From Xena episode “Them Bones, Them Bones” master script

Gabrielle: “but I can tell you this Xena… You’re the only constant in my life… And unless you know something I don’t, I’m not going anywhere. So I’m going to say the most selfish thing I’ve ever said to you: that baby’s my baby too.”

Get it Dadrielle!
Performers Of The Month - July Winner: Outstanding Actor - Sam Heughan
Performers Of The Month - July Winner: Outstanding Actor - Sam Heughan

Performer of the Month - Outstanding Actor: Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan is tasked with playing an immensely complicated, fiercely protective, big-hearted warrior who, every episode, presents Heughan with physical and emotional challenges. Despite all the challenges Jamie presents to Heughan, he always delivers such strong performances that it was no surprise in April when he won and it is definitely no surprise that his fans fought to bestow this title on him again. Everything I said about Heughan back in April still stands, and as the season went along, he more than proved every point I made about him in that article. This is a performer who can do, and always does do, whatever is asked of him and somehow he keeps improving, which is impressive because practically all of his performances can be described as nothing short of perfect. Every time I’ve seen him on screen, I wonder how he can possibly top that performance. Then he comes back on the screen and immediately tops his own prior best. He is blessed with being on a show with smart writers who know how to write to his strengths and who constantly challenge him to keep growing his already impressive range. The writers are immensely lucky as well because in Heughan they have a performer with an immense emotional range and the physicality to support all the facets of this character. He really is the complete package and I can’t think of a single performer who could play Jamie Fraser the way Sam Heughan does. This July win was for the season finale (entitled Dragonfly in Amber) and it is no surprise that he won because the work he did in that episode was mind blowing… (continue reading here)

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I made a Prot Warrior blog!

Hey everyone, I’ve recently started up a blog about my experiences as a Protection Warrior in World of Warcraft.

I’ll be posting guides on how tanking works and tips and tricks on current content and Prot Warriors in particular.  So far I’ve got a general guide of Prot Warriors, a guide to the rotation, and a guide to the stat priority.

If you’re interested in playing a prot warrior, or just want to see how they work, head on over to Revenge Proc and check it out!

Welcome to Un'Goro! Having to play Catch up a bit by questing on my own. It’s been quite fun thus far, just… a slight drag, ya feel? I like having had bugged Noggenfogger to where she’s tiny and a skeleton. Let’s see how long it takes for me to get ganked while in this area.
I’d also like to thank James for having bought me the Swift Windsteed out of pure kindness. Gah. Thank you, so much!

Edit: took just a few seconds… T'was in the process of typing this up. “I knew I should have gone to Winterspring.”

At some point I should share my female space marine OCs with you peeps. After, like, massaging them into something that fits into non-crossover 40k*. They’re all good fun. I’m not sure Sefitari could work (she’s just too ridiculous for non cross over, no female space marines. She’d come across as pretty sue-ish), but Petaraki and Siali totally would.

*They were/are from a ridiculous cross over, and it shows. A lot.

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Aside from all your OCs being gorgeous. I like Hanin because he looks grumpy and has a heart of gold and man I'm 100% for flustered Hanin. I like Varlen because he's just genuinely sweet and needs to be protected.

“I can smile. See. There.”

Don’t pull a face-muscle or anything Hanin jeeze… >.<

It’s very sad to see people getting offended by the smallest things, especially when you know it’s just some young kid acting like a social justice warrior “protecting” races they know nothing about. Do a little research before you throw around the word offensive; I miss growing up saying whatever I wanted, within reason, and it not offending a single soul. You will live a much happier life if you do not let simple, small things send you in a tizzy fit. 

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Au where Loki and Thor are still small children and war breaks in Asgard. Loki tries to do as instructed and sticks by Frigga's side, Thor however wants to help and battle with the warriors and protect Asgard. After he runs off one night, Frigga is forced to chase after him and leaves Loki alone in safe keeping. Loki only then believes it's his duty to follow and protect Frigga. Both children end up putting themselves, and Frigga in danger and Frigga enters badass mama bear mode and kicks ass.

i’m all about mama bear frigga protecting her
cubs okay. i am all about it.