First look at SANDALWOOD SIGIL as part of our new Dark Moon candle collection. A sweet and woody fusion of light musk, patchouli and vanilla blended with strong notes of sandalwood, organic rose, sandalwood chips, black tourmaline and magic ✨ coming soon to

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Let’s stay protected.
Open till 4pm✨

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So you just did a big curse... now what?

     1. Cleanse your space, cleanse your tools

     2. Cleanse yourself

     3. Protect your home

    4. Protect yourself

    5. Take it Easy

Protect a room cheat sheet for broke witches

1) place clear quartz chips in each corner of the room, quartz chips retail for 10cents each rather than $3-$4 per whole crystal. They’re just as effective.

2) Rosemary- it’s great for protection and acts as a memory booster as well. It’s very cheap all you have to do is sprinkle it in a sachet and rest it under your pillow for nightmares, or hang it in your doorway as a protection charm. Don’t have any sachets? Use a ziplock bag.

3) use your mind- when I still followed the Wiccan path a fellow sister taught me a visualisation technique to cleanse myself, and my surroundings. All I do is visualise strong misty waterfalls washing everything clean, some people may feel more comfortable visualising a wind storm or fire burning away negativity. Point is spend time perfecting this technique, it’s relaxing, it works and it’s free.

I was in the broom closet for five years, and I can tell you I got very crafty at practicing my craft. Nearly a decade later I still use some of these techniques, because they’re cost effective and they work even if it’s not necessarily pretty.

Calling All Witches!!!!

We are tired of all the shit that is happening around the world.
This event will happen worldwide at the exact same time.
The united power of Witches worldwide will cast out those that want to harm (terrorists) ..
Our mission is to protect our countries like we do ourselves. Lets put up a protective energy field around our countries.
This ritual will take place on the Pink full moon April 22nd 2016.

What you will need…
* Black Candle (Write the word “Banish” on this one)
*White Candle (Write the word “Protect” on this one)
*A Protection Oil or Protection Incense of your choice (I will be using dragons blood oil and my own blend of incense.
*A Map of the world (I will post one for you to print)
* A Black pen
* Salt
* Dirt from the town you live.

I am currently working on the full ritual and chant. I will post once it is complete.

Please share this event and invite your “witchy” friends
Lets Unite!!!!

Please go to this Facebook group for more information……..


“Bitch, Be Gone” Powder by tiny–witch cosmic-witch

Bree’s Banishing Powder by breelandwalker

Cone of Power Banishing Spell by belladonnaswitchblog

Return to Sender / Banish Negativity Spell by christowitch

Super Banishing Oil by hearth-magic


Cleansing, Standing Objects by windvexer 

Clear the Air by wiccaforauoria

Dorm Room Cleansing Salt by honeycoyote

Easy Cleansing Spray by honeycoyote

Home & Room Cleansing Chants by fuckyeahpaganism

New Year Ritual Bath by witchhallow

Spiritual Detox by crystalherbalism

Violation Salt Scrub by recreationalwitchcraft

Two other masterposts for cleansing: [x] [x]


Anti-Curse Powder by urbanwitchery

Cleanse and Protection from Mind Altering Spells by moonandstarswitch

Flying Devil Oil by windvexer

Gossip Stopping Scrub by recreationalwitchcraft 

Personal Shielding by kittywillknow 

Protection From Undesired Spirits Or People by wheelchairwitch

Protection Against Bullies by enlitenwitch

Purification and Protection Scrub by recreationalwitchcraft 

Spell and Meditation for Calming, Serenity and Peace Within Self by babymetul 

Protection from danger memes

“If they touch you, I’ll kill them.”
“If they want to hurt you, they’ll have to go through me first.”
“Do you want to die? No? Then back off.”
“Get behind me. I’ll deal with this.”
“You’re safe while I’m with you, okay? That’s why I can’t leave.”
“I can only hold them off for so long! Go!”
“Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself! I’ve got this!”
“Do you want to kick their ass, or shall I?”
“Anyone that lays a hand on you will face my wrath.”

Herbs that Correspond w/ Blessings

Health: caraway seeds, eucalyptus leaves, ginger, juniper, berries, pine needles, rose hips, sunflower petals or seeds, thyme.

Happiness: baby’s breath, cedar chips or shavings, fir needles, marigold petals, marjoram, orange peel, oregano, savory.

Love: cardamom pods or ground cardamom,carnation petals, cinnamon chips or ground cinnamon, coriander seeds, hibiscus flowers, linden flowers, mint, rose petals, willow leaves or bark.

