protecting quotes

  • guanlin: *accidentally bumps against a door*
  • dongho: are you okay?!?!?
  • guanlin: it's okay hyung i'm fine
  • dongho, facing the door: you stand in guanlin's way one more time and i'll make sure to take you down
The difference between Iron Man and some other movies is that there’s no spider bite; there’s no magic bullet where a hero is born. We had to build him. We wanted people to remember that there’s a person inside that suit, and it will hurt if he falls
—  Don’t know where I read it but this shit hit me like a train.
  • Aomine, to Haizaki: The only reason I’m not coming at you now is because Kise here is a delicate flower who doesn’t like violence.
Your Grandmother’s prayers are still protecting you.
—  Lalah Delia

Guanlin: What is a “metaphor”?

Dongho: my life is a trainwreck.

Guanlin: I know, but what’s a metaphor?

I will always be there to make the right decisions for you when you can’t do so.
—  Poets Love Her