protection of nature

1. Do not kill bees, they aren’t trying to hurt you and rarely sting (because they die if they sting) chances are they’re buzzing around you because you’re wearing a bright colour and they think you’re a flower

2. If you see one on the ground, it’s probably not dead, try feeding it some sugar water or put it on a flower so it can get energy

3. Put bee friendly flowers in your garden so they have lots of pollen and maybe put a bee house too

4. If you have a bees nest in your attic/garden/shed etc, don’t call an exterminator! Call a bee keeper instead so they can be rehomed rather than being killed

Bees are very important and must be looked after! Without bees, humans wouldn’t survive


If you can’t trust me with your natural hair, then who can you trust!?
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O l i c i t y 

Oliver protecting Felicity is second nature to him. It is just automatic.  Deeply rooted within him.


star crossed lovers + insp


I have a little anniversary. Two years ago today, I saw my first ever Eastern Bluebird. We had moved to the house about a month before, and I was eager to get into bird feeding and watching. It was a glorious time because each day brought me a new bird. It was especially exciting because I am from Germany, and some of these guys I never even heard about before. I think this was the day when my infatuation with birds really started off.

So this post is dedicated to the wonderful birds of Michigan, and extended to the wonderful birds of North America, and extended to the wonderful birds of the whole of America and extended to the wonderful birds of the whole world! These feathery little wonders of nature are an immense source of joy in my life, and I would not want to miss them one single day. I am passionate about them, I am passionate about the environment they life in, the environment that we share. And I want them to succeed in this whole thing that we share together. Peace out, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.