing of the outsider’s perspective coupled with the blessing of the love they provide them.

Anders is a bipolar trauma survivor who hasn’t had a single chance to try to work through or even process all he’s been through, and Justice is literally justice in a world where there is none to be found, where he just wants to help, and Kirkwall is a toxic cesspool that works against them so thoroughly, so adamantly, so it’s surely no surprise that this would complicate these already complicated matters. After they leave, worlds of possibilities for healing and understanding could open up, likely would open up. Kirkwall, however, would never allow for this, and they do a phenomenal job of working together considering all this wretched place throws their way.

Some Wampus Traits

-very protective of family and friends
-big hearts; can usually tell if something is right or wrong
-have a strong gut
-their tongue is a weapon
-picks up different things very fast (sports, extreme sports, archery, riding, etc.)
-gold at imagining battle tactics and plans
-resilient af
-love to feel anything, can include mental or physical pain
-love to be comfy and comfortable in their body (can take some work)
-love to feel adrenaline
-sport fields can feel like battlefields

Bad: (not always good)
-have trouble backing down
-must have the last word
-can be too competitive
-can make the wrong choice; maybe out of curiosity
-sometimes ignores their gut feeling
-hates when people are ignorant or ignoring them
-can cut off people without knowing it
-takes a while to gain trust
-easily angered

B.A.P abc’s || Unique & Rare Words Series
A stands for ⇢ altitudinarian
지구를 지키는 여섯 용사들
“The six warriors protecting the Earth.”
All of you have had big dreams of changing the world with your music ever since you debuted. Please know that you guys are indeed changing the world–one song at a time.

[I wanted to do something a bit different for this month and decided to use unique or rare words to describe them ♡]

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Good Luck

Rick looked defeated, but resigned to understanding why she wouldn’t come. He couldn’t read her for sure. Michonne always had a natural scowl that he chalked up to anger. He guessed she wanted to scold him; he appreciated that she didn’t. God, he needed her. Aside from Carl and Judith, she was his to protect as well. They were two warriors protecting each other; him with a hatchet and gun, and Michonne with her amazing katana. A killer skill set that she taught herself in this crazy new world. He let those thoughts go as he sprawled his fingers on the side of her waist and sought out her left cheek to kiss. Still unsure if she was really upset with him, unsure if her head was still in it with him.

‘Okay, see you soon,’ came out as he took a chance, but she stopped him. It was so sudden and matter of fact, he began to panic. ‘Damn, she doesn’t want me,’ he immediately thought. She doesn’t see the man who would go insane to protect his family. THE family. Yet Michonne stepped in front of him and he knew. He could see her desire. SHE kissed HIM.

He wanted her to touch him the other day in bed. He wanted her to during his revelation about Judith, Shane, and Lori. He needs her like he needed air, but my god she was sweeter. “She is still with me,” he thought as she kissed him so tenderly. It sprung up something from deep within that he forgot about in all this recent misery.

He had to close the gap between them. His hands wrapped around Michonne’s firm round ass and he pulled her closer against him. That was the only thing he controlled, as she kept giving him the most sweetest kisses. With each little kiss she breathed life back into him. Those soft pillows of his, relaxing him bit by bit. He wanted her so bad. It took all he had to not take her right there. Right up against the wall. God, this woman! She amazes him everyday. He should know to never underestimate her.

However in the back of his mind he knew he still needed to go. Still needed to protect the community. He had to see if his way will work for a while, or even at all. What could he say to her? What would you say to a goddess, who is there for you? Who wants you to be better? Who won’t question you, and tries to understand your logic and reasoning? Who understood that without her reassurance, you couldn’t function?

“Thank You,” was the only appropriate response he could muster out. It seemed fitting. Who else would you thank, but the Queen?