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BTS Reacting To Their Girlfriend Being Sexually Harassed

“Can I get a reaction to the finding out that their secret girlfriend, who is from a group under the same company, is being sexualy harrashed by her manager?”

“Hey,I just started following you.your amazing! I was wondering if you could do a bts reaction where they walk in on their clueless wife being sexually touched by her personal trainer whilst they are doing exercise ^.^”



Jin doesn’t get angry often, but finding out you have been sexually harassed will flip a switch inside of him. He would try not to hurt the guy, but would definitely get him fired. You had never seen him so mad, and probably won’t see him that mad ever again.

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Yoongi would be the most violent out of the boys in this situation. He would want to protect you at all costs and if he found out someone was sexually harassing you, he would be able to control his anger and would go off on him!

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be very angry, but he would want to comfort you before he shows the man his anger. He would handle the situation the most responsibly and would try to not make it a big deal. He would quietly say something about it to the authorities, but wanting it to get out to the media, and then be there to care for you and be there for you 24/7.

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Hoseok would be really upset that anyone would sexually harass you. When he first finds out, he would get really emotional and would constantly be asking if you were okay. He would make sure nothing like that ever happens to you again and will promise to protect you.

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Jimin would tell someone about the situation, in order to get the man in trouble, but he would probably make it a big deal in public. He would constantly glare at men who look at you or come close to you in public. In private, he would be very comforting and cuddly and ready to do anything for you.

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Taehyung would want to talk to you about it if you wanted to talk, but if you weren’t comfortable talking about it, he would cuddle with you and make you feel safe. He would reassure you that it will never happen again because he will get it taken care of so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Jungkook would react similarly to Suga. He would want to protect you at all costs and for him that would meaning giving the man, who did that to you, what he deserves. He would feel awkward talking about the situation with you and wouldn’t really know what to say, but would always give you nice words.

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I really don’t want to think about the possibility of a Malec fight in the next episode (and if it’s not resolved by the end of the episode don’t even get me started)… even though this show is showing realism in a healthy relationship and communication and yes everyone fights and has disagreements and yes when you find out someone you love and want to protect is hurting and you didn’t realize it and all that jazz you freak out. BUT LIKE I JUST WANT THE FLUFF AND CUTE AND THE HOT MAKE OUT SESSIONS WITH THEM.

That is all.

Love Fruit Potion

A potion to increase love and protection

You Need:

  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Coffee
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Apple

- Brew a cup of coffee (do not need more than a cup!!)
- Peel the apple, and put the apple and the rest of the berries in a blender with vanilla and chocolate ice cream
- Blend well.
- Add a dash of cinnamon and COLD coffee.
- Stir clockwise

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This fandom has sunk so low, that they have to look up to see rock bottom. I'm SPEECHLESS about how Lauren is being treated. And for what? So you can "protect" two actors who couldn't give a flying fuck about any of us? I'm so disgusted right now. NO ONE deserves that. I don't know how you ladies have managed to get through this shit storm as well as you have, but please know you're inspiring to many of us! When they go low, you go high. <3

It truly is despicable. I can’t even comprehend it. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time. I received many messages just like that one before I deleted my blog and I know other shippers have too. People feel brave when they’re hiding behind the anon button and they think it gives them the right to treat someone like trash. Something needs to change in this fandom before it gets even more out of hand. All the people who are crying over the bullying of MM on IG should be outraged over this too. NONE of this behaviour is acceptable. 

Dare I say it, because the cool, trendy thing to do is to hate on PLL. But season 7A is my favourite season to date.

