protection routines


“Lucas,” you hissed, and everyone listened over the intercom. The hate in your voice surprised them, and the all watched in shock.

The deviously handsome man grinned up at you, his blue eyes widening. “Well look who it is,” he drawled in a Southern accent. “My fiancee.“

Superhero 101

Lesson 7: How to conduct a proper interrogation.

“When shit happens, I tend to ignore it until I can’t take it anymore.

“Are you sure you should go in there alone?” Clint asked for what would be the hundredth time. Honestly, you were getting annoyed with his “fatherly protectiveness” routine. Sure, it was cute when he was Daddy Hawk to you and the twins, but right now, you felt like you were going to blow. It didn’t help the Sam and Rhodey were suddenly suspicious that you would let Lucas out (like you would ever), the twins hovering around you, Steve and Natasha peppering you with questions, and still being in day old mission clothes.

“Could you all just shut up!” you suddenly snapped, and fire sparked on your finger tips. “It’s not like I’m going to go in there, knock boots with the guy, then let him go! Are you saying I can’t take care of myself?” the team suddenly went quiet, and you could pick up thoughts of guilt.

You regretted the words as soon as they came pouring out of your mouth. Sighing, you sank down the wall outside of the interrogation room, and cupped your head in your hands. You could hear Natasha hushing everyone out of the hallway, and the thump of her sitting down next to you.

“You’re not weak, (Y/N),” the red head said quietly, and you looked up at her. She was staring at the wall, her face expressionless. “We don’t think that either.”

You clenched your hands into fists, and bit your lip. “Then why are they all fussing over me? I’m not going to betray them!”

The assassin looked over at you, a look of surprise on her face. “They’re fussing because they’re scared you’re gonna leave. That you’re gonna run away with your fiancee and leave them-us.”

“Ex,” you corrected, nibbling on your bottom lip. “And really?” you asked honestly, and she grabbed your hand.

“Really, and I know you wouldn’t do that,” she raised an eyebrow, and you nodded no. You knew in your heart this was were you belonged. “Good. Go give that bastard hell.” and with that, Natasha was gone.

Getting up, you took a deep breath and walked to the door. Your hand shook over the knob, and you mentally yelled at yourself to just do it. Taking a deep breath, you yanked the door open and walked towards him.

Lucas’ eyes followed you and he let out a low wolf whistle. “Well, look at you,” his eyes raked your body, and you inwardly cringed. “All dolled up for me?” his voice was so familiar and sexy, that it took all your will power to not jump across the table and kiss him.

You sat down across from him, and looked at your ex-fiancee in his blue eyes. “Why were you there, Lucas? Did he send you?” your team froze up as they heard a mention of the oh so mysterious Master.

The mutant only leaned back in his chair, and his shirt lid up, revealing that he still had that amazing body. His eyes followed yours and he smirked. "You sure that’s all you want to know?”

You crossed your arms, and looked back up at the infuriating mutant. “Answer the question. And if you don’t, I’ve got friends out there-” you jerked your head towards the two way mirror. “-who have other ways to convince you. And hey, maybe I’ll get a turn.” you felt confident, suddenly, after saying that. You were no longer the scared and obedient woman he proposed to three years ago.

The blonde man let out a laugh and shook his head, your newly found confidence slowly melting away. “Oh, sugar, you do know your the least intimidating thing I’ve ever seen? How about this- you let me teleport us out of here, and then we can have some fun like we used to. Hell, I’ll even invite that Cajun you like so much.” Lucas’ voice was like pure sugar, and he gave you a devilishly charming voice. But you weren’t falling for that honey coated voice again.

You suddenly got up from your chair, and sat on the table next to him. His eyes brightened, and his tongue darted out to lick his lips. “What are you doing, Lucas?” you leaned forward, your voice getting lower. “Why are you acting like nothing has changed?” your voice got so miniscule in tone, it was merely a whisper. All those emotions that you went through after you caught him cheating suddenly welled up in your chest. You breath caught in your throat, and tears started to well up in your eyes.