Prosperity: acorns, allspice, almonds, banana chips, cloves, oak leave, oats, poppy seeds, rice, saffron threads, sage.

Peace: basil,catnip, lavender, lemongrass, olive branches or olive leaves, rosemary, violets.

Protection: angelica, black beans, cactus needles,garlic powder, or garlic salt, nettles, ground black pepper or black peppercorns, thistles, thorns.

Good Fortune: ash leaves, bay leaves, cumin seeds or powdered cumin, dill seeds or leaves, whole or ground nutmeg, vanilla beans.

I find these very helpful during candles magick and magick bottles, adds a little kick :)

subtle charm for your window

i recently came up with an idea for a simple charm/spell that im gonna share here step for step. it can be used for any intention, and can be put on any glassy surface.

the two most important things youll need are window paint like this

youll need one for the outlines (i have a black one here) and for coloring the inside you can use as many colors as you want. these are usually available in any art supply store or even really basic stores for school and crafts supplies for children (i think theyre not more than 2$ per tube usually but not sure)

then youll also need a sheet protector (the things you use for keeping papers and documents and stuff) like this

apart from those two things, all you need is stuff to help charge your charm, what you use for that is completely up to you- it can be herbs, spices, rocks, feathers, tarot cards, literally anything that you can fit into the sheet protector works. just pick some things that you have available and correspond with your intended purpose and youll be fine.


so first what you need to do is decide what image you want to use. it can be any animal, plant, object, symbol, it can even depict a person or deity. you dont really need artistic skills for this as long as the image you pick isnt too complicated.

all you gotta do then is paint your chosen image on the sheet protector

since i am making my charm for protection and warding off evil spirits, and they are also my favorite plants, i decided to go with a cactus as my image.

heres what it looks like when the outlines are done

this will take approximately an hour or a little more to dry (as you can see i put a sheet of paper inside the sheet protector. thats because i drew the cactus on the paper first so all id have to do is trace the lines, to make it easier)

after an hour of drying you can fill in the colors as well

then it should look like this (or hopefully yours will be prettier and not as messy as mine lmao)

once youre done painting your image, you can take all your ingredients you wanna charge it with into the sheet protector (i already did that in the above image). i used various herbs and spices, a cactus needle, a rune stone, and i also wrote my intention on a piece of paper and folded it up and put it in as well.

the finished painting will take around 24 hours to completely dry. simply let it sit with all the ingredients inside like that, and let it charge.

once the whole thing is dry, you can just pull the picture off of the plastic (it shouldnt be hard to do but it can rip if youre forceful) and then stick it to a window, or any glassy surface (you dont need any glue or whatever, these colors are specifically made for sticking to glass by themselves once theyre dry)

there you go! a simple charm that you can put on any glassy surface.


what i specifically like about this is

- that it can be used by closeted witches as well since no one will be suspicious about it, and even if someone asks about it you can just say its for decorative purpose.

- that you can use any motive that fits your purpose, be it a plant, animal, person, deity, symbol, etc. if you dont have to hide your craft you can even just flat out use a sigil

- you can charge it with anything you like, so if youre naturally more drawn to herbs you can just use that, or if you feel more comfortable using rocks, use those. anything that works for you, and fits into the sheet protector, will do just fine.

- it can fit many different purposes, depending on what you charge it with. for windows id suggest things that deal with either protection and warding, or things like inviting spirits/friendly people/customers/etc into you home, for mirrors you could use them to boost confidence/beauty/etc, or for car windows (in places where they dont have any impact on your view of course) they can be charged with safety, protecting you from accidents, or helping with quick rides and avoiding getting stuck in traffic. basically, whatever you can come up with, and whatever resonates with you, you can use.


if anyone wants to do this for themselves and decides to share it on here, feel free to tag me in it! id love to see what you guys do with it, and what you come up with.

Spells for Protection, Shielding, and Warding

Updated: March 30th, 2016

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  • [Basic Warding Jar]
  • [Basic Warding Spray]
  • [Bear Your Fangs Protection Spell]
  • [Besom Spell for Home Protection]
  • [Black Salt]
  • [Black Salt]
  • [Black Salt - Spell for Protection and Absorbing Negative Energy]
  • [Black Salt (Witch’s Salt, Drive Away Salt)]
  • [Blackberry Protection Bath]
  • [Blackout Bottle]
  • [Blood Magic – Protection Jar] (tw: blood / blood magic)
  • [Briar Rose Protection Spell]
  • [By Light of a Candle]
  • [“Calcifer” Home/Personal Protection Spirit Making Master Post]
  • [A Calming Emotional-Protection Bottle]
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  • [Cascarilla Powder]
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  • [Charm Against the Evil Eye]
  • [Charm for Safe Travel]
  • [Charm of the Beast]
  • [Charter Magic Diamond Protection Spell]
  • [Circle of Fire Amulet]
  • [Cleanse and Protection from Mind Altering Spells]
  • [A Cloak of Psychic Protection]
  • [Complex Bramble Protection Spell]
  • [Copper Drains My Powers - A Protective Ward]
  • [Coral Protection Spell]
  • [Cottage Charms: Ward Against Fire and Injury]
  • [Cottage Crafts: Elemental Magic Storm Ward]
  • [Cotton Guard: Personal Protection Spell]
  • [Crab ‘Alarm’ Protection Charm]
  • [A Crash Course in Warding]
  • [Creating a Decoy for Protection Purposes]
  • [The Crystal Fence]
  • [Dark as Night Protection Powder]
  • [Distance Protection Spell Jar]
  • [Diversion Jar]
  • [“Do Not Want” Online Protection Spell]
  • [“Don’t Mess With Me” Folk Charms]
  • [Door Bar Boundary]
  • [Doors & Locks Protection Ritual]
  • [Dragon Oil]
  • [Dragon Protection Jar]
  • [Dragon’s Bite (Warfare Powder)]
  • [Dragon’s Blood Public Peace Protection Spell]
  • [Dragon’s Wall Dust]
  • [A Dream is a Wish over the Rainbow Protection Bottle]
  • [Earth Protection Ward]
  • [Easy Black Salt Recipe]
  • [Easy Protection Charm]
  • [Elemental Protection Spell]
  • [Elemental Wards]
  • [Enchant an Object for Protection]
  • [Enchanting a House Guardian]
  • [Energy Protection Bubble]
  • [Energy Work: Shielding]
  • [“Evil Eye” Protection Jar]
  • [Eyes Like Coals: A Spell to Defend One’s Home from Intruders]
  • [Faery Lime Ward]
  • [Fairy Net Ward]
  • [Father God’s House Protection Spell]
  • [A Few Ways to Protect Yourself When Casting Curses, Hexes and Bindings]
  • [Fiery Wall of Protection Powder]
  • [Fire Sigil Spell]
  • [Fishcraft: Protecting Your Space]
  • [Floral Arrangement Protection]
  • [For Protection Driving in the Snow]
  • [Formula: Flying Devil Oil]
  • [Four-Gates Warding Spell]
  • [Fuck No Jar]
  • [Full Moon Protection Charm]
  • [Full Moon Protection Spell for Jewelry]
  • [Garden Warding Spell]
  • [“Get the Fuck Off Of My Property” Black Salt]
  • [Giant Guardian Magic]
  • [Golden Mist Shield Spell]
  • [Good Fences Spell]
  • [Hands Off Spell- Body Scrub to Prevent Unwanted Touching]
  • [Hands to Yourself]
  • [Harry Potter Inspired Spell: Protego Totalum]
  • [Heart-Protection Spell]
  • [A Hearth Witch’s Security System - Boundaries and Entrances]
  • [“Hell Hath No Fury” Protection Powder]
  • [Herbal Protection Bath]
  • [High Protection Winter Tea]
  • [Home-Away-from-Home Ward]
  • [Home Guardian]
  • [Home Protection Spell Bottle]
  • [Home Protection - Delineate Your Boundaries]
  • [Home Protection Spell]
  • [Home Protection Spell]
  • [Home Protection Spell]
  • [Home Protection Talisman]
  • [House Guardian]
  • [House Protection Charm]
  • [House Protection Spell]
  • [House Protection Spell]
  • [House Protection Spell Bottle]
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  • [How to Make Magical Black Salt]
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  • [Jewelry Protection Charm]
  • [Juniper Protective Candle Spell]
  • [Keep Out Prying Eyes Room Protection Pouch]
