protecting my work


For witches in hiding!

(left) Prying eyes will look aside

(right) What is hidden will not be found

Be cautious, and stay safe out there.

Sigil requests are open! $1 if you can spare!


…the man who talked me into giving a shit about this crew, why, he could talk those people out there into anything. If he wanted to.


(Read left to right) in which due to some circumstances, child Ophelia shows up in the current world and meets up with Lawless and Licht. And now we have a happy Greed family.

Did anybody ask for this? 

but tbh I just wanted to draw child Ophelia… xD
I’m not gonna explain anything here, but feel free to give ideas if ever I will continue this!  ( ° ▽​ ≦ ) ⌒ ☆

All the poor squirrels! 

I’m seriously loving this game’s story and art, and Jack’s voices are my favorite by far. ^_^


How Seven and Yoosung became friends
  • 707: I didn't understand why people care so much for their dumb friends until I got a dumb friend myself.
  • 707: *picks Yoosung up*
  • 707: I've only befriended this hopeless guy for a day and a half.
  • 707: But if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and myself.
on Aro’s “uselessness”

she works a dozen odd jobs to make ends meet, while her father sees patients for free. she’s exceedingly competent at them, to the extent that Pi Joo Ki searches all over for her when shit hits the fan. he is the capital’s go-to guy and she’s his go-to girl. that kind of trust in her ability doesn’t happen over night. Aro is competent and responsible and smart–she writes her notes for Lord Wee Hwa in scribbles only she can decipher, then uses it to strongarm the men into paying her extra for a verbal explanation. which they do gladly. upon completion, Lord Wee Hwa, the Great Selector of the Oppas calls her smart. not useless.

then: she’s a pseudo-doctor, learning acupuncture and how to treat wounds and illnesses by watching her father. and despite her self-deprecating jokes about blinding/paralyzing people on accident with her medical skills, he’s confident enough in her ability that Pi Joo Ki arranges for her to be the doctor on-site at the hwarang house. but i guess she’s still useless–in the way that emergency room physicians are.

and i haven’t even touched on the fact that she makes a decent buck off of her storytelling, and is popular enough that she has a fanclub. 

i know for a fact that i’m in no way, shape or form as useful as she is. so you wouldn’t hear me calling her useless. since–it’s kind of ridiculous. any more useful and she’d be called too perfect and a know-it-all and the ever common annoying.

“Newt and I will take care of you” YES YOU WILL, TINA. YOU WOULD SO WELL.
A world in which Crewtina is a thing and it fits in with canon and everything is great and Credence is loved and Tina and him are the mother hens of their favorite reckless noodle man.
Our Fantastic Newt and How to Keep Him Safe.