I’ve spent the past few days rewatching 7A, and I hit a level of appreciation that I think I slightly missed the first time around. The story progressed dramatically from episode 1 to episode 10, and yes, there are answers in every episode as promised. I don’t think Marlene meant ‘answers’ in the sense of “who killed Garret! - episode 1″ and “why Ian committed suicide! - episode 2″ and “Jessica’s I can’t protect you email! - episode 3″ and “who is Charlotte’s father! - episode 4″. That’s not what she meant. Loose ends like those will only make sense with the endgame reveal in the series finale. By answers in every episode throughout 7A, she means actually dropping CLUES to the endgame, that will all culminate later. Killing Sara, revealing Elliot’s true identity to be Archer, Charlotte and Archer had a romantic history, Noel was in the dollhouse, Spencer is a Drake, the doctor dealt with “two of Mary’s babies”, Mary had another child, the wording of AD’s threats are clues in themselves, Jessica is the evil twin and Mary was the victim of her cruelty, Grunwald bleeding when Noel is near, Grunwald saying the source of the threat is very close, Jessica never stopped searching for Ali… the list goes on. I could break it up per episode if I really wanted to. We get blinded by the fact that these answers raise more questions, so we feel like we got no answers. But we actually did get answers. Every single episode of 7A reveals something new towards the endgame, which will all culminate in the series finale. The answers we get are indeed brief, and they raise more questions, but each episode gives us something new to think about until the series finale. And the romance is interesting too. I love these characters. I’ve known them for almost 7 years now. So seeing that Spencer is able to love again after her breakup with Toby made me happy. Watching Hanna be in a difficult position giving Spencer her permission to be with Caleb, and watching Aria delete Nicole’s call to save her marriage… the content is incomparable to Aria dating her martial arts teacher, or Spencer flirting with a random dude in London.

I also hear from too many people that the writing is exponentially worse in recent seasons. I couldn’t disagree more. Many people are searching for answers and answers only (regarding the mystery), and so they mentally ‘switch off’ when they feel the scene won’t give them any. I appreciate every word said and the meaning behind the words. For example, in 708, Emily asked Paige how long it’s been since they last spoke. Emily says 2 years, and Paige says it’s actually been 3 years. “Here we go, why do we care about that?” Well, don’t take it literally: the point of that line is not to give us a number as to how many years. The point of that line is to show us that Emily has moved on from Paige - time is flying without her, hence she recalls only 2 years, meanwhile Paige feels the distance more as she misses Emily dearly, and she’s counting the days that go by without Emily, and so she recalls an extra year (3 years). As we can see, it took me a paragraph just to explain one line. I won’t explain the other 10 examples I had, some even in the mystery aspect of the show, not the romance. (This appreciation for the lines is coming from a person who doesn’t even watch PLL for the romance; I’m here for the mystery.) I’m okay to admit the writing is just fine.

Is the show perfect? Hell no. Answering questions in interviews and not in the show is a big no-no. I won’t let that bother me. Yes it sucks, especially for those who don’t go snooping the web for these interviews. But I do. I see the answers. I’m happy. I move on with my life. Plot holes?? Nope. Charlotte lied about her story in 610 for very specific reasons, and they’ll be fixed soon. Yes, some storylines are dropped faster than they’re written (#Who’sInTheBarrel). This tells me they mustn’t be important, so I’ll move on with my life. Also, if the story has been dropped out of nowhere, the writers must feel they’ve appropriately concluded that story. So I’ll dig and find the answer myself. And I successfully do find the answers myself. Heck, I’m keeping a record of them here

Long time followers of my blog know that season 4 is my all-time favourite season. (Well, now, used to be.) Actually, everyone always says the earlier seasons of PLL are the best. I think we enjoyed the earlier seasons more because the story was new and fresh, and not so convoluted. Now 7 years in, we know these characters backwards, there’s a list of more than 150 questions, the ‘high school drama’ and ‘queen bee goes missing’ and ‘16 year old girls’ stigmas have faded and the story is more complex than ever. I say those as good things. Of course, 7 years in, it won’t be as ‘fresh’ as it once was. I don’t believe ‘fresh’ equates to ‘better’, because the ‘better’ stories are being told now in season 7.  

Sorry for the long post, but I was just re-watcing 7A and I was frustrated that a season of this quality is being hated so much. I genuinely loved the re-watch experience, asking myself “do I have time for one more!?” … even though I know what’s coming up next.