  • [Kitchen Ladder-Pyramid Ward to Prevent Injury and Fire]
  • [Knitting Spell (For Protection)]
  • [Lavender-Rosemary Wreath for Home Protection]
  • [“Let Only Good Energy In” Horseshoe Ward Charm]
  • [A Little Protection Spell Bottle]
  • [A Little Red Protection Pouch]
  • [A Long List of Ways to Spiritually Protect Yourself]
  • [LoZ Magic Armor Protection Spell]
  • [Magic Clothing: Protection Meditation]
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  • [Making a Protective Travel Pouch/Charm]
  • [Making a Witch Bottle (Protection Charm)]
  • [Making and Using Witches Black Salt]
  • [Making Warding and Shielding Talismans]
  • [“Master Protector” Body Scrub]
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  • [Medusa’s Reflection Spell]
  • [Mental Protection Wards]
  • [Method for Protection From Undesired Spirits or People]
  • [Mini Loki Protection Jar]
  • [Mirror Protection Spell]
  • [Mistletoe Spell for Fire Protection]
  • [Misty Day’s “Rhiannon” Protection Spell]
  • [Moon-Infused Protection Water]
  • [Moonstone Travel Amulet]
  • [Mortal See Mortal Do Protection Spell] (tw: gif)
  • [My Stuff Don’t Touch] (to ward off the fairies from taking certain items)
  • [Patronus Ward]
  • [PC Magic Warding Spell]
  • [Peace and Protection Spell Bottle]
  • [Peacock Key Ward]
  • [Perfect (or Safe) Home Spell]
  • [Personal Protection Powder/Potion]
  • [Personal Shielding]
  • [Pet Protection Powder]
  • [Pet Protection Spell]
  • [Piper’s Potion]
  • [Plant Protection Charm]
  • [The Portable Barricade]
  • [Potent Protective Witch Bottle] (tw: blood / blood magic)
  • [Property Protection Spell]
  • [Protecting Yourself and Your Home: A Basic Warding Ritual]
  • [Protection Against Untrue Love]
  • [Protection Amulet]
  • [Protection Amulet]
  • [Protection Amulet (for a Loved One)]
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  • [Protection Bottle Spell]
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  • [Protection Charm]
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  • [Protection for Artwork and Photography, Witchcraft Style] (tw: music autoplay)
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  • [Protection from Magical Wounding]
  • [Protection from Negativity/Evil Necklace]
  • [Protection from Storm]
  • [Protection from the Full Moon]
  • [Protection Ink, Salt & Spray]
  • [Protection Methods]
  • [Protection Mirror]
  • [Protection Pasta Sauce]
  • [Protection Pennies]
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  • [Protection Powder]
  • [Protection Powder Recipes]
  • [Protection Sachet]
  • [Protection Sachet for School]
  • [Protection Sachet Recipe]
  • [Protection Salt]
  • [Protection Satchel to Ward Off Ex-Lovers]
  • [Protection Spell]
  • [Protection Spell]
  • [Protection Spell, Bay Leaf Ward]
  • [Protection Spell: “My Blood is Armour”]
  • [Protection Spell to Enchant Jewelry]
  • [Protection Spray]
  • [Protection Talisman]
  • [Protection Tea]
  • [Protection Techniques]
  • [Protection Tomato Sauce]
  • [Protection Vial Necklace]
  • [Protection-Ward Jar]
  • [Protection Witch Bottle]
  • [Protection Witches’ Ladder]
  • [Protective Charm]
  • [Protective House Wash]
  • [Protective Measures Against Common Hexes or Curses]
  • [Protective Rune Chain]
  • [Protective Stones Spell]
  • [Protective Storm Ward]
  • [Psychic Protection]
  • [Quick Protection Spell]
  • [Raised From Perdition: A Castiel Spell] (tw: gif)
  • [Raven Home-Protection Spell]
  • [Retreat into Your Shell Shielding Spell]
  • [Rice for Protection]
  • [Roadtrip Protection Charm]
  • [Room Protection Bag]
  • [Rosary Jar Spell]
  • [Rose Shield Potion]
  • [Roughskin - A Protective Glamour Spell]
  • [“Safe and Sturdy” Enchantment]
  • [Safe-and-Warm Charm]
  • [Safe Return Spell]
  • [“Safe Travel” Mini Jar]
  • [Safe Travel Prayer]
  • [Safe Travels Charm]
  • [Safe Travels Over Water Spell]
  • [Samhain Protection Amulet]