That grin you started to hate slowly grew on his face. He leaned forward so that his chest was pressed against your breasts, and you could feel heat radiating off of him. “Nothin’ has changed, Genesis,” his tone of voice mocked you. “You’re still mine, (Y/N). Just like you are still property of-”<?p>

Before he could finish, your fist was flying through the air, and you punched him as hard as you could in the face. He passed out cold, falling hard onto the cold ground. Breathing heavily, you stalked into the observation room, your team mates going silent. “(Y/N), are you-” Clint put a hand an your shoulder,but you shrugged him off violently.

“What are you waiting for?” you snarled, and Genesis you were before joining the Avengers peaked through. Lucas’ Genesis. “Put a chip in him and get him the hell out of here.” and before anyone could react, you went running out of the room.


Steve had been looking everywhere for you. Your room, the rafters (Clint had showed you them), the pantry, even Wanda’s and Nat’s room. But the last place he would have looked for you would have been the training room. Hey, you had made your hate of training known to the team well known. But what was more unexpected was what you were doing.

You gave the punching bag one more solid kick, before jumping into the pool behind you. It had taken you thirty minutes to find this particular room with a swimming pool. Your body steamed with heat as you gasped for air after reaching the bottom of the pool. Heaving yourself out, you shivered in the cool air-condtioned room as water dripped off of you.

Here was the next part of the pattern that Steve recognized. You held out a hand in front of you, and the ground would start to shake. The captain watched in amazement as the ground moved in waves, and you would stop them before they reached the edge of the room. You then preceded to punch and kick the bag with a force so strong that even the super soldier himself was amazed

Before you could jump into the pool, you were interrupted by the big blonde man. “So this is were you’ve been hiding.” you whipped your head around to see Steve standing with his arms crossed behind you.

“Yeah, well, you weren’t supposed to find me,” you breaths were coming in gasps, but you were determined to not show how exhausted you were.

Steve walked to you, and placed a gentle hand on your shoulder that you didn’t shrug off. He could tell you were in a vulnerable state by the way you wouldn’t meet his eyes. “Are you okay?”

Even though you could detect the concern in his voice, his words made you enraged. “Okay?” you hissed, your eyes blazing with anger. “I am not okay,” you spit that word out, and let out a screech.

“My fin- excuse me, ex-finacee,” you corrected yourself, pacing about the room. “He shows up with Hydra, on a job for my Master,” you screamed those last two words. “Saying that I’m still his, a-and-” you suddenly stopped, and Steve could see the fight drain out of you. “Steve, he made me look weak.” you looked up at him with you big eyes, and collapsed into his arms.

Steve’s heart started to break for you. When Clint had first shown him your file, he had scoffed at his friend for even insinuating such a sassy girl could even be an Avenger. But now, he could see that was only a facade that you put up to protect yourself (and was he forming a crush on you? No, of course not, he assured himself nervously). “Is that why you’re in here? Because you’re afraid of looking weak?”

You let out a rueful laugh, wanting to stay protected forever in the Captain’s arms. “When shit happens, I tend to ignore it until I can’t take it anymore.” you mumbled

The Captain’s chest rumbled as he laughed. “How about you take the rest of the day off? I know the team won’t bother you about it until you’re ready to talk about it.”

“I’d like that,” you smiled up at him, and you could feel Lucas’ Genesis going back to where it came from. And the person you were now, the Avengers’ Genesis, coming back to where she should be.

Even director Joel Schumacher wasn’t safe from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s frigid vision

“One time I yelled ‘cut’ and Arnold turned to me and said 'What if someone just stood in the middle of a Museum and yelled ‘FREEZE’? Maybe the monkeys in blue would forget their trained routine of protecting those diahmonds’. My jaw hit the floor and it never really came back up. That’s when I thought, is he getting into character, or is Mr. Freeze something that’s been in him all along?”

“Sometimes I would go look into one of the cameras, and I noticed Arnold had put something in the lens. It was stuff like 'I’m Mr. White Christmas’, ‘What if cameras were freeze rays?’ and 'Lights, Camera, ICE’. I had to ask him to stop because I was getting too scared to direct”