  • [Samhain Protection Spell]
  • [Sea Amulet for Protection]
  • [Sea Protection Bottle]
  • [Sea Witch’s Bottle] (tw: blood / blood magic)
  • [A Sea Witch’s Charm Bag for Warding]
  • [Sea Witch’s Protection Bottle]
  • [Seashell Protection Charm for a Loved One]
  • [Selective Spirit Door-Bar] (tw: blood / blood magic)
  • [Self-Love & Protection Spell Bottle]
  • [Self-Love Spell Jar with Protection and Luck]
  • [A Series of Protection Spells]
  • [Seven Little Acorns - A Home Intrusion Spell]
  • [Sharpen Your Claws Spell]
  • [Shielding Masterpost]
  • [Shower Disks for Protection]
  • [Simple Email Protection Spell]
  • [Simple Home and Hearth Ward]
  • [Simple Home Protection Jar Spell]
  • [A Simple Protection]
  • [Simple Protection Incantation]
  • [Simple Protection Jar for your Book of Shadows, Spell Book or Diary]
  • [Simple Protection/Prosperity Bottle]
  • [Simple Protection Sachet]
  • [Simple Protection Spell With a Strong Kick]
  • [Simple Protection Water]
  • [Simple Protections for Yourself and Your Home]
  • [Simple Protective Cleansing Bath]
  • [Simple Purification and Protection Scrub]
  • [Simple Shrine Spell of Protection]
  • [Simplest Protection Charm You Can Make]
  • [Sleeping Beauty House Protection]
  • [Somnus Draconis]
  • [Spell Bundle: Protection]
  • [Spell: Cross Protection]
  • [A Spell for Animal Protection]
  • [A Spell for Protection Against Unwanted Attention]
  • [A Spell for Protection While Coming Out as Trans]
  • [A Spell for Safe Flight]
  • [Spell for Safe Travel Through a Fae Infested Land]
  • [A Spell for Those Not Faint of Heart]
  • [A Spell to Banish and Protect: “Restraining Order Bottle”]
  • [Spell to Give Some Protection to a Loved One]
  • [Spell to Keep Your Home and Family Safe]
  • [Spell to Protect a Fragile Heart]
  • [Spell to Protect from Mental Intruders]
  • [Spell to Protect Your House]
  • [Spell to Ward Your Person from Harm]
  • [Stay the F* Out Spell] (tw: blood / blood magic)
  • [“Stay the Fuck Away From Me” Protection Jar]
  • [Stay the Fuck Away Spell]
  • [Spell: Protective Talisman]
  • [Spell: Rosemary Protection Oil]
  • [Spell: Stitch Protection]
  • [Spell: Witch Bottle]
  • [Sternly End a Relationship] (a simultaneous banishment, binding, and protection)
  • [Stone Wall Protection Spell]
  • [Strong Protection Spell: For Your Home]
  • [Swamp Water Protection Spell]
  • [Tea for Protection]
  • [A Technomagic Ward]
  • [Tepig’s Fight]
  • [Three Pretty Poisons Ward / Empowerment Bottle]
  • [Three Red Leaves Protection Spell]
  • [Threshold Protection Spell]
  • [Thu'um Magix: Become Ethereal]
  • [Thunder Cake]
  • [Tiny Bottle of Warding (Against Intrusive Thoughts & Feelings)]
  • [Tiny Protection Jar]
  • [Tough as a Nail, Sharp as a Thorn Protection Spell]
  • [Travel Protection Bottle Charm]
  • [Travel Protection Charm]
  • [Travel Protection Satchel]
  • [Tumblr Account Protection Spell]
  • [Vehicle Protection Powder]
  • [A Very Small Protection Charm for a Very Small Journal]
  • [“Volcanic Eruption” Protection Powder]
  • [Wall of Fire Property & House Protection Spell]
  • [Walls]
  • [War Water]
  • [War Water / Water of Mars]
  • [To Ward an Area by Stone]
  • [Ward Stones]
  • [Ward Water]
  • [Warding Off Unwanted “Love” Interest]
  • [Wards and Ward Accessories]
  • [“Watch Over Me” Pet Protection Guardian]
  • [Wearable Protection Charm]
  • [“We’re Going To Have A Party, And You’re Not Invited” Spell]
  • [Wind Protection Spell]
  • [Winter Protection Spell]
  • [Witch Bottle for Protection]
  • [Witch Bottle: Mad Diviner Version]
  • [Witch-Bottle to Protect from Negative Energies]
  • [Witch Jar Alternative]
  • [A Witch’s Jar for Protection]
  • [Witch Tea: Securi-Tea]
  • [Wobbuffet, Mirror Coat! - A Protection Spell]
  • [Wreaths for Protection & Happiness]
  • [Yarny Family Protection and Love Poppet